The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (17)

I have already stated on a number of occasions that to achieve their highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly) The Black Sun Society (and thus Die Neue SS, of course), will have no choice but to use powerful spiritual (and even magical) tools, objects, processes and rituals.

Including (but not limited to) the swastika, the Nazi Eagle, the Nazi Flag (the proverbial red banner with black swastika), the runes (including the SS runes), the SS uniforms (both black and field grey), the RSHA, the SD, the Gestapo, the concentration camps (the absolutely vital tool for doing away with organized crime), etc., etc.

It is also highly likely that The Black Sun Society and Die Neue SS would perform a radical reengineering of Berlin, erecting Volkshalle and performing renewal (reengineering) of German capital planned by Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer.

Only I seriously doubt that they would want to rename it Welthaupstadt Germania. However, all these changes will make the “New Western Civilization” look a lot like the Third Reich (though the essence would be radically different, of course).

Now the fundamental question (obviously) is: Will Germans (and other Westerners) go along with these plans? Will they accept them? The totally unexpected (by just about anyone) answer is a resounding Yes, they will.

But only if this “step back in time” (by 80 years or so) would be a part of a comprehensive package. In other words, if The Black Sun Society promises to radically increase economic growth (to a two-digit on an annual basis), radically increase the efficiency of organizations, do away with organized crime and street gangs; radically decrease ordinary crime (especially rape and pedophilia) – as well as drug and alcohol abuse; transform Westerners into genuine Übermenschen and last (but not the least) replace the woefully inefficient “parliamentary democracy” with a direct electronic democracy thus giving the population operational control over its government for the first time in modern (if not the whole human) history.

And, of course, protect the Western civilization from the existential threat of Islam and liberalism (making the population aware of both is not a problem at all – especially given financial resources at the disposal of Die Neue SS which are estimated at tens of billions of euros at least).

The Fourth Reich (probably the most appropriate name for a neo-Ordensstaat) will not take away any cherished freedoms of Westerners (in modern world, it is simply not possible).

In fact, it will enhance their rights and freedoms giving them the power of operational control over government at all levels – from a tiny village to the European Union. And I forgot to mention elimination of poverty and homelessness, among other very positive changes.

One prominent German sociologist was asked the question: “What would happen if Adolf Hitler comes back from the dead and shows up publicly in Germany?”. He replied: 80% of Germans will vote for him and his party in the next federal elections.

This statement is a bit extreme, of course, but the truth is that 80 to 90 percent of the population do not care a damn thing about democracy (and 50% of the eligible population do not even vote). All they care about is their happiness – in other words, they will support anyone who would make them genuinely happy. Even Adolf Hitler himself – let alone far more “vegetarian” Fourth Reich.

Liberals (i.e. “progressives”) claim that liberalism is the “natural step in the evolution of mankind”; however, it is not the case at all. Liberalism was imposed on the Western civilization by its liberal elites horrified by the atrocities committed by the Nazis (and Communists).

But this was only one of the reasons for the (temporary) “triumph of liberalism”. Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3rd, 1939 (the real first day of the Second World War) not because the treaty with Poland required them to do so (it did not – it only called for the a rather abstract “military assistance”).

But only because national-socialism was so successful in Germany that French and British elites were scared almost to death that their constituents would want a “national-socialist revolution” similar to the one that happened in Germany in 1933. Britain even sacrificed its empire to quash the “national-socialist threat”.

And they were at least partially right – in France then overall majority supported the Nazis and the local version of national-socialism. And “switched to the other side” only when it became clear that Germany would lose the war.

Liberalism was a key weapon in the Cold War because to win such a global (and a long-term) war, you must have the superior ideology (compared to your opponent, of course). And liberalism was, indeed, superior to Communism (proven by history many times over).

However, after the victory of the Western Civilization in the Cold War, liberalism not only lost its raison d’être (in less than three decades), but became a genuinely existential threat to the Western Civilization.

The COVID-19 disaster proved it well beyond the reasonable doubt.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (16)

Management of the “world outside the Western Civilization” by The Black Sun Society will (for all practical purposes) constitute the “New Colonialism”. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Contrary to a very popular misconception (created by blatant liberal lies), the “old colonialism” was a mutually beneficial arrangement between colonial powers and their colonies.

