The Inevitable (19)

The fundamental problem of every government system at any level – from a tiny village to the European Union – is its horrible inefficiency. Inefficiency that includes both the inefficiency of each government subsystem (town/city, state/province, national/federal, etc.) and their integration – horizontal and vertical. This inefficiency is, obviously, no longer acceptable.

Consequently, one of the key projects of NSG will be (1) a radical reengineering of the whole government system – top to bottom; and (2) development and deployment of a radically new (and radically more efficient) computer system (Government Automation System – GAS).

Obviously, the GAS will be developed and deployed in a centralized fashion – ultimately at the level of the European Union (and ultimately of the whole Western Civilization). Otherwise one chaos will be only replaced by another chaos (which would make things worse, not better).

GAS will provide – for the first time in human history – every government official and worker with all knowledge (information that has value) and tools that he or she needs to maximize his/her performance in the corresponding responsibility areas.

And with a tight integration and synergy that will ultimately make it possible to govern (manage) the whole world from a single location: Weltkontrollraum (World Control Room).

The Western world (Western Civilization) that is. For the reasons which I will explain a bit later, the Weltkontrollraum will most likely be located in Berlin – the capital of Germany.

All organizations – businesses, government entities, non-profits, etc. – are (fortunately) sufficiently similar for the GAS (in more general terms, Corporate Objects Management System – COMS) to be easily and rapidly adapted for other categories of organizations. Whose efficiency also leaves much to be desired (to put it mildly).

Which would radically increase their efficiency (it currently stands at totally unacceptable 5-10% at most). Which, in turn, would inevitably lead to a double-digit economic growth for many years to come in the whole Western World.

As I have already stated, the “world after” (after the end of COVID-crisis that is) would be decidedly illiberal. For two primary reasons: (1) total loss of trust in the government and media – i.e. in all powers in the liberal political and government system; and (2) an irrefutable fact that liberalism simply does not work – it not only CAN NOT solve any of the fundamental problems of the Western Civilization, but creates new insurmountable ones. Insurmountable in the liberal system that is.

Worse than that – liberalism and the whole liberal system became a genuinely existential threat to the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization. For a number of reasons – but the most important is that liberalism places the interests of individuals (or minorities – small social groups) over the interests of the whole society, nation, state, country and the whole civilization.

Which means (and the whole COVID disaster proved it beyond the reasonable doubt) that sooner or later the liberal governments (by choosing individual interests over the public ones) will inevitably bring about the collapse of “all of the above”. And thus cause the transformation of our world into a very real Hell on Earth. Killing millions and making those who survive wish they did not.

All other “cornerstones of liberalism” – consumerism, (de-facto) atheism, secularism, multiculturism, relativism, etc., etc. also not only do not work, but amplify the genuinely existential threat to the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization.

Consequently, the National Salvation Government will have no other choice but to build the “world after” on a radically new – and decidedly illiberal – ideology. The one that would place the common good over and above the interests of any individual (and any small minority).

The one that already proved beyond the reasonable doubt that it can – in no time at all – perform a genuinely radical reengineering of the whole society, nation, country, state – civilization even; achieve a quantum leap in all its aspects – political, economic, government, social, cultural, etc.; successfully solve seemingly impossible problems; overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles; and (last but not the least) make just about all population radically happier.

This ideology is (not surprisingly), National Socialism. More precisely, neo-National-Socialism which in several crucial aspects will be radically different from the “original” one.

The Inevitable (18)

The National Salvation Governments (NSG) will in no time turn off the “COVID panic generator”, terminate all “protective countermeasures” (an exercise in futility anyway) and establish sufficient and efficient health care facilities for all those who get genuinely sick with COVID-19.

However, they will still face a formidable (and genuinely existential) problem: how to restore the mental health of just about the whole Western population. Health which was severely damaged (to put it mildly) by panic-induced PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and de-personalization (the latter is the inevitable result of totally useless and grossly criminal “mask mandates”).

The only way to achieve this absolutely vital objective is (obviously) to fill hearts, minds and souls of Westerners with powerful and positive emotions (energies). And, of course, to create an emotionally and spiritually healthy and comfortable environment.

And that’s exactly what the NSG will do. First of all, it will openly declare, that its objective (and the objectives of all governments – from a tiny village to European Union) is genuine happiness of their constituents. Not “democracy”, not “equality”, not “social justice” (these are the means to an end, not the end itself).

Obviously, the NSG will provide the proper definition of genuine happiness. An individual is genuinely happy when his or her genuine needs are satisfied. Not wants/desires (which are unlimited and thus impossible to satisfy), but genuine aggregate needs.

