The Inevitable (24)

Die Neue SS (i.e. the government of the Fourth Reich) will inevitably issue the reincarnation of the Reichstag Fire Decree (and no, it will not need the reincarnation of Marinus van der Lubbe to set fire to the Bundestag or any other government building).

This “new RFD” will be (obviously) different from the original one in both focus and scope. Unlike the “original” RFD, the new one will focus on (mostly organized) crime, not on “political enemies” (the only ones targeted will be violent radicals of all stripes – not just Islamic ones).

The “new RFD” will in no time wipe out all kinds of organized crime – extortion, production and distribution of illegal drugs, human trafficking, child prostitution and pornography, street and other gangs, etc.

For a very simple reason – it is simply not possible to conduct organized crime activities without “getting on the radar” of law enforcement agencies. In a “liberal democracy” this is not enough to eradicate organized crime – you need to prove it beyond the reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The “new RFD” will (1) eliminate this requirement; and (2) will make it legal to use any means necessary to annihilate organized crime – and not only the indefinite detention in Dachau-style concentration camps (KL) as was stipulated by the original one.

I will not be surprised at all if (actually, when), DNSS uses Die Neue Luftwaffe and Die Neue Kriegsmarine to destroy drug manufacturing factories, shoot down drug-carrying aircraft, sink drug-carrying ships and assassinate “drug kingpins” and their cronies. Worldwide. Or shoot on the spot all street gang members caught with weapons under their clothes.

Obviously, DNSS will use the full power of its “special cyber-forces” to shut down and destroy all Dark Web resources that cater to pedophiles, illegal drug users and similar criminals. It can be done – the technology is already there – only The Will is needed. And where’s the Will, there’s always The Way.

No less obviously, DNSS (i.e. the government of the Third Reich) will provide the “final solution to the migrant question” (and no, there will be no Holocaust 2.0). However, all borders will be tightly shut – illegal migrants will be ruthlessly shot on the spot without warning and their boats sunk, also without warning. Half a dozen of such… incidents (made public on YouTube, of course) will be more than sufficient to reduce the number of illegal migrants to essentially zero.

No nation – and no civilization – can survive without cultural roots and “cultural backbone”; consequently, the proverbial “multiculturalism” is suicidal. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Therefore, one of the first decrees of the Government of National Salvation (not even DNSS) will be the Cultural Security Act. Which – among other features – will restrict citizenship and permanent residence status only to those individuals who are… no, not of the “right blood”, but of the “right culture”. The Western and national culture that is.

In other words, only genuinely transcultural individuals (i.e. only those capable of discarding their original culture and adopting the Western one) will be given permanent residence (let alone citizenship) in Western nations.

All others will be ruthlessly deported to their “places of origin”. DNSS will officially announce that “refugees” (in most cases, economic migrants) are the responsibility of their native countries (i.e. their governments) and the Western nations will from now on accept only genuinely transcultural individuals – and no one else. Only via legal channels, of course. No asylum will be provided to anyone else – for any reason. Ever.

Although NNS will call itself “National Socialism”, its economic policies will be far less socialist and far more “free market” than the ones in the Third Reich. Most likely, they will resemble the current “Scandinavian model”.

No poverty will be permitted – everyone will have a certain acceptable standard of living (possibly via some sort of the Universal Basic Income – UBI). However, the government will create sufficient incentives (mostly psychological) for everyone to “be the best one can be”.

In other words, to create the maximum amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – for one’s stakeholders. First and foremost, for one’s community, society, state, country, nation and the whole Western Civilization. And yes, for one’s race – the genuinely noble idea of the “melting pot” failed miserably everywhere.

Speaking about race. Although the NNS will accept, acknowledge and publicly preach the reality of biological equality of all races (it is a well-established scientific fact, after all), it will recognize that “whiteness” is a key component of Western cultural identity.

