Die Glocke – An Alternative Theory


According to rumors spread and discussed by crypto-historians, Die Glocke (“The Bell”) was an alleged top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe developed (and even tested) at the very end of World War II.

Originally described by Polish journalist and author Igor Witkowski in his 2000 book Prawda o Wunderwaffe (“Truth about Wunderwaffe”), it was later popularized by military journalist and writer Nick Cook as well as by notable crypto-historians such as Joseph P. Farrell and others.

Die Glocke is usually described by crypto-historians as being a device “made out of a hard, heavy metal” approximately 3 meters wide and 4 to 5 meters high, having (not surprisingly) a shape similar to that of a large bell.

Witkowski claimed that Die Glocke, when activated, killed all living organisms within a circle 300 meters (1000 feet) in diameter. He also claimed that five of the seven original scientists working on the project died in the course of the tests from something similar to acute radiation poisoning.

Few, if any, genuine historians think that Die Glocke actually existed. It appears to be a hoax, or at best a wild exaggeration. There is, however, an interesting theory that views the abovementioned description of Die Glocke as heavily fictionalized (and thus grossly distorted) description of a fundamentally different device allegedly, indeed, developed by the Nazis at the very end of World War II.

According to this theory, the real Die Glocke was the result of a joint top secret project of two institutes of the infamous Ahnenerbe – the Überprüfung der sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften (“Examination of the so-called secret sciences”) – which officially was never established – and Wehrwissenschaftliche Zweckforschung (“Military Scientific Research”).

The latter carried out a series of research projects involving human experimentation at the Dachau concentration camp. One of the by-products of this research was the accidental discovery that ultimately led to the development of Die Glocke.

Which in reality was the device that allegedly used supernatural energies (i.e. Vril) to influence human behavior (or even outright kill human beings). Thus the ultimate objective of Die Glocke project was to incapacitate (or even kill) enemy troops on both Western and Eastern fronts thus ensuring a swift and comprehensive victory for the Third Reich.

Some crypto-historians believe that Die Glocke device was completed and even tested – with highly positive results (some subjects were killed while all others got completely insane). However, it was “too little, too late” – the war was over way before Die Glocke could be produced in any (let alone necessary) quantities.

Its developers either fled (to South America or Middle East) destroying the device and all research documentation (they had no desire to let it fall into the hands of either Soviets or Allies) or were killed by Allied bombs – which also destroyed the device.

However, something that has been invented once, can be invented again…

Structure & Logic of the Book

IMG_0258Just about every book about Adolf Hitler falls into one of the three categories – a biography, a (psychological profile) or a book about one of the aspects of his personality or life (e.g. “Hitler as a military commander”).

Alas, none of these sub-genres allows to present a genuinely comprehensive and sufficiently well-structured book. In other words, none of these books can serve as a genuinely essential and comprehensive guide to Der Führer.

To remedy this unacceptable situation, I decided to structure my book in a radically different way. I will begin with fixing another problem of just about any book about Adolf Hitler – none of them correctly identifies his professional occupation.

Adolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur. Which for all practical purposes meant that he created political entities (NSDAP and Führerstaat) and subsequently used them (ultimately unsuccessfully) to achieve certain political, economic, military, social, cultural and other objectives.

Actually, Hitler’s life follows an, alas, common pattern for an entrepreneur (albeit on a genuinely grandiose scale). After a very impressive string of genuinely miraculous achievements, he failed to make the necessary changes to the entities (systems) that he created – more precisely, develop and implement adequate management systems.

Which resulted in his very predictable overload which (no less predictably) led to colossal strategic blunders. Which, in turn, ultimately led to the defeat in World War II (which Hitler could have easily won), demise of the Third Reich and Hitler’s suicide in the Führerbunker.

Then I will correct another deficiency by identifying the all-important features of Hitler’s personality – the inner forces that shaped, drove and directed his decisions and actions.