Financial, functional, emotional and spiritual needs – according to Maslow’s hierarchy (the most accurate model of the system of genuine human needs). The six-level version with the top level being self-transcendence (serving something higher than oneself).

Hence, the NSG will state that they will achieve their fundamental objective by (1) helping their constituents identify their genuine needs – proliferation of self-help books, videos, blogs, seminars, etc. prove that by themselves individuals can’t do it; (2) helping the latter satisfy their needs – by creating and maintaining proper economic, political, social and cultural environment/infrastructure; and (3) providing the necessary government services (yes, the government can and must satisfy some of the needs of their constituents directly).

To satisfy some of the crucial (vital) needs of its constituents, the NSG will have to solve the problems of the society that the current system of “parliamentary democracy” failed to solve (and, due to its very nature, simply CAN NOT solve).

These key problems are organized and street crime (first and foremost, street gangs); drug and alcohol abuse; poverty and homelessness; the proverbial “inequality”; health care; unemployment; abortion; divorce and general collapse of the family; cultural decline and collapse; migration, etc.

To solve these problems, the NSG will restructure the government system on a “project basis”. More specifically, it will set up a Joint Task Force (JTF) for each crucial problem to be solved (a project management team, actually).

Each JTF will comprise the most competent government officials, business leaders, managers and professionals and community activists. Obviously, all JTF activities will be made completely transparent to the whole population (via Direct Democracy Portal – DDP).

DDP will allow every citizen make a contribution to the solution of every key problem of the society. And not only citizen – the DDP will be open to everyone (permanent and temporary residents, migrants and even to those who currently reside outside of the borders of the nation in question).

Those non-citizens who make a sizable contribution to the solution of these problems, will (obviously) granted citizenship of the nation in question (or at least a permanent residence status).

Hence, the NSG will make the whole government system (in fact, the whole society) focused not on some abstract issues – “human rights”, “freedoms”, “democracy”, “law”, “equality”,  “justice”, etc. but on a very tangible genuine happiness of their constituents.

And for a good reason – in reality, every human being has but one fundamental right – to be genuinely happy (i.e. to have his/her genuine needs satisfied). Everything else is but a means to this fundamental and all-important end.

The Inevitable (17)

This Revolution will be both quite similar to and very different from all previous revolutions (at least in modern history). Like all other revolutions, it will result in a radically new Constitution (approved in a nationwide referendum, of course) and a new comprehensive system of laws developed and passed by the revolutionary government (in this case, the National Salvation Government).

However, the Revolution will be fundamentally different from all its predecessors because it will be the first genuinely e-Revolution (electronic revolution that is) in human history.

More specifically, for the first time in human history, the provisional government (i.e. the National Salvation Government) will (1) develop a comprehensive “virtual new world” in “cyberspace”; and (2) incarnate/implement this “virtual world” in “brick and mortar” and “flesh and blood”.

Actually, the second step is not nearly as important as the first one because this new world will operate mostly online – and will be managed almost exclusively online. Again, for the first time in human history.

It is often claimed that in Chinese language, the word “crisis” is consists of two symbols (i.e. words): “danger” and “opportunity”. It may or may not be true, but the COVID crisis will, indeed, inevitably result in a genuine quantum leap for at least the Western Civilization.

The quantum leap that will (finally) breach the gap between the modern “information society” (“e-society”, to be more precise) and a totally outdated political and government system of “parliamentary democracy”.

The latter was developed about 300 years ago (give or take a few decades) and for centuries served the Western Civilization well (it was true that alternative systems were much less efficient).

However, in the modern world the “legislative power” (i.e. parliaments) are no longer an efficient “bridge” between the population (constituents) and the executive power as it makes the system way too slow, cumbersome and inefficient (the COVID disaster proved it way beyond the reasonable doubt – as did a number of other problems that the system of “parliamentary democracy” (PD) is totally impotent to solve)

Consequently, time has come to replace the “parliamentary democracy” (the system that no longer works) with a far more efficient system – the one that is a perfect match for the modern “information society” (e-society).

With Direct Electronic Democracy (DED). It could (and should) have replaced PD years ago (as the necessary technologies have been around for a very long time), but, alas, the Western Civilization was way too slow and risk-averse to embark on such an ambitious project of a radical reengineering of the “whole system”.

The COVID disaster became a “blessing in disguise” of sorts as it essentially destroyed (“razed to the ground”) the “world BCE”. And thus made it possible to create (in many aspects, from scratch) the “new world” – and the system that will work.

The “representative democracy” (parliaments and political parties) is not an end – it is a means to an end (the end is the genuine happiness of the population of the entity in question, – city, state, nation, etc.).