There is nothing wrong with that – after all, “blackness” is the key component of the African culture, “being yellow” of the Chinese, Japanese and so on. This cultural fact does not imply that some races are in any way inferior to the others – only that there is a very close correlation between the race and culture.

Consequently, the Cultural Security Act will be written in such a way as to ensure the domination of the White Race in the Western Civilization.

Another fundamental difference between the NNS and ONS (new and “original” National Socialism that is) will be the absence of the concept of the “existential racial war”.

Instead, the NNS will subscribe to the idea (much more common these days than is generally believed) that there can be no “harmony of civilization” – only a permanent struggle between them for natural and other resources of Mother Earth.

Hence, DNSS will focus all its efforts on (1) becoming much more powerful than any other civilization – Chinese, Islamic, Russian, African, etc. – in political, economic, military, technological and other aspects; and (2) using this power to regain and maintain the dominant position in our world.

The Inevitable (23)

The “Christian” add-on to the “original” National Socialism, its Third Reich roots, and, last but not the least, the dire need to save the Western Civilization from another existential threat (dying out from sub-replacement fertility rates) will pretty much determine the attitude of NNS, DNSS and their state (the Fourth Reich, although it will most likely receive a different name) towards homosexuality, transgenders, abortion and the whole “gender equality” thing.

No, homosexual relationships will not be criminalized de-jure (another significant difference from the ONS); however, homosexuality will be semi-officially declared a “personality disorder” – with predictable consequences.

Homosexual marriages (and the so-called “civil unions”) will be prohibited – and the existing ones dissolved; homosexual couples will lose the right to adopt and raise children; there will be unofficial (but omnipresent) job discrimination; and, of course, all homosexuals will be strongly encouraged to undergo “conversion therapy” (“reprogramming”).

Die Neue SS – controlled legislative bodies will pass the decree similar to the infamous Russian law which criminalized “homosexual propaganda”. This law will outlaw (and severely punish) homosexual bars, clubs and other organizations; parades, media, Web sites, workshops, seminars… in short, anything that will even remotely look like “propaganda of homosexual relationships”.

Ditto with transsexuals. Sex (gender) will be officially declared a biological, not psychological (let alone social) construct – in other words, “hardware”, not “software”.

“Sex change surgery” will be prohibited (and severely punished) and those whose “gender identity” differs from their “biological gender” will be ruthlessly forced to either shut up and behave according to the rules established by the society for their gender – or undergo “reprogramming” which will bring their “software” (their gender identity) in harmony with their “hardware” (biological gender).

I am not saying that these measures are “good”, “right” or “desirable” – I am only saying that it will happen, and happen inevitably. The cold, hard and sometimes painful truth is that the Western Civilization (actually, the whole human civilization) has only one choice – between the Fourth Reich (“Western Reich”) and complete chaos (i.e. genuine Hell on Earth).

And thus I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the population (95% or so) will eagerly sacrifice the rights of the tiny majority (homosexuals, transgenders and the like) to be saved from a very real Hell.

Abortion will not be criminalized outright either (still another important difference from the Third Reich). However, it will be officially recognized (from biological and ethical perspective) for what it is – infanticide (human life begins at conception – it is a well-established biological fact, not a religious dogma).  

The government will conduct an almost omnipresent propaganda campaign and make it so powerful that it will make it almost impossible to any woman, in any circumstances, to even think about abortion.

Obviously, DNSS will establish a “neo-Lebensborn” program which will provide pregnant women (and mothers of the newborns) with such an extensive and all-encompassing support that the abortion will simply be out of the question.

Still another obvious and fundamental difference between the NNS and the ONS (i.e. between the Fourth Reich and the Third one) would be the issue of gender equality.

True, the NNS, DNSS and the Fourth Reich (the “New Führerstaat”) will view every woman as, first and foremost, a wife and a mother. And strongly encourage (to put it mildly) every woman to get married and have at least three children – to facilitate a healthy population growth.

However, the state will also provide every woman with ample opportunities to have a successful career or start a business if she so desires (in the current e-society it is not a problem whatsoever).

