Hitler’s Numerology Report


Another occult discipline that has been around for millennia and that often (though not always) produces amazingly accurate personality profile, is numerology.

It is conceptually similar to astrology but, unlike the latter, it uses numbers obtained from dates (e.g. birthdate) and words (e.g. first and last name of the individual) to develop a personality profile.

St. Augustine of Hippo (arguably the most influential early Christian theologian and philosopher), wrote:

Numbers are the Universal Language offered by God to humans as confirmation of the truth

Similar to Pythagoras, he believed that everything had numerical relationships and it was up to the mind to seek and investigate the secrets of these relationships or have them revealed by divine grace.

The profile presented in this section demonstrates that Adolf Hitler should have consulted a numerologist (of which there were plenty in Linz) before attempting to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. It would have saved him a lot of time and effort and very well could have guided him to avoid costly and ultimately fatal mistakes.

Like the astrological profile, the numerology profile is derived (with minor modifications) from a numerology reading that was computer-generated (thank you, AI) and, consequently, is completely unbiased (software has no idea who Adolf Hitler was).

According to this reading, the Hitler was an idealist whose most fundamental drive was the desire to achieve joy and happiness for himself and for those around them (i.e. for his German compatriots).

Which was true and correct – being a national-sociopath, Hitler was, indeed, driven by a desire to make Germans a genuinely happy nation (albeit at the expense of other nations).

A competent numerologists would have told Hitler that his destiny is to create the maximum amount of happiness for his compatriots – something that could be done only by making Germany a genuinely happy nation.

Which automatically meant that his natural career path (his great and glorious Mission) was in politics and government service – and nowhere else. The report correctly predicted that while he will ultimately discover and successfully pursue his true calling, it will take him a lot of time and effort to identify his true purpose in life.

Unlike the astrology reading, his numerology profile confirmed that he had a strong desire to express himself artistically (i.e. that he was, indeed, a gifted artist). However, an artist in a general sense – the one who expresses powerful creative ideas in one or more visual arts.

Which meant that although Adolf Hitler was a talented artist and architect, it did not necessarily mean that he was destined to make one of these his professional occupation.

It could very well mean that he was born to be a public speaker (and an actor on a public stage) and a writer. Which further reinforced the conclusion that his destiny was in politics. Public politics.

According to this reading, Hitler was very emotional (he, indeed, was). And, although psychologically a loner, will be popular at gatherings (public meetings and other events) where his optimism infuses his audience. Which meant that he was destined to bring hope and optimism to desperate and depressed audience (and that’s exactly what he subsequently did).

It also stated that Hitler was a persuasive, (ultimately) positive, friendly (to his target audience), realistic (ultimately he did deliver on his seemingly outlandish promises), and self-controlled (despite appearing to be totally out of control – he was an excellent actor) and honest (a very rare quality for a politician) public speaker.

The reading promised that Hitler will be successful in his chosen career (he became one of the most successful politicians). He did get things done (even the ones that seemed impossible to accomplish).

It also promised that Hitler will be good at material accumulation. Which again proved to be true and correct – he both enjoyed an affluent lifestyle and radically increased the wealth of his nation – making Germany again an economic superpower.

The chart infers that Adolf Hitler possessed a powerful personality (in fact, enormously powerful) that will attract respect from both leaders and subordinates. And Hitler, indeed, was well-respected by his peers and superiors in German Army.

And subsequently deeply respected (although often hated) by leaders of just about all nations. And not just respected but revered, admired and even adored by his subordinates – Nazi officials and citizens of Nazi Germany.

According to numerology chart, Hitler was one of the very few individuals who had the capability to see both the key trends and the big picture – both current (AS IS) and the desired (TO BE) and to successfully lead the transition from the current to the desired.

And in this transition to build something (“remarkable things”) that benefits society for a very long time into the future. Which did happen – Nazi Germany created quite a few “somethings” (from VW Beetle to A4 ballistic missile and welfare system) that human society benefited very significantly from.

He was destined to become the moving force in building large physical structures or efficient procedural systems. Which confirmed that he, indeed, had an unquestionable talent for architecture but also meant that he was about to design and build a whole new society – a new civilization, even. The Third Reich. Which he subsequently did – and in a very short time.

