Himmler’s Religion

Judging by his decisions and orders (first and foremost, by his ruthless execution of the “Holocaust project”), Heinrich Himmler sincerely believed that German people, the Aryan Race and the whole Western Civilization were fighting the existential war with the alien (“inferior”) races. Whether they wanted it or not, whether they liked it or not.

First and foremost, of course, with the “Jewish race”… and with “Slavic hordes” in the East. In other words, with the “Judeo-Bolshevist” monster led by “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin (ironically, the latter was neither a Jew nor a Slav).

Like Adolf Hitler and other Nazis, he was confident that to win this existential war, Germany and the whole Aryan race had to develop and use superior ideology, superior culture, superior systems (political, government, economic, social, educational, etc.), superior armed forces and, of course, superior human capital.

The latter meant that the whole German nation (both its elite and the general population) had to be transformed into the genuine Übermenschen (of both sexes). Super-human beings.

However, unlike Adolf Hitler and just about all Nazis, Himmler was confident that it was not enough. True, all of the above will provide the German nation (and the whole Aryan race) with functional and emotional power; however, to win this genuinely existential war, they will need to obtain spiritual power as well.

And this kind of power can come from only one source – religion. Unlike his boss Adolf Hitler who both practiced and preached a strict separation between the Church and the State (and between ideology and religion), SS Reichsfuhrer was convinced of the critical importance of religion for both his organization and for the whole German state. And – by extension – for the Aryan race and the whole Western Civilization.

He was convinced of this vital importance from his knowledge of history (Himmler was an avid reader and a history buff). He knew about the unbelievably successful Islamic conquests of the Middle East, North Africa, other African territories and the Far East. Successes that Himmler attributed to a significant extent on inherent superiority of Islam over both Christianity and pagan religions.

Himmler considered Christianity not only unacceptably weak (in the XX century it could not protect even itself – let alone call for a crusade to save the Western Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes).

Worse, although he was born, baptized and raised Catholic (and was a devout Catholic until his early twenties), he ultimately came to regard Christianity as the “Jewish religion”. And to view its influence on the Western Civilization in general and on Germany in particular as spiritually destructive (in reality, of course, nothing could be further from the truth).

So he had no other choice but to attempt to create a wholly new religion – first for his SS and after rising to absolute power in Germany (and ultimately in the whole Western Civilization) – for both.

Himmler was a diehard German nationalist so he naturally used pre-Christian German religion as the starting point (the cornerstone of sorts). To which he added a hefty dose of the contemporary occult for good measure.

However, although Himmler was undoubtedly a genius (a dark, criminal and murderous genius – but still a genius), he was no Prophet Muhammad. Not even Mani – the founder of Manichaeism (let alone Buddha).

Hence, although he tried real hard to construct “the SS religion”, he failed miserably in this all-important (at least in his mind) endeavor. Consequently, all his achievements in the spiritual realm were limited to mysticism and symbolism.

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