Runes and Himmler’s Biggest Blunder (1)

heinrich_himmlerIt is a well-established fact that SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler had more than a passing interest in just about “all things occult”. Unfortunately for him, for the SS, for Nazi Germany and possibly even for the European Civilization and for the whole world, he was never serious about occult (any occult).

Which prevented him from using the immense power offered by the occult objects and practices (and he had everything he needed to use these objects and practices to the fullest extent possible). The power that could very well have won the war for the Third Reich.

One of the occult system that he (and the SS in general) toyed with were the Runes. More precisely, the Rune magic.

Rune magic (“Runic magic”) is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) kinds of magic there is. There is ample evidence that since time immemorial Runes (of all kinds) in addition to being a writing system, Runes were used in magical rituals (i.e. for communicating with all kinds of invisible entities for all kinds of purposes).

Or, which I believe to be far healthier – and what I actually practice – harnessing cosmic energies from the realms of the Runes. Actually, energy – an extremely powerful spiritual energy which goes by different names (I prefer Vril).

In the early 20th century, Germanic (and not only Germanic) mysticism created new forms of “runic magic”, some of which were continued or developed further by contemporary adherents of Germanic (and not only Germanic) Neopaganism.

Not to mention two news systems of runes – by Guido von List (Armanen Runes) and Karl Maria Wiligut (Wiligut Runes). The former appears to be the one most commonly used by contemporary runic magicians (myself included); however, the most common traditional runic systems (Elder and Younger Futharks) are still widely used.

Runes (of all kinds) are far more complicated and powerful objects that might seem at the first glance. They are, of course, “letters” of an “alphabet” used to produce all sorts of texts; however, they are also so-called “archetypal symbols” that represent the most basic human desires, emotions and qualities.

However, the true power of runes lies in the fact that they are triggers, portals, gateways even that provide the magician (if properly used, of course) with the ability to connect with The Source of immensely powerful “cosmic” energies… or with invisible, spiritual, supernatural entities and even deities (the latter is NOT recommended).

As not every sound that the language could produce has a corresponding Rune, it can be surmised that runes were originally used for sacred purposes only, not as an alphabet. And only subsequently began to be used to write names, short messages and then longer texts.

Whether the runes were developed from Old Italic alphabets by Germanic people, who often served as mercenaries in the Roman army (as is commonly believed) or they are rooted in a much older tradition of the “Atlantean North” (possibly a reminder of a very old global tradition) is still an open question.

Regardless of their origin, runes were used for magical purposes and thus were a part of a Germanic pagan religion. Which was ruthlessly eradicated by Christianity (probably the most intolerant religion there is).

However, some open-minded Christian priests (or those that had been born with magical and mystical abilities)… and not only priests quickly discovered the immense power of the Runes (magic and occult rituals were far more widespread among Christian clergy than is commonly believed).

More specifically, the power to help them achieve their political, religious and personal goals. Hence, these characters tried (and tried hard) to get hold of the sacred Runic knowledge even while they publicly condemned all those who used the Runes (and the Runes themselves).

Indeed at the same time when King Olaf of Norway (subsequently canonized by the Holy Roman Catholic Church) had been persuaded to kill all the Rune masters in his country, and destroy all standing Rune Stones, there were Christian priests (and not a small number of them) who were trying to obtain the secret Runic knowledge for themselves.

It is believed that to prevent misuse (and abuse) by such unworthy and ruthless people that Rune masters (allegedly) decided to block access to the enormous powers of the runes by adding new symbols and changing old ones.

As a result, only properly initiated individuals (“righteous seekers”) were able to understand the Runic system and to use the Runes with success (in other words, to achieve their objectives with Runic magic). For those who lacked the proper preparation and initiation, working with the new system became ineffective or even hazardous.

Some Runologists see Runes as so-called “primary abstractions”. In fact, the simplicity of Runes, and at the same time complex and very powerful effects, are a clear indication that these abstractions are of a pre-linguistic, in some situations even non-linguistic kind. This means that we can trace back this type of “creative interaction with the environment” to the earliest origins of humankind, even before language as we know it evolved.

From the energy perspective (and everything in our Universe is ultimately energy), Runes are defining and creating energies. In other words, energies that first create and then implement a certain blueprint (or a plan).

They can do it by either connecting the magician to The Source of immensely powerful cosmic energies (recommended); or to the spiritual entities and even deities (NOT recommended) or by creation of energy fields (artificial supernatural spiritual entities) with a power and flexibility that simply cannot appear when we work with the same energies without the impact of a connection to certain Realms of Creation (it depends).