The chart accurately predicted that Adolf Hitler will create an organization that he will use as a tool to build this unique and impressive system. And he did. Although he did not create NSDAP (it already existed for several months before he joined it), he radically restructured it into a unique “Führer’s Party” – an essentially new organization.

It (not surprisingly) predicted that Hitler will become a CEO of a major international organization (and he did become the absolute ruler of a vast international German Empire) and will have a committed and dedicated staff who will perform miracles for him, accomplishing what was considered totally and utterly impossible.

The chart claimed (correctly) that Hitler will receive the utmost joy and satisfaction from accomplishing something that will be recognized by individuals and society in general for their high caliber and their usefulness (i.e. for achieving something grandiose, vitally important and seemingly impossible).

Like the astrological chart, the numerological reading confirmed that Hitler had powerful intuitive, mystical and even psychic capabilities (that combined with his ingenuity subsequently helped him find creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems but ultimately led to his downfall and suicide).

The chart claimed that Hitler had a powerful inner desire for harmony which he subsequently implemented in his Führerstaat as a “national harmony” between classes, social groups and individuals. A harmony based on national-socialist ideology. And the no less profound desire to serve – his country and his nation. Which he did – the way he believed to be the best for Germany and Germans.

It also stated that Adolf Hitler was a powerful “agent of change” (a fundamental change as it turned out) and was comfortable and efficient in highly uncertain situations and environment (an indispensable feature for an efficient leader).

The reading correctly surmised that Hitler was passionately independent, versatile and clever with an uncanny ability to spot opportunities and to quickly and efficiently act on them.

And that he experienced restlessness and impatience when things moved along too slowly (in his opinion, they almost always were) or when constant repetition became monotonous (ditto).

It also correctly predicted that to accomplish his ultra-ambitious (and seemingly impossible) objectives, Adolf Hitler will assemble a highly efficient team of highly competent, very inventive and incredibly resourceful individuals.

Actually, he did much more than that. He destroyed the caste system that de-facto existed in Weimar republic and created a multitude of “social lifts” that saturated political, economic, social and military system of Nazi Germany with highly capable individuals.

Individuals who in republican Germany were misfits with no chances to succeed at all. Not because of lack of talents (they immediately proved otherwise) but because of the inefficiency and injustice of “the system”. The system that Adolf Hitler radically changed.


Hitler’s Natal Chart – that He Should Have Studied

NatalAdolf Hitler did not believe in the value of astrology. Until May 11th 1940, he simply ignored it considering this “occult science” an essentially harmless entertainment.

However, when he learned that astrological predictions inspired his deputy Rudolf Hess take a solo flight to England to negotiate peace with the British Government, he got so enraged that he immediately ordered a crackdown on astrology and astrologers in Greater Germany.

Acting on his orders, the Gestapo arrested and sent to concentration camps more than 600 practicing astrologers. Without any trial or even without any criminal charges – under the “preventive detention” decree.

While predictive astrology is generally considered a bunch of bunk (the fundamental principle of human Freedom of Will makes predicting the future practically impossible), descriptive (natal) astrology is a different thing entirely.

Natal astrology, by definition, is a methodology (but not science!) that allows to develop a comprehensive profile of the personality of an individual based on his/her date, time and place of birth.

This methodology is exceedingly complex and does not always produce clear-cut unambiguous results (which might be open to often very different interpretations). Consequently, it is simply impossible to scientifically prove or disprove the validity, usefulness and value of natal astrology.

However, in many cases it does produce amazingly accurate and thus highly valuable results. Consequently, it is usually a good idea to have your natal chart constructed (these days computers do it instantly) and then analyzed by several experienced astrologers.

Obviously, these analyses must be taken with caution and a grain of salt but should nevertheless been taken into account when planning one’s life and career as they can prevent costly (sometimes) very costly mistakes – in terms of time, effort and money.

When he decided to pursue the career of a painter and thus to apply to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Adolf Hitler clearly did not consult an astrologer (although there were plenty of those in Linz where he resided at that time).

Which turned out to be a big mistake (very big, actually), because had he done that, it would have prevented him from wasting ten extremely valuable years of his life – and most likely led to a very different outcome of the Second Great War.

Why? Because his natal chart clearly demonstrated that the natural career path for him is neither painting nor architecture, but politics.