True, the former received from the latter foodstuffs and raw materials for their economies, but in return they essentially civilized the latter, creating the infrastructure of the modern civilization – schools, colleges, factories, roads, hospitals, whole legal, education and health care systems, etc., etc.

The “New Colonialism” will use essentially the same paradigm. First, it will become evident that due to utilization of vastly superior technologies (supported by the spiritual power of the “Wewelsburg channel”, runic magic, etc.), Western organizations and individuals (transformed into Übermenschen) will always be radically superior to their non-Western counterparts.

Consequently, the Western Civilization will be always superior to any other in all its components – political, economic, cultural, military, scientific, technological – and, yes, managerial. Just as it was during the “colonial times”.

Hence, it will enforce – one way or the other – a mutually beneficial cooperation between the “new colonial power” and “new colonies”. The former will provide the latter with its management and information technologies (i.e., access to Corporate Objects Management System) – limited, of course (these technologies will not be allowed to be exported to non-Western nations) and on an outsourcing basis (in other words, they will be run by professionals).

But still these technologies will radically improve the efficiency of non-Western organizations (although not nearly radically enough to successfully compete with Western ones) – and thus no less radically increase the living standards of their population.

In return, the Western Civilization will require access to the natural resources of its “new colonies” thus solving the “Lebensraum problem” (these days no one is going to send troops to conquer, occupy and colonize it).

It will also make “the best and the brightest” (i.e. the most valuable human capital) to work for the Western Civilization – either locally or on the Western territory. The latter option, obviously, will be available only to “transcultural” individuals willing and able to become completely Westernized.

Obviously, these days the “Generalplan Ost” – style enslavement of “colonized” nations is out of the question; instead, it will be replaced with “golden cages” and “golden handcuffs”.

As for “excessive population” of “new colonies” is concerned, no one will even think about anything like the reincarnation of “Aktion T4” involuntary euthanasia program (let alone of “Operation Reinhard” death camps).

In reality, one of conditions of this mega-deal would be draconian population control polices (Chinese-style). And the deployment of new technologies (including into the health care and education systems) will ensure that just about anyone in these “new colonies” will not have to worry about being “insufficiently productive”.

This deal will (obviously) automatically achieve objectives #2 (its “world outside” part); #4 and #5 of The Black Sun Society; in other words now all its objectives would be achieved.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (14)

The easiest one is, obviously, #7. The Black Sun society will (no less obviously) radically change its objectives because the Christian roots of the Western Civilization run far too deep to be severed without a complete destruction of the whole civilization.

Besides, The Black Sun Society and the Christian Church have common (and mortal) enemies: Islam and liberalism. Consequently, they are “in the same trench” and thus have to fight not each other, but a common enemy (so must the Jews and Die Neue SS, by the way).

Therefore, the new objective #6 will be two-fold: (a) radically increase the spiritual power of the Christian Church – in other words, the power of the “divine energy channel” managed by the Church; and (b) build a parallel “Church” of a neo-pagan religion. The former, obviously, will be centered and headquartered in Vatican City and the latter – in the Wewelsburg Castle (after all, both are located in Earth Chakras).

To achieve the first sub-objective, The Black Sun Society will have to (a) radically reengineer the Christian Church (first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church) using tools, technologies and professionals that successfully did the same for organizations and the whole nations; (b) deploy the state-of-the-art management and information technologies in the Church – which, after all, is an organizations; and (c) make the Church focus on providing the vital energies and saving human souls.

By the way, it wouldn’t be for the first time in Church history that the secular power stepped in and fixed its problems (including even some sort of reengineering). Just ask Henry VIII, for example.

Achieving the second objective is much easier, actually. Ultimately, Die Neue SS will be the only “incubator” of Western elites – political, government, business, military, etc. Exactly the way it was originally planned by Heinrich Himmler (de-factor founder of the SS as we know it).

