Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (6)

We only know what had been done in the North Tower – but not the whole design for this actual Mittelpunkt der Welt (no records survived the war). Neither do we know the objectives of this redesign – or have any ideas about the ceremonies to be conducted there for that matter.

All we know that two rooms have been constructed inside the north tower – the Crypt, allegedly called Valhalla although it had another name – the Gruft (Vault) and the Obergruppenführersaal (SS Generals’ Hall) immediately above it.

Their ceilings were cast in concrete and faced with natural stone. On the upper floors a further hall was planned although no information about its design or purpose survived. The axis of this tower was to be the actual “Center of the World” (Mittelpunkt der Welt).

A preparation for an eternal flame in the vault, a swastika ornament in its zenith, and the so-called “Black Sun” symbol embedded in the floor of the “Obergruppenführersaal” lie on this axis. Whether any of these rooms were ever used (and for which purpose), we do not know.

In the center of the marbled whitish/grayish floor of an Obergruppenführersaal a dark green sun wheel (Sonnenrad) is embedded. The axis of the sun wheel consisted of a circular plate of pure gold, which was to symbolize the center of the castle and thus the entire “Germanic world empire”.

The real name of the symbol is not known; it got its current name (The Black Sun) only in the 1990s. Neither do we know the meaning attributed to this symbol by the SS (or by anyone else for that matter).

All circumstantial evidence points to but one conclusion – the ultimate objective of all work done in the North Tower (and in the whole Wewelsburg Castle) had but one objective – to build a pagan equivalent of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome… or of a Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris.

Spiritual equivalent, of course. Hence this building was supposed to amplify the energies of the “Earth Crown Chakra” to the level sufficient to empower the SS and the whole Third Reich. Empower sufficiently to achieve its objectives (and thus the objectives of The Black Sun Society).

Unfortunately for them (and for everyone involved), Heinrich Himmler did not believe much in the power of magical objects and ceremonies. And pursued the “Wewelsburg Project” for its symbolism. In other words, for its emotional, not spiritual (let alone religious or, God forbid, magical) value.

Hence, he did not invest enough effort (and money, of course) to make it what it was supposed to be – an extremely powerful portal of divine, spiritual, supernatural, magical energies.

And in 1943, all work in the castle was terminated (ostensibly because Hitler ordered to stop all construction projects not directly supporting the war effort). In reality, from the perspective of war effort, the Wewelsburg project was the most important one… but Himmler did not know that. Or did not want to know – in 1943 he had other priorities.

It was a gargantuan mistake which ultimately cost Adolf Hitler his war, his country, his civilization and his very life. And in late summer of 1944 forced Heinrich Himmler to explicitly ask The Black Sun Society for assistance. Assistance in saving his very own skin.

Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (5)

On November 6th, 1935, about a year after officially taking over the Wewelsburg Castle, Heinrich Himmler… closed the castle to visitors. For good. Four years later, in 1939, he imposed a strict ban on all publications about the Wewelsburg Castle.

It means – loud and clear – that something top secret was going on in the castle. So secret in fact that beyond the semi-official cover story propagated by the SS, we have no idea what was going on there – in other words, what were Himmler’s actual plans for the castle and what exactly was done there on his orders.

There is some evidence that in addition to “normal” scientific research, another kind of research was conducted in Wewelsburg Castle. Research on paranormal, supernatural, occult subjects – Germanic mysticism, ancestor cult, runic magic, racial doctrines (which was actually pseudo-science) and other subjects of an esoteric nature.

Heinrich Himmler was big on ancient, medieval and other symbolism hence it is only natural that redesign of the castle by the SS referred to certain characters in the legends of the Grail: for example, one of the arranged study rooms was named Gral (“Grail”).

Other rooms were named König Artus (“King Arthur”), König Heinrich (“King Henry”), Heinrich der Löwe (“Henry the Lion”), Widukind, Christoph Kolumbus (“Christopher Columbus”), Arier (“Aryan”), Jahrlauf (“course of the seasons”), Runen (“runes”), Westfalen (“Westphalia”), Deutscher Orden (“Teutonic Order”), Reichsführerzimmer (“Room of the Empires Leader(s)”; “Reichsführer-SS”, or “the Reich’s Leader of the SS” was Himmler’s title).

There were also rooms named Fridericus (probably in reference to Frederick II of Prussia), Tolle Christian (probably referring to Christian the Younger of Brunswick, Bishop of Halberstadt), and Deutsche Sprache (“German language”).

Oak (the sacred tree of the Nazis) was used to panel and furnish these rooms, though (according to contemporary witnesses) only sparingly. All interior decoration of the castle was shaped by an SS sensibility in art and culture; the preferred elements of design were based on runes, swastikas (no surprise here), and Deutschen Sinnzeichen (traditional German symbols).

Tableware, decorated with runes and Germanic symbols of salvation, was manufactured specifically for Wewelsburg castle (by the SS-owned and operated Allach factory, no doubt), and Himmler’s private collection of weapons was housed in the castle as well.

From 1939, the castle was also furnished with miscellaneous objects of art, including prehistoric objects (discovered and delivered by Ahnenerbe), objects of past historical eras, and works of “politically correct” contemporary sculptors and painters (i.e. the ones in line with the aesthetics of National Socialism and the SS).

In 1938, Himmler ordered the return of all honorary “death’s head rings” (Totenkopfringe) of dead SS-men and officers. They were to be stored in a chest in the castle. This was to symbolize the ongoing membership of the deceased in the SS-Order. However, the whereabouts of the approximately 11,500 rings after the Second World War are unknown.

