How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (4)

Now how can we save the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization from a very real Hell on Earth? The answer is simple – by doing away with the “representative democracy” (which is not a democracy at all, but parliamentarism – a wholly different political animal) and replacing it with the direct democracy. Direct electronic democracy, to be more precise, as we now live in the “electronic society” (“electronic/online community”).

Let’s again start with the very basics. In this life, a human being has but one objective – genuine happiness. In practical terms, it means that to be genuinely happy, an individual must satisfy his or her aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – according to Maslow’s hierarchy.

The fundamental problem is that very few individuals can identify their genuine needs (proven beyond the reasonable doubt by the proliferation of self-help books, blogs, gurus, seminars, videos and the like). And the “democratic” politicians and government officials are of little (if any) help.

Fortunately, there is a solution (actually, THE solution) to this genuinely existential problem. And this solution has been around for millennia – until about a century ago the “victorious liberals” pushed this solution to the sidelines (margins) of Western society.

This solution was (not surprisingly) the elite. The elite of the society, nation, people, country… the whole Western civilization. Or of any civilization, for that matter. The aristocracy, if you will.

For millennia (actually, from the dawn of human civilization) the elite identified (or determined, if you prefer) the genuine needs of the society, nation, people and country in question and then (1) satisfied them by providing the required service; and (2) built the infrastructure for these needs to be satisfied by… other actors (individuals and organizations).

Thus generating financial, functional, emotional and spiritual value for its constituents. True, the elite itself (or the elites themselves, of you prefer plural) was highly imperfect (to put it mildly) but all attempts to away with the elites (traditional elites, to be more precise) ended in genuine horror.

Great French Revolution (and subsequent Great French Massacre), the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Maoist “cultural revolution”, Khmer Rouge cannibals in Cambodia are just a few examples of what happens when the ruling elite is overthrown and sidelined.

Consequently, to solve the abovementioned problem of identifying and satisfying the genuine needs of general public (and thus making the citizens of the Western Civilization genuinely happy), the West must restore its ruling elites (which still exist, by the way, but has been kept on the margins of society by the liberals).

Obviously, adapting these elites to the realities of the modern world (that during the past century changed radically – to put it mildly). First and foremost, membership in the “New Aristocracy” must be based on merit, not genetics.

In other words, the “New Aristocracy” must become (and always remain) a genuine meritocracy. Based on brains and balls, not on blood. And, of course, it must be completely transparent to the general public (via Internet, social networks and other modern e-technologies).

In other words, every citizen will be able to see who in the elites is doing what, when, how and why. And how and why the “aristocrat” in question was accepted into the New Elite in the first place.

These New Elites (possibly based on radically reformed SS structures, systems, processes and principles) will (1) identify genuine needs of the Western population – using Big Data, Data/Knowledge Mining, Artificial Intelligence and other modern information & knowledge management technologies; (2) develop plans, projects, processes and structures to satisfy these needs, bringing together government entities, businesses, non-profits, etc.; and (3) provide government entities and other organizations with the most qualifies personnel.

Using, of course, the appropriate software – Direct Democracy Portal (DDP), Comprehensive Objects Management Systems (COMS) for government entities, businesses, non-profits and other organizations – and the so-called Weltkontrolle software.

Weltkontrolle because this “New Aristocracy” will ultimately manage the whole Western civilization and by extension – the whole modern world (to save the latter from falling into the abyss of chaos and insanity – and thus from being transformed into a genuine Hell on Earth).


How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (3)

Another genuinely murderous problem of “representative democracy” (i.e., parliamentarism) is that the “democratic politicians” do not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about the aggregate needs of the voters (constituents).

All they care about is (1) to get elected; (2) maintain power during their term in office – i.e. avoid “unscheduled elections”; and (3) gets re-elected. When a country is run by a coalition government (which happens more and more often – one way or the other) maintaining power requires satisfying the wants desires (not necessarily the desires) of coalition partners – not the voters.

And as elections are getting more and more expensive (currently the bill runs at tens and often hundreds of millions of dollars, euros, etc.) politicians are far more concerned about satisfying the wants and desires (again, not necessarily the needs) of “special interest groups” (i.e. rich and famous) and the media (“the fourth power”) than those of the general population (constituents/voters).