Which means that the whole Western elite will consist of members of Die Neue SS. And as the latter will be tightly integrated with (now all but overt) The Black Sun Society, everyone in the Western elite will be (rather sooner than later) convinced to convert to “The Black Sun religion” (he or she will not have to leave the Christian Church, of course). Which automatically will make this neo-pagan religion the de-facto state religion of the Western Civilization.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (9)

Another feature shared by both liberalism and Bolshevism (and the one that presents a genuinely existential threat to Western Civilization) is the relentless pursuit of economic equality.

Both Bolshevism and liberalism understand economic equality as imposition (yes, this shit can only be imposed on the society by force – and then not for long) of roughly equal living standards (in terms of material possessions) on all members of society – regardless of the amount of aggregate value (financial, functional, emotional and spiritual) they create for the latter.

Attempts to implement this idea (in Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Communist China and in some other nations) produced disastrous results. Catastrophic. Murderous. And, of course created societies far more unequal than the one they replaced.

In reality, the only equality that can (and must) be established (and maintained) is social equality. More specifically:

  1. Every citizen – regardless of his or her social group – MUST place the interests of the nation, country and society above his or her own
  2. Consequently, every citizen MUST make the maximum possible contribution to all of the above in terms of aggregate value (financial, functional, emotional and spiritual)
  3. There will be no “private schools for the rich”; admission to the elite schools will be done on basis of individual merit, not social status (or wealth of one’s parents)
  4. Every citizen will be provided by the state with sufficient resources to “be the best one can be” (in other words, to maximize his or her aggregate value – generating potential)
  5. Every citizen MUST join the youth organization (the modern equivalents of Hitler Youth or BDM) on a strictly equal basis (i.e. no class privileges and all promotions and awards must be earned in a fierce and fair competition with others)
  6. Every citizen MUST serve his/her country in its Armed Forces, police or other paramilitary organization (i.e. special units of Die Neue SS) for one year (the specific placement will be determined strictly by personal aptitude, not by social status)
  7. Every citizen MUST serve his/her country in a civilian position (e.g. in the Civil Service Corps) for one year (the specific placement will be determined strictly by personal aptitude, not by social status)
  8. All compensation will be based exclusively on the amount of aggregate value generated by the individual in question
  9. There will be only one source of the national elite – Die Neue SS – where recruitment will be based strictly only on one’s personal merit (that would be the crucial difference from the “original SS” where the “purity of blood” was a vital criterion)
  10. All managerial and professional positions will be filled in a completely transparent manner (via Direct Democracy Portal), based on one’s abilities and in fair competition with other applicants

Now that’s real equality.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (3)

To achieve its objectives, The Black Sun Society must establish full control over the whole Western Civilization. And there was only one way to do it – the way that already worked once – in 1933.

At that time most Germans were not Nazi supporters and the idea of losing a lot of their rights and freedoms (speech, political activity, press, gatherings, etc.) did not exactly appeal to them.

Still, a few short months later the overwhelming majority of Germans supported the Nazi regime (a few years later more than 95% did) and agreed to give up their freedoms – in exchange for (1) protecting them from the existential Bolshevist threat; and (2) making them radically happier (by 1938, Germany became the happiest nation in the world – if not in whole modern history).

By definition, an individual is happy when his or her genuine needs are satisfied (perceived wants/desires are unlimited and thus simply can not be satisfied – ever). Consequently, The Black Sun Society (and their new sibling – Die Neue SS) could take control over the Western civilization only when they (1) become the only force capable of protecting the letter from being destroyed by a genuinely existential threat; and (2) find a way to do what liberalism miserably failed to do – satisfy genuine needs of Westerners.

They had to wait for a long time – three quarters of a century; however, it was not a problem for them at all as prior to that they had to wait 1200 years or so for the first opportunity to come to absolute, dictatorial power in Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization (in that order).

Today – as it did a century ago – the Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) faces the genuinely existential threat (again). This time, it is a very different and much more complex (multifaceted) threat; however, it does possess certain similarities with the previous one.

The name of this similarity is Islam. It is rightfully called “the Green Bolshevism” because both political ideologies have the identical objective: conquer the whole world (the whole human civilization), destroy it as we know it and build upon its ruins a worldwide totalitarian state.