Hitler’s Mercury (a planet of communication) occupies a prominent position in his horoscope – it is s conjunct (close to) an area that defines the natural career for the individual in question.

Which means that the natural career path for Hitler was not in painting or architecture but in communications. The influence of Mercury is amplified by the fact that it is close to the boundary of the 7th house – the house of “other people”. Which indicates effective and formidable oratorical abilities and thus means – beyond the reasonable doubt – that the natural career for Adolf Hitler was in public speaking.

Hitler’s Mercury is in Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars (planet of war). Which means that his communication style was fiery, assertive, forceful, belligerent, aggressive, confrontational and even verbally violent (and would deal with the matters of war and social violence).

It also means that Hitler head the unique ability to preach ‘I am one of you’ or ‘I represent you’ to the masses (making him a religious preacher – not just a politician). His Mercury is in poor shape which means that in his public speaking he will appeal to the most basic feelings – even to instincts.

And several different sources in his natal chart plainly indicate his hypnotic abilities to provoke powerful (and not necessarily positive) emotions in large masses of people.

Hitler’s Midheaven (the area that largely defines one’s career) is Leo (the sign of the leaders), ruled by the Sun. And the Sun is in Taurus, in his 7th house (area of the “other people” – the community).

His Saturn situated in the 10th house. Meant determination to achieve public acclaim, prestige, recognition and fame – to be in the limelight at all times. In other words, to make a quantum leap up on the social ladder.

Together, this all points to ‘career’ connected to a powerful sense of ego (i.e. to leadership). To authoritarian leadership. To dictatorship (his Venus in Taurus indicates tyrannical inclinations).

Which means only one thing – the natural occupation for Adolf Hitler was politics. Public politics. He was born to be a very powerful public speaker and a politician. The leader. The Führer.

The Führer who will rule using violence on a regular basis as a key tool for achieving his objectives. Who will put a lot of energy this violence that might lead to “extermination”. The Führer who seeks to establish harmony in “his world” but believes that the only way to create this harmony is to eliminate dissension. Literally.

His Mercury is in a wide opposition aspect (about 180°) to Uranus, the planet of restlessness, change and revolution. Which means that Adolf Hitler was destined to become not just a politician, but a revolutionary – someone who would bring a radical change to his country (and to the whole world).

However, it does not mean that this change would necessarily be positive. His Venus is is conjunct Mars (a planet of war). Which meant that Adolf Hitler had the potential to cause great harm, commit large-scale political crimes and even cause a serious war.

His Venus, Mars and Saturn are also all in fixed signs, indicative of an underlying extraordinary tenacity and perseverance (indispensable qualities for a politician), stubbornness.

Stubbornness that could be very harmful – to him as well as to others. In particular, it indicates his destructive tendency to blame everyone else (Sun in 7th) for everything what went wrong. It was never his own fault. In other words, his total lack of humility – a potentially fatal flaw for a leader.

His horoscope indicates that the dividing line between the conscious mind and other levels of mind has become blurred. Which means strong mystical abilities, openness to “revelations from above” but also serious mental instability bordering on insanity.

Which, in turn, means that while he may (unconsciously) use these abilities to find creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems, he might also commit colossal blunders and stubbornly insist on destructive and even suicidal course of actions sincerely believing that he is guided by a Higher Power.

Pluto in the 8th house gave him the crucial capability of being able to see beneath the surface, to understand hidden motivations of others (in other words, to be an excellent judge of character, intentions and situations).

Neptune conjunct Pluto in this house could make Hitler easily substitute what he wanted to see with what was actually there. Which led to dangerous, destructive and ultimately fatal delusions – and thus to fatal (i.e. suicidal) decisions and actions.


The Vril Society


Unlike the Thule Society, whose existence was well-documented and was never in doubt, the Vril Society appears to be a completely mythical organization as there is precisely little evidence that it ever existed.

The term “Vril” was coined by one Edward Bulwer-Lytton – an 19th century English novelist, poet, and playwright, politician, historian, and occultist (famous for the phrase he coined “the pen is mightier than the sword”).

In 1871, he published (at the time anonymously) the novel titled “Vril, the Power of the Coming Race” (better known as simply “The Coming Race”). Which became an instant worldwide bestseller.