One of the most fundamental liberal delusions is that the “general public” (i.e. “common folks”) can (1) identify their genuine aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual according to Maslow’s hierarchy; (2) verbalize and communicate them to their “representatives” – i.e. to leaders and officials of political parties; and (3) force the latter – when they are elected – to satisfy their aggregate needs and to create the necessary infrastructure for these needs to be satisfied (if the needs in question must be satisfied by someone other than the government).

In reality, the common folk can do none of the above. They do not have the education, training and experience (and often, alas, intellectual capabilities) to identify their genuine aggregate needs – let alone to verbalize and communicate the latter to members of political parties.

And going to the polls once in 4-5 years is not nearly an efficient mechanism for forcing the politicians to satisfy the genuine needs of their constituents. For a very simple reasons – the “general public” is easily manipulated by politicians themselves (who are very adept in this art) as well as by mass media and social networks (ditto).

As the result, the current breed of politicians (this has been actually going on for decades) got extremely skilled in getting elected, clinging to power and getting re-elected… and totally incompetent in even identifying (let alone satisfying) the genuine needs of their constituents.

But it gets worse. Much worse. Because these politicians – and the government officials (who have been conditioned to satisfy the whims of elected “representatives”) – are totally incompetent in dealing with the challenges of today’s fast-paced and increasingly chaotic world.

Especially during the times of crisis (which has been proven beyond reasonable doubt by global COVID psychosis). Which means that sooner or later (rather sooner than later, actually) the “democratic” politicians and government officials will inevitably make genuinely suicidal decisions.

And act on these decisions. Maybe they already have – the jury is still out on global consequences of their idiotic “anti-virus” measures – “social distancing”, “masks & gloves”, etc., etc.

These decisions and actions will inevitably destroy Western societies, nations, countries and the whole Western Civilization (and thus the whole human civilization). Plunging all of the above into the abyss of chaos and insanity – and thus transforming our world into a very real Hell on Earth.


How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (2)

Now let’s dig a little deeper. For starters, the so-called “liberal representative democracy” is not a democracy at all. Why? Because democracy, by definition, is the power of the majority – and the “representative democracy” is nothing of that sort.

Indeed, roughly about half of Westerners eligible to vote, do not do so – because they (correctly) feel that the political parties in existence in their country to not serve their interests. Consequently, the parties that participate in parliamentary elections (at any level) typically represent roughly 50% of the voters.

Then there is such a thing as the “entry barrier” (a political party must get more than a certain share of the votes to enter the parliament in question – usually 5%). Which in practice means that parties that get seats in the parliament, represent 40% of the population (the minority!!!) at best.

Political field is typically so divided (or even fragmented) that the “winners” rarely obtain more than 60% of the seats in the parliament. Consequently, the government formed by these “winners” typically represents 20-25% of the voters. A medium-size minority. Which means that the “liberal representative democracy” in reality is not a democracy at all – but a parliamentarism. A wholly different political and government system


How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (1)

Liberals worship the idols of representative (parliamentary) democracy and “separation of powers” ignoring the indisputable fact that these principles and system have been developed 250 years ago for a very different world (to put it mildly).

Since that time, our world has changed so radically that these principles and the whole liberal government system no longer work. Even worse, they become so slow, cumbersome and inefficient that they render the whole thing fundamental impotent in modern fast-paced world (especially in the times of crises such as COVID-19).

Consequently, this system of government became a genuinely existential threat to our civilization as it drives our world straight into a very real Hell on Earth.

To prove beyond the reasonable doubt that it is, indeed, the case, let’s start with the fundamentals. Every human being wants and needs to be genuinely happy; in other words, to have his or her aggregate needs satisfied. Financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – according to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.

Hence, constituents/citizens want their government to (1) provide services that satisfy aggregate needs of the former; and (2) provide infrastructure – legal and otherwise – that would enable the citizens to satisfy their aggregate needs in the most effective and efficient way (which is also a functional service).

The “representative” (“parliamentary”) democracy works in the following manner. Political entrepreneurs create political parties (each party is ALWAYS created by one or several political entrepreneurs).