Bolsheviks wanted a global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics while Islam wants a global Islamic caliphate; Bolsheviks wanted to ultimately convert everyone to Bolshevism (convert or die); Muslims want to convert everyone to Islam (ditto).

Pagans would face this choice immediately – as will everyone else except Jews and Christians (the “people of the Book”) would be force to convert one day or the other one way or the other (see the history of former Christian lands invaded, occupied and conquered by Muslims). Which made Islam a genuinely existential enemy of decidedly pagan The Black Sun Society.

There is a very popular misconception that Islamic terrorism presents an existential threat to the Western Civilization. It doesn’t. True, it is a serious threat (one individual murdered or even injured by a terrorist of any kind is one too many) – but not an existential threat.

Islamic terrorists can kill dozens, hundreds or even thousands (e.g. on 9/11) but they do not have the power to bring down the Western civilization – let alone build a global Islamic caliphate.

Hence even radical Muslim fundamentalists who want both, do not support Islamic terrorists, correctly seeing them as doing far more harm than good to the “Islamic cause”. Neither does the overwhelming majority of Muslims – in reality, Islamic terrorists are outcasts in the Islamic community (much like Jewish terrorists were a hundred or so years ago).

Another popular misconception is that just about all Muslims are fundamentalist and radical “soldiers of Islam” tirelessly working to destroy the Western Civilization and to create the global Islamic caliphate by nonviolent means.

In reality, over 90% of Muslims are not different from non-Muslims – they have identical objectives and priorities (which have nothing to do with politics, let alone “Islamic revolution”).

Unfortunately, there is a critical mass of fanatics (“Islamic imperialists”) who are committed to destroying the human civilization as we know it and building on its ruins the global Islamic caliphate. And (no less unfortunately) they have sufficient emotional and spiritual power over “other Muslims” to make the latter work for their cause.

Using uncontrolled immigration of so-called “Muslim refugees” and the “wombs of Muslim women” (i.e. sky-high fertility rates) to gradually make Muslims a majority in every Western nations (in some cities and districts it already is).

And then to come to power using Western democratic system – and use this power (augmented by brutal force when necessary) to do away with “Western democracy” and creating an “Islamic caliphate” in its place. In other words, repeating what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did almost a century ago – in 1933.

It is actually easy to prevent this from happening – by (1) shutting the borders to all Muslim refugees and other immigrants; (2) recognizing Islam for what it is – a subversive and destructive political ideology which represents and existential threat to Western civilization; and (3) treating Islam and Muslims accordingly.

Unfortunately, the liberal Western democracies are fundamentally incapable of saving themselves (and the whole Western civilization) from being destroyed by the “Islamic imperialists”.

For a very simple reason – to do what needs to be done they have to do away with fundamental liberal principles of “tolerance”, “relativism” and “multiculturalism” – which is tantamount to doing away with the whole liberal ideology.

Consequently, they are essentially “useful idiots” for the second time in their history. Only this time they are useful to Muslim, not Bolshevist invaders – 100 years ago Western governments essentially created the Soviet military-industrial colossus by supplying key tools and technologies (and the whole gigantic factories and other industrial enterprises) to the Bolshevist regime.

The Black Sun Society is confident that only it (and its siblings – the Vril Society and Die Neue SS) are the only power capable of saving Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from “Islamization”.

In other words, from being occupied, conquered and destroyed by “Green Bolsheviks” – and transformed into a global Islamic caliphate (which for them would be a genuine Hell on Earth). Given that The Black Sun Society and the “original SS” did save all of the above from being occupied, conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks, there is some serious truth to this belief.

They also believe that because the liberal democracies can not defend themselves (and the whole Western Civilization) from being destroyed by “Islamic imperialists”, they are fundamentally nonviable. In other words, doomed to extinction, to ending up in the dustbin of history.

Consequently, the Western Civilization does not have a choice between Islam and liberalism (Islamic caliphate and liberal democracies). The only choice it really has is the choice between “Eurabia” (in a broad sense) and the neo-Ordensstaat (the Fourth Reich, if you will).