Hence, one of the key role models for a woman would most likely be Nancy Pelosi – Catholic, happily married, five kids and the third most powerful position in the United States government. And other similar individuals.

Obviously, there will no “glass ceiling” for a woman in the Fourth Reich as the latter would be a genuine meritocracy with no gender discrimination whatsoever. Unlike in the Third Reich, women will have the right to serve in the military (and reach even the highest rank and position), in the SS (ditto) and in government (likewise).

The Inevitable (22)

The “original” National Socialism was a fundamentally criminal ideology – no doubt about that. Actually it was much worse than that – the original Nazi ideology created a highly distorted and highly inaccurate perception of reality.

Every competent psychologist will confirm that perception is, alas, the only reality. Consequently, it is no surprise that this inaccurate perception made the Nazis commit colossal blunders (yes, all their crimes against humanity were colossal blunders as well). Blunders that ultimately cost them their Reich, their unique civilization and many of them – their very lives.

Obviously, the New National Socialism (NNS) will have nothing to do with clownish neo-Nazism. In fact, modern neo-Nazis have a highly distorted and grossly incorrect perception not only of reality in general, but also of the “original” National Socialism (ONS), Adolf Hitler, the SS, the Third Reich… the whole nine yards.

Probably the most radical difference between the NNS and the ONS will be “the Jewish question”. In other words, their attitude towards the Jewish nation (i.e., Jews by blood – “genetic Jews” – Judaism as religion is a different matter entirely).

The NNS will recognize, acknowledge and accept (and state publicly, of course), that perception of the Jews (“Jewish race”) by the “original” National Socialism – first and foremost, their perception of the existential war that Germany was fighting – was highly distorted and grossly incorrect.

While it was undoubtedly true that Germany was fighting an existential war with Bolshevism, Jews as a nation had nothing to do with it (in fact, the overwhelming majority of Jews and the Jewish community were victims, not perpetrators of Bolshevist atrocities).

Therefore, the NNS will recognize and publicly state that Holocaust (and the persecution of Jews in general) was not only a horrific crime against humanity (possibly the worst such crime in human history), but also a colossal blunder.

Consequently, I would expect that after the Die Neue SS inevitably comes to power in the whole Western Civilization, the persecution of so-called “Holocaust deniers” will become much more ruthless than it is today. Obviously, DNSS will issue an official apology to the Jewish people on behalf of its predecessor – the “original” SS.

Furthermore, DNSS will acknowledge, accept and publicly state two fundamental truths. First, the Jewish nation made the largest contribution to the progress of the human civilization on a per capita basis and one of the largest in absolute terms (after all, the Western Civilization stands on three cornerstones – Athens, Rome and Jerusalem).

And second, the Western Civilization (and thus Die Neue SS) and the State of Israel (a separate – Jewish – civilization) are now not just in the same boat, but “in the same trench”. Because both face the same existential enemy – radical, violent, fanatical, political, imperialist Islam (there are many versions of Islam, obviously).

The enemy of my enemy is my ally (just ask Churchill or Roosevelt); consequently, I would expect a close (very close, actually) cooperation between DNSS-led Western Civilization and the Jewish Civilization (led by the State of Israel, of course).

The next issue where the NNS will be (obviously) the issue of racism. Biological science in general and genetics in particular made a giant leap forward since the 1930s and now it is crystal clear that humans of different races (White, Black, Yellow, etc.) are as biologically different from each other as cats of the different color but of the same breed.

The NNS will, obviously, recognize this irrefutable fact and, therefore, focus not on the biological differences between the races (of which there are essentially none), but on very real differences between cultures. While there are no “inferior” and “superior” races (a well-established biological fact), there are superior and inferior cultures (a well-established sociological fact).

Consequently, while the NNS will still call itself “National Socialism”, in reality it will be much closer to Benito Mussolini than to Adolf Hitler (and in this respect to Roman Empire than to the Third Reich); in other words, citizenship and culture will be the defining features, not the race or nationality.

