The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (17)

I have already stated on a number of occasions that to achieve their highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly) The Black Sun Society (and thus Die Neue SS, of course), will have no choice but to use powerful spiritual (and even magical) tools, objects, processes and rituals.

Including (but not limited to) the swastika, the Nazi Eagle, the Nazi Flag (the proverbial red banner with black swastika), the runes (including the SS runes), the SS uniforms (both black and field grey), the RSHA, the SD, the Gestapo, the concentration camps (the absolutely vital tool for doing away with organized crime), etc., etc.

It is also highly likely that The Black Sun Society and Die Neue SS would perform a radical reengineering of Berlin, erecting Volkshalle and performing renewal (reengineering) of German capital planned by Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer.

Only I seriously doubt that they would want to rename it Welthaupstadt Germania. However, all these changes will make the “New Western Civilization” look a lot like the Third Reich (though the essence would be radically different, of course).

Now the fundamental question (obviously) is: Will Germans (and other Westerners) go along with these plans? Will they accept them? The totally unexpected (by just about anyone) answer is a resounding Yes, they will.

But only if this “step back in time” (by 80 years or so) would be a part of a comprehensive package. In other words, if The Black Sun Society promises to radically increase economic growth (to a two-digit on an annual basis), radically increase the efficiency of organizations, do away with organized crime and street gangs; radically decrease ordinary crime (especially rape and pedophilia) – as well as drug and alcohol abuse; transform Westerners into genuine Übermenschen and last (but not the least) replace the woefully inefficient “parliamentary democracy” with a direct electronic democracy thus giving the population operational control over its government for the first time in modern (if not the whole human) history.

And, of course, protect the Western civilization from the existential threat of Islam and liberalism (making the population aware of both is not a problem at all – especially given financial resources at the disposal of Die Neue SS which are estimated at tens of billions of euros at least).

The Fourth Reich (probably the most appropriate name for a neo-Ordensstaat) will not take away any cherished freedoms of Westerners (in modern world, it is simply not possible).

In fact, it will enhance their rights and freedoms giving them the power of operational control over government at all levels – from a tiny village to the European Union. And I forgot to mention elimination of poverty and homelessness, among other very positive changes.

One prominent German sociologist was asked the question: “What would happen if Adolf Hitler comes back from the dead and shows up publicly in Germany?”. He replied: 80% of Germans will vote for him and his party in the next federal elections.

This statement is a bit extreme, of course, but the truth is that 80 to 90 percent of the population do not care a damn thing about democracy (and 50% of the eligible population do not even vote). All they care about is their happiness – in other words, they will support anyone who would make them genuinely happy. Even Adolf Hitler himself – let alone far more “vegetarian” Fourth Reich.

Liberals (i.e. “progressives”) claim that liberalism is the “natural step in the evolution of mankind”; however, it is not the case at all. Liberalism was imposed on the Western civilization by its liberal elites horrified by the atrocities committed by the Nazis (and Communists).

But this was only one of the reasons for the (temporary) “triumph of liberalism”. Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3rd, 1939 (the real first day of the Second World War) not because the treaty with Poland required them to do so (it did not – it only called for the a rather abstract “military assistance”).

But only because national-socialism was so successful in Germany that French and British elites were scared almost to death that their constituents would want a “national-socialist revolution” similar to the one that happened in Germany in 1933. Britain even sacrificed its empire to quash the “national-socialist threat”.

And they were at least partially right – in France then overall majority supported the Nazis and the local version of national-socialism. And “switched to the other side” only when it became clear that Germany would lose the war.

Liberalism was a key weapon in the Cold War because to win such a global (and a long-term) war, you must have the superior ideology (compared to your opponent, of course). And liberalism was, indeed, superior to Communism (proven by history many times over).

However, after the victory of the Western Civilization in the Cold War, liberalism not only lost its raison d’être (in less than three decades), but became a genuinely existential threat to the Western Civilization.