The Chosen One (2)

20191107_211258000_iOSActually, it is not that difficult to answer this question… if only you know the exact mechanism of such transfigurations (i.e. radical transformations of an individual into someone superhuman). And, of course, the power (the supernatural energy) needed to perform such a transfiguration.

It is a (surprisingly) little-known fact that every human being has the technical ability to undergo such transfiguration. In other words, everyone has the power, the energy and the built-in tool that can transform him (or her) into a superhuman being (and Übermensch, if you will).

This tool is commonly known as Kundalini. A lot (a whole lot, in fact) has been written about it by the Hindu gurus and their followers… unfortunately, just about all of it is just plain wrong.

Only the very fundamentals are true. Kundalini is, indeed, an immensely powerful divine (i.e. supernatural) energy that can, indeed, transform (transfigure) a “regular Joe” or Jane (or Adolf) into a super-human being. In other words, Kundalini has the enormous power of wisdom, transformation, and revelation inherent to us all.

This can result in a person achieving mega success and supreme inspiration to become the greatest that they can be, whether they are writers, artists, sculptors, teachers, doctors, scientists, healers, composers, lawyers… or political entrepreneurs, leaders, statesmen, military commanders, etc.

Kundalini is, indeed, located at the base of the spine – in and around Muladhara – the “root chakra”. It is also true that Kundalini can be viewed as a fiery serpent that lies coiled and dormant – waiting to be awakened (activated). Because only the activated Kundalini can perform the abovementioned transfiguration.

Yoga masters, Grand Masters and other gurus developed a highly sophisticated procedure for activating Kundalini and keeping it under control. Unfortunately, they do not share with the general public one critically important fact.

The fact is that although it resides inside the human body (so-called subtle, invisible, intangible body, to be more precise) Kundalini does not belong to the latter. Hence, to awaken Kundalini completely and to utilize it to the fullest, the seeker must obtain a very explicit permission from this Higher Power. Ultimately, from the Christian God, of course (yes, He is very much aware of the whole matter).

Which for a very obvious reason it usually does not give – a large-scale transformation of humans into demi-god will create a total chaos (at best). Hence, all those who think that they had awakened Kundalini are… well, not exactly correct. In reality they activate only a tiny part of the latter – a portion deemed safe by the Higher Power. And achieve only very personal objective – a Nirvana (of sorts).

Is it possible to get this permission? Yes, but only if it is sought for an explicit purpose of achieving a Super-Goal (approved, of course, by the Higher Power). Obviously, winning the existential war with the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan) and saving our civilization from destruction did qualify as such.

There are three other qualities that are helpful (but theoretically not required) for a full-scale activation of Kundalini. Mystical abilities (which Adolf Hitler obviously had) and a powerful “drive”… or two. In short, the individual in question had to be driven by a very powerful Love, an extremely powerful hatred… or both.

Adolf Hitler fit the bill on all counts. He did have already powerful mystical abilities, had a deep, sincerely and very powerful Love for Greater Germany and German people and a no less powerful Hatred for its enemies. Including (but, alas, not limited to) Marxists, Bolsheviks and the Soviet Russia.

By that time Hitler was already aware of the existential war going on between the Western Civilization (ultimately) and the Bolshevik hordes and already participated in that war (in Munich, Bavaria). And was very much committed to fighting – and winning – that very much existential war.

Most likely, after the Treaty of Versailles Adolf Hitler accumulated the “critical mass” that made him the primary candidate for transfiguration into The Chosen One (there is always more than one candidate – usually much more than one).

From what I know about the Thule Society, it is highly unlikely that Hitler’s transfiguration was carried out by one or several of its members – the nature of the society did not call for such unique supernatural capabilities.

It is far more likely that it was performed by the members of a highly mysterious Vril Society (believed by some to be a top secret “inner circle” of Thule – not an uncommon thing in occult societies).

Was Adolf Hitler aware of this “transfiguration ceremony”? I think he was (it is really difficult to imagine that he wasn’t) but I doubt that he knew – or cared about – the details. Anyway, two things are almost certain: (1) it was a one-time event; and (2) Hitler did not like it one bit – he was not a big fan of occult ceremonies, to put it mildly.

However, his transfiguration happened – and the rest (as they say) is history. The history of the existential war between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness – and of the decisive victory of the former.