The novel describes the subterranean race of humanoids that call themselves “Vril-ya” and live in the society based on the utilization of an essentially omnipotent energy called Vril which can be used for just about any purpose – from destruction to healing.

Vri-ya can master the use of this energy through training of their will by using meditation and other spiritual and physical exercises.

The powers of the Vril included the ability to heal, change, and destroy beings and things; the destructive powers in particular were powerful, allowing even a few young Vril-ya children to destroy entire cities if necessary.

The author warned that in time the Vril-ya will run out of habitable space underground and will claim the surface of the Earth, destroying mankind in the process, if necessary (hence the “coming race” in the book title).

Although the author never positioned his book as anything other than pure fiction; however, some theosophists, notably Helena Blavatsky, William Scott-Elliot, and Rudolf Steiner, believed that the book contained some occult truth (e.g. the existence of the Vril energy).

In their best-selling allegedly non-fiction 1960 book, French journalists and writers Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier claimed (without providing any supporting evidence) that that a secret Vril Society existed in Weimar Berlin and even significantly influenced the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler personally.

However, in 1996, the German historian Peter Bahn discovered an obscure esoteric society calling itself the “Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft” (Reich Working Group). The society revealed itself in a no less obscure 1930 publication Vril. Die Kosmische Urkraft (“Vril, the Cosmic Elementary Power”).

The 60-page book written by a member of this Berlin-based group, under the pseudonym “Johannes Täufer” (“John the Baptist”). Published by the influential astrological publisher, Otto Wilhelm Barth (whom Bahn believes was “Täufer”), the book said little of the group other than that it was founded in 1925 to study the uses of Vril energy.

Also, there were unconfirmed rumors that Heinrich Himmler tasked his mysterious Ahnenerbe society with the search of the “Hammer of Gods” (“Thor’s Hammer”) which he believed to be the “energy weapon” that really existed (and was described as something very similar – if not outright identical – to Vril).

And although the true purpose of the redesign of the North Tower of Wewelsburg Castle is still unknown, there is some speculation that it was to develop some sort of the “energy portal” that could be used to get access to “cosmic energies” that could have been the used for military purposes.


The Fateful Flight of Rudolf Hess


One of the wartime events in Nazi Germany still considered mysterious is the infamous solo flight of Rudolf Hess (then deputy Führer of the Third Reich) to Great Britain on May 10th, 1941.

In reality, there was nothing mysterious about this flight as this sudden decision of the Reichsleiter and the SS-Obergruppenführer (he had SS membership number of 50 and loved to wear black SS uniform) can be easily explained by his dependence on the occult (especially on the predictive astrology) in making key decisions.

Like Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Walter Richard Hess was born outside of Germany, but much, much farther away – in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, where his father Fritz had a prosperous merchant business.

Given his subsequent broad and deep interest in the occult, it is highly likely (although not supported by any witness statements or documentary evidence) that he and his family have been introduced to Egyptian occult teachings.

Unlike Hitler (and most Nazi leaders), Hess came from a Protestant family and until the age of 14 attended a German Protestant school in Alexandria. In 1908 he was sent back to Germany to study at a boarding school in Bad Godesberg.

He demonstrated an aptitude for science and mathematics, but his father wished him to join the family business, Heß & Co., so he sent him in 1911 to study at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. After a year there, Heß took an apprenticeship at a trading company in Hamburg.

Being raised as a patriot, he enlisted in German army immediately after the outbreak of the Great War. He initially served as an officer in the same 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment as his future boss and idol Adolf Hitler, but they have never met during the war.

Hess was wounded twice and while recovering from his wounds got so interested in aviation that he applied for the fighter pilot training school. He was accepted and thus received the necessary training that almost three decades later allowed him to make that fateful flight.

He was assigned to Jagdstaffel 35b, a Bavarian fighter squadron equipped with Fokker D.VII biplanes. However, he saw no combat action as the war ended before he had an opportunity to engage in combat.

After he returned to Munich, he almost immediately joined the Thule society – the founder of DAP – the precursor of NSDAP (the Nazi party). However, unlike Hitler who paid little (if any) attention to occult teachings, Hess got deeply and seriously interested in the occult – primarily in clairvoyance and predictive astrology.

Both are a bunch of bunk (from the scientific perspective) and have been proven to predict the future no better than a random guess (and thus are either a fraud or a mental disorder).