Although in 1938 Himmler declared his intention to conduct annual meetings (“spring conferences”) of SS generals of the highest ranks (Gruppenführer and Obergruppenfuhrer); only one such meeting (officially) took place.

It was held not in spring, but in summer – from 12 to 15 June 1941, in other words, it ended exactly one week before the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. It was attended by the highest ranking SS generals, who either took part in planning the SS operations in the Soviet Union (i.e. Einsatzgruppen activities) or who were to take part in these operations (ditto)

The official meeting’s purpose was the “ideological preparation of the attendant SS leaders for the campaign against Judeo-Bolshevism”, but no record of what was said or done during the meeting survived.

It is believed that various SS ceremonies (designed by no other than Karl Maria Wiligut) were conducted in the Wewelsburg Castle – baptism (of sorts), marriage, swearing in. etc. However, no specific records of these ceremonies have ever been found.

However, Himmler’s plans included making it the “center of the new world” (“Zentrum der neuen Welt”) following the “final victory” have been uncovered (although whether these were the final plans or only some kind of a “preliminary proposal” is not clear and the real purpose of the project is not known).

These plans called for (among other things), the installation of an 18-meter-high wall in the shape of a three-quarter circle, 860 m in diameter with 18 towers. It was supposed to include the actual castle area and to be centered on the North Tower of the castle was planned.

Inside of this castle area buildings were planned for the exclusive purposes of the Reichsführung-SS (Reich Leadership-SS). The main road of this “SS village” was to have a diameter of 1270 m and also to be centered on the North Tower of the castle with a diameter of 1270 m. This road was to be connected with three radial roads and gates with the castle area.

The residential area was to be placed in the northwest, the center of the village in the north, and the SS-barracks in the west of the castle area; between the barracks and village a villa colony for higher SS-leaders; in the southwest farmsteads.

In the architectural plans from 1941, the estate had the shape of a spear pointing towards the north (the castle itself had the form of a spearhead). The plans also included a “Hall of the High Court of the SS” (Saal des Hohen Gerichtes der SS), streets, parkways, magnificent buildings, a dam with a power plant, freeway accesses and even its own airport.

It was estimated that it would take over 20 years to complete this radical reconstruction of the Wewelsburg area. The estate was to be a center of the “species-appropriate religion” (artgemäße Religion) and a representative estate for the SS-Führerkorps (SS leader corps).

The entire village of Wewelsburg and adjacent villages were to disappear. The population was to be resettled. The valley was to be flooded. 250 million Reichsmark were budgeted for the estate (most likely, a severe understatement).

Whether these grandiose plans were to be implemented or not, we do not know. We only know that something top secret and very mysterious was planned and done in the actual Mittelpunkt der Welt.

In the North Tower of the Wewelsburg Castle.

Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (4)

According to the “official version” of events, Heinrich Himmler first visited the Wewelsburg castle on November 3, 1933 and was immediately impressed by its triangular structure. It is believed that he was searching for a suitable castle in Westphalia in which he could establish an SS leadership school.

Which is kinda strange because Himmler was a Bavarian (he was born in Munich) and was a resident of Berlin. Hence, it would have made far more sense to establish this school near the capital of Bavaria or (more likely), of Germany.

It is a well-established historical fact that Himmler met Karl Maria Wiligut (a future “spiritual architect” of the Wewelsburg Castle) at a conference in Detmold located… 50 kilometers from the castle. An hour-long drive (at most) for the convoy of SS-Reichsfuhrer.

Consequently, it is far more likely that Himmler first visited the Wewelsburg Castle on the same (or the next) day after he met Wiligut and made the lightning-fast decision (carefully lobbied by the members of The Thule Society, no doubt) to task the retired colonel turned esotericist with creating a new religion for the SS.

Any major religion has a “spiritual center” and a “primary shrine/temple” so it made complete sense to Himmler when Wiligut offered the Wewelsburg Castle. In addition to a unique triangular shape (which may or may not have had something to do with the shape of the “Wewelsburg Hill”), Himmler was impressed by the location of the castle – right next to where (as it was then believed) the German tribes defeated (annihilated, actually) Roman legions in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD and thus defended their independence and freedom.

About two months later, in November of 1933, Himmler visited the Wewelsburg Castle for the second time. And officially announced his decision to buy or lease the castle for the SS.

Negotiations turned to be difficult, however, since the Landrat of Büren was unwilling to give up control of the castle (apparently, at that time the SS were not yet that powerful).

So only several months later, the local authorities acquiesced and leased the castle to the SS for the symbolic annual rent of 1 Reichsmark (obviously, all reconstruction costs were to be borne by the lessee).

Heinrich Himmler was born, baptized and raised Catholic so the concept of parochial school (an educational component of a parish church) was familiar and natural to him.

Consequently, it is not surprising at all that decided to immediately establish within the Wewelsburg walls the Reichsführerschule SS (SS Leadership School). Given the nature of the “Wewelsburg object”, it was only natural that this school was mainly intended to ensure a unified ideological training of the SS leadership and would be run by the Rasseamt (Race office) of the SS.

Given the geographical location of the castle that I mentioned earlier, this school was in some way (at least in Himmler’s mind) dedicated to Arminius (Hermann) – a military commander who led the alliance of Germanic tribes at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in AD 9, in which three Roman legions were annihilated (and thus became a symbol of German unity and freedom).

Himmler officially took over the Wewelsburg in a large and solemn ceremony on 22 September 1934. The Völkischer Beobachter, in reporting on the event, while mentioning the Germanic and historic past of the region, emphasized the educational aspects. Apparently Himmler had no desire to share his religious endeavors with anyone outside his closest associates (let alone the German public).