The COVID-19 disaster proved it well beyond the reasonable doubt.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (16)

Management of the “world outside the Western Civilization” by The Black Sun Society will (for all practical purposes) constitute the “New Colonialism”. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Contrary to a very popular misconception (created by blatant liberal lies), the “old colonialism” was a mutually beneficial arrangement between colonial powers and their colonies.

True, the former received from the latter foodstuffs and raw materials for their economies, but in return they essentially civilized the latter, creating the infrastructure of the modern civilization – schools, colleges, factories, roads, hospitals, whole legal, education and health care systems, etc., etc.

The “New Colonialism” will use essentially the same paradigm. First, it will become evident that due to utilization of vastly superior technologies (supported by the spiritual power of the “Wewelsburg channel”, runic magic, etc.), Western organizations and individuals (transformed into Übermenschen) will always be radically superior to their non-Western counterparts.

Consequently, the Western Civilization will be always superior to any other in all its components – political, economic, cultural, military, scientific, technological – and, yes, managerial. Just as it was during the “colonial times”.

Hence, it will enforce – one way or the other – a mutually beneficial cooperation between the “new colonial power” and “new colonies”. The former will provide the latter with its management and information technologies (i.e., access to Corporate Objects Management System) – limited, of course (these technologies will not be allowed to be exported to non-Western nations) and on an outsourcing basis (in other words, they will be run by professionals).

But still these technologies will radically improve the efficiency of non-Western organizations (although not nearly radically enough to successfully compete with Western ones) – and thus no less radically increase the living standards of their population.

In return, the Western Civilization will require access to the natural resources of its “new colonies” thus solving the “Lebensraum problem” (these days no one is going to send troops to conquer, occupy and colonize it).

It will also make “the best and the brightest” (i.e. the most valuable human capital) to work for the Western Civilization – either locally or on the Western territory. The latter option, obviously, will be available only to “transcultural” individuals willing and able to become completely Westernized.

Obviously, these days the “Generalplan Ost” – style enslavement of “colonized” nations is out of the question; instead, it will be replaced with “golden cages” and “golden handcuffs”.

As for “excessive population” of “new colonies” is concerned, no one will even think about anything like the reincarnation of “Aktion T4” involuntary euthanasia program (let alone of “Operation Reinhard” death camps).

In reality, one of conditions of this mega-deal would be draconian population control polices (Chinese-style). And the deployment of new technologies (including into the health care and education systems) will ensure that just about anyone in these “new colonies” will not have to worry about being “insufficiently productive”.

This deal will (obviously) automatically achieve objectives #2 (its “world outside” part); #4 and #5 of The Black Sun Society; in other words now all its objectives would be achieved.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (15)

Now let’s look closely at The Black Sun objective #2.  In practical terms, it means that The Black Sun wants to manage (via Die Neue SS, of course) Germany, Europe (i.e., the European Union), the whole Western Civilization and ultimately the whole world. Directly or (more likely), indirectly; explicitly (openly) or implicitly (in secret – “from the shadows”).

Which immediately raises another question that must be answered before we can proceed to evaluating the probability of achieving objective #2: What exactly does it mean to control/manage Germany? Europe? The Western Civilization? The whole world?

The first step in managing anything is to identify your fundamental objective. One fundamental objective – because management ALWAYS boils down to one and only one core objective.

Management of any individuals (yes, individuals need to be managed as well), organization (commercial, government, non-profit, etc.), territory (village, town, city, district, region, state/province, nation/country, union, etc.) boils down to but one objective – happiness.

Genuine happiness. Not “human rights”, not “democracy”, not “the rule of law”, not “equality” (of any kind) – but only genuine happiness. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

In other words, the fundamental objective of managing a single individual or a group of individuals (i.e. the population of a city) is to make them genuinely happy. Which, by definition, means helping them identify and satisfy their genuine aggregate needs (which are very much finite – unlike wants and desires which are not). Financial, functional, emotional and spiritual.

Which (again by definition) means helping “all of the above” generate and consume the maximum possible amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual. I give, I receive; I receive, I give – in perfect balance.