Civilizations are living beings; consequently, like human beings, they have a survival instinct. A very powerful survival instinct. Therefore, The Black Sun Society has no doubt, no doubt at all that the Western Civilization will make the right choice. The salvific choice.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (2)

Unlike the First World War which was fought by ideologically similar nations, the Second World War was the war between ideologies. Actually, two very different wars of this kind were fought at the same time – while war on the Eastern Front was the war between two totalitarian ideologies (Nazism and Bolshevism); the war on the Western front was between a totalitarian ideology (Nazism) and Western liberalism.

Liberalism won – and for many years it appeared that one for good. In other words, that the human civilization had finally reached the “end of its history” (ideological history, of course) and that the “liberal Reich” would last for at least a thousand years (if not for eternity).

However, The Black Sun Society had a radically different (actually, exactly the opposite) vision of the future of the human civilization. They were confident (as I am) that “postbellum liberalism” was but not a logical next step in the ideological evolution of mankind, but only an emotional reaction to the very real horrors of Nazism and Communism.

And was further reinforced by the “practical political necessity” of winning the Cold War. Which – unlike the previous “hot war” on the Eastern front of World War II, did not require a totalitarian ideology. Just any alternative ideology powerful enough to win the “ideological battle” with Communism.

Hence The Black Sun Society was completely certain that after the inevitable victory of the Western Civilization in the Cold War (which would ultimately boil down to economic competition in which Communism had a chance of a snowball in Hell), liberalism will lose its raison d’être (defeating first Nazism and then Communism) and will be destroyed by its own fundamental deficiencies (which I will discuss in detail a bit later).

The Society believed that liberalism will be brought down by the “Black Swan” of sorts; in other words, by the Social Singularity Event (SS-Event) which will deliver a fatal blow to this inviable ideology and world order.

The SS-Event will cause a lightning-fast collapse of the “liberal world order” and will create a dire and immediate need for a radically new (and viable) ideology and world order built upon that ideology. Including, obviously, the detailed vision and blueprint for this “brave new world” (in a positive sense, of course).

And The Black Sun Society will be ready. It will provide the abovementioned vision and blueprint as well as the tools and technologies (and the core team of professionals) who will implement this vision and blueprint in reality.

The Society had reasons to believe that the viable world order could be (and will be) built only on the ideology of “neo-national-socialism” and upon the core of the “neo-Teutonic Order”.

However, there were limits to what The Black Sun Society could do to make it happen. It could only build a certain infrastructure necessary for building this “brand new world”… and had to wait for a certain “critical mass” to develop (they had no power over the latter).

It is a well-established fact that the ideology of an “original” national-socialism created a highly distorted and grossly inaccurate perception of reality. It is known that perception of reality is the only reality so it is no surprise that this grossly inaccurate perception of reality inevitably led to colossal blunders that ultimately cost the Nazis their war, their Party, their state, their unique civilization and for many – their very lives.

Consequently, the ideology of “neo-national-socialism” had to be cleansed of all errors, misconceptions and distortions of reality inherent to the “original” national-socialism (more on that later).

The second component (related to the first one, of course) was what Heinrich Himmler failed to deliver. The neo-pagan quasi-religion based on the German paganism… and something else (much else, in fact as the world we live in is very different from the world of the 1930s and 40s – to put it mildly).

The third component of the infrastructure was (no less obviously) the core of the “neo-Teutonic Order”. The core that could be easily expanded into the order proper – and then into the neo-Ordensstaat. Obviously, this core was the ODESSA. Die Neue SS – and that’s exactly what The Black Society needed it for.

The fourth component was, obviously, financial as making the vision and blueprint for a “brave new world” a reality would require a lot of money. Fortunately, this was not a problem at all as even today the total value of “Nazi Gold” (i.e., liquid assets plundered by the SS from the occupied territories) is uncertain – as is how much was recovered and how much was still missing.

However, it would be safe to assume that the total value of gold, silver, platinum, gems, foreign currency, etc. transferred abroad (i.e. laundered by Swiss and other “neutral” banks as well as by the Vatican bank) was in billions of USD (or euros) in current prices.