In 1935, Himmler announced that the SS-castle was to be officially called “SS-Schule Haus Wewelsburg” (“SS School, House Wewelsburg”). Its curriculum was to focus on Germanic pre- and early history, folklore studies, etc. as an “equipment for ideological-political training”). In other words, it was envisioned a kind of Nordic academy.

The “Wewelsburg parochial school” was the educational establishment for adults (i.e., a liberal arts college of sorts) and it is natural for a college to get involved in research activities on relevant subjects.

Hence it no surprise at all that the Wewelsburg Castle quickly became an “alternative research center” on Germanic pre- and early history, medieval history, folklore and genealogy, all intended to provide the underpinnings for the racial teachings of the SS. Alternative to Ahnenerbe, of course, which made the castle a “mini-Ahnenerbe” of sorts. Even a vast scientific (and pseudo-scientific) library was established.

Like its “big brother” (Ahnenerbe), Wewelsburg Castle became a prominent center for archeology. In particular, the center for archaeological excavations in the region.

Its activities included study of prehistory and ancient history, study of medieval history and folklife, build-up of the “Library of the Schutzstaffel in Wewelsburg” and strengthening the National Socialist worldview in the village of Wewelsburg.

Educational establishments and research institutes are often used for conducting various kinds of conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars and the like. Hence, it is again no surprise that the Wewelsburg Castle became an isolated (and thus secret) meeting place for the highest ranking SS-officers (including Himmler himself).

But this was only the “official” (overt) side of the Wewelsburg Castle. Almost from the very beginning (i.e. right after it was transferred to the SS), other – secret – activities began to take place on its premises.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (16)

Now let’s see what Heinrich Himmler accomplished for his sponsors and creators (but not masters, of course) from The Black Sun Society (unconsciously, of course).

First and foremost, he did create the neo-Teutonic Order. By the end of the Second World War, it was still a work in progress (to put it mildly) as its reality still was far, far short of the vision (let alone blueprint) developed by The Black Sun Society, but the fundamentals (the core) were pretty much there.

Himmler developed the structure, the processes and procedures, the symbols (SS runes, the uniforms, the swords and daggers, etc.), the rituals and even components of the neo-pagan Germanic religion that was to become the spiritual foundation for this “New Black Order”. Including, of course, the foundation for the future Mittelpunkt der Welt – spiritual center of the world – in the Wewelsburg Castle.

Like Adolf Hitler (and also unconsciously), Himmler created the “SS in heaven”. Well, not exactly in heaven, of course – but definitely not in Hell. In other words, Heinrich Himmler created a unique “SS-egregore” – the one that (unlike just about all other egregores – “collective souls”) continued to exist after the tangible entity (i.e. the SS as we know it) ceased to exist in May of 1945.

And continues to influence the world affairs even today – in this sense, Heinrich Himmler created a “thousand-year SS”. However, there is a crucial difference between these two egregores.

The Third Reich (obviously) no longer exists as the tangible entity. And the SS (contrary to an almost universal misconception) is a different story entirely. A bit later, I will prove (IMHO beyond the reasonable doubts), that, unlike NSDAP and the whole Third Reich, the SS did not cease to exist in May of 1945.

And, of course, Heinrich Himmler did not commit suicide. It is also possible that (again contrary to an almost universal misconception) neither did Odilo Globocnik, Hans Kammler… or Heinrich Muller.

Martin Bormann did – DNA analysis proved it beyond the reasonable doubt – and so did Adolf Hitler (although there is no forensic evidence that proves the latter beyond the reasonable doubt).

But not Heinrich Himmler (and possibly three of his close associates). Instead, they (this time with direct help from The Black Sun Society) escaped from occupied Germany (most likely, into the German part of Switzerland) and there set up an organization commonly (and incorrectly) referred to as ODESSA. Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen (Organization of Former SS Members) that is. Its real name is (obviously) not known; in this book I will call it DNSS. Die Neue SS.

I will cover DNSS, its objectives and capabilities (and activities) a bit later; now I will only state that the existence of its physical component (DNSS is a very much tangible entity which “inherited” the “SS egregore” from the original SS in 1945) makes the SS egregore far, far more powerful than its “Third Reich brother”.

In terms of structure, Himmler’s SS included… just about everything that The Black Sun Society ever wanted. First and foremost, of course, included (as its foundation and the core) the system for selection, training, placement and utilization of the Nazi elite. Racial elite, of course – at the time eugenics reigned supreme.

But Heinrich Himmler went further than that – he created and highly efficiently used a system of recruiting into the SS the most influential individuals in the Party, government, industry, science and technology, academia, etc. The list of high ranking SS officers (believe it or not, there was an official SS membership directory) reads like “Who is who in Nazi Germany”.

The notable exception was the military – initially the Reichswehr and subsequently the Wehrmacht. For legal reason – the military personnel was forbidden by law to join political parties – or organizations such as the SS.

Incredibly, this law was in force (and strictly followed) up until the infamous and pathetic coup attempt on July 20th, 1944 – Wehrmacht considered its independence from politics and government important enough to protect it even at the cost of an open conflict with both.

Then there was the most well-known component of the SS (ultimately integrated into RSHA). Staatsschutzkorps (State Protection Corps). Which included political, criminal and order police, concentration camps, death camps, domestic and foreign intelligence services… the whole nine yards.

It also included the Waffen-SS – the core for the future SS Armed Forces (neither Hitler, nor Himmler nor The Black Sun Society had any desire to tolerate the independence of Wehrmacht even the moment longer than absolutely necessary).