These parties compete for the seats in the parliament (local/municipal, state/provincial, national/federal or international such as European) promising voters to satisfy their aggregate needs and create the necessary infrastructure.

Parties (or, more and more commonly, political coalitions) that win the majority of the seats in the parliament in question, form the government (the “executive branch” or “executive power” of the government).

However, as the parliament has the “power of the purse” (as well as the legislative power to pass and enact laws), it pretty much determines what the government can and will do (and often even how it will do it).

The courts (the “judicial power”) resolve disputes between subjects (individuals & organizations) and makes sure that decisions and actions of individuals and organizations conform to the laws – and the laws to the “basic law” (the Constitution).

Now why this system does not work anymore? And why it drives the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) straight to Hell? A very real Hell on Earth…

The answer to this genuinely existential is simple and straightforward: because it creates a total unnecessary (actually, a fundamentally detrimental) legislative layer between the constituents/citizens (general population) and the executive power.

And also because the “third” (i.e. judicial) power places highly detrimental constraints on decisions and actions by the government, individuals and organizations (businesses, non-profits, etc.). Which makes the liberal-democratic system unacceptably slow, complex, cumbersome and unresponsive for the modern fast-paced world.

Consequently, this system does not satisfy (and often even does not understand) the aggregate needs of its citizens/constituents. Neither does it provide the latter with acceptable (let alone highly efficient) infrastructure.

But it gets worse. Much worse, in fact. Because this system does not react (let alone adapt) quickly and efficiently enough to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment (our world).

And, of course, it does not (because it simply can not) make the right decisions and execute them in the right (i.e. the most efficient) way during the times of crises. Which automatically dooms the system to a total collapse and disintegration, and the Western Civilization to the abyss of insanity and chaos. In other words, to a genuine Hell on Earth.


How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: COVID psychosis

In crisis management, there are several fundamental, critical, vital and often even existential rules. Rules which must be followed at all times – and at all cost. First, there can be no ideology (or even morals) in crisis management – ALL decisions MUST be made solely on irrefutable facts, rock-solid logic and good old common sense.

Second, one must always make sure that the “medicine” must not be worse than the “disease” (sometimes literally). Third, one should ALWAYS consider and thoroughly evaluate the “do nothing” option.

Fourth, you never ever succumb to panic – because it is destructive and disastrous at best and murderous (and suicidal) at worst. And, finally, in crisis management you NEVER choose the “highest good” – you always choose the lesser evil.

Unfortunately, all these existentially important rules were broken (actually, ignored) by liberal Western governments – with predictable (and disastrous) results. Murderous and suicidal results, actually.

By far the worst crime committed by Western liberal governments (and yes, it was a heinous crime against humanity) was that they not just allowed mass media, social networks and so-called “influencers” spread the (totally unfounded) COVID panic but actively promoted and fueled this global psychosis by irresponsible (and grossly incorrect) statements, claims and announcements.

And as every competent and experienced crisis manager would confirm, in any crisis panic (let alone psychosis) is far worse than anything else. And that we always literally have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Liberal governments were guided and driven not by facts, logic and common sense (as they should have been) but by liberal ideology (“liberal morals”). Which completely blinded them to facts (i.e. the reality) about not just COVID, but individual and social psychology. And social systems behavior, of course. With predictable – and devastating – results.

And these facts are as eye-opening as they are merciless. First, at least 80% of individuals infected by COVID, are asymptomatic. In other words, they do not even notice (let alone feel) the infection. 10-15% get only mild symptoms – just about identical to a common cold (or a “regular”) flu.

Only 5-10% get serious (i.e. painful and uncomfortable) symptoms resulting in temporary disability. Similar to severe cases of flu or pneumonia. However, if treated properly (exclusively by immune-boosting remedies as there is still no cure for COVID), almost all patients successfully recover – with no long-term damage to their health.

Mortality rate (ration of those who die from COVID to those infected by the virus) has been found to be many times LOWER than that of the common flu (less than 0.1% versus 0.3-0.4%).