The only two functions of the parliaments and political parties are to provide (1) the “communication channel” between the population and the executive power to make the latter of the genuine needs of the former; and (2) the system of operational control over decisions and actions of the executive power.

In the “pre-information” society this system worked reasonably well (in relative terms, of course – the alternative systems were much less efficient) but it the information society it is not only not the best one, but it is simply unacceptably slow, cumbersome and inefficient.

A far better (i.e., more efficient) system is the Direct Democracy Portal (DDP) which would (1) provide the executive power with all necessary knowledge about genuine needs of its constituents; and (2) make the government activities (decisions and actions) sufficiently transparent for the population to give the latter (for the first time in human history) direct operational control over decisions and actions of its government.

Obviously, the DDP will be augmented with state-of-the-art data mining (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI) and other information and knowledge management technologies.

Initially, all government positions will be filled (in a completely transparent fashion) by the National Salvation Government (the constituents will have the veto power, of course).

After that, government officials will not have to worry about the next elections as they will answer only to their superiors and to their constituents (who will have the “power of recall”).

Now let’s examine in more detail how the “world after” (after the Revolution that is) will inevitably look like.

The Inevitable (16)

And that’s how this radical change (a “quantum leap to a much better world”) will happen. As usual, it will be done by a 5-10% of the population (in this case, the “critical mass” of the Awakened Ones).

It will be a “people’s revolt”, a “national liberation uprising” (actually, it will liberate not only the nation, but also the communities, the societies, the states, the countries and the whole Western Civilization), in fact, a genuine revolution.

This revolution will look and act pretty much like the one that toppled the Communist regimes in the Soviet Union. Only this time it will do away with the “liberal” regimes in Western countries.

This revolt (like the anti-Communist one 30 years earlier) will happen mostly in the key cities all over the Western civilization – and almost simultaneously. For the reasons that I will explain a bit later, I am confident that this “pan-Western uprising” will begin in Berlin – the capital of Germany.

Another key feature of this inevitable revolution will be inherited from the (in)famous “Occupy movement”. Which, incidentally, also sought a radical reengineering of the whole system – political, economic, government, social, etc.

Only this time this radical reengineering (quantum leap) will actually happen. Huge crowds (up to a million-strong in large cities) will, indeed, occupy government buildings, throw away the current governments (at all levels – from a village to the whole country)… and proclaim the formation of the Government of National Salvation (NSE).

Salvation in a very real sense, because the COVID-panic and “protective countermeasures” mandated and enforced by current governments do constitute a genuinely existential threat to communities, the society, state, nation, country, the whole population – and the whole Western (and human) civilization.

The police, the security and the military will support the revolution, because they are well aware that the alternative – inevitable collapse of the whole system into a total chaos (and thus into a genuine Hell on Earth) is, obviously, unacceptable.

The NSE will be stuffed by apolitical “squeaky clean” professionals who were in no way involved in either spreading COVID-panic or (God forbid) mandating or enforcing “protective countermeasures”. Fortunately, there is more than sufficient supply of these.

The first decree of the NSE (emergency decree, of course) will be the total, complete and immediate abolition of all “protective countermeasures”. All of them. And thus the total, complete and unrestricted “return to normal”.

The NSE will simply tell its constituents the truth: that the COVID-19 is the unstoppable “tool of Mother Nature”; that it will go away only after it kills the predetermined number of human beings (different for each country); and that, consequently, all “protective measures” are totally, completely and utterly useless – the total number of dead will be the same regardless.

Then the NSE will do what should have been done in the first place – even before the COVID-19 hit the Western Civilization big-time: declare the (limited) martial law. With but one objective in mind – provide ALL those who got seriously sick with COVID with sufficient care.

True, we CAN NOT protect anyone from COVID – life will find a way – but we can and must provide sufficient supply of medications, facilities, personnel and medical services to everyone who genuinely needs it.

Obviously, this whole operation will be run by the military in question who will get the right to (1) requisition facilities, vehicles and other equipment for makeshift hospitals and health care facilities; (2) draft the necessary medical personnel into the armed forces – and provide them with the necessary training; (3) impose on manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment “emergency orders” for manufacturing the necessary medication (i.e., immune system boosters) and equipment.

No less obviously, the third decree of the NSE will impose (in full compliance with the martial law) strict and ruthless – but limited – censorship on all media (both “traditional” and “social”). With but one objective – stop the COVID-panic. By any means necessary.

This panic – and the useless “preventive countermeasures” mandated and enforced by the Western governments are so destructive, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal that they not only represent the genuinely existential threat to communities, individuals, relationships, societies, nations, states, countries and the whole Western Civilization, but constitute a genuine (and heinous) crimes against humanity.