It was a (practically) open secret in Nazi Germany that Hitler and Himmler created Waffen SS (the former openly and blatantly violated his promise to Wehrmacht brass to never establish an “alternative army”) with but one ultimate purpose in mind – the hostile takeover of German armed forces.

However, during the Second World War Waffen SS were placed (out of practical military necessity) under the operational command of Wehrmacht – and made a highly valuable contribution to saving the Western Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes.

Not surprisingly, the SS included RuSHA – Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS (SS Race and Settlement Main Office). It was ultimately responsible for transforming the German people into the “nation of Übermenschen” (obviously, with eugenics tools and technologies) and for the colonization of Lebensraum conquered by Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS.

As well as an enormous commercial empire – a network of businesses owned and operated by the SS. Including, of course, a vast network of forced labor (i.e. slave labor) camps.

By essentially controlling labor supply, by the end of the war, the SS controlled just about all German industry and via its own structures – just about all new weapons development projects in Nazi Germany.

Himmler also established Ahnenerbe – a gigantic research institute tasked with mining and generating knowledge necessary for the SS to implement its racial policies (and other objectives). Including (via the institute so secret that officially it did not exist) the secret (occult) knowledge.

The SS was the primary tool for the destruction of Jewish infrastructure (and for physical extermination of half of Jewish population in Europe) – as well as for “pacification” of occupied territories.

However, the ultimate result of all endeavors and projects pursued by Hitler and Himmler was a total and catastrophic failure. The Nazi Party, the Nazi State, the SS, the whole Nazi system collapsed – and Germany suffered the worst casualties and the most cataclysmic destruction in its history.

The Original SS

Contrary to a popular misconception, the birth of the “original SS” had nothing to do with Heinrich Himmler whatsoever. In fact, when he joined the SS in 1925, his number on his membership card was 168 – not a small number for a tiny bodyguard unit.

Another popular misconception is that the SS originated from an innovative tactics employed by the German Army in trench warfare during the First World War. The essence of this tactics was to assemble and utilize three-man assault teams.

The first of the trio was armed with a sharpened entrenching tool and a shield made from a machine gun mounting. He was followed by the second man carrying haversacks full of short-fused stick grenades, and the third soldier armed with a knife, bayonet or club.

These teams, aptly called Stosstruppe, or shock troops, turned out to be highly successful… but became the “ancestors” of the SA, not the SS. The former even adopted the designation – Sturmabteilung – of the detachment comprised of the Stosstruppe.

Contrary to a popular misconception, the origins of the SS are not on land… but in the air. The term “Schutzstaffeln” (at the time Schusta, not SS, for short) initially referred to the élite formations of the emerging German Air Arm – the squadrons of fast fighters which escorted and protected unwieldy bombers and reconnaissance aircraft.

These fighters were sometimes grouped together as “aerial shock troops” for the purpose of attacking ground targets”, but their primary objective was still the protection of bombers and recon aircraft – hence their title.

Prominent Schusta members included Hermann Göring (no surprise here) and Eduard Ritter von Schleich, the so-called “Black Knight”, who later commanded the SS-Fliegersturmbann (the Air Arm of the SS of sorts).

The latter was responsible for flying Hitler and other senior Nazi personalities around Germany, and they remained active until absorbed by the Deutscher Luftsport Verband (DLV), the forerunner of the Luftwaffe, in September 1933.

The “original SS” was nothing but a small team (unit) of bodyguards that had but one objective – providing personal protection for Hitler at NSDAP functions and events.

It was put together by one Julius Schreck – an early senior Nazi official and close confidant of Adolf Hitler (in March of 1925, he became the first SS chief). There was absolutely nothing mysterious or mystical (let alone supernatural) in the birth of the SS; on the contrary, its formation was a natural step in gradual growth and “organizational engineering” of the Nazi Party and the SA (administratively, the new unit was the component of the SA).

There was no plans whatsoever for making this unit anything but a very small personal protection detail for Der Führer (and subsequently for other leaders of NSDAP) at the Party functions and events.

Initially, the new unit was called the Schutzkommando (Protection Command) but when it was expanded (following the NSDAP) to a national organization, it was renamed successively the Sturmstaffel (Storm Squadron – the latter being initially the Air Force term), and finally the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squadron).

The latter was officially founded in November 9th, 1925 (the second anniversary of the pathetic Beer Hall Putsch) and was tasked with protecting NSDAP leaders throughout Germany. Nothing more, nothing less.

Characteristically, Schreck became SS member #5. Hitler became SS member No. 1 and Emil Maurice (his personal chauffeur) became SS member No. 2. Which gives you some idea about the place of the SS in Nazi hierarchy at that time.

Schreck (who became the first SS-Leader) never referred to himself as Reichsführer-SS (this title was established later), but it was retroactively applied to him in later years.

However, Schreck had little (if any) desire to lead Hitler’s bodyguard unit so a few months later (in April of 1924) he resigned and was replaced by one Joseph Berchtold (a co-founder of the SA which made some sense).

It was Berchtold who changed the title of the office of the SS-Leader to Reichsführer-SS… but accomplished little else (judging by his subsequent career, he found himself as a journalist, editor and Nazi propaganda worker).

So less than a month later, on March 1st, 1927, he resigned and handed his position over to his deputy Erhard Heiden. He lasted in this position for almost two years and turned out to be a total and complete disaster (which again gives you some idea about the importance of the original SS in the Nazi system).

For starters, the size of the SS declined almost four-fold (from about 1,000 to just 280) and Heiden had some serious difficulties in keeping the unit from complete dissolution – and thus ending up in the dustbin of history.