However some seemingly rational individuals for some strange reason still fall for this nonsense. And Rudolf Hess, alas, was one of these individuals, but for him the consequences of this monumental mistakes were horrible indeed – his belief in these delusions landed him in jail for the rest of his natural life. For whopping forty-six years.

He surrounded himself with astrologers, clairvoyants and other occultists and even became an amateur astrologer himself. And, alas, began to take their prophecies way too seriously.

One of his astrologer friends (most likely, Karl Ernst Krafft) prophesized that in order to win the war, Nazi Germany had to sign peace treaty with Britain before the end of June 1941.

He also claimed that May 10th, 1941 was the ideal day to start negotiations with the British, although Hess – a bit of astrologer himself – did his own calculations which apparently yielded the same result.

It appears that Hess became aware of these prophesies months earlier – in the fall of 1940, because he sent a letter to the Duke of Hamilton – the fellow aviator whom he mistakenly believed to be the leader of the pro-German opposition party in Britain.

The letter was intercepted by MI-5 (British counter-intelligence service) so Hess never received a reply. However, he so deeply believed in the abovementioned prophesies that he decided to go ahead with his plan to travel to Britain to seek meetings with the British government officials regardless.

He began training on the Messerschmitt Bf 110, a two-seater twin-engine aircraft, in October 1940 under instructor Wilhelm Stör, the chief test pilot at Messerschmitt.

He continued to practice, including logging many cross-country flights, and found a specific aircraft that handled well—a Bf 110E-1/N—which was from then on held in reserve for his personal use.

He asked for a radio compass, modifications to the oxygen delivery system, and large long-range fuel tanks to be installed on this plane, and these requests were granted by March 1941

Apparently May 10th was not the only ideal day to fly to Britain because prior to that fateful day captain Hess (his Luftwaffe rank) made several attempts to execute this plan. All had to be called off due to either bad weather or the mechanical problems.

He managed to avoid RAF fighter patrols, but failed to spot his destination – the Dungavel House (at that time as the home of the Duke of Hamilton). After he almost ran out of fuel, he had no other choice but to bail out of the aircraft and parachute down.

Hess landed at Floors Farm, Eaglesham, south of Glasgow, where he was discovered, promptly arrested by the local police and sent to jail where he would spent the rest of his life (albeit in different prisons). Which became another proof that all this clairvoyance and “predictive astrology” was, indeed, a total bunk.

Before his departure from Germany, Hess had given his adjutant, Karlheinz Pintsch, a letter addressed to Hitler that detailed his intentions to open peace negotiations with the British. Pintsch delivered the letter to Hitler at his Berghof residence at around noon on May 11th.

After reading the letter, Hitler let loose an outcry heard throughout the entire Berghof – an undeniable proof that he had no idea that his deputy could attempt such a coup.

Hitler (understandably) worried that his allies, Italy and Japan, would perceive Hess’s act as an attempt by Hitler to secretly open peace negotiations with the British. So Hitler contacted Mussolini immediately specifically to reassure him otherwise.

Hitler stripped Hess of all of his party and state offices, and secretly ordered him shot on sight if he ever returned to Germany. He abolished the post of Deputy Führer, assigning Hess’s former duties to Bormann, with the title of Head of the Party Chancellery.

The Gestapo charged with investigating actions of Hess (which in Hitler’s opinion were high treason – plain and simple) quickly discovered his notes on prophesies and astrological calculations.

Not surprisingly, Hitler got so enraged that he immediately ordered Aktion Hess, a flurry ds of arrests of hundreds of astrologers, faith healers and occultists. Over 600 astrologers, clairvoyants and other occultists were arrested and thrown into concentration camps where most of them died (looks like they failed to predict even their own future).

Including Karl Ernst Krafft who, although released in about a year, was subsequently rearrested and died on January 8th, 1945 en route to the Buchenwald concentration camp.


Ahnenerbe (II)

Ahnenerbe was founded on July 1st, 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, Richard Walther Darré (Reichsminister of Food and Agriculture, believe it or not) and one Herman Wirth. Initially it was an independent organization, but in 1939 it was incorporated into the SS system.

