The Chosen One (2)

20191107_211258000_iOSActually, it is not that difficult to answer this question… if only you know the exact mechanism of such transfigurations (i.e. radical transformations of an individual into someone superhuman). And, of course, the power (the supernatural energy) needed to perform such a transfiguration.

It is a (surprisingly) little-known fact that every human being has the technical ability to undergo such transfiguration. In other words, everyone has the power, the energy and the built-in tool that can transform him (or her) into a superhuman being (and Übermensch, if you will).

This tool is commonly known as Kundalini. A lot (a whole lot, in fact) has been written about it by the Hindu gurus and their followers… unfortunately, just about all of it is just plain wrong.

Only the very fundamentals are true. Kundalini is, indeed, an immensely powerful divine (i.e. supernatural) energy that can, indeed, transform (transfigure) a “regular Joe” or Jane (or Adolf) into a super-human being. In other words, Kundalini has the enormous power of wisdom, transformation, and revelation inherent to us all.

This can result in a person achieving mega success and supreme inspiration to become the greatest that they can be, whether they are writers, artists, sculptors, teachers, doctors, scientists, healers, composers, lawyers… or political entrepreneurs, leaders, statesmen, military commanders, etc.

Kundalini is, indeed, located at the base of the spine – in and around Muladhara – the “root chakra”. It is also true that Kundalini can be viewed as a fiery serpent that lies coiled and dormant – waiting to be awakened (activated). Because only the activated Kundalini can perform the abovementioned transfiguration.

Yoga masters, Grand Masters and other gurus developed a highly sophisticated procedure for activating Kundalini and keeping it under control. Unfortunately, they do not share with the general public one critically important fact.

The fact is that although it resides inside the human body (so-called subtle, invisible, intangible body, to be more precise) Kundalini does not belong to the latter. Hence, to awaken Kundalini completely and to utilize it to the fullest, the seeker must obtain a very explicit permission from this Higher Power. Ultimately, from the Christian God, of course (yes, He is very much aware of the whole matter).

Which for a very obvious reason it usually does not give – a large-scale transformation of humans into demi-god will create a total chaos (at best). Hence, all those who think that they had awakened Kundalini are… well, not exactly correct. In reality they activate only a tiny part of the latter – a portion deemed safe by the Higher Power. And achieve only very personal objective – a Nirvana (of sorts).

Is it possible to get this permission? Yes, but only if it is sought for an explicit purpose of achieving a Super-Goal (approved, of course, by the Higher Power). Obviously, winning the existential war with the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan) and saving our civilization from destruction did qualify as such.

There are three other qualities that are helpful (but theoretically not required) for a full-scale activation of Kundalini. Mystical abilities (which Adolf Hitler obviously had) and a powerful “drive”… or two. In short, the individual in question had to be driven by a very powerful Love, an extremely powerful hatred… or both.

Adolf Hitler fit the bill on all counts. He did have already powerful mystical abilities, had a deep, sincerely and very powerful Love for Greater Germany and German people and a no less powerful Hatred for its enemies. Including (but, alas, not limited to) Marxists, Bolsheviks and the Soviet Russia.

By that time Hitler was already aware of the existential war going on between the Western Civilization (ultimately) and the Bolshevik hordes and already participated in that war (in Munich, Bavaria). And was very much committed to fighting – and winning – that very much existential war.

Most likely, after the Treaty of Versailles Adolf Hitler accumulated the “critical mass” that made him the primary candidate for transfiguration into The Chosen One (there is always more than one candidate – usually much more than one).

From what I know about the Thule Society, it is highly unlikely that Hitler’s transfiguration was carried out by one or several of its members – the nature of the society did not call for such unique supernatural capabilities.

It is far more likely that it was performed by the members of a highly mysterious Vril Society (believed by some to be a top secret “inner circle” of Thule – not an uncommon thing in occult societies).

Was Adolf Hitler aware of this “transfiguration ceremony”? I think he was (it is really difficult to imagine that he wasn’t) but I doubt that he knew – or cared about – the details. Anyway, two things are almost certain: (1) it was a one-time event; and (2) Hitler did not like it one bit – he was not a big fan of occult ceremonies, to put it mildly.

However, his transfiguration happened – and the rest (as they say) is history. The history of the existential war between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness – and of the decisive victory of the former.

Adolf Hitler and the Occult (2)

8542511It is a historical fact that NSDAP (formally its predecessor DAP, but it really makes no difference) was established by an occult organization – the Thule Society. It is also a fact that the latter supplied the DAP (and Adolf Hitler personally) with money, connections, key personnel (i.e. Alfred Rosenberg)… even a newspaper.