Speaking about culture. The next important (albeit not as radical as the previous ones) differences between NNS and ONS will be in their attitude towards Christianity.

The “original” Nazis had a very complicated relationship to Christianity. Contrary to a very popular misconception, no one in the leadership of the Third Reich seriously wanted to do away with Christianity and replace it with some kind of neo-pagan religion. Not even Heinrich Himmler, although the latter was very interested in occult and pagan matters.

On the contrary, the Nazis wanted to “bridge the gap” (ideally, create harmony) between two major brands of Christianity in Germany – Catholicism and Protestantism (after the Anschluss of Austria and partition of Czechoslovakia – not to mention occupation of Poland – the ratio between Catholics and Protestants in the Greater Reich was roughly 50/50).

And hence attempted to develop a “common core” which they called Positive Christianity (this concept even found its way into the official program of NSDAP). However, nothing came out of that – the “religious harmonization project” of the Nazis failed – and failed miserably.

NNS will recognize, acknowledge, accept and publicly affirm that the Western Civilization (1) has decidedly Christian roots; and (2) would not survive without these roots.

Consequently, the NNS will (1) incorporate some Christian components – to the extent that it could be rightfully called the “Christian National Socialism”; and (2) ruthlessly restore these roots as it is a genuinely existential project for the Western Civilization.

Furthermore, the NNS will recognize, acknowledge, accept and publicly affirm that in practice “Christian roots” mean “Roman Catholic roots” as the first schism (Catholic/Orthodox) occurred over 600 years after de-facto Roman Catholicism became the official religion of civilized Europe (i.e. Roman Empire) and the second schism (Catholic/Protestant) 1100 years later or so.

Consequently, the NNS (more precisely, Die Neue SS) will radically reform, first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, returning it to its original Divine Mission – saving the human souls (currently the Church is little more than just a giant but banal charity).

It would not be the first time in the Church history when the secular power steps in and fixes it – in fact, it was exactly how the “official Christianity” was established.

The Inevitable (21)

Why would the Neo-National-Socialism replace liberalism as the de-facto official ideology of the Western Civilization (NNS will become one de-jure but it really makes no practical difference)?

For starters, even before the COVID crisis, competent political analysts called the Western Civilization “one giant Weimar Republic” – and we all know what replaced the latter. And the COVID disaster made things worse for liberal republics worldwide – not better.

Second, during the times of crisis (especially the existential crisis), no one is looking for “liberal democracy” or even “human rights”. Everyone is looking for the Messiah, the Savior, the powerful Leader, the (almost) omnipotent dictator. In other words, for Der Führer – and the National Socialism is the only successful ideology that can – and will – provide one.

In 1933-38, National Socialism was a highly successful ideology – and so was the Third Reich (the Führerstaat), a unique civilization build upon this ideology (in other words, the incarnation of the latter in “bricks and mortar” – and in “flesh and blood”).

So successful, in fact, that Hitler’s biographer Joachim Fest (a very much mainstream historian and no Nazi sympathizer) gave the following evaluation of Adolf Hitler – and thus of the whole Nazi Germany:

If Hitler had succumbed to an assassination or an accident at the end of 1938, few would hesitate to call him one of the greatest of German statesmen, the consummator of Germany’s history

Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Third, today the Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) faces the existential threat – again. In 1933, it was the very much existential threat of Bolshevism – being invaded, conquered, occupied and destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin.

True, the Nazis committed a whole lot of horrific (and totally unnecessary) crimes against humanity, but they did save not only Germany, but the whole Western Civilization (and ultimately the whole human civilization) from the “Bolshevist Hell”. A very real Hell on Earth, actually.

Katyn massacre of 1940 is an excellent illustration of what awaited the Western nations had Adolf Hitler not launched a de-facto pre-emptive strike on June 22nd, 1941 (there is solid evidence that he pre-empted Stalin by only 24 hours or so).