And that even if one takes the official death toll at face value – which is not a good idea actually. First, the general state of panic, hysteria and psychosis (and yes, we have a global pandemic of COVID-psychosis – not the first such psychosis in human history, actually) inevitably causes doctors to overestimate the death toll (every competent coroner will confirm that determining the precise cause of death is not always an exact science).

And second, when every government offers generous financial payouts to doctors, hospitals and victims of COVID (and it does), you inevitably get fraud – often on a massive scales (e.g. in Italy, Russia, etc.). Which means that the official COVID death toll is much higher than a real one (in some cases, by an order of magnitude and even more).

The second horrendous crime against humanity (again, it was a horrendous crime) committed by the Western liberal governments are the murderous (and even suicidal) anti-virus measures (“social distancing”, masks & gloves, etc.).

Why it was (and still is) a horrendous crime? Because none of the Western governments bothered to research and evaluate the devastating (actually, literally murderous) effect of these measures not only on the economy, but on the individual human beings, communities, societies, nations, states, countries and the whole Western and human civilization.

A murderous synergy of (1) COVID hysteria, panic, and psychosis spread by the irresponsible and incompetent media, government officials and so-called “experts”; (2) “social distancing” that basically kills human interaction; and (3) idiotic and totally useless masks & gloves (initially even the World Health Organization declared them as such) very literally infects at least the “critical mass” (more likely, the overwhelming majority) of the citizens of the Western population with PTSD.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that is. Thus destroying the mental health of the whole population. For good. That’s the price the society pays… no, not to save thousands of lives. The truth is that COVID kills almost exclusively fundamentally sick individuals who would have died anyway in a few months (if not weeks).

Hence, the Western governments are destroying the mental health of ALL of its constituents… to artificially prolong lives of a very small percentage of the population for a few months (if not weeks). Indeed, this is a horrible crime against humanity.

But it gets worse. Much worse, in fact. Because this PTSD pandemics will inevitably kill the Western civilization as we know it. Why? Because an individual suffering from PTSD, simply CAN NOT go back to the “pre-PTSD” world (as in his or her mind this world is forever associated with trauma that caused PTSD in the first place).

Consequently, in no time this murderous synergy will create a “critical mass” of “PTSD-infected” individuals. Who will begin destroying the Western civilization as we know it (that’s exactly what is already happening in the USA, by the way).

The specific excuse is not important (it could be anything), but the root cause will be the mental incompatibility between victims of PTSD and the “world BCE”. Before Coronavirus Pandemic that is. Which will inevitably plunge our world into the abyss of insanity and chaos. And thus into a very real Hell on Earth.

What the Western governments should have done instead? First, they should have told their constituents the truth. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Even though the truth is highly uncomfortable, sad and even painful (as it is in the case of COVID-19 crisis).

Starting with the irrefutable fact that their responsibility as the governing individuals is to defend and protect the whole population, community, society, state, nation and country – if necessary, sacrificing a small number of individual lives. In other words, to choose the lesser evil.

Second, they should have informed their constituents about their decisions and actions (i.e., what they will be doing) and explained why. Including telling the truth about COVID, of course.

Third, they should have declared a very limited state of emergency. Which would have allowed civilian government to mobilize and use the serious                        resources of the armed forces and gendarmerie (National Guard) to set up a system of military-run provisional and makeshift hospitals for caring for the sick (i.e. hit hard by COVID).

Given the scale and magnitude of preparation for biological warfare during the Cold War, this would have covered all needs of the society in this department.

Third, they should have imposed severe restrictions on all media (censorship if you will). Including social media, of course – to prevent the spread of panic. Panic that in every crisis is far more dangerous than anything and everything else.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself” – this statement made by the great Franklin Roosevelt is even more true today (possibly even far more true) than it was in the beginning of 1933 when Roosevelt was inaugurated for the first time.

And, finally, this state of emergency would have allowed any and every government to mobilize the formidable resources of the society, state (government), nation, etc. to develop the cure and the vaccine for COVID in the shortest possible time. Just in case.

That’s exactly what Adolf Hitler would have done. And Joseph Stalin. And Benito Mussolini. And Francisco Franco. In fact, just about every dictator. Because, despite their obvious deficiencies and faults, they (unlike the liberals) did understand some very basic truths about our world.