The reasons for this highly unfortunate situations were manifold but the most important ones (in addition to horrible incompetency of all three initial SS Leaders) were a total lack of vision (in other words, no one had a clue what exactly the SS should become) and a total inability of SS Leaders to fit their unit into overall system of the SA (the second problem undoubtedly was the result of the first one).

There is little (if any) doubt that the SS was saved (and ultimately transformed into a giant, fearsome and highly efficient monster) by The Black Sun Society (by that time, their front – the Thule Society – officially ceased to exist).

The BSS (1) recognized the potential of the “original SS” as the embryo for their neo-Teutonic order; (2) developed a detailed vision for the bright and exciting future of the SS; (3) identify the potential leader who could implement (incarnate) this vision and blueprint into reality – Heinrich Himmler; (4) carefully planted Himmler into the SS – he joined the unit even before it got its ultimate name; (5) helped Himmler develop and deliver to Adolf Hitler the presentation of his (i.e. BSS) vision and blueprint for the SS – which resulted in Himmler’s promotion to the position of SS Deputy Reichsfuhrer, and, finally, engineered the removal of Heiden from the position of SS Reichsfuhrer.

The latter was a “piece of cake job” due to the horrendous incompetence of Heiden – and the disastrous results of his reign in the SS. Heiden’s murky (i.e., smelling of corruption) business relations with the Jews (of all people) and suspicions that he was an informer for the German political police made the job for BSS even easier.

Undoubtedly, the whole “Heiden affair” was even fishier as after the Nazis came to power in January 1933, Heiden was immediately arrested. On orders from Himmler via his chief lieutenant Reinhard Heydrich, the hapless former SS Leader was murdered later that year by… members of the SS (more specifically, by Heydrich’s SD – SS Security Service).

Removal of Erhard Heiden from the position of the SS Leader cleared the way for Heinrich Himmler to take his place. Himmler had no competitors because (thanks to The Black Sun Society) he was the only one with the vision, the blueprint, the “4D” (desire, determination, discipline and dare) – and with leadership, management and other skills needed to make these vision and blueprint a reality.

No he was ready to “serve The Black Sun Society” – and build their neo-Teutonic Order and their “new Ordensstaat”.

Or so it seemed.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (9)

So then who really created (gave birth to) the Wewelsburg Castle, when, how and why? As I have already stated, occult shrines (including portals of divine energies) MUST be built as such from the very beginning – you can not convert an existing “spiritually neutral” (let alone spiritually alien) structure into an occult object – you must build one from scratch.

Hence, the structure that ultimately (in the 17th century) became the Wewelsburg Castle as we know it, was initially some kind of fortification built sometime in the 9th century AD to protect the newly conquered territories of the Holy Roman Empire from the Hungarians (the “threat from the East”).

By that time, the area has been already Christianized (the nearby town of Paderborn was founded as a bishopric in 799); however, Christianization (conversion of the locals from German paganism to Catholicism) was forced, ruthless and brutal.

Consequently, it would be realistic to assume that the “original Wewelsburg object” was built by Christians in name only. In other words, by German pagans – and built as a pagan shrine (like all shrines, a portal of divine energies of some kind).

Given the well-established fact that Heinrich Himmler wanted to make Wewelsburg not only a shrine, but a spiritual center of his neo-pagan (quasi)religion – based on German paganism, by the way – this theory makes complete sense.

Divine energy can be nurturing – and destructive; can be used to heal and build – but also to murder and destroy and is often associated with thunder and lightning. Hence, the “original Wewelsburg shrine” was most likely dedicated to the god Thor (Donar) – the hammer-wielding pagan deity associated with lightning, thunder, storms, strength… and the protection of mankind.

This theory also makes complete sense given that Heinrich Himmler was known to wear a “Mjölnir pendant”. Mjölnir is the “hammer of Thor” depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of literally leveling mountains.

Like many other defensive structures of that era (the original Wewelsburg – like many pagan shrines – doubled as a fortification), it was eventually destroyed. It did not matter as all building erected in its place would automatically assume its spiritual properties – in other words, will become pagan shrines – and portals of divine energies.

Hence, the next structure constructed on the “Wewelsburg Hill” built by one Earl Friedrich von Arnsberg also became the “divine energy portal” – although it is highly unlikely that any pagan religious ceremonies were ever held there. It certainly helped that the masonry of its predecessor was integrated into the new structure.

In 1123, after the Earl died, the castle was demolished by peasants whom he had (allegedly) oppressed. Happened all the time during the Dark Ages – and even later (in some nations up until early 20th century).

The castle was more or less promptly rebuilt and 1301, another Earl – von Waldeck -sold the “Fortress Wewelsburg” to the then Prince-Bishop of Paderborn. And again, the “old masonry” was integrated into the new building – and the latter became the “divine energy portal”.

From 1301 to 1589, the Prince-Bishops of Paderborn assigned the estate to various liege lords. In its current form, the Wewelsburg was built (rebuilt actually) from 1603 to 1609 as secondary residence for the Prince-Bishops of Paderborn.

The “old masonry” was (again) integrated into the new building – and the latter (again) became the “divine energy portal”. Obviously, the Prince-Bishops were completely unaware of this fact – and even conducted witch trials on the premises of the castle.

To properly function, a pagan shrine (temple) needs one or several priests – and/or priestesses. Actually, every temple does. Consequently, the builders of the Wifilisburg (the original structure), not only built the shrine/fortification, but also created a religious (i.e. occult) organization tightly connected to the structure and tasked with taking care of the “divine energy portal” – and using the latter for spiritual, religious and occult/magical/supernatural purposes.

