Where Was God?


Six million Jews – God’s chosen people – have been shot or gassed. It was a mass murder of truly colossal proportions that could have been easily prevented. But God did not save His chosen people. Why?

For the very same reason – God respects the human Freedom of Will unless the very existence of the Christian civilization is at stake. True, Holocaust was a horrible crime against humanity, but it did not constitute an existential threat to the Church and the Christian civilization.

But the Bolshevist Soviet Union was. It was a very much existential threat to God’s Church (Christian Church) and the whole Christian Civilization. In fact, to the whole human civilization which the Bolsheviks (unconsciously, of course, but it made no difference whatsoever) would have transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth.

And the only power in the world capable of stopping the Bolsheviks in their tracks was the German Wehrmacht. Wehrmacht + Waffen-SS, to be more precise. The Armed Forces of Nazi Germany. Of NAZI Germany.

Hence, God only wanted the Nazis to (1) prevent the Bolshevist Soviet Union from destroying His Church and His civilization; and (2) not do anything that might constitute the existential threat to “both of the above”. As long as they did what He wanted them to do and did not do what He did not want them to do, he did not care what else they did.

So He did not intervene and allowed the Nazis to exterminate many millions of Russians, Poles, etc. In other words, to commit colossal blunders. Because, again, although these mass murders were horrible war crimes, they did not constitute an existential threat to the Church and the Christian civilization. And thus did not bother God in the least.

Horrible? Yes. Inhuman? Absolutely. However, God has His own logic and His own system of priorities which more often than not are very different from ours (i.e. human).

Obviously, we do not like it – from our human perspective our God is far from perfect (to put it mildly). But He is the only God we have so there is nothing we can do about it. Nothing whatsoever.

Adolf Hitler from the Christian Perspective

AH14As I have already mentioned, I am Roman Catholic. And I have already confessed that I wrote this book first and foremost for myself. So I inevitably included into this chapter a section that analyzes Adolf Hitler, his personality, decisions and actions from a Christian perspective.

I am confident that this section will be useful not only for Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, etc.) but for every reader regardless of his or her religious views. For a very simple reason – it will explain why so many Christians were so supportive of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler personally.

I am no theologian (Catholic or otherwise); however, I am familiar enough with Catholic teaching to be able to express my humble opinion about the Christian perspective on Adolf Hitler. It is – as just about anything in Adolf Hitler – decidedly “black and white”.

The “black” part is obvious. Adolf Hitler is guilty of mass murder and other horrible war crimes and crimes against humanity. Very probably, the worst crimes in human history. Which is a very heavy (and very deadly) sin. Murder and plunder – a blatant violation of two sacred God’s commandments.

To make things worse, he committed suicide – which is one more cardinal sin. He died by his own hand without confessing his horrendous sins and receiving the last rites. He lived in sin with Eva Braun for thirteen years although ultimately he did marry her.

On top of that, he was raised Catholic but essentially left the Church and de-facto became sort of polytheist, believing in three gods – Christian God (i.e. the Holy Trinity), Providence (sometimes he referred to it as Fate) and Nature – the latter being decidedly pagan.

On the other hand (the “white” part), Adolf Hitler and his Nazis saved the Christian Church (and thus the whole Christian Civilization) from the practically assured destruction by the Bolsheviks. And thus the whole human civilization to be transformed into Hell on Earth. Literally, because the annihilation of Christianity means exactly that.

It is quite obvious that for the Christian Church and for the Christian God the latter is far more important than the former. Consequently, from Christian perspective, Adolf Hitler (i.e. his decisions and actions) were “net positive”. Possibly even substantially so.


Did Adolf Hitler and the Nazis Go to Hell?

The answer to this fundamental question appears to be obvious and straightforward. Nazis and their allies (the Axis Powers) grossly violated one of God’s commandments – ‘You Shall Not Kill’ by murdering millions of Jews and individuals of other nationalities.

However, this is only one side of the matter. There is another side. On the Easter front, Germany and its European saved the Christian Church and the whole Christian civilization from being destroyed (annihilated, actually) by the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Sending the “soldiers of God” (who they essentially were) who won the “holy war” (which in many aspects it was) to Hell would have been grossly unfair and thus highly unlikely.

Consequently, although we can never be 100% sure where the particular soul ended up in the afterlife – in Heaven, Hell or somewhere else – it is highly unlikely (practically impossible) that Nazis that made a contribution to victory in that existential war went to Hell.

It is far more likely that their souls currently reside in Purgatory or, possibly, in an entirely different place which is neither Heaven nor Hell (the Valhalla of sorts).