First and foremost that (especially in the times of crisis) the interests of the community, nation, population in general and the country are far more important than interests of a tiny minority of the population. Which – if necessary – MUST be ruthlessly sacrificed to save the overwhelming majority.

Unfortunately, the liberals are conditioned and indoctrinated (programmed, if you will) in exactly the opposite way. And that’s exactly why they did what they did during the COVID crisis.

With predictable results – their decisions and actions are driving both the individual nations, peoples, states, countries and the whole Western Civilization (and thus the whole human civilization), and thus ALL human beings on Earth to a very real Hell on Earth.

Consequently, the basic survival instinct of all societies, nations, states, countries and civilizations (first and foremost, the all-important Western Civilization) not only demands, but screams that ALL governments must IMMEDIATELY do away with ALL “anti-COVID” measures. All of them. To save all of the above from the abyss of chaos and insanity – and thus from the genuine Hell on Earth.

In today’s cruel world, a responsible government of national salvation (literally) must be able to willingly sacrifice a very small share of the population (far less than 1%) to protect the society, the nation the country and the whole civilization from collapsing (and thus the remaining 99% from a very real Hell on Earth.

COVID-19 Global Psychosis proved beyond the reasonable doubt that the liberal government, the liberal system and the liberal ideology CAN NOT and will not do it.  Even if COVID-19 disaster does not destroy he Western Civilization (almost inevitably, it will), next time (i.e. when the next crisis arrives – and it inevitably will) the liberals will again focus on saving a very small number of individual lives instead of saving the whole society and population.

With a totally predictable result – a genuine Hell on Earth. Which proves beyond the reasonable doubt that liberalism is, indeed, a genuinely existential threat to Western (and thus the whole human) civilization.

And, consequently, MUST be ruthlessly annihilated. In other words, we must fight and mercilessly slay the Liberal Dragon. And make sure that it never, ever comes back from the dead.


How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Globalization

Globalization is the natural extension of an economic principle (free trade) into a political, social and cultural realm. While free trade means integration of national economies into one seamless global market, globalization essentially means integration of all nations, peoples, countries into one seamless global civilization.

Into a global liberal civilization, of course (“the end of history” and the like). Run by the United Nations or some other similar international liberal governing body. Which makes liberalism a reincarnation of Bolshevism (which intended to destroy human civilization as we knew it and on its ruins build a global total totalitarian Bolshevist state – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

And, of course, a twin sister of Islam which also intends to destroy human civilization as we knew it and on its ruins build a global total totalitarian Muslim state – Islamic Caliphate. Which again proves beyond the reasonable doubt that liberalism is, indeed, a clear and present existential danger to human civilization.

As I have already demonstrated (again beyond the reasonable doubt), liberalism intends to dethrone the Western Civilization, in other words, make it lose its position as a dominant political, economic, financial, military, cultural, technological and ideological power in the modern world.

Which creates another existential threat to a human civilization – its descent into the abyss of chaos and insanity of an all-out war between civilizations (which are simply way to different to coexist peacefully).

After all, the idea of a “peaceful coexistence” between the “capitalism” in the West and “socialism” in the East failed miserably – the former defeated and destroyed the latter sending the loser to the dustbin of history.

To protect itself (and the whole mankind) from these two genuinely existential threats, the Western Civilization must (1) annihilate the liberal system, the liberal ideology and the whole liberal world order; (2) restore its Christian roots and its overall Western identity; and (3) recover and maintain – at all times – its dominant position in the modern world.


How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Free Trade

In broad liberal terms, free trade refers to unrestricted (by law and government actions) – i.e. free movement of goods, capital and labor across national borders (in other words, total elimination of economic/commercial borders).

For developed nations, the free trade policies led to a genuine and wholesale disaster, because they (1) opened the national market to murderous competition from low-cost (mostly, low-wage) producers; (2) triggered enormous capital flight as investors began to pour their funds not into national economies but into god-knows-where places; and (3) brought into Western literally millions of laborers from culturally alien nations – which created enormous social, cultural and political problems (and in the case of Islam created a very real internal existential threat to Western Civilization).