Which, conservatively but profitably invested would grow to tens of billions of USD or euros today. In other words, ODESSA (and The Black Sun Society) are very, very affluent organizations. In other words, they acquired immense financial power.

The final component is, obviously, the new front for The Black Sun Society. I would call it The Vril Society, although it has, most likely, a different name. It is similar to The Thule Society (as it is an esoteric and occult group) but it is also a religious organization which conducts services and rituals of the neo-pagan religion developed (finally) by The Black Sun Society. Its relationship with ODESSA is that of a partnership as the nature and functions of these entities are fundamentally different.

I would estimate the size of The Black Sun Society in several dozen individuals (definitely less than a hundred – there are simply not that many psychics running around). The size of The Vril Society is probably less (it has probably just one temple – somewhere in Germany) and ODESSA is (obviously) a much larger organization – with several hundred members.

However, this infrastructure was still not significant for the “quantum leap” from liberalism to the “brave new world”. A “critical mass” of external events had to accumulate.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (22)

The end of the Third Reich was The End for Adolf Hitler – he had nothing left to live for. Hence, although there is still no forensic confirmation (i.e., via DNA testing) that Der Führer, indeed, committed suicide on April 30th, 1945 in his bunker, there is no doubt that he did. Especially given the fact that he was so sick that he could barely move – let alone escape to Argentina via a highly inhospitable territory, to put it mildly.

Not so for Heinrich Himmler – he still could move… to South America, for example, buy a chicken farm there (he definitely had enough hard currency at his disposal)… and immerse himself in studies of the occult (much like Karl Maria Wiligut – his advisor on these matters – did after being discharged from the Austrian Army in 1919).

However, The Black Sun Society had a very different vision of Himmler’s postbellum future. As I have already demonstrated, these characters thought in terms of centuries, not years; consequently, for them the collapse of the Third Reich (and the SS) was but a minor setback.

Especially given the fact that both Hitler and Himmler created extremely powerful egregores – of the Third Reich and the SS respectively. Egregores that could significantly influence the egregore of human civilization (and thus our whole world). And, consequently, could be very profitably used by The Black Sun Society – such organizations know how to work with these invisible, intangible, but extremely powerful spiritual entities.

We obviously do not know (and will most likely never know) who approached Heinrich Himmler on behalf of The Black Sun Society. Most likely, it was someone close enough to Himmler to be granted the audience with the SS-Reichsfuhrer but still of a sufficiently low rank to be practically invisible.

Possibly, someone from Himmler’s Personal Staff which has been thoroughly infiltrated by the “Black Sun Agents” long before. Or Ahnenerbe. Or someone from RSHA (i.e. Ausland-SD). The possibilities are many.

The “Black Sun Agent” informed Himmler about his dim future… and offered to make it much, much brighter. Obviously, delivering some proof that The Black Sun Society can, indeed, deliver on its promises.

In exchange for Heinrich Himmler becoming (again) the leader of an organization somewhat similar (at least in numbers) to the SS he inherited from his predecessor in 1929.

Of the Die Neue SS (its actual name could very well be different, of course) – commonly and incorrectly known as ODESSA. Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, – Organization of Former SS Members (as if there could be such a thing as a “former SS member”).

The “Black Sun Agents” offered to transfer sufficient amounts of “Nazi loot” (at the time controlled by the SS) and to smuggle sufficient number of SS professionals to create a viable and highly efficient structure.

Including, of course, Heinrich Himmler and some of his close associates (Heinrich Muller, Hans Kammler and Odilo Globocnik immediately come to mind). Obviously, the manhunt for such “horrible criminals” would be ruthless, determined and with worldwide scope so deaths (i.e. suicides) of “all of the above” had to be arranged.

And that’s exactly what happened. It is important to note, that these activities of The Black Sun Society had nothing to do with so called “Ratlines”. Ratlines were a (rather vast) system of escape routes for Nazis and their allies fleeing Europe in the aftermath of World War II.

These escape routes mainly led toward havens in Latin America, particularly Argentina though also in Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as (much less frequently) to the United States, Spain and Switzerland.