The post-war Communist regimes in Eastern Europe were far more “vegetarian” than initially planned – the nuclear bomb and the enormous fleet of Allied strategic bombers (not to mention aircraft carriers and other military gadgets) took care of that.

These days, the Western Civilization faces not one, but two genuinely existential threats – the internal one (inevitable collapse of the “world BCE” due to global COVID panic and suicidal “preventive countermeasures”) and the external one (from political, violent, imperialist, fundamentalist and fanatical Islam).

Liberal ideology not only is totally impotent to protect the Western Civilization from these genuinely existential threat – it is a genuinely existential threat itself. For a very simple (and fundamental) reason – making individual good more important than the common good will inevitably lead to making the (inevitable) choice between the two in favor of the individual one.

Which rather sooner than later (and the COVID disaster is an undeniable proof) will lead to the collapse of the whole community, society, state, nation, country, the European Union and the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization. In other words, to a very real Hell on Earth.

National Socialism has already saved “all of the above” from a genuinely existential (and similar) threat – in 1933, the Weimar Republic was on the verge of collapse from the inside – in addition to being under the threat of being Bolshevized. Consequently, it would be only natural to conclude that it will save “all of the above” from current existential threats as well.

Fourth, Direct Electronic Democracy is functionally similar to the way the Nazi Germany really worked – see the excellent book “Hitler’s Beneficiaries” by the German historian Götz Aly (no Nazi admirer either).

He discovered that, contrary to a very popular misconception, one of the key responsibilities of Heydrich’s infamous Inland-SD (domestic intelligence service) was to… identify what the ordinary Germans really needed.

This highly valuable knowledge was structured into reports that the SD (subsequently RSHA – Reich Security Main Office) sent to Nazi Party and government officials. These reports then became the foundation for decisions and actions of the Nazi government at all levels.

Fifth, the Nazis successfully solved the problem that the liberalism is fundamentally impotent to solve – the problem of inequality. In fact, the Third Reich went much further – it built essentially a classless society (as classless as it possibly could be).

Every boy had to join the Hitler Youth and every girl its equivalent – the BDM (League of German Girls). In both organization everyone was equal – regardless of the social status of one’s family.

Every young man had to serve in the German Army and the civilian labor service was compulsory to everyone – regardless of one’s social status. There were no “schools for the rich” – children from all social strata had to study together.

And, of course, the Führerstaat was a textbook meritocracy – only the capabilities and achievements counted (not surprisingly, members anti-Nazi resistance were almost exclusively aristocrats deprived of their privileges by the Nazis).

The Nazi police and security services used the (in)famous Reichstag Fire Decree so successfully that not only the organized crime (a major problem in the Weimar Republic) but the street crime as well were all but eliminated. As were the poverty and homelessness – two other endemic problems even in modern Western nations.

British observers (no friends of the Nazis) stated an unbelievable fact (unbelievable for the “liberal democracies”, of course) – criminal courts in Nazi Germany had almost nothing to do (there were practically no criminals to try).

Ditto for human trafficking, pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography and the similar vices of the Weimar Republic (the inevitable consequence of the “sexual freedom” in the latter). Oh, and the Nazi Germany was the only country who had the courage to investigate, prosecute, try and convict pedophile Catholic priests (“liberal democracies” started to take this problems seriously only six decades later).

And, finally, the “Nazi civilization” was filled (top to bottom) with enormously powerful – and very positive energies (positive for its citizens, of course). So positive, in fact, that in just four years Adolf Hitler and his regime transformed the almost 100% PTSD-infected nation (and suffering from chronic depression to boot) into the happiest nation in the world (possibly in the whole modern history).

And that’s precisely what the population of the Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) needs right now – to have their hearts, minds and souls filled with very powerful – and very positive – energies.

However, to make it happen, the “original” National Socialism (ONS) must be changed – and changed radically.

The Inevitable (20)

The existential (literally) question obviously is: Who will build the Fourth Reich on the ruins of the “world BCE” (before corona-epidemic that is)? In other words, is there already an organization willing and able to do this job?

