Hitler’s Crime Description Structure

To properly analyze a crime (any crime) committed by Adolf Hitler, it is necessary to structure its description in the most efficient way (proper structuring is the mother of proper analysis). Consequently, description of every crime will have the following structure (i.e. will contain answers to the following questions):

  1. What was the essence of the crime in question?
  2. What is the legal classification (i.e. murder, grand theft, etc.) of the crime in question?
  3. Why exactly it was illegal according to German law in effect at that time?
  4. Who were the victims of the crime in question?
  5. Who were the perpetrators (i.e. the SS, Wehrmacht, etc.) of the crime in question?
  6. What were Hitler’s objectives? In other words, why on Earth did he make the decision to commit the crime in question? What were his intended results?
  7. What were the key events, decisions and actions related to the crime in question?
  8. What were actual results the Adolf Hitler achieved by committing this crime? And why was the crime in question (all were) such a monumental blunder?

Obviously, the description of each crime will be followed by analysis & conclusions.