Murderous competition and capital flight annihilated entire industries and led to a radical decrease in real living standards. Prior to the “free trade” disaster, a man could provide for himself, his wife and two or even more children, while in the “free trade” environment, even two incomes in the family are not enough to provide for a decent living for a family of even three (let alone four or five).

Internationally, the free trade policies empowered the rival civilizations (first and foremost, the Chinese and the Muslim civilization) transforming them into serious threats to both the Western Civilization and to the world in general – as undermining the domination of the West will inevitably lead to chaos and descent of our civilization into a very real Hell on Earth.

Consequently, the Western governments must radically rethink their foreign trade policies and base them on the need for happiness of their constituents – not on a liberal dogma.


How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Consumption Equality

It is a well-known fact that liberals were (and still are) infatuated with Marxism. In fact, there were so many “useful idiots” (liberals who supported Bolsheviks) in the first half of the XX century, that at that time liberalism was, indeed, an important component of an existential threat to Western and the whole human civilization.

These days, liberals (who simply hate everyone who is rich – let alone, very rich) are obsessed with one more highly destructive idea: equality of consumption and living standards. In other words, liberals want all Westerners to have roughly similar consumption and living standards – or at least radically decrease the “wealth gap” between the rich and the poor. Just as Marxists do.

Which makes no sense at all because different individuals need very different “wealth needs”. Some (if not most) need to live a simple (and even frugal) lives – in terms of material possessions while others (especially commercial entrepreneurs) simply need to be rich (some very rich).

True, for these individuals money and everything this money can buy, is merely a byproduct of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – that they generate for their stakeholders (“their neighbors”); however, this byproduct is important enough to become a powerful incentive, the necessary drive for their commercial endeavors.

By “equalizing consumption”, liberals take away this all-important incentive and thus severely hinder economic growth (not to mention making many thousands – if not millions – of individuals decidedly unhappy).

Instead, a responsible government must focus on (1) eliminating poverty – i.e. by providing EVERY citizen with a Universal Basic Income; (2) making sure no entrepreneur ever obtains power that might rival the power of the government; and (3) working with rich individuals to make sure they use their wealth for the highest common good (and to prevent them from doing serious harm to the society, nation and the country).


How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Political Correctness

Political correctness is essentially a requirement (developed and enforced by liberals) that the primary objective of any word or phrase (written or spoken), decision or action is not to offend anyone. Ostensibly because offense makes offended individual unhappy (sometimes very unhappy).

The problem is that by requiring and enforcing political correctness, liberals violate probably the most fundamental human right – the freedom of speech. And the secret of happiness is not forcing others to avoid offending you (which is impossible anyway), but conditioning oneself to have no emotional reaction to offensive speech or behavior – and immediately forgiving those who offends you.

Political correctness puts individuals under a severe stress (which sooner or later makes life hellish indeed) and thus makes everybody deeply unhappy. Which means that “liberal medicine” (i.e. political correctness) is far, far worse than the “disease” (i.e. “offensive speech” or “offensive behavior”).


How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Tolerance

By definition, tolerance (more specifically, political, religious, social and cultural tolerance) is the policy and practice of recognizing and respecting (accepting) the beliefs and/or practices (i.e. activities) of others.

Unfortunately, liberalism took tolerance to such extreme that it began to tolerate beliefs and practices that are literally driving the Western Civilization to a very real Hell. In other words, beliefs and practices that present a clear and present existential threat to the Western Civilization. Which makes liberal practices of tolerance genuinely suicidal.

More specifically, liberals tolerate so-called “gender equality” that leads to the suicide of the Western Civilization by “dying out”; “cultural equality” which inevitably leads to disintegration of Western countries into “mini-nations”; and, of course, Islam (the “Green Bolshevism”) which openly states its commitment to conquering and destroying all other civilizations and subsequently transforming our world into a global Islamic caliphate.

Which will in no time make it a very real Hell on Earth – just look at societies created by ISIS, Taliban or Iranian mullahs.

On a smaller scale, liberalism tolerates organized and street crime, human trafficking, prostitution, child pornography, pedophilia, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and other ills of the Western society that can (and must!) be ruthlessly eradicated.