I will demonstrate beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler was shaped, driven and directed by (1) genuine, deep, powerful and passionate love for his country and his people – Greater Germany and Germans; (2) his highly incorrect and fundamentally distorted perception of reality; and (3) no less deep powerful and passionate hatred for his real and perceived enemies – hatred largely generated by the abovementioned grossly incorrect perception of reality.

I will demonstrate (again beyond the reasonable doubt) that Adolf Hitler was driven primarily by his deep conviction that Germany (in fact, the whole Western/Aryan civilization) was fighting an existential racial war with inferior/alien races (primarily with the “Jewish race”, which was a figment of his imagination).

In the appropriate section of the book I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that since 1918 Germany and the whole Western Civilization were, indeed fighting an existential war.

However, that war had nothing to do with race – it was an ideological and cultural war with Bolshevism (Russian Marxism) and the Bolshevist Soviet Union led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. The war that Adolf Hitler ultimately won – albeit at a terrible (and largely unnecessary) price.

The character, personality and the whole life of an entrepreneur is largely defined by the entities he created – and with what he did with these entities. Consequently, I will devote probably the key chapters of the book to the two entities that he created – the Nazi Party and the Nazi State.

However, before I do that, I will analyze in detail Hitler’s manifesto (of sorts) and a blueprint (sort of) for engineering the abovementioned entities – Mein Kampf. The “Bible of National Socialism”.

The proof of the pudding is in eating so I will devote the next two chapters to Hitler’s genuinely miraculous achievements and his no less spectacular failures. In other words, I will cover in sufficient detail what he did, why and what was the end result of his decisions and actions during his political career (in 1919-45). Obviously, I will cover his entrepreneurial, leadership and management style, beliefs, principles and practices as well.

The key event of this period was, undoubtedly, the Second World War. Consequently, the next chapter of the book will be appropriately named “Hitler as military commander” and will cover his corresponding beliefs, principles and practices.

There can be no doubt that Adolf Hitler was one of the most prolific (and genuinely horrible) criminals – mass murderers, actually. Consequently, I will devote a whole large chapter to covering his crimes (more precisely, crimes committed under his leadership and management). Focusing more on “why” (the crimes were committed) rather than on “what” and “how”.

All crimes – the Holocaust (obviously), mass murder of civilians in occupied territories (in Poland, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, etc.), the T4 euthanasia program, “extermination through labor” and other slave labor – related crimes, etc.

To put these crimes into proper perspective, I will cover in sufficient detail mass murders committed by other nations in the first half of the XX century (“the genocide age”). Turkey, the Soviet Union, Japan, the Allies (USA and Britain), etc.

After covering what he did and why, I will devote two chapters to how he got there. More specifically, to individuals and events that shaped his life (his pre-1933 biography of sorts).

The most important event in Adolf Hitler’s life was at the same time the most mysterious one. Sometime during the fateful summer of 1919, a nobody – a failed artist rejected by the Academy of Arts, a mere Gefreiter (corporal) who never in his life commanded anyone but himself (only followed orders issued by his superiors), a misfit with no higher education (and very limited self-education) was miraculously transformed into the most capable and ultimately the most successful political entrepreneur of the XX century (if not the whole modern human history).

In the corresponding chapter of the book, I will argue that this miraculous transfiguration (not just transformation, but a genuine transfiguration) was performed by the mysterious Thule society.

Unfortunately, very few books about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany even mention the indisputable fact that NSDAP and Adolf Hitler were essentially created by Thule Society.

This society set up DAP (subsequently renamed NSDAP), supplied it with the leader (Adolf Hitler), his key deputies (Hess and Rosenberg), valuable contacts in business and politics, financial resources, media (Völkischer Beobachter) and even the core ideology.

The following two chapters of the book will cover Adolf Hitler’s personality (from several perspectives) and his relationships (political, administrative and, of course, romantic). Two relationships deserve their own chapters – Hitler’s relationship with Christianity (as well as with other religions) and his relationship with the Occult.