Why Did God Allow Nazis to Exterminate Six Million Jews?

Six million of His chosen people have been shot or gassed – a mass murder of truly monstrous proportions that could have been easily prevented. But God did not save His chosen people. Why?

For the very same reason – God respects the human Freedom of Will unless the very existence of the Christian civilization is at stake. True, Holocaust was a horrible crime against humanity, but it did not constitute an existential threat to the Church and the Christian civilization. So He did not intervene.  



Why Didn’t God Allow the Nazi Germany to Win the War?

In the fall of 1941, Hitler was literally days away from winning the war on the Eastern front and the whole war in Europe. But he let the practically inevitable victory to slip through his fingers, his blitzkrieg to be transformed into a war of attrition on two fronts which he was bound to lose – and ultimately lost. And God allowed it to happen. Why?

The answer is simple – because God respects human Freedom of Will. And thus allows an individual – including Adolf Hitler – to make even disastrous mistakes. And reap the consequences.

God did not care whether Adolf Hitler won World War II or not – all He cared about was whether he prevents the Soviet Union from destroying the Christian Church and the whole Christian civilization.

And thus provided the Nazis with just enough support to fulfil this Divine Mission. Which was enough to save the Church and the whole Christian civilization – but not sufficient to win the Second World War. 

Why did the Omnipotent God Allow the Nazis to Come to Power?

It is very important to always remember that although God is omnipotent, He has no other hands but ours.

Although Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor on January 30th, 1933, Nazis came to power (i.e. established their dictatorship) a month later (on February 28th), when German President Paul von Hindenburg issued the famous decree Verordnung des Reichspräsidenten zum Schutz von Volk und Staat (Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State).

This decree was issued the next day after the infamous Reichstag Fire. Contrary to both Nazi and anti-Nazi propaganda any impartial investigator would quickly conclude that the crime was committed by a lone arsonist – a clinically insane pyromaniac (and a Dutch Communist) Marinus van der Lubbe.

In other words, for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis it was an unbelievable stroke of luck that allowed them to seize the absolute power in Germany, implement sweeping political, economic and social reforms and create the Third Reich.

Those who believe in omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God (and Christians do), do not believe in luck – good or bad. Consequently, they view each “stroke of luck” (whether “good” or “bad”) as the Act of God.

Therefore, every genuine Christian can make only in conclusion – that God for some reason provided absolutely vital assistance to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Vital for seizing absolute power and Germany and transforming the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich.

The reason is actually obvious. By 1933 it was painfully obvious that the Soviet Union (and its leader Joseph Stalin) were well on their track to invading, conquering and occupying Europe and the whole Christian civilization, destroying them (and the Christian Church) and replacing them with the alternative civilization – global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

And the only force capable of stopping the Soviet Union and thus saving the Christian Church and the whole Christian Civilization was the Nazi Germany.

That was the only reason why the Almighty God allow the Nazis to come to power, implement sweeping political, economic, social and military reforms and transform the democratic Weimar Republic into the totalitarian Third Reich, make Germany a political. Economic and military superpower, score truly miraculous military victories and occupy huge territories in the West and in the East.




Who Did the Western Allies Serve – God or Devil?

Again, the answer to this question is neither simple nor straightforward. On the one hand, the Western Allies (the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, Australia, etc.) fought to liberate Western Europe (directly) and Eastern Europe (indirectly) from brutal and murderous Nazi occupation.

And thus put an end to mass murders and other crimes being committed by the Nazis on almost daily basis (mostly in Eastern Europe). Which was, obviously, a very important service to God.

On the other hand, Western Allies were the allies of the Soviet Union (i.e., of Joseph Stalin) who fully intended to conquer the world, destroy the global human civilization and replace it with an alternative civilization – global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Which was, obviously, a very important service to the Devil (because ultimately it would have established a genuine Hell on Earth).

Still, by invading and occupying Western Europe (including Western Germany) with mighty military force, by manufacturing a gigantic fleet of strategic bombers (B-17s, B-24s, Lancasters and especially all-but invincible at the time B-29 plus highly efficient escort fighters – P-51s and P-47s) and, what was the most important, by developing and detonating the first atomic bomb (and later using it against the Japanese cities), the Allies created a very powerful deterrent for Stalin’s ambitions.

Which ultimately prevented the latter from achieving his Satanic (literally) objectives. And thus provided a vitally important services for the Christian God.

Consequently, the only correct answer to this fundamental question is this: actions of the Soviet Union (like those of many other people) served both God and Devil. But by preventing Stalin from destroying the Christian Church and the whole Christian civilization, the Allies served God far more than they served Devil.