There were two primary routes: the first went from Germany to Spain, then Argentina; the second from Germany to Rome to Genoa, then South America. The two routes developed independently but eventually came together.

The ratlines were supported by clergy of the Catholic Church (the primary “Ratlines manager” was one Alois Hudal – an Austrian Catholic bishop Alois Hudal, the rector of the Pontificio Istituto Teutonico Santa Maria dell’Anima in Rome, a seminary for Austrian and German priests, and “Spiritual Director of the German People resident in Italy”.

It is inconceivable that such an extensive operation could have been set up and operated for years without knowledge and explicit permission from Pius XII who run the Holy Roman Catholic Church pretty much like a totalitarian state.

Why would he do it after the war when it was obvious that the value of these unsavory characters in the “fight against Bolshevism” was zero at best (actually, it was negative as the Nazis and their allies consumed valuable resources and the Western Allies had enough of everything to fight and win the Cold War)?

The answer is simple – Heinrich Himmler and other clients of The Black Sun Society had enough kompromat (damaging information) on Catholic Church and its officials.

It is a little-known fact that the Nazi Germany (for political, not humanitarian or legal reasons) was the only country in Europe that seriously investigated and prosecuted “sexual indiscretions” of Catholic priests (including, but not limited to, sexual abuse of minors).

In the process accumulating a lot of highly damaging information. IMHO, this information was the primary reason why Pope Pius XII kept silent about the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes – and helped thousands of Nazis escape post-war prosecution.

The whole “Ratlines project” (which commenced its operations right after the end of World War II in Europe in May of 1945) was most likely a personal venture of Heinrich Himmler.

The Black Sun Society did not need Ratlines as to start Die Neue SS, it need a few dozen very specific individuals whom it could take care of on its own. It most likely used a (very convenient) Catholic disguise for its “clients”, but it did not need the Church for that – it could (and did) manufacture everything it needed on its own.

Needed to start Die Neue SS. This time tightly integrated with The Black Sun Society – the latter was determined to not repeat its mistakes of the 1920s.

Now what would The Black Sun society need Die Neue SS for?

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (21)

After July 20th, 1944 plot failed miserably (and predictably – Wehrmacht generals were no putschists and neither were the civilian members of anti-Nazi resistance), it became painfully obvious to Heinrich Himmler that his chances of ever replacing Adolf Hitler as Der Führer (and thus of making peace with Western Allies) are exactly those of a snowball in Hell (if not lower).

Hence, he was left with but three options – die heroically in hopeless battle take his own life or have his life taken from him by a British, American or Soviet hangman (after a humiliating trial). If he makes it to the trial, of course – with his resume even this deadly outcome was obviously not guaranteed.

The obvious alternative to these unhealthy options was to escape from Nazi Germany… somewhere and start there a new life (i.e. on a chicken farm which he initially planned to have).

There were, however, several seemingly insurmountable obstacles. First, it was necessary to somehow prepare this escape – and to it clandestinely, because had Adolf Hitler got even a hint of such preparations, Himmler would have been immediately arrested, tried and hung as a traitor on a piano wire (the standards method of capital punishment for traitors in Nazi Germany).

And as he had a lot of powerful enemies in the Reich, the chances of Hitler being informed about these attempts, were significant. Especially given the fact that Himmler did not need enemies for this to happen.

Unlike Himmler (and Heydrich), just about all SS members (including those in Himmler’s inner circle), worshipped Hitler like a demi-God. And thus (at least in summer of 1944) were completely confident that he would (again) perform a miracle, save the Third Reich and win the war. Consequently, for them the very idea of planning an escape from Nazi Germany during the war was… well, treason.

Besides, Himmler had simply way too much on his plate to devote the necessary time and effort to engineer his escape. In addition to being the SS-Reichsfuhrer, he was now the Minister of the Interior, Reichsleiter, Reich Commissioner for the Consolidation of German Nationhood… and from July 21st, 1944 (i.e., the next day after the failed coup) the Commander of the Replacement Army.