You can only (obviously) manage what you can measure and (no less obviously) you can only measure what you can see. Hence, The Black Sun Society (and Die Neue SS, of course) must create (1) a comprehensive map/database of all “objects under management” – organizations, cities, states, etc.; and (2) a comprehensive system of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each object.

Then they must collect (and properly structure, of course) all knowledge (information that has value – financial or functional) about objects under management – to understand the current situation (“AS IS”). In each organization, city, state, country, etc.

After that, they must set up specific objectives (specified in terms of KPI values). Objectives which, when achieved, will maximize genuine happiness of the constituents of the appropriate objects.

It must be noted that these objectives must be set up according to the (inevitably) omnipresent Führerprinzip; in other words, only for the “highest-level objects” (i.e., nations). The CEO (Führer, if you will) of each of these objects will set objectives for the lower-level structures.

Then they must design (and implement) structures (i.e. organization charts), processes and projects that will facilitate achievement of these objectives (including, obviously, personnel – managers and professionals).

As well as the maximum synergy between objects, processes and projects in the system under management. And, of course, radically improve the efficiency of utilization of resources – financial, natural, human, etc. – at the disposal of the object in question.

And, finally, all “object managers” and professionals must receive the tools (mostly e-tools, of course) that they would need to achieve the objectives (i.e. the KPI values) in their responsibility areas.

In particular, Corporate Cockpit – an electronic (visual) tool that will give every manager and professional access to all knowledge and tools that he or she needs to maximize performance in his/her responsibility areas.

Can it be done? Of course, it can. The fundamentals of the software in question (COMS – Comprehensive Objects Management System) has already been designed and I have no doubt that the software itself either has already been developed by The Black Sun Society (most likely, by the Special Projects Unit of Die Neue SS) – or will be developed in a very near future.

COMS will be deployed… just about everywhere and then tightly integrated into a seamless electronic environment. Which will make it possible to manage (via this system) the whole Western Civilization from a single location.

From Berlin (I find it highly doubtful that the capital of Germany would be ever renamed Welthaupstadt Germania). And no, they will not need to erect a colossal Volkshalle for that (though they might want to do that for a different purpose) – the Reichstag/Bundestag building will do nicely.

However, managing the “world outside the Western Civilization” will (obviously) be a different matter entirely.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (14)

The easiest one is, obviously, #7. The Black Sun society will (no less obviously) radically change its objectives because the Christian roots of the Western Civilization run far too deep to be severed without a complete destruction of the whole civilization.

Besides, The Black Sun Society and the Christian Church have common (and mortal) enemies: Islam and liberalism. Consequently, they are “in the same trench” and thus have to fight not each other, but a common enemy (so must the Jews and Die Neue SS, by the way).

Therefore, the new objective #6 will be two-fold: (a) radically increase the spiritual power of the Christian Church – in other words, the power of the “divine energy channel” managed by the Church; and (b) build a parallel “Church” of a neo-pagan religion. The former, obviously, will be centered and headquartered in Vatican City and the latter – in the Wewelsburg Castle (after all, both are located in Earth Chakras).

To achieve the first sub-objective, The Black Sun Society will have to (a) radically reengineer the Christian Church (first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church) using tools, technologies and professionals that successfully did the same for organizations and the whole nations; (b) deploy the state-of-the-art management and information technologies in the Church – which, after all, is an organizations; and (c) make the Church focus on providing the vital energies and saving human souls.

By the way, it wouldn’t be for the first time in Church history that the secular power stepped in and fixed its problems (including even some sort of reengineering). Just ask Henry VIII, for example.

Achieving the second objective is much easier, actually. Ultimately, Die Neue SS will be the only “incubator” of Western elites – political, government, business, military, etc. Exactly the way it was originally planned by Heinrich Himmler (de-factor founder of the SS as we know it).

Which means that the whole Western elite will consist of members of Die Neue SS. And as the latter will be tightly integrated with (now all but overt) The Black Sun Society, everyone in the Western elite will be (rather sooner than later) convinced to convert to “The Black Sun religion” (he or she will not have to leave the Christian Church, of course). Which automatically will make this neo-pagan religion the de-facto state religion of the Western Civilization.