In short, with everything Hitler and his DAP needed to transform a miniscule political startup into a mighty force. And ultimately to obtain dictatorial powers in Germany.

There is also a strong (albeit circumstantial) evidence that sometime in the summer of 1919 Adolf Hitler underwent a genuine transfiguration (far more radical than just a transformation) from essentially a nobody to one of the most gifted, powerful and successful political entrepreneurs in modern history.

Most likely, this transfiguration was the result of the occult rituals performed by the Thule Society, although most likely they did it without Hitler’s knowledge (let alone consent). Although it is still possible (albeit highly unlikely) that he knowingly participated in these rituals and knew exactly what was going on.

Adolf Hitler implicitly recognized this vital contribution of the Thule Society (more precisely, by its members) by dedicating his “National-Socialist Bible” (Mein Kampf) to Dietrich Eckart – the key, albeit unofficial (a standard practice in occult organizations) member of the Thule Society.

Hence, relationship between Hitler and the Thule Society was plain and simple (and highly uncomfortable for the former). He was a tool – yes, but a tool – created by the latter for but one (albeit a vitally important) Mission.

To save the Western Civilization (and ultimately the whole human civilization, including, but obviously limited to, the Christian Church) from being invaded, conquered and destroyed by genuine agents of Satan – the Bolshevist hordes led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. Which (unknown to the latter) would have in no time resulted in transformation of our world into a very literal Hell on Earth.

Although the Thule Society was not a Christian organization (in fact, it was rather hostile to Christianity), it was in reality a very powerful weapon of a very much Christian God (the Holy Trinity).

Unfortunately, by that time the Christian Church (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc.) got so politically impotent – for many reasons – that it could not protect even itself, let alone the Christian Civilization. So the Christian God (who us the only God there is) had to “write straight with crooked lines” – and it is pretty hard to find lines more crooked than the Nazis. Or the Thule Society for that matter.

Or the Society of Vril as there are rumors that Thule was but the front organization for the latter. Which does make some sense as only the Society of Vril, due to its mastery of the enormously powerful energies by the same name, could have engineered such a profound transformation of Adolf Hitler. But this is, obviously, a pure speculation.

Whoever he might have been prior to that life-changing event (to put it mildly), sometime in the summer of 1919 Adolf Hitler was transformed into a highly gifted and subsequently extremely successful political entrepreneur.

And entrepreneurs (especially political entrepreneurs) almost by definition, never ever take orders from anyone – even from a highly influential occult society. Even the one (or maybe even especially from the one) they owe so much to.

Hence it is no surprise at all that almost immediately after obtaining the absolute power in the NSDAP, Adolf Hitler immediately severed all ties between his party and the Thule Society.

Which he believed to be but a tool of the Almighty Providence that he now could (or so it seemed) communicate with directly – without any intermediary (an individual or an organization).

The Thule Society was promptly dissolved afterwards as it had completed its Mission – found, created and empowered the Savior of the Western Civilization (and thus did not mind at all).

Hitler’s Führerstaat was a totalitarian state par excellence. Not only functionally, but also emotionally and spiritually. In other words, Adolf Hitler wanted (and almost achieved) a complete control over minds, hearts and souls of the citizens of Greater Germany.

Which automatically made him totally and completely intolerant of all “spiritual opposition”. While getting rid of the Christian opposition (i.e. the Christian Church) was impossible – it was too well-entrenched in the German society, the “occult opposition” was a different matter entirely. In other words, it was a very easy target for “Hitler’s enforcers” from the Gestapo.

Who did a predictably thorough job of cleansing the Third Reich from any “spiritual opposition” to Nazism – both real and perceived. Probably the hardest hit were the Freemasons (also an occult society of sorts). Just about all of them ended up in KL (as political prisoners) and it is estimated that at least 80,000 (and possibly up to 200,000) were outright murdered.

One by one, all other esoteric (i.e. occult) groups, societies and organizations were shut down (the legal basis for that was the specifically anti-Masonic legislation enacted in 1935). It surely did not help that just about all of these groups emulated the organizational structure of Freemasons (which the Nazis accused of being a part of a “Jewish conspiracy”, among other charges).

Völkisch groups, societies and organizations were not necessarily occult (although sometimes they were). Still, they suffered the same fate as their occult brethren (of sorts) – they were suppressed under the same anti-Masonic laws of 1935.

Astrology somehow survived for three more years (it was officially banned only in 1938); however, until the summer of 1938 the ban was not that thoroughly enforced. But when it was found out that Rudolf Hess was inspired by astrology to make his insane flight to Britain on May 10th, 1941… all Hell broke loose.

