My Creed

Although I am technically not a professional historian (I do not have a formal education or training in history and my main occupation is consulting in business and knowledge management), I still adhere to the following professional creed of genuine historians:

  1. Our job is genuine history, not political propaganda (pro-Nazi, anti-Nazi or any other kind)
  2. History as a science; consequently, we do not make moral judgements. As genuine historians, we only uncover what happened and when; who did what, when and why; what were the intended and actual consequences of historic decisions and actions and if they were different, then why
  3. In genuine history, there is no such thing as “Good” or “Evil”; however, there are right and wrong (good and bad) decisions and actions
  4. Therefore, a genuine historian can and must make functional judgements – whether certain decisions and actions by individuals in question were the best ones in those particular circumstances
  5. Likewise, a genuine historian can and must make legal judgements – whether certain decisions and actions by individuals in question constituted a crime (i.e. a war crime or a crime against humanity)
  6. Genuine historic research must be based not on emotions (let alone stereotypes or prejudices), but strictly on indisputable facts, rock-solid logic and good old common sense
  7. The objective of any genuine research is to produce a genuinely comprehensive picture of the object in question
  8. Any historic research project is about knowledge management – collecting, structuring and analyzing data and subsequent mining of historical knowledge; consequently, every genuine historian must have solid training and experience in knowledge management
  9. There is no such thing as “mainstream” and “revisionist” history – there is only genuine history – and political propaganda