Consequently, he had no time to plan and engineer his escape… and no one trustworthy and capable to task with this genuinely existential endeavor. So the situation seemed all but hopeless.

And then, sometime in very late July – or in a very early August – the agents of The Black Sun Society showed up on his doorsteps. Dressed, most likely, in the impeccable feldgrau of the SS.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (20)

Heinrich Himmler was one of the very few Nazi leaders who did no worship Adolf Hitler. For a very simple reason – he knew too much about Der Führer from the files he inherited from the political police of the Weimar Republic.

The second one – and for the same reason – was Himmler’s deputy and probably closest associate Reinhard Heydrich (Himmler’s brain is Heydrich there was a common saying in the SS), head of SD, the intelligence department of the SS (he actually delivered these files to Himmler).

Himmler’s attitude to Der Führer was pragmatic – the SS-Reichsfuhrer viewed his boss as but a stepping stone to his ultimate dream: acquiring the absolute power in Germany and building the Ordensstaat 2.0. The SS-Staat. His very own Reich (the Fourth Reich, if you will).

And there was only one way to achieve this objective – wait until the Wehrmacht generals (sooner or later) inevitably depose – and murder – Adolf Hitler and then snatch the power from the hands of hapless generals (who were no match politically to Heinrich Himmler).

Although the SS (SD, Gestapo, etc.) were prohibited from spying on Wehrmacht, its generals were so pathetic in trying to conceal their coup preparations that Himmler knew far in advance about everything they planned to do (it appears that he was also well-informed about the assassination attempts such as one by Georg Elser on November 8th, 1939).

Unfortunately for him, Himmler was not aware that he could defeat the generals only with the supernatural assistance (guidance and energies mostly) of The Black Sun Society (the Wehrmacht was simply way too powerful to be defeated with ordinary, “natural” tools).

Heinrich Himmler (for many reason) did not take supernatural powers seriously and consequently committed the same mistake as his boss in 1920. De-facto severed himself from The Black Sun Society. Hence it is no surprise at all that all his own “coup attempts” (of sorts) came to nothing. Nothing at all.

After the Western Allies successfully landed in Normandy on June 6th, 1944, it became painfully obvious that the war for Nazi Germany was over. The Third Reich lost it.

Himmler intended to use the July 20th, 1944 coup to get rid of his boss, take power in Germany (at the time there was no competition to speak of) and negotiate peace with Western Allies. Offering them an alliance against the “existential Bolshevist threat”.

Unfortunately for him, by that time it was already way too late. After they invaded France, the Allies would agree only on unconditional surrender as they were confident that rather sooner than later, they would defeat Nazi Germany anyway (their aggregate superiority was simply enormous – and thus decisive).

The “anti-Bolshevist alliance” (i.e. joining the Anti-Comintern Pact) made sense for the USA, Britain and their allies in 1941, but not in 1944. Because by the latter date Bolshevism no longer was an existential threat to the Western Civilization (thanks, actually, to German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS).

Unlike prior to the start of Operation Barbarossa, the Red Army was completely dependent on Allied supplies (i.e. on lend-lease program) for its war effort; so it simply could not fight with the latter.

It lost fat too many men and far too much of its industrial and economic capacity was destroyed. Besides (unlike Nazi Germany), the Soviet Union was totally defenseless before the Allied Air Forces – it simply had neither radars nor fighter aircraft capable of protecting against B-17, B-24 and Lancaster aircraft (let alone the B-29 strategic bomber).

The frontline situation also would have been disastrous – the Red Army was vulnerable even to depleted Luftwaffe (especially the ground attack versions of FW-190 fighter). The Allied Mustangs, Thunderbolts and especially the Typhoons would have decimated everything that the Red Army could field.

And, of course, the Allies had immeasurably better logistics and their overall “troops management system” was far superior to the Soviet one. Oh, and Allied generals and officers were far more competent than their Soviet counterparts (and their soldiers far better trained and skilled fighters).

Hence, there was no reason, no reason at all for the Allies to form an alliance with Nazi Germany – especially under Heinrich Himmler (given the “track record” of both in war crimes and crimes against humanity). None whatsoever.