If we assume that the divine energy transmitted by this portal is the one that a millennium later would be called Vril (which is entirely possible although no direct evidence exists), this organization can be called the Vril Society.

However, there is another possible name for this organization. As a product of Himmler’s remodeling which began in earnest in 1938, a mysterious symbol appeared on the white marble floor of the room (Obergruppenführersaal – “SS General’s Hall”) directly above the crypt (the most spiritually powerful element) of the North Tower of the Wewelsburg Tower.

Although the symbol is commonly known as Die Schwarze Sonne (The Black Sun), it is actually dark greenish in color. It consists of 12 radially overlaid symbols similar (but not identical) to Sig (“Victory”) runes (a “double Sig” was the official logo of the SS).

Nobody knows where this symbol came from, who created it and what was its’ significance for the SS and its Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. And the Obergruppenführersaal in the North Tower of the Wewelsburg Castle is the only place not only in Germany, but in the entire world where the Black Sun symbol can be found.

Hence it would be reasonable to assume that Heinrich Himmler was introduced to this symbol (and convinced of its significance) by the High Priests (or simply the priests) of the Wewelsburg shrine. And that the Black Sun is the symbol of their organization – the symbol that possesses enormous powers… but only within not just the walls of the Wewelsburg castle, but its North Tower only.

Which makes a lot of sense as quite a few historians (including Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke – the #1 expert on Nazi occultism) traced the origins of the Black Sun to decorative Merovingian disks (Zierscheibe) – a kind of metal jewelry thought to have been worn as pendants attached to the tunica, or as part of a belt pouch.

The Merovingian dynasty was the ruling family of the Franks from the middle of the 5th century until 751 (about a century prior to the erection of the initial pagan shrine/fortification on the “Wewelsburg Hill”).

Hence this “Wewelsburg Society of Priests” could also be referred to as “the Black Sun Society”.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (7)

Another obvious (and critically important) fundamental question is: When exactly was The Org created and by whom? And was it a brand-new entity or an offspring of another – even more mysterious – organization?

I am confident that The Org was formed sometime during the last quarter of the 19th century (definitely after the end of 1871). For a very simple reason – to achieve their highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly), The Org needed a powerful tool. A very powerful tool – and only the German Empire could do the job.

It is very tempting to claim that The Org had something to do with transformation of the German Confederation (established in 1815) into the Imperial Germany in 1871. However, unlike with the Third Reich (whose roots were deeply supernatural), there was nothing supernatural about the creation of the Second Reich. Nothing at all.

There is no evidence that any occult/secret society made any material contribution (in fact, any contribution at all) to the establishment of Imperial Germany.

And – unlike Adolf Hitler – Otto von Bismarck (the founding father of the Second Reich) had no need for a transfiguration (or any other supernatural assistance). He had all “natural” power he needed to do his job and accomplish his objectives.

In addition, prior to the last quarter of the 19th century, there was no existential threat to the Western Civilization (the Islamic one was gone two centuries earlier). None whatsoever – not on the horizon.

At the first glance, there is no evidence that The Org was an offspring of another – even more mysterious – organization which was formed years, decades, centuries or millennia earlier.

For a very simple reason – there is no evidence whatsoever that an organization with similar objectives (and the same modus operandi) ever existed. Contrary to what conspiracy theorists claim, there is no trace of an involvement of a material contribution made by a secret organization (let alone the one with supernatural powers) to any major revolutions (French, American, etc.)

However, there is one crucial piece of evidence (which I will examine a bit later) that supports an exactly the opposite theory.

Who were the founders of The Org? IMHO. The crucial difference between The Org and all other secret societies was that the principals of the former (and most likely, all members) possessed genuine – and extremely powerful – supernatural capabilities. And they also were patient. Very patient. Unbelievably patient.

Speaking in modern management terms, the overall fundamental objective of The Org was nothing short of radical reengineering. Of Germany, Europe, the Western Civilization – and of the whole human civilization.

Every competent reengineering professional will attest that the reengineering project has two stages – (1) destruction of the old system; and (2) construction of the new one.

Unlike all other secret societies, The Org was genuinely (and supernaturally) powerful – but not powerful enough to destroy the “old world”. Hence it had no other choice but to (very patiently) wait for the global (or at least pan-European) crisis that would either destroy the existing world completely, or at least damage it so profoundly that the latter will become an easy prey for The Org and its agents.

It is also very tempting to claim that The Org had engineered exactly such a crisis – the First World War (the Great War). Or at least that it made a significant contribution to its outbreak.

However, there is no evidence; none whatsoever, that would support this claim. In reality, the Great War was deliberately planned and started by Serbia and Russia (roughly in that order) with a tacit approval of France and Britain (also in that order).

The outbreak of the Great War was a completely “natural” (i.e., political) process and there is no trace of any supernatural contribution made by any secret occult organization. In other words, The Org had nothing to do with the Great War – it only used its grim, murderous and highly destructive consequences.

Now I will deliver on my promise to examine the evidence that supports the theory that The Org was an offspring of another – far older and far more mysterious – organization. The name of this evidence is Wewelsburg (more precisely, the Wewelsburg Castle as Wewelsburg proper refers to the village that surrounds this unique object).

It is now obvious that Heinrich Himmler and his SS were but tools that The Org used to achieve its highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly). However, SS-Reichsfuhrer was no puppet (even before he became the head of the Schutzstaffel).

The SS was a way too complex system to be the product of a single individual (even of a genius). Consequently, there is little (if any) doubt that the Schutzstaffel (more specifically, the organization that it finally became) was initially designed (“blueprinted”) by a team of designers – members of The Org.

