“The Essential Guides to Nazi Germany” book series is based on the following paradigm:

  1. In 1917-45, the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) faced the genuinely existential Soviet threat
  2. This existential threat was created by an unholy fusion (“unholy Trinity”) of Russian messianism, Marxism and the unique personality of “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin
  3. The latter was firmly committed to conquering, occupying and destroying the Western Civilization as we know it and subsequently replacing it with the worldwide Bolshevist totalitarian state – the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  4. Joseph Stalin was also firmly committed to annihilating the Christian Church (actually, all churches and religions). Which would have allowed the Forces of Evil (Army of Satan) to transform our world into a very literal Hell on Earth
  5. By that time, the Christian Church got way too weak to save the Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization. Consequently, God had to resort to a very different weapon – which meant “writing straight with crooked lines
  6. This weapon was a highly imperfect (to put it mildly) and deeply sinful (ditto) individual – Adolf Hitler. Who was made (more precisely, transfigured into) the savior of the Western (Christian) Civilization by the occult Thule Society (and possibly also by an even more mysterious and occult Vril Society).
  7. This transfiguration happened sometime during the summer of 1919; as the result, a nobody, an outcast and a loser became one of the most accomplished political entrepreneurs, politicians and statesmen in modern history
  8. Adolf Hitler created the Third Reich – an absolutely unique civilization in all human history
  9. Although Adolf Hitler was vaguely aware of his Divine Mission (saving the Western Civilization from the existential Soviet threat), he was driven primarily by deep, sincere and passionate Love for Germany– and by a no less deep, sincere and passionate hatred for their real and perceived enemies (first and foremost, the Jews). Which made him and the Nazis classic national-sociopaths
  10. Adolf Hitler knew that he was fighting an existential war (i.e. war for the very existence of Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization as we know them). However, he was fighting primarily two wars – a national-liberation war (to return territories taken from Germany at gunpoint in Versailles in 1919) and a colonial war for the Lebensraum in the East
  11. The primary drive behind Hitler’s colonial endeavors in the East was to make sure that the horrors of the Great Hunger of 1917-19 (caused by the British Blockade of Germany) never happen again (it is estimated that about ONE MILLION Germans died because of the Great Hunger)
  12. Nazi ideology was not only criminal, but created an extremely distorted and grossly incorrect perception of reality. Which inevitably led to horrendous strategic blunders – blunders that ultimately cost the Nazis their war, their state, their civilization and for many – their very lives
  13. The gravest and deadliest Nazi delusion was a deep (and totally incorrect) belief that they were fighting an existential racial war with the Jewish race. In reality, the Third Reich was fighting the existential war… only Jews had nothing to do with that. The problem was with the Russians, not with the Jews.
  14. Although the Third Reich lost the Second Great War on both fronts, it did win the existential war with the Soviet Union – the Western Civilization (and possibly the whole human civilization) was saved from being conquered, occupied and destroyed by the “Red Plague”
  15. During their existential war with the Soviet Union Nazi Germany committed horrendous crimes against humanity (first and foremost, the Holocaust). These crimes were caused by the highly distorted and grossly incorrect perception of reality created by the fundamentally criminal Nazi ideology. And were much worse than just horrendous crimes – they were enormous strategic blunders that contributed significantly to Nazi defeat in World War II and to the demise of the Third Reich
  16. Adolf Hitler created both tangible and intangible entities – the two components of the Third Reich
  17. The tangible Third Reich ceased to exist in May of 1945; however, the intangible Third Reich still exists and can influence events in our world – as can Adolf Hitler from his residence in the intangible world
  18. Contrary to almost universal misconception; SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler did not die in Luneburg on May 23rd, 1945. His double died instead while Heinrich Himmler escaped (most likely, to Spain) and then moved to the German part of Switzerland
  19. In 1944, Heinrich Himmler founded ODESSA (“Die Neue SS” – DNSS) with but one purpose in mind: when the Western Civilization again faces the existential threat, transform Europe (and possibly the whole Western Civilization) into the Fourth Reich (“SS-Staat”)
  20. ODESSA is very well-funded (in billions of USD) by the “Nazi loot” in World War II that was not recovered by the Allies after the end of the war – and is patiently waiting for the Singularity Day
  21. It is possible that both Thule Society and even the Vril Society exist to this day and firmly intend to make their contribution to the transformation of the Western Civilization into the Fourth Reich when the Western Civilization again faces the existential threat