On June 9th, almost exactly one month after this ill-fated flight, RSHA chief Reinhard Heydrich (acting on Führer’s orders, of course), launched Aktion Hess aimed squarely at all kinds of occultists – astrologers, clairvoyants, faith healers, etc.

Hundreds of occultists were arrested by the Gestapo and (without any trial or any semblance of due process) sent to concentration camps. Most were released in a few months after making a written pledge to never ever engage in occult practices again, but some remained in KL until the end of the war when they were liberated by the Allies.

Hence the real relationship between Adolf Hitler and the occult was simple and straightforward. He did not believe in occult deities, rituals or practices (his beliefs were deist, not occult); he was a mystic, not an occultist and he viewed all occultists (individuals and organizations) as his spirituals, and, therefore, political rivals. So he gradually suppressed all of them.

Just about other top Nazis had the same attitude towards the occult. With only two exceptions – Rudolf Hess (who from the beginning of May of 1941 was out of the picture anyway)…

And the SS-Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. However, it is a different story entirely.

Adolf Hitler and the Occult (1)

1162862._UY630_SR1200,630_If one runs some kind of “Big Data” knowledge mining software over the immense amount of non-fiction written about Adolf Hitler, one would most likely find out that the latter is most often associated with the Holocaust, World War II… and the occult (roughly in that order).

I have already covered the first two issues in the corresponding previous chapters – now the time has come to deal with the last one. Which, contrary to the very common misconception is quite complicated (relationship between Adolf Hitler and the occult, I mean).

To understand this relationship (and, of course, to separate fact from fiction), we must first define properly what exactly “relationship with the occult” means in this particular context – as meaning is always defined by a specific context.

In this context, it obviously means not just one, but several relationships – with occult entities (invisible, intangible, supposedly very powerful supernatural spiritual beings which in reality may or may not exist), occult beliefs and occult practitioners – individuals (clairvoyants, astrologers, magicians, etc.) and organizations (i.e. the Thule Society).

Let’s start with occult beliefs. Although he was born, baptized and raised Roman Catholic (and in his childhood and youth remained a devout one – probably up until being rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna), his religious beliefs subsequently changed.

And changed radically. During all of his adult life, he was a de-facto deist. In other words, he believed in the existence of a Supreme Being (whom he usually called the Providence), an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Creator of the Universe.

However, if you look closely at his actual beliefs about this entity, you will immediately see that his religion is a reincarnation… of Judaism. Only in his “private religion”, Germans (and possibly other “Aryans”) were God’s chosen people, not Jews.

He even had his own concept of the “promised land” – the Lebensraum in the East (Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc.). Hence it could be argued that his very much colonial Drang nach Osten was driven not only by the horrors of the Great Hunger of 1917-19 (which he vowed to never let happen again) and the inevitable German imperialism (all empires have the existential need to expand), but also by his religious beliefs. At least subconsciously.

Consequently, it could also be argued that although he did view himself as the Messiah, the Savior of German people (from economic hardships, shackles of the Treaty of Versailles, the Soviet existential threat, etc.), he perceived himself as Moses, not Christ.

Actually, the whole Old Testament was a far better match for the national-socialist ideology than the New (the latter was practically no match at all).

The occultists are essentially neo-pagans (polytheists) because they explicitly or implicitly believe in not one but a multitude of deities. Deities that occult practitioners have no desire to serve – but only to use (by performing magical readings, rituals), etc. to achieve benign (“white magic”) or malevolent (“black magic”) objectives.

Driven, alas, usually by one or more deadly sins – pride (mostly), greed, lust, etc. Reality, however, almost always turned out to be radically different – the entities use the occultists for their own (usually malicious) purposes, not the other way around as the latter want.

Adolf Hitler was a mystic (and a very powerful one), but definitely NOT an occultist, in terms of beliefs and practices. He believed in serving the Providence (which for him was the same thing as serving the German people) and he believed in a “direct communication channel” between him and Providence. Hence, no specific rituals, readings, spells, etc. were needed. Ever.

He believed that the latter would supply him with all knowledge, guidance, protection (that one was very true until the very end) and miracles that he would ever need to make the Germans the genuinely happy nation. And the masters and the rulers of the world, of course – or at least the mightiest superpower on Earth.

Hence it is obvious that Hitler’s beliefs and religious practices (of which there were few, if any) were anything but occult. Hence it is no surprise that he never, ever even visited – let alone joined – any occult society. Or participated in any occult activities – at least knowingly.

However, he did have relationships with known occultist – and even with at least one well-known occult society. Very close relationships, in fact. And this is where the whole thing gets really complicated.