Who subsequently (tacitly and informally) tutored, coached and mentored Heinrich Himmler providing him with the blueprints, knowledge and skills that he would need to incarnate this design in brick-and-mortar (and flesh-and-blood).

And then simply left him to his own devices – leaving the door open for him in case he needed a vital assistance. There is no doubt, of course, that The Org infiltrated the SS (both by planting its members into this gargantuan system and by recruiting members of the SS as its agents) but both kinds of individuals were used for monitoring, not influencing the “organizational behavior” of “Himmler’s Empire”.

Himmler did ask for this assistance – sometime in late summer of 1944, but I will cover this story in appropriate detail in a separate chapter of this book. The only two areas where The Org did interfere directly into the affairs of the SS were (not surprisingly) the occult ones.

The Wewelsburg Castle and – to a significantly lesser extent – certain activities of Ahnenerbe. More specifically, of one of its institutes – Überprüfung der sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften (“Examination of the so-called Secret Sciences“).

Officially, the latter was only planned for, but not established. However, given Himmler’s well-known (and serious) interest in occult matters (his quest for the Holy Grail, his library on witchcraft, the Wewelsburg Castle, etc.) it is far more likely that this institute was (1) established; (2) operated; and (3) was run by The Org.

Obviously, in addition to its primary purpose, this institute served as an informal communication channel between The Org and Heinrich Himmler (the latter was very interested in all activities of Ahnenerbe so it was a genuinely direct channel).

All traces of its activities (like of many other activities of the SS where pursuit of secrecy bordered on paranoia) were either destroyed or hidden so well that even today, 75 years after the end of the Second Great War nobody outside The Org (which I believe very much exists to this day) has any clue about what was done there, how, by whom and to what ends.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (6)

The Org believed that in addition to the existential was with “Judeo-Bolshevism” (the second part was correct while the first one was not), Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization were fighting another all but existential war.

The war for the resources of our planet – natural (first and foremost, the land); human (who will work for whom); and financial (where the money would go). The war which, in their opinion was fought by races (White, Yellow and Black mostly) and by civilizations – the Western (White and Christian Europe and North America); Islamic, Slavic (mostly Russian), African, Far Eastern (an amalgamation of Chinese and Japanese civilizations) and Latino.

There is a grain of truth in this view – it is well-known that (1) there are not nearly enough resources on Earth to provide all nations with the living standards enjoyed by the Western nations; and (2) that latter would never ever agree to lower their standards for the benefit of other nations.

The Org also believed that our highly imperfect world (i.e. the human civilization) will either be run by one of the civilizations/races/countries/cities… or fall into a complete chaos. In other words, our world will cease to exist as we know it and will become a very real Hell on Earth (far, far worse than the most horrible regimes in human history).

This belief was obviously based on the history of the Roman Empire – which at the height of its power ruled Europe (for all practical purposes), Middle East and North Africa… and of what happened after Rome collapsed. The unfortunate (to put it mildly) state of affairs in the modern world proves (IMHO, beyond the reasonable doubt) that this view contains a not insignificant grain of truth (to put it mildly).

It is a well-established historical fact, that the foundation and the core of the modern Western Civilization was the Holy Roman Empire. Although it was established by the Frankish king Charlemagne, its continuous existence (which lasted for over 800 years) began when the German king was crowned the Holy Roman Emperor.

Actually, Charlemagne was most likely German by the place of birth as well (most historians believe that he was born in Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany). And, of course, the Holy Roman Empire (as well as the whole Western Civilization) was designed, established and run by the White Race.

Consequently, it appears that The Org believed that our whole world (including, but not limited to, its resources – natural, human, financial, etc.) MUST be controlled by the White Race, the Western Civilization and Germany (more specifically, the German Empire). In other words, run by Germans from a German city – Berlin, Welthaupstadt Germania… or Wewelsburg (Mittelpunkt der Welt).

The natural consequence of this vision (which did make some sense, I must admit) was the whole concept of colonial wars for the Lebensraum in the East (at least initially), colonization of the latter (i.e. establishing control over natural and other resources), its pacification (Einsatzgruppen-style, no doubt), enslavement (let’s call a spade a spade) of its population and physical extermination of those “unfit for labor” (i.e. of the population who could not produce and thus had a negative aggregate value for the conquerors).

The Org (obviously) knew that to establish and maintain control over (ultimately vast) territories the “New German Empire” (the Next Reich, if you will) had to have not only superior systems (political, economic, military, education, science, technology), but a vastly superior human capital.

In other words, it had no other choice but to transform the German nation (and all other Aryan nations) into genuine Übermenschen. At the time it was (incorrectly) believed that it could have been done only with eugenic tools and technologies.

It was incorrect because Übermenschen (and Untermenschen) are all about culture (mind, heart and soul), not biology. In other words, about nurture, not nature and “software”, not “hardware”. Biologically (genetically) and thus racially human beings are as different as cats of different color – but of the same breed. In other words, not different at all – in any meaningful aspect.

Hence the intrinsic power of an individual (and of the nation) is determined not by biology (i.e. race) but by the power of his/her/its culture. First and foremost, by the power of the cultural identity of the individual or nation in question, of course.

However, one fundamentally important (and still hotly debated) question remains: is one’s race vitally important component of one’s cultural identity? If it is – and many psychologists, historians and sociologists (of all skin colors and political beliefs) claim that it is – then the need for “racial purity” did make a lot of sense in the framework of “war between civilizations” preached (and practiced) by The Org.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (5)

The ten-million-lives (given the mass-murderous exploits of the SS) question is: Who on Earth were “They”? In other words, who were the real founders and principals of the Thule Society? Where did they come from? How did they operate and to what ends (in addition to protecting the human civilization from existential threats, of course). 