Obviously, it were not his agricultural duties that made Dr. Darré to become one of the founders of Ahnenerbe. On 1 January 1932, Reichsführer-SS Himmler promoted him to the rank of SS-Gruppenführer (two-star general) and appointed him chief of the newly established SS Race and Settlement Main Office (RuSHA).

The infamous RuSHA (not to be confused with RSHA – Main Security Office of the Third Reich established seven years later) was charged with implemented racial policies of the SS (and subsequently the government of the Nazi Germany).

Among its other duties, RuSHA was responsible for a “proper” racial education of SS members. In other words, for brainwashing the latter with genuinely outrageous racial beliefs and dogmas of the Nazis.

To make these beliefs more respectable and, yes, believable, RuSHA (and personally Dr. Darré) needed at least some scientific proof of the validity of the latter. Consequently, he was the primary customer of Ahnenerbe “research”.

However, it was the third founder of Ahnenerbe – Dr. Herman Wirth – that created the legend of a mysterious, mystical and occult Ahnenerbe organization.

Herman Wirth was a Dutch-German historian and scholar of ancient religions and symbols (and a committed Nazi) which made him an ideal candidate as the co-founder and research director of Ahnenerbe.

What made him a bad candidate for this position, were his lavish spending habits (which already bankrupted one organization) and his deep belief in Atlantis and similar occult staff.

Himmler was seriously involved in the occult (his quest for the Holy Grail and for the Codex Aesinas and his activities at Wewelsburg Castle prove it beyond the reasonable doubt).

However, for him Ahnenerbe had one and only one purpose – provide solid scientific proof for the Nazi racial beliefs and dogmas. Which left no room for extravagant occult theories of Dr. Wirth.

And, of course, money was always an issue – in mid-thirties Himmler had access to only very limited funds. So after Herman Wirth made a fatal mistake by enraging Hitler himself with his a speech at the Reichsparteitag (Nazi party congress), SS Reichsführer decided that he had enough and promptly deposed Wirth as president of the Ahnenerbe.

He replaced Wirth with Walther Wüst – a genuine scientist (Indo-Europeanist and Vedicist) from the University of Munich. The key reason for choosing Wirth was the rare ability of the latter to simplify science for the “common man” (i.e. the members of the SS).

Ahnenerbe was a huge organization – it ultimately included over thirty (!) institutes that conducted research in such diverse areas as history, philology, culture, linguistics, jurisprudence, folklore, philosophy, architecture, landscape, biology, geology, entomology, astronomy, botany, genetics, speleology, medicine and military technologies.

It organized an impressive number of scientific expeditions – to then-Finnish Karelia, Germany (Jutland Peninsula, Baden-Württemberg and Mauern caves in Franconia), France, Sweden, Tibet, Poland, then-Russian Crimea (where Himmler intended to set up a huge German colony), Ukraine and even to New Swabia in Antarctica.

Contrary to a very popular misconception, there was nothing mysterious (or occult) about their expeditions to Tibet or Antarctica (or any other places for that matter). In Tibet, Ahnenerbe team had three objectives – purely scientific, propaganda and military.

The scientific objective was to develop a complete (“holistic’) scientific record of Tibet, through a synthesis of geology, botany, zoology, and ethnology. The propaganda objective was to find the proof for Nazi racial theory that a group of pure-blooded Aryans once had settled in Tibet. The military objective was to investigate the possibility of establishing the region as a base for attacking the British troops stationed in India.

The main purpose of the New Swabia expedition was to find an area in Antarctica for a German whaling station, as a way to increase Germany’s production of fat (and thus radically decrease its dependence on imports).

Whale oil was then the most important raw material for the production of margarine and soap in Germany and the country was the second largest purchaser of Norwegian whale oil, importing some 200,000 metric tons annually. Another goal was to scout possible locations for a German naval base – to establish control over the coast of South America.

While scientific and military results of these expeditions were mixed, propaganda ones were a dismal failure. Expeditions uncovered precisely zero proof for Nazi racial theories. For a very simple reason of course – there was no such proof in the first place, because these theories were a total bunk.

Although Ahnenerbe initially was not a criminal organization (and for the most part managed to stay that way), it eventually did get involved in criminal activities (like many other organizations in Nazi Germany).

In 1943, Wolfram Sievers (managing director of Ahennerbe since 1935), was appointed director of the Institut für Wehrwissenschaftliche Zweckforschung (Institute for Military Scientific Research).

The institute (established on Himmler’s orders) conducted extensive experiments in Dachau concentration camp using human subjects in such deadly environments as vacuum chambers, freezing water and the like.

It was also involved in assembling the so-called “Jewish skeleton collection” by murdering eighty-six Jewish men and women as well as in experiments with gunshot wounds and mustard gas.

Not surprisingly, after the war (at the so-called Doctors’ Trial) Sievers was found guilty of crimes against humanity (mass murder, actually) and executed by hanging on June 2, 1948, at Landsberg Prison.

His assistant Sigmund Rascher was arrested by the Gestapo, tried by the infamous People’s Court, found guilty of theft, murder of his former lab assistant, and scientific fraud and executed by firing squad on 26 April 1945 in Dachau – three days before the camp was liberated by Americans. Who would have hanged him anyway.

Another his associate – August Hirt – performed experiments with mustard gas on inmates at the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp and played a lead role in the murders of 86 people at Natzweiler-Struthof for the Jewish skeleton collection – committed suicide on June 2nd, 1945 thus escaping trial for his crimes.

As all other SS organizations, Ahnenerbe ceased to exist after the demise of the Third Reich and unconditional surrender of German Armed Forces. Like Himmler’s quest for the Holy Grail and his other occult activities (with possible exception of what was going on in Wewelsburg castle), Ahnenerbe project was a colossal waste of money, time, manpower and other precious resources.

Which contributed to the defeat in World War II and to the ultimate demise of the Third Reich.

However, the idea of an SS research institute was actually not a bad one. But it should have focused on an entirely different objective (ironically related to one of the racial objectives of the SS and of the Nazi Party).

This objective was to develop the “nation of Gods”. In other words, to re-create the “Godlike race” that according to (erroneous) Nazi beliefs once existed in mythical places such as Atlantis, Hyperborea, etc.

While it is obviously impossible to transform Homo Sapiens into Gods, it is possible to make humans radically more efficient by making them uncover, activate and use their full creative and productive potential.

Currently we use about 5% of this potential (if that). Consequently, increasing this efficiency to 50% (which is very much possible) will transform us into beings that some might consider “Godlike”.

The “transformation tools” have been developed millennia ago (by Western and Eastern monks, hermits, mystics and the like)… and have nothing to do with eugenics, selective breeding and other bio-nonsense. These tools involve meditation, physical exercise, prayer and similar techniques.

Had Himmler and the SS concentrated on this objective (rather than on their insane racial dogmas) – and pursued the corresponding “secret knowledge and skills” (instead of something that simply never existed), the outcome of World War II (and the fate of Nazi Germany) could have been very different.

Ahnenerbe (I)

AhnenerbeThere are two common misconceptions about the Ahnenerbe (“Ancestral Heritage”) institute, often (incorrectly) considered one of the most mysterious Nazi organizations.

Some consider it a legitimate scientific research institution. Others claim that this was only a cover for its true purpose – research in the occult and the supernatural forces that could be used for political and especially military purposes. Stills others believe that it was a bit of both.

In reality, it was neither. Ahnenerbe (more precisely, Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft des Ahnenerbe – Research and Teaching Society of the Ancestral Heritage) was the propaganda tool for the SS (mostly) and for the Nazi Party.

Its objective was to find (or manufacture – if nothing could be found) historical evidence that would support outlandish racial claims and beliefs of the Nazi ideology.

While Ahnenerbe “scholars” were rarely guilty of outright fraud (i.e. manufacturing historical proof) they were almost always culpable of totally bogus interpretations of uncovered historical facts (which was even worse than making unsubstantiated racist claims).

There are two ways to conduct legitimate scientific research. You can start with collecting data that you will then structure and analyze trying to come up with a theory that will explain the collected data.

Or you can start with the theory (hypothesis) and then collect and structure data to see whether they prove or disprove your theory.

Ahnenerbe “scholars” did neither. They were given (by their boss Heinrich Himmler) the theory – presented as the Absolute Truth and were required to find the data that would support this theory. Or, more precisely, make the data fit the theory with whatever means necessary. .

That, of course, was neither science nor even a pseudoscience. That was outright scientific fraud. And there was nothing mystical or mysterious about it. Nothing at all.