The answer is: Yes, there is. This organization is known under the name ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen – Organization of Former SS Members).

ODESSA is not the real name of this organization, of course – it was coined by the US Army intelligence officers in 1946 (in reality it probably calls itself Die Neue SS, SS-Phoenix or something like that).

The name, of course, is not important – only financial and organizational capabilities of DNSS (let’s use this acronym for the sake of brevity) are. And these are undoubtedly formidable.

DNSS was most likely founded (by no other than SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler) sometime in August of 1944 when it was already painfully clear that Nazi Germany lost the Second Great War.

It is not really important whether Himmler committed suicide or escaped (there is a strong evidence for the letter) – the only important fact is that DNSS acquired enormous financial resources (part of the proverbial “Nazi loot”) and highly skilled managers from the SS (the latter was by far the most efficient organization in the Third Reich).

These managers were mid-ranking SS officers (most likely below the rank of Brigadefuhrer – one-star general) so they could easily disappear without a trace after the war.

The amount of financial resources acquired by DNSS at the end of the war (and subsequently laundered by Swedish, Swiss and other banks – not to mention the Vatican bank) was at least in billions of US dollars (or euros) in current prices.

There is little doubt that this money was invested skillfully and professionally (rumors are that the post-war German “economic miracle” was financed in no small part by the “Nazi Gold”) so the current “net worth” of DNSS (i.e. the total value of its financial assets) might very well be around US$ 100 billion.

More than enough to finance development and deployment of Direct Democracy Portal, Government Automation System, Corporate Objects Management System, Weltkontrolle software (“World Management Cockpit”)… in fact, the whole Fourth Reich. Which was the ultimate objective of DNSS since its establishment in 1944.

Unlike Adolf Hitler, who was the Third Reich (and the Third Reich was Adolf Hitler), SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler was sufficiently independent from the Führerstaat (Hitler’s Reich) to treat its demise not as the end of his life but only as a temporary setback.

His belief (faith, actually) in the ultimate triumph of National Socialism was so strong that he set up DNSS with but one ultimate objective: wait until the arrival of the Singularity Day (Social Singularity Event – SSE) and then use this SSE to do away with whatever regime in existence at that time and build the Fourth Reich. Himmler’s Reich – the SS-Staat, which in many crucial aspects will be very different from its predecessor.

Hence DNSS was structured in such a way as to create the most powerful and efficient tool to execute exactly such a transformation (a transfiguration even). The Quantensprung – the quantum leap. The radical reengineering of the whole Western Civilization (and subsequently the whole human civilization).

Consequently, I would expect DNSS to be structured as a relatively loose group of nominally independent organization: an investment fund, a venture capital fund, a software development company, a PR/advertising/marketing firm, a think tank, a research institute, a security firm (a foundation for the future RSHA and a paramilitary organization), etc.

Unlike Hitler’s Reich (essentially limited to Germany and Austria), Himmler’s Reich was supposed to be a pan-Western one. Consequently, DNSS most likely has offices in all major European nations – as well as in the USA and Canada (possibly in Australia and New Zealand as well). Obviously, their operations are one hundred percent legal (as were those of the Nazi party prior to their coming to power).

The total number of DNSS members is most likely in the single-digit thousands at most – all other employees of the “DNSS network” have no clue about the project they work for.

DNSS will “take over the Western world” by providing (1) key personnel to the National Salvation Governments – at all levels; and (2) all components of the “virtual new world” (actually, of the “new world”): Government Automation System, Corporate Objects Management System, Weltkontrolle, etc.

As I have already mentioned, collapse of the “world BCE” is inevitable. And the only choice will be not between “liberal democracy” and the Fourth Reich but between the Fourth Reich and complete chaos (the latter is, obviously, a very real Hell on Earth).

Consequently, the Fourth Reich (the SS-Staat) is inevitable – whether we want it or not; whether we like it or not.