Quite comparable in scope and severity to Nazi crimes – for which the Nazi leaders have been tried by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1945-46. Most of the defendants that have been found guilty, have been sentenced to either death, life in prison without parole or very long prison sentences.

Consequently, the next decree of the NSE would most likely be the establishment of an SMT – the Special Military Tribunal (it will be set up under the martial law, after all) which would try Western politicians and government officials; journalists, editors and publishers of mass media; owners and managers of “Big Pharma” entities; members of “medical establishment” and all other “influencers” who made a material contribution to the development of the disastrous, devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal synergy between the COVID-panic and the “protective countermeasures”.

Any martial law (even of a limited and highly focused scope) creates a radically different “judicial environment”. In other words, introduces a radically different legal and judicial system (from the civilian one that is). In addition, the crime committed are so heinous that they could be compared only with the ones committed by the Nazis.

Therefore, I will not be surprised if the SMT reintroduces capital punishment and sentences a large number of perpetrators to death (by hanging, firing squad, guillotine or whatever was the preferred method of capital punishment before it was abolished).

Neither would I be surprised if the SMT sends an even larger number of perpetrators for a very long time to concentration camps. Or even if these camps will be set up according to specifications, rules and procedures of Dachau, Buchenwald or Ravensbrück.

This revolution will (inevitably) be the “modern one”. In other words, it will be pretty much leaderless (polycentric) – which will make it impossible to stop. It will begin with the sudden awakening of a few (possibly a dozen or so) key individuals.

These individuals will compose manifestos which will be somewhat different, of course, but will contain essentially the same key facts (truths) and the same “call for the uprising” (i.e., for the revolution).

Each of these manifestos will then be placed on social networks – and in other places on the Internet. Their readers will experience immediate awakening (each manifesto will become a grimoire of sorts) – and will share it on their social network pages and other resources.

It is a well-established fact that the “Share” button is sometimes far more powerful than a thermonuclear bomb. In this case, it will be as the introduction of all these manifestos into the social networks (and into the Web in general) will inevitably create an avalanche, a wildfire, a vortex that in no time will lead to accumulation of the “critical mass” sufficient for the Revolution.

And to the Revolution itself.

The Inevitable (15)

Decisions and actions of the Western population (which will in a very short time radically change our world) will be driven primarily by four fundamental forces. The most fundamental force by far is, obviously, the (al)mighty survival instinct – of individuals, communities, societies, nations, states, countries, the Western Civilization and the whole human civilization.

This survival instinct will be triggered automatically by a genuinely existential threat to “all of the above” – the murderous synergy between global corona-panic (started by the Chinese leaders, spread by money-hungry mass media and amplified by “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and the “liberal elites”) and devastating “protective countermeasures” (lockdowns, “social distancing”, “mask mandates”, etc.) mandated .

Contrary to lies propagated by mass media, COVID is NOT an existential threat to “any of the above” – or 95% of the population. In reality, it is no threat at all.

The second fundamental driving force is the fundamental need for genuine freedom (Western governments replaced the “world BCE” with regime so restrictive that makes the Third Reich and the Stalinist Soviet Union look not just liberal, but libertarian).

Freedom from panic and panic-induced mental disorders (PTSD, paranoia, psychosis, de-personalization, etc.); freedom of relationships, social interaction, travel, work, education, etc., etc.

And, last but not the least, freedom to breathe – and freedom from the disastrous consequences of “mask mandates” (wearing face masks for a prolonged period of time ultimately destroys human respiratory system, heavily damages skin and causes hypoxia – which damages brain, human nervous system, tissue and just about all human organs because all of them need proper supply of oxygen).

The third fundamental driving force is genuine (existential even) need for a really radical change. In other words, for a radical reengineering of a whole system – political, government, social, economic, etc.

For a very simple reason – global COVID-panic has already infected sufficient number of individuals in the Western Civilization with a full-blown PTSD. Which makes it impossible to return to the “world BCE”. There will be no “going back to the old normal” – ever.

Hence, the “world BCE” is already dead – it now is in a “zombie-like” state. Which would not last long – a few months at most – and then it will inevitably collapse into total chaos. Which in practical terms means a very real Hell on Earth.

The only way to save the world (literally) is to create a radically new system – the “world after”. Which, obviously, much be far superior to the “world BCE” – and far happier, of course.

The final driving force is (obviously) a total loss of trust in mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment”, Western governments and liberal elites (because these characters got us all into a global COVID mess).

The loss of trust in the latter guarantees that “the world after” will be fundamentally illiberal. In fact, the process of radical transformation (transfiguration even) of the Western world will be very similar to collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe – only this time it will be the total collapse of the “liberal world” and liberal ideology.