The last two chapters will be devoted to Adolf Hitler’s political and cultural influence on today’s world and to debunking the key myths about Adolf Hitler. Followed by conclusions (which will more or less mirror the Executive Summary at the beginning of the book) and appendices (the key documents of Hitler’s era).


Why Write Another Book on Adolf Hitler?

IMG_0451Non-fiction books (actually all books) are written because the author of the book in question wants to create value. Functional value (for oneself and for the readers), some emotional value (ditto) and financial value (in other words, to make some money for oneself). And this book – “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler” – is no exception.

I wrote this book for myself because I had been a Nazi Germany history buff almost as long as I remember myself (from the age of five at least). And always wanted (actually, needed) a comprehensive, objective and unbiased book that will contain all knowledge (not just information, but genuine knowledge) about Der Führer.

Unfortunately, such a book simply did not exist (and still does not exist) so I – like many non-fiction writers had to write it myself.

In my past life, I spent several years working for a corporate finance department of a major European investment bank. It is very true that “once an investment banker – always an investment banker” so I view every project as a business venture project that must (directly or indirectly) produce an acceptable return (in terms of money and fame) of time and effort that I decided to invest into this project.

I consider this book to be a worthwhile investment because there are millions of English-reading Nazi Germany history buffs worldwide, who – like myself – want and need a comprehensive, objective and unbiased book that will contain all knowledge (not just information, but genuine knowledge) about Adolf Hitler.

And need it badly enough to pay about €20 or so for an e-book (I seriously doubt that these days anyone reads a paper book).

Why such a book still does not exist? Primarily for three reasons – two functional, one ideological. First, there is so much data and information about Adolf Hitler (both primary and secondary) that the author of such a book must be able to very efficiently (a) select all relevant data and information; (b) structure them in an optimal way; (c) extract the necessary knowledge from these information and data; and (4) structure and present this knowledge in the most digestible way for a typical Nazi Germany history buff.

To succeed in this all-important endeavor, the author must have solid education and training and extensive experience in knowledge management. Something no “professional” or “amateur” historian currently possesses (worlds of history and knowledge management are, alas, different Universes). But I do.

Second, from a professional (occupation) perspective, Adolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur. Consequently, to understand him, one must understand political entities that he created – his party (NSDAP), his Führerstaat (the Nazi State) and his civilization – the Nazi Germany (the Third Reich). The latter was a very unique and highly complex civilization.

All three are highly complex systems which could be adequately (let alone efficiently) analyzed only by a well-trained, very experienced and thus highly systems analyst. Again, no historian of Nazi Germany (“professional” or “amateur”) is a systems analyst. And I am.

And, finally, just about all books on Adolf Hitler are not history at all, but propaganda. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Mostly anti-Nazi propaganda; however, there are also surprisingly many books that can be classified only as neo-Nazi propaganda.

Consequently, there are practically no books available today that offer genuinely scientific, unbiased and objective knowledge (the Truth) about Adolf Hitler. Knowledge that every Third Reich history buff desperately needs.

My first degree is in theoretical nuclear physics and my second – MBA in Information Systems (from the University of Texas at Arlington). This fundamental education (conditioning, if you will) and my subsequent experience in investment banking (corporate finance), strategic management consulting and knowledge management made me a completely unbiased and objective scientist.

Which every historian – whether “professional” or “amateur” MUST be.

I am back!

Almost five months ago I had to temporarily put aside my “Essential Guides” project. First, I had to devote all my time, energy and other resources to another, far more important project – “Die Glocke”. And then I suddenly got very sick and for two very painful (literally) months could not work at all.

Fortunately, now the disease is (mostly) gone and my productivity is… well, acceptable. So I can go back to working on the first book in a series – “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer”.

So (hopefully) I will be able to post at least one fragment/section of the book every day.

Not surprisingly (it happens all the time after such a large pause in a book project), I decided to radically restructure “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler”. Making it (hopefully) significantly more valuable to its readers. I will present (in reasonable detail) a new structure in my next post.