It appears that the Thule Society (i.e., the Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail) was but a front for another organization (which may or may not have something to do with the even more mysterious – and very possibly fictional – Vril Society). The name of this organization is not known and most likely will never be known, consequently, I will refer to it (for the sake of brevity) as simply The Org.

The “parent society” (i.e. the Germanenorden proper) was not in any way associated with The Org. However, there were several reasons why The Org chose the Germanenorden as the parent for their “front entity” (i.e. the Thule Society).

The first reason was, obviously, its official name. The Germanenorden was referred to as Germanic or Teutonic Order which made it (at least in its name) the descendant of the original (Christian) Teutonic Order (Deutscher Orden).

Two primary objectives of the latter were (1) protection of the Western Civilization from the pagan threat from the East; and (2) acquisition and colonization of the Lebensraum in the East (the latter included conversion to Catholicism of Old Prussians and other nations).

By the time of the inauguration of the Thule Society (August of 1918), it was obvious that Bolshevist Russia (located to the East of the Western Civilization) did present the genuinely existential threat to the latter. Hence, choosing the society related (at least in its name) to the one whose fundamental objective was to protect the latter from the former made complete sense.

The second reason was, alas, the virulent antisemitism of founders, principals and members of Germanenorden. It appears that The Org (i.e., its founders, leaders and members) sincerely (and incorrectly) believed in the Judeo-Bolshevist nature of the (very real) existential threat to Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization.

For at least one reason – Karl Marx, the founder of Marxism and thus of Bolshevism (Russian Marxism) was a Jew. As were just about all key Bolsheviks – Leon Trotsky (de-facto Commander-in-Chief of the Red Army and the leader of the Bolshevist revolution in the Russian Capital), Comintern leader Grigory Zinoviev and many, many others.

In reality, all these characters were outcasts (i.e. by the standards of the Jewish community, not Jews at all) and this community was one of the most severely persecuted social groups in the Soviet Russia. And thus the Jewish Bolsheviks not only had nothing to do with the “Jewish people” but (being committed internationalists, atheists and materialists) but were sworn enemies of the latter.

There could have been another, more profound reason for the anti-Semitism of The Org. One of the features that attracted them in Germanenorden was its symbol – a swastika superimposed on a Christian cross.

Founders of the Germanenorden (and the principals of The Org) were smart enough to understand that the Christian roots of the Western Civilization MUST be preserved for the latter to survive and prosper. And must be supplemented – not replaced – by neo-paganism.

Although the latter was supposed to play the leading role – hence the occult swastika on the Christian cross, not the other way around. However, the swastika had a dual nature – in pre-Nazi years it was also a minor Christian symbol (Adolf Hitler first encountered it on the wall of a very Catholic Lambach Abbey).

Judging by its activities (carried out via the Thule Society), The Org was a pretty radical group (to put it mildly). Consequently, it can be inferred that its ideology was quite radical as well. The latter statement is supported by the fact that they created entities that preached and practiced a highly radical Nazi ideology.

Hence, it could be inferred, that the anti-Semitism of The Org was both Christian in nature and radical (to put it mildly). According to radical Christian anti-Semites (of both Catholic and Protestant variety), by rejected Christ as their Messiah, the Jews as the nation (not only as a religious community, but as a nation/race as well) they rejected God the Father as well (i.e. completely severed spiritual connection with the latter).

Consequently, radical Christian anti-Semites believe that Judaism (more specifically, Rabbinical Judaism) practiced by the Jewish community at the time was NOT the religion of the Old Testament, but a completely different one.

More specifically, they believe that by rejecting God’s Son and Our Savior Jesus Christ (who openly stated that there was – and still is – no way to God the Father other than through Him), the Jews stopped worshipping God of the Old Testament, severed all spiritual connections with Him… and started not only worshipping, but also serving the Devil.

Serving Satan by doing all sorts of horrible things – including the persecution of early Christians (which was either carried out or at least instigated by the Jews). The radical Christians also believed that the Mashiach (the Jewish Messiah) was no other than the Anti-Christ described in New Testament Book of Revelation.

Therefore, radical Christian anti-Semites believed that the ultimate objective of the Jews (“Global Jewry”, “Jewish Race”, etc.) is to (1) destroy the Western civilization; and (2) transform it into a genuine Hell on Earth – e.g. the global Bolshevist state – Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

According to these beliefs, ALL Jews are – conscious or unconscious – servants of Satan. All of them – men, women and children of all ages. Hence, every Jew is a sworn enemy that must be defeated – every Jewish man, woman and child.

Obviously, there are only two ways of defeating each and every one of these “servants of Satan” – deportation (or forced emigration) or physical liquidation. Murder, in other words.

Actually, the second option was preferable to the radical Christian anti-Semites, because (in their highly incorrect opinion), the Jews could serve the Devil even from the outside of the Western Civilization. In other words, for them “the only acceptable Jew was a dead Jew”. Regardless of gender, age, etc.

Consequently, it is highly probable that The Org (which after the official dissolution of the Thule Society directly influenced Heinrich Himmler and his SS) did to a certain extent instigate “the Holocaust project”.

As well as other murderous and destructive activities of the SS aimed at significantly weakening the “Bolshevist beast” – i.e. the humongous Soviet military-industrial and economic system. And thus protecting Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from the “Judeo-Bolshevist” existential threat.

But the objectives and activities of The Org were about much, much more than protection of Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization.