The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (17)

I have already stated on a number of occasions that to achieve their highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly) The Black Sun Society (and thus Die Neue SS, of course), will have no choice but to use powerful spiritual (and even magical) tools, objects, processes and rituals.

Including (but not limited to) the swastika, the Nazi Eagle, the Nazi Flag (the proverbial red banner with black swastika), the runes (including the SS runes), the SS uniforms (both black and field grey), the RSHA, the SD, the Gestapo, the concentration camps (the absolutely vital tool for doing away with organized crime), etc., etc.

It is also highly likely that The Black Sun Society and Die Neue SS would perform a radical reengineering of Berlin, erecting Volkshalle and performing renewal (reengineering) of German capital planned by Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer.

Only I seriously doubt that they would want to rename it Welthaupstadt Germania. However, all these changes will make the “New Western Civilization” look a lot like the Third Reich (though the essence would be radically different, of course).

Now the fundamental question (obviously) is: Will Germans (and other Westerners) go along with these plans? Will they accept them? The totally unexpected (by just about anyone) answer is a resounding Yes, they will.

But only if this “step back in time” (by 80 years or so) would be a part of a comprehensive package. In other words, if The Black Sun Society promises to radically increase economic growth (to a two-digit on an annual basis), radically increase the efficiency of organizations, do away with organized crime and street gangs; radically decrease ordinary crime (especially rape and pedophilia) – as well as drug and alcohol abuse; transform Westerners into genuine Übermenschen and last (but not the least) replace the woefully inefficient “parliamentary democracy” with a direct electronic democracy thus giving the population operational control over its government for the first time in modern (if not the whole human) history.

And, of course, protect the Western civilization from the existential threat of Islam and liberalism (making the population aware of both is not a problem at all – especially given financial resources at the disposal of Die Neue SS which are estimated at tens of billions of euros at least).

The Fourth Reich (probably the most appropriate name for a neo-Ordensstaat) will not take away any cherished freedoms of Westerners (in modern world, it is simply not possible).

In fact, it will enhance their rights and freedoms giving them the power of operational control over government at all levels – from a tiny village to the European Union. And I forgot to mention elimination of poverty and homelessness, among other very positive changes.

One prominent German sociologist was asked the question: “What would happen if Adolf Hitler comes back from the dead and shows up publicly in Germany?”. He replied: 80% of Germans will vote for him and his party in the next federal elections.

This statement is a bit extreme, of course, but the truth is that 80 to 90 percent of the population do not care a damn thing about democracy (and 50% of the eligible population do not even vote). All they care about is their happiness – in other words, they will support anyone who would make them genuinely happy. Even Adolf Hitler himself – let alone far more “vegetarian” Fourth Reich.

Liberals (i.e. “progressives”) claim that liberalism is the “natural step in the evolution of mankind”; however, it is not the case at all. Liberalism was imposed on the Western civilization by its liberal elites horrified by the atrocities committed by the Nazis (and Communists).

But this was only one of the reasons for the (temporary) “triumph of liberalism”. Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3rd, 1939 (the real first day of the Second World War) not because the treaty with Poland required them to do so (it did not – it only called for the a rather abstract “military assistance”).

But only because national-socialism was so successful in Germany that French and British elites were scared almost to death that their constituents would want a “national-socialist revolution” similar to the one that happened in Germany in 1933. Britain even sacrificed its empire to quash the “national-socialist threat”.

And they were at least partially right – in France then overall majority supported the Nazis and the local version of national-socialism. And “switched to the other side” only when it became clear that Germany would lose the war.

Liberalism was a key weapon in the Cold War because to win such a global (and a long-term) war, you must have the superior ideology (compared to your opponent, of course). And liberalism was, indeed, superior to Communism (proven by history many times over).

However, after the victory of the Western Civilization in the Cold War, liberalism not only lost its raison d’être (in less than three decades), but became a genuinely existential threat to the Western Civilization.

The COVID-19 disaster proved it well beyond the reasonable doubt.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (12)

I have already stated (a bit earlier) that humankind faces the choice not between being dominated by the Western Civilization and “harmony of civilizations” but between such domination and total chaos (no, China can not dominate the world – it is way too unique and does not have the necessary resources).

“Hot” colonial wars are out of the question (thank God) so the only way for the Western Civilization to dominate the world is with financial, economic, political, cultural, technological, scientific – and, yes, managerial superiority.

Which means that (1) all its organizations – businesses, government entities, non-profits, academia, etc. – must be far more efficient than organizations of other civilizations; and (2) its human capital – i.e. its citizens – must be far more efficient than citizens of other civilizations. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

In practical terms it means that to retain its dominant position in our world (which is increasingly under attack from other civilizations), the Western Civilization must transform its citizens into genuine Übermenschen (of both sexes) and its organizations – into Über-organizations. At least in relative terms (to the ones in rival organizations).

Both objectives are very much achievable as study after study shows that both individuals and organizations operate at 10-15% of their maximum performance – and so do individuals.

To radically increase the performance and efficiency of an organization (of any kind) is via (1) its radical reengineering; and (2) deployment of the most efficient management and information technologies (the latter should be called “knowledge management technologies”).

The problem is that the overwhelming majority of CEOs of businesses, government entities (especially these) are way too lazy (and sloth is a very much deadly organizational sin) and risk-averse to perform a genuinely radical reengineering on their organizations.

Consequently, they must be… convinced to do that by the government. The latter, obviously, must provide them with the necessary tools, technologies and professionals (i.e., management and information technology consultants).

And, of course, make sure that this radical reengineering of actually the whole national economy does not make it radically less competitive (we already have more than enough problems with Amazon, Google, Facebook and other de-facto monopolies).

This (absolutely necessary) feat is totally impossible for liberal democracies as it requires doing away with their cherished idol of “free market” (free from such a serious government intervention that is).

Even the Chinese can not do that; the only nation that did something like that (and to great effect) were the Japanese (in the 1960s and 70s). Only the “neo-national-socialism” can – after all, its predecessors reengineered the German economy in 1933-38 (and very successfully).

Ditto for transforming Westerners into the “civilization of Übermenschen” (which, incidentally, is one of the seven key objectives of The Black Sun Society and Die Neue SS).

There are tools and technologies to do that (known to humankind for millennia) so the only thing that is needed, is Will. More specifically, desire, determination, discipline, dare and some not-necessarily divine guidance from professionals.

Nazi Germany (and the “original SS”, of course) were to my knowledge the only entities that seriously tried to accomplish this highly noble objective: transform the whole nation (Germans) into the Übermenschen.

Unfortunately, they used tools (eugenics) that not only did not work, but had literally mass-murderous side effects (e.g. Aktion T4). Eugenics did not work for two simple reasons: (1) every human being has not one body, but seven – one tangible/physical and six intangible/spiritual with the latter controlling the former, not vice versa; and (2) you can reengineer a human being only in a “top-down way” – i.e. starting with spiritual, intangible bodies.

Consequently, to achieve this highly noble objective, one must use very different tools (different from eugenics that is): Tai-Chi, Qigong, Yoga (first and foremost, mudra-yoga and kundalini-yoga), etc. Magic (i.e. runic magic) is also a very powerful tool – if used properly, of course.

Why didn’t the Nazis used these “human reengineering” technologies? Because they were way too obsessed with their eugenic and other “racial theories”. These theories clouded their judgement (i.e. hearts, minds and souls) so much that created the “tunnel vision”. So they simply did not listen to the members of The Black Sun Society who tried to show them the “errors of their ways”.

Die Neue SS are under a full and complete control over The Black Sun Society (since 1945, in fact). Consequently, this time they will use the right tools for the job – and will (finally) make it happen.

Obviously, you can not force all your constituents undergo a radical reengineering – now government will ever have that much power in real life. However, it can provide sufficient incentives/drive to do it (including, but not limited to, a skillful propaganda).

Which is definitely impossible for liberals – they are too obsessed (I would even say possessed) with the idol of “human rights and freedoms”. As usual, liberals completely confuse the end with the means.

In reality, every human being has but one unalienable right – to be genuinely happy. Which requires not only consuming (by satisfying one’s genuine aggregate needs), but also generating the maximum possible amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual for one’s stakeholders (neighbors).

Which can be done only when then individual in question operates at the maximum possible performance – i.e. when one becomes a genuine Übermensch (or Über-Frau).

Liberal democracies can not make this transformation happen (in other words, they can not make their constituents genuinely happy); consequently, it can be done only by neo-Ordensstaat. And it will be done – after all, by 1938, Adolf Hitler did make Germans the genuinely happiest nation in Europe – if not in the whole world…

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (11)

The same is true, of course, for the so-called “refugees” (in reality, economic migrants – pure and simple). They come to Western nations for exactly the same reason: the risk-return profile of this endeavor is sufficiently attractive to a sufficient number of individuals to create a very serious problem (and ultimately an existential threat) to Western Civilization.

Bleeding-heart liberals claim that there is no way to stop “refugees” from coming. This statement is only partially correct – there is no such way under the liberal democracy.

A neo-Ordensstaat will solve this problem in a matter of days – by sinking boats with refugees without warning (using stealthy or not-so-stealthy attack drones) and by shooting without warning (and shooting to kill) those that make it (illegally) to the territory of the Western nation in question.

These operation will be videotaped and uploaded onto YouTube. This will (obviously) radically alter the risk/return profile for refuges and their helpers (drones will not care about whom the boat in question is registered to and operated by). And – no less obviously – reduce the number of invaders (let’s call a spade a spade) to practically zero.

I am not saying that this is the best solution to the “refugee problem” (there might be other, more humane options); I only want to demonstrate how it can be done in a matter of days. A 50-caliber Browning M2 is a far more convincing argument than any other. As is, of course, the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface (and anti-ship) missile.

Liberals simply can not grasp a fundamental truth (no wonder – if you want to make a liberal really mad, tell him or her the truth): any government is responsible only for its citizens (not even for permanent residents). Period.

Hence, no government is (or can be made) responsible for helping refugees and no “refugee” has (or can be given) a right to asylum. The cultural security (absolutely essential for any nation to survive – let alone prosper) requires that it can (and should) let in only those willing to completely abandon their culture and to adopt the culture of the “receiving nation” (i.e. to be Westernized if the latter is the Western one). In other words, borders must be open only to so-called “transcultural individuals” – and to no one else.

But let’s go back to the subject of crime. Another kind of crime that must be all but eradicated is, obviously, rape – which is a horrendous crime against humanity. And there is a relatively easy way to do it (no, it does not require sending rapists to neo-Dachau indefinitely).

However, it requires a compulsory training of all ladies since the age of 12 (and possibly even younger) in self-defense against rape. Physical (i.e. in martial arts) and (what is much more important) psychological.

Studies and experiments demonstrated beyond the reasonable doubt that this solution works – and works very well. In some cases, the number of rapes went down by as much as 80%. The number of domestic violence against women also went down sharply.

The problem is that no liberal government has the desire, discipline, determination and dare to make it happen. But the neo-Ordensstaat will – after all, in the Third Reich lots of things were made compulsory quickly and efficiently.

If these skills do not protect a woman from domestic violence perpetrated by her husband, another solution pioneered by the Third Reich might help. A weeklong stay in a Dachau-style “reform establishment”.

Most of the time, after this “vacation” husbands lost the desire to hurt their wives completely and for good. I stand corrected – this method was used a few centuries ago in at that time not-so-liberal Britain.

Ditto for the children. If parents hurt their child, the only thing the latter needs to do is to file an official complaint… no, not with the police, of course. Simply with his or her Hitler Youth or BDM group (their modern equivalents, of course).

Group leader informs the appropriate detectives, they investigate the complaint and if it is confirmed that the child in question tells the truth (children not always do)… you guessed correctly, parents earn a weeklong “correction therapy” in the nearest Dachau-style establishment.

Which was (at the time of the Third Reich) and will undoubtedly be more than enough for the individuals in question to lose any desire to hurt their children – for good. But again, the liberal democracy simply can not do that – hence the widespread domestic violence in so-called “democratic nations”.

Another problem that liberals simply can not solve is homelessness. There is an easy way to solve it – make it illegal for anyone to live in the streets. If anyone loses the place of residence – for whatever reason – the state must supply him or her with acceptable accommodations.

And if the individual in question has mental health issues (the overwhelming majority of homeless do) provide him or her with appropriate care and treatment. Obviously, liberal democracies can not make it happen as the right to live on the street appears to be one of the key rights cherished and protected by liberals.

Another problem endemic to the “liberal nations” is poverty. Again, it is not that difficult to solve this problem (every Western nation has the necessary resources – only the will is lacking).

To solve this problem, the government must recognize that there are two kinds of poverty – some people are poor because they can not earn enough to get out of it and others (the majority if not the overwhelming majority) because they are too lazy to do it (sloth was included into a list of seven deadly sins for a reason).

Consequently, all the state needs to do is to provide those that can escape property with the necessary tools and other resources (and, first, and foremost, “carrot and stick” incentives) and those that can not with sufficient support for a decent lifestyle.

And again, liberals are totally impotent in this department because they simply can not grasp that the overwhelming majority of the poor are poor because they are simply too lazy to “get up, show up” and work sufficiently hard to make enough money to put poverty behind them.

Like their “best friends” Bolsheviks, liberals consider all poor individuals inherently good and all rich ones inherently bad. The reality in most cases is exactly the opposite with the exception of a few ones who inherited their wealth (or married into one), there is no such thing as an “affluent lazy individual”.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (10)

The next fundamental deficiency of liberalism is its fundamental inability to deal with a menace which, however, does not represent an existential threat. I am talking about the organized crime (including street gangs such as MS-13).

At least not to Western Civilization, although it does for the Russian one (years earlier the latter got transformed into a genuine “Mafia State” which would inevitably destroy it – and rather sooner than later).

It is also an enormous problem for the whole (mostly minority) communities in Europe, North America and elsewhere as these communities are controlled, terrorized and extorted by criminal gangs. Murderous criminal gangs.

I fully understand the origins of the (in)famous Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement as, indeed, systemic racism is a serious problem in the “good old USA”. However, I have two major issues with this controversial (to put it mildly) organization.

The first one is its name because it implicitly it claims that only blacks are victims of systemic racism in the USA. Which is simply not true – Hispanics (especially illegal immigrants) are victims as well.

In fact, up until recently many police departments and sheriff’s departments almost openly used (some apparently still do) acronym NHI (No Humans Involved) which referred to crimes (homicide, grievous bodily harm, rape, etc.) committed against non-white individuals.

Hence a far better name (that would adequately reflect the systemic racism in the USA) would be All Lives Matter. All, not just white that is.

The second major issue is that BLM simply does not its priorities straight. Radically decreasing the number of black murder victims is a highly noble undertaking, no doubt about that.

The problem is that over 90% (in some cases, 99%) of such murders are black-on-black; first and foremost, gang-related murders. In other words, just about all victims have been killed by street gangs… who are one hundred percent black.

Hence, BLM would have been far more efficient at saving black lives (if they sincerely want to it, of course) not by fighting the police of all colors (believe it or not, but blacks are killed by black police officers as well – and by Hispanic, too). But by creating a strategic partnership with the police and radically reducing activities of street gangs?

Why doesn’t BLM do it? Ulterior motives are present, of course (black-on-black violence does not generate nearly as much publicity – and donations – these days as white-on-black).

However, there is more “natural” reason – in a liberal democracy it is (theoretically) possible to overcome “systematic police racism” (after all, a lot has already been done in the last half a century or so) while annihilating street gangs (or any organized crime for that matter) is not.

Only a decidedly non-liberal regime (i.e., the reincarnation of the Third Reich) could do the job. The tool is very simple – a reincarnation of the (in)famous Reichstag Fire Decree – only limited in scope to organized crime.

This decree will allow to arrest without warrant anyone on “reasonable suspicion” of being involved in street gang (or any other organized crime activity) – any experienced in this area police detective will confirm that the chances of arresting someone who is innocent are next to nil.

And detain (intern) indefinitely in a concentration camp (a reincarnation of Dachau or a similar institution). A week in such conditions will be sufficient for just about any gang (or organize crime) member to confess all his or her crimes (in the latter case it would be a reincarnation of Ravensbrück) and – what is much more important – produce all necessary tangible evidence and information on other members of the gang in question.

Street gangs and other organized crime are so widespread in Western nations for but one reason – the risk/return profile of these activities is sufficiently favorable to a sufficient number of individuals.

The “neo-Reichstag-Fire-Decree” (especially the indefinite internment in neo-Dachau) will change this profile so radically that the street gangs and other organize crime… no, it will not disappear completely, of course. But it activities will go down by an order of magnitude at least. It already happened in Nazi Germany, so it will happen in any Western nation. And very quickly.

The fundamental (and insurmountable) problem of liberalism is that it views organized crime (including the street gangs) as a law enforcement issue. It isn’t. It is war – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. And you do not fight a war with prosecutors – you fight it with paramilitary units (at least).

The same is true for drug production and distribution. Only a decidedly non-liberal regime can declare drug manufacturers and distributors (including those that transport them) as enemies identical to, say, Islamic terrorists such as late Osama bin Laden. Which is actually true and correct as the death toll from drug abuse far exceeds the one from terrorist acts.

Hence the military and paramilitary units should receive the right to attack and destroy crops of the corresponding plants, drug manufacturing factories – as well as planes, cars and boats that transform them without warning. And shoot to kill. Anywhere on this planet.

This will again radically change the risk-return profile for “drug entrepreneurs” – when the meth cook knows for sure that if discovered, he or she would be instantly wiped out by a precision attack munition from the drone (or shot at sight by a special forces unit)… the number of individuals who would like to get involved in drug trade will go down drastically.

Especially if mansions, yachts and private aircraft of known druglords would be added to the list of approved targets (as they should be – it is long overdue). And domestic intelligence agencies get the tools currently used only by the military, CIA, NSA and similar agencies (long overdue as well).

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (9)

Another feature shared by both liberalism and Bolshevism (and the one that presents a genuinely existential threat to Western Civilization) is the relentless pursuit of economic equality.

Both Bolshevism and liberalism understand economic equality as imposition (yes, this shit can only be imposed on the society by force – and then not for long) of roughly equal living standards (in terms of material possessions) on all members of society – regardless of the amount of aggregate value (financial, functional, emotional and spiritual) they create for the latter.

Attempts to implement this idea (in Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Communist China and in some other nations) produced disastrous results. Catastrophic. Murderous. And, of course created societies far more unequal than the one they replaced.

In reality, the only equality that can (and must) be established (and maintained) is social equality. More specifically:

  1. Every citizen – regardless of his or her social group – MUST place the interests of the nation, country and society above his or her own
  2. Consequently, every citizen MUST make the maximum possible contribution to all of the above in terms of aggregate value (financial, functional, emotional and spiritual)
  3. There will be no “private schools for the rich”; admission to the elite schools will be done on basis of individual merit, not social status (or wealth of one’s parents)
  4. Every citizen will be provided by the state with sufficient resources to “be the best one can be” (in other words, to maximize his or her aggregate value – generating potential)
  5. Every citizen MUST join the youth organization (the modern equivalents of Hitler Youth or BDM) on a strictly equal basis (i.e. no class privileges and all promotions and awards must be earned in a fierce and fair competition with others)
  6. Every citizen MUST serve his/her country in its Armed Forces, police or other paramilitary organization (i.e. special units of Die Neue SS) for one year (the specific placement will be determined strictly by personal aptitude, not by social status)
  7. Every citizen MUST serve his/her country in a civilian position (e.g. in the Civil Service Corps) for one year (the specific placement will be determined strictly by personal aptitude, not by social status)
  8. All compensation will be based exclusively on the amount of aggregate value generated by the individual in question
  9. There will be only one source of the national elite – Die Neue SS – where recruitment will be based strictly only on one’s personal merit (that would be the crucial difference from the “original SS” where the “purity of blood” was a vital criterion)
  10. All managerial and professional positions will be filled in a completely transparent manner (via Direct Democracy Portal), based on one’s abilities and in fair competition with other applicants

Now that’s real equality.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (8)

The next component of a multi-faceted existential threat to the Western Civilization is somewhat related to a previous one. It is chaos – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Liberals will never admit it, of course (I doubt that the even realize it), but liberalism has two fundamental features in common with the “original” (i.e., Hitler’s) national-socialism.

First, both create a highly distorted (and thus grossly inaccurate) perception of reality. As we all know, perception is the only reality; consequently, it is no surprise that both regimes acted on this perception (and not on the accurate view of the world).

Which predictable led to colossal (and ultimately suicidal) blunders. Nazi blunders were more evident; besides, they were fighting a very hot and global war, so it is no surprise that these blunders led to the demise of the (tangible) Nazi civilization in just twelve years.

The liberal blunders are far less evident – and liberalism is not fighting a global “hot” war. Consequently, it survived (and even prospered for decades) in its postbellum form… however, its time is up.

I estimate that by and large, liberalism will cease to exist within a year or so (i.e. by the end of 2021). It will essentially commit suicide (that’s exactly what the Third Reich did as the Allies did not win the war – Nazi Germany lost it); however, the coup de grâce will be (predictably) delivered by The Black Sun Society and Die Neue SS.

The second common feature of liberalism and the “original” national-socialism is that both ideologies are fundamentally criminal. However, liberalism is far, far more criminal than even Hitler’s national-socialism.

For a simple and clear reason – liberalism is fundamentally incompatible with any religion (Hitler developed a mutually acceptable modus vivendi with both Catholic and Protestant Churches) and consequently wants to de-facto eliminate all of them.

Which will immediately disconnect the whole mankind from vital divine supernatural energy… and thus in no time transform our world into a very real Hell on Earth. Now this is a crime against humanity incomparably worse than all horrific crimes committed by the Nazis taken together.

Liberalism is also fundamentally similar to Bolshevism (no wonder the former served as “useful idiots” for the latter for decades). Both believe that the human society (both within nations and as a whole) consists of “the oppressors” and “the oppressed” and that “oppressors” inherently “bad” while the “oppressed” are inherently “good”.

And the only change needed to transform our highly imperfect world into a “Paradise on Earth” is to depose the “oppressors” and give power to the “oppressed”.

Only “oppressors” were different – for Bolsheviks it were the “capitalists” and for liberals they are WHCM – White Heterosexual Christian Males. And the oppressed as well – for Bolsheviks they were “workers and peasants” and for liberals – all other social groups (other than WHCM that is). Women, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Muslims, homosexuals, transgenders, etc.

History proved both totally, completely and utterly wrong. Deposing “capitalists” and “giving power to workers and peasants” produced the state and the society which was far more oppressive (to anyone) than any “capitalist” one.

The departure of the “oppressors” (i.e., colonial powers) from their colonies (which transferred power to the “oppressed”) in most cases produced states far more oppressive (and incomparably more corrupt to boot) than the “colonial rule” (oh, and just about all colonies were civilized not by natives, but by colonial powers).

And the incessant attempts of Western liberals to “do away with WHCM power” produced “dictatorship of political correctness”. Which is many aspects is far worse than the original “oppressive society”. Not to mention the fact that the lion’s share of human progress (economic, social, cultural, etc.) can and must be credited to WCHM.

Worse, these incessant attacks on “WCHM power” brought the Western Civilization dangerously close to collapse into total chaos – which represents a genuinely existential threat to the former.

Because in reality (1) the noble idea of creating a “colorblind society” failed miserably – race, religion, nationality, gender, etc. remain key components of one’s identity; (2) no social group is better (or worse) than the other – all individuals are mostly driven by cardinal sins of pride, greed, gluttony, wrath, envy, sloth, lust and fear; and, consequently, (3) “harmony between social groups” is impossible – they all are and forever will be fighting for power over the resources – financial, natural, etc. – of the nation in question. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear

Hence, The Black Sun Society (and Die Neue SS, of course) are completely confident that the Western Civilization faces not the choice between “the WHCM power” and “harmony between social groups” but between the former and total chaos (and thus a genuine Hell on Earth).

Consequently, both organizations are committed to maintaining (and restoring where necessary) “the WCHM power” – using all means available (in reality, legal means will be more than sufficient).

The global situation is fundamentally identical, only this time civilizations, not social groups struggle for (this time global) resources. Western, Russian, Chinese, African, Latin American (“Hispanic”), etc.

No civilization is inherently better (or worse) than the other (and neither are social groups) as all are comprised of highly imperfect and sinful individual. All civilizations in their history committed horrible atrocities and crimes against humanity – and did a lot of other things no one could be proud of.

The currently dominant Western Civilization is simply stronger than all others combined – and strength is a virtue, not a sin (last time I checked). And so are WCHM – compared to all other social groups, by the way.

So again, The Black Sun Society (and Die Neue SS, of course) are completely confident that human civilization faces not the choice between being dominated by the Western Civilization and “harmony between civilization” but between the former and total chaos (and thus a genuine Hell on Earth).

Consequently, both organizations are committed to maintaining (and restoring where necessary) the dominant position of the Western Civilization in our world – using all means available (in reality, legal means will be more than sufficient).

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (7)

Another component of a multi-faceted threat to the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization is somewhat related to a previous one. It is an existential threat to Western cultures (the Western Culture in general and cultures of individual nations and states in particular).

The culture is like a glue that binds together all components of both an individual and the nation (and the state, of course). If you take away this glue (i.e. the culture of an individual or a common culture of the nation), the individual and the nation in question will inevitably fall apart. In the latter case, the territory in question will get transformed into a very real Hell on Earth.

To protect itself from this genuinely existential threat, the government in question must “program” the common culture into hearts, minds and souls using whatever means necessary (including passing and enforcing the Cultural Security Act).

Ultimately, the common culture MUST be synonymous with citizenship; in other words, every citizen of the country in question MUST be indoctrinated in the corresponding culture (i.e., either accept it – or lose one’s citizenship). And, of course, no one could be awarded the citizenship without a confirmed cultural indoctrination (confirmed by the “cultural test”, of course).

Neo-national-socialism can do the job (because that’s exactly what the “original” national-socialism was doing for decades), but for a “liberal democracy”, protecting the culture of a Western nation is impossible.

For a very simple reason – it would require doing away with cherished “multiculturalism” which proclaims the equality and equal value of all cultures – and the right of every citizen to be of any culture he/she chooses.

This is a ton of bull (pardon my French), because only the “native culture” is not just valuable, but critically important for the nation – as only this culture is the “glue” that holds both individual citizens and the whole nation together.

And, of course, not all cultures are equally valuable. Two irrefutable facts prove beyond the reasonable doubt that (1) the cultures differ by the amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – they create for the human civilization – i.e., by its contribution to humanity; and (2) by this criterion, Western Culture is the most valuable by far.

The core of each culture are (obviously) its roots – historical, religious, etc. And this is where The Black Sun had to significantly (I would even say radically) change its beliefs and its objectives.

Because the roots of the Western Civilization are fundamentally Christian – you take away Christianity and the whole civilization will fall apart. Hence, The Black Sun Society will have no other choice but to somehow blend their (German pagan) beliefs with Christianity – and treat the latter as a highly valuable and vitally important ally, not an enemy.

Which is not that difficult, actually as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” (or at least an ally). And paganism and Christianity have one sworn (and even existential) enemy – liberalism.

Although the latter gives a lip service to “equality of all religions” and its respect for all of them, the reality is fundamentally different. In reality, liberalism is fundamentally incompatible with any religion – as any religious faith is not compatible with secularism, relativism, consumerism, materialism and other pillars of liberalism.

Consequently, it is “either-or” situation: either the religions destroy liberalism – or liberalism annihilates religions. However, religions are vitally important for mankind while liberalism definitely is not.

Religions establish and maintain “divine energy channels” which are as important for human life (and for human civilization) as air, food or water. Hence, a simple (but extremely powerful) survival instinct of a human civilization will make sure that it will be liberalism – not religions – that will be sent to the dustbin of history.

However, it is also a well-established fact that Christianity (the foundation of the Western Civilization) has all but lost its power as the “keeper” of the abovementioned channel (to put it simply, got transformed from the Church into a charity).

Hence, The Black Sun Society and its agents will have no other choice but to bring the Christian church back to its primary (actually, the only) Mission – providing our civilization with salvific spiritual energies of Divine Grace (Holy Spirit). And saving human lives (from Hell that is), of course.

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (5)

The next component of a multi-faceted existential threat to human civilization is no less profound, albeit far less evident. It is the whole political and government system of modern Western nations – the famous “separation of powers” into representative (legislative), executive and judicial.

This system was designed at least 300 years ago and for centuries did work. Not ideally, of course (no system does), but still better (in a long term) than any alternative system.

However, in the past 50 years or so (and especially in the last decade), our world changed so radically, that this system no longer works. It is way too slow, complex and cumbersome (and thus inefficient) to keep pace with our more and more fast-paced and chaotic world. The “COVID disaster” (more on that later) is a perfect example of this murderous (literally) inefficiency.

Besides, it is an open secret that this system is democracy in name only. In reality, only about half of the population goes to the polls (the other half correctly believes that it makes no difference whatsoever) and the government is formed by the parties (in many cases a coalition) that together get often less than 50% of the popular vote (thanks to the 5% or so “barrier to entry”).

Consequently, the government represents the interests of 20-25% of the population. This is not a democracy – not by a long shot (in democracy, the government represents the interests of over 50% of the population).

In reality, government does not work for its constituents – it works for itself. More precisely, government officials work for themselves (to obtain power, money, etc.). It is possible because “the people” have no operational control over its government. None whatsoever.

True, they can “vote out” the government that does not serve their interests, but it can be done only once in a few years (which makes for a very inefficient control mechanism, to put it mildly) and besides there is no guarantee that the “medicine” (i.e. the new government) would be better than the “disease” (i.e., the old one). For exactly the same reason – total absence of operational controls.

This gross inefficiency of the Western liberal government system is a genuinely existential threat to the Western Civilization because rather sooner than later the latter would be hit by a crisis that this system will be too inefficient to handle.

Actually, it already did – and the name of this crisis is COVID-19 disaster (more on that later). Which will inevitably lead to collapse of not only of the “liberal world”, but of the whole Western civilization (if the latter does not immediately do away with liberalism and replace it with the system capable of dealing with existential crises).

Such a system exists, of course – and is derived from the one used… by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis for management the internal affairs of Germany. Surprisingly (or, maybe not-so-surprisingly) know how the Third Reich (i.e. the Führerstaat really worked “on the inside”)… and why Reinhard Heydrich was the third most powerful individual in Nazi Germany.

Not because he was the head of Gestapo, of course (the power and importance of the Nazi secret police are grossly exaggerated). But because he was head of the SD (more precisely, Inland-SD) – domestic intelligence service of the Nazi Party and subsequently the Nazi state.

SD informants (and other agents) collected information on needs and desires of Germans, collated it into reports (thus performing rudimentary knowledge mining) and sent these reports to the appropriate government and party agencies. Which used these documents as the basis for developing and executing policies aimed at satisfying needs and desires of its constituents (i.e. the population of Nazi Germany).

The Nazi State (Führerstaat) was designed according to the omnipresent Führerprinzip. Which gave every manager full and complete (i.e., dictatorial) powers in his (in the Third Reich it was always a “he”) responsibility areas.

The officials did not have to worry about re-election as there were no elections in Nazi Germany. Every official answered only to his superior… which was (obviously) a major weakness of the whole system (alas, inevitable at that level of information technologies).

The Third Reich (and the SS – of which the SD was a key part) were essentially a brainchild of The Black Sun Society. Consequently, it is no surprise that we will see the reincarnation (of sorts) of the SD – both Inland (domestic) and Ausland (foreign).

Like its predecessor, Die Neue SD will collect and collate information on genuine needs of the constituents of the Western Civilization – only this time using Big Data and other state-of-the-art e-technologies.

However, these technologies (finally) allow to provide all Westerners with the tool to communicate their needs and desires (and ideas and proposals, of course) directly to the executive power – via the Web site which most likely will be called Direct Democracy Portal (DDP). Thus making “representative powers” (i.e., parliaments) redundant at all levels.

All government officials will be appointed top-down (Die Neue SS as the “new elite”) will take care of that. However, all government activities (projects, processes, functions, etc.) will be made completely transparent (vial the same portal) to the population (including the management selection process, of course).

Which will give the population – for the first time in human history – full and complete operational control over the activities of governments at all levels – from the smallest village to the EU (yes, the EU will continue to exist – albeit in a very different form). Including, of course, the power to recall every government official at every level (via an online referendum).

Which would automatically make the neo-Ordensstaat (or neo-Führerstaat, if you will) not a dictatorship (as some might fear) but a genuine direct electronic democracy. Actually, this idea has been around for decades… only no one viewed is as a reincarnation of the “original” Führerstaat (the Nazi state).

Today, the civil courts are not a solution – they are the problem, because they slow down all processes in the nation into a crawl and make decision-making a nightmare. Consequently, the judicial power (its civilian component, of course) will be drastically curtailed.

Although liberals “preach secularism”, so to speak and position themselves as totally and completely materialistic and non-religious; in reality liberalism is nothing but an idolatry, a unique neo-pagan quasi-religion that worships idols of “democracy”, “freedom”, “human rights” and, of course, “The Law” .

These are, indeed, idols because all these structures are supposed to serve people to make the latter genuinely happy. And liberals make the people serve these idols – which make the “liberal regime” genuinely totalitarian.

Thus the “neo-Ordensstaat” will constitute a return to common sense; making masters the masters and servants the servants (not the other way around as is the case in “liberal democracies” which are in reality not democracies at all).

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (4)

The second component of current multi-faceted existential threat to Western (and thus human) civilization, is that the former “commits suicide by dying out”. In practical terms (and numbers), it means that fertility rates in just about all Western nations are below population replacement levels. Consequently, the Western nations are, indeed dying out – and will ultimately die out and be replaced by Muslims. Thus stealthily transforming the Western Civilization into a global Islamic caliphate.

The Black Sun Society believes (correctly) that national-socialism is the only major ideology that squarely focuses on procreation – i.e. maximizing fertility rates; and thus is capable of reversing this suicidal trend (albeit its family policy was not as successful as planned it was, still, far more successful than the ones adopted by the modern Western “liberal democracies”).

The latter simply can not save the Western Civilization from dying out, because to do so they will have to recognize the irrefutable psychological fact that a woman can be genuinely happy only in a “traditional” marriage (man-woman-children).

It will not hinder her career one bit – modern e-technologies make it possible to very efficiently and happily combine the two. Just ask Nancy Pelosi (the third most powerful individual in the USA and a happy mother of five kids) – and millions and millions of other women.

Liberals can not recognize (let alone accept) this fact because it would require (1) doing away with individualism and “classic” feminism; and (2) focusing the whole social system not on individuals, but on a traditional family, creating sufficient incentives for couples to (a) get legally married; and (b) produce at least three children (Heinrich Himmler required SS members to produce at least four).

Doing away with individualism and feminism would be tantamount to doing away with the whole liberal ideology – especially taking into account that neither homosexual families, nor transgenders will fit into this system.

The Black Sun Society firmly believes in the almighty survival instinct of the Western Civilization; consequently, it is completely confident that rather sooner than later the Social Singularity Event will serve as a Weckruf (wake-up call) for the Westerners to the reality of this suicidal process.

Which will make the latter do away with liberalism – and accept neo-national-socialism with all its attributes (including the neo-Ordensstaat). Not because the latter is an “ideal society” (it is not – far from that) – but because it is the only power capable of saving the Western Civilization from “suicide by dying out” – and other existential threats.

In other words, do exactly what Germans did in 1933. Which would not be a big surprise actually as many analysts rightfully call the modern-day Western Civilization “one Giant Weimar Republic”…

The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (3)

To achieve its objectives, The Black Sun Society must establish full control over the whole Western Civilization. And there was only one way to do it – the way that already worked once – in 1933.

At that time most Germans were not Nazi supporters and the idea of losing a lot of their rights and freedoms (speech, political activity, press, gatherings, etc.) did not exactly appeal to them.

Still, a few short months later the overwhelming majority of Germans supported the Nazi regime (a few years later more than 95% did) and agreed to give up their freedoms – in exchange for (1) protecting them from the existential Bolshevist threat; and (2) making them radically happier (by 1938, Germany became the happiest nation in the world – if not in whole modern history).

By definition, an individual is happy when his or her genuine needs are satisfied (perceived wants/desires are unlimited and thus simply can not be satisfied – ever). Consequently, The Black Sun Society (and their new sibling – Die Neue SS) could take control over the Western civilization only when they (1) become the only force capable of protecting the letter from being destroyed by a genuinely existential threat; and (2) find a way to do what liberalism miserably failed to do – satisfy genuine needs of Westerners.

They had to wait for a long time – three quarters of a century; however, it was not a problem for them at all as prior to that they had to wait 1200 years or so for the first opportunity to come to absolute, dictatorial power in Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization (in that order).

Today – as it did a century ago – the Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) faces the genuinely existential threat (again). This time, it is a very different and much more complex (multifaceted) threat; however, it does possess certain similarities with the previous one.

The name of this similarity is Islam. It is rightfully called “the Green Bolshevism” because both political ideologies have the identical objective: conquer the whole world (the whole human civilization), destroy it as we know it and build upon its ruins a worldwide totalitarian state.

Bolsheviks wanted a global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics while Islam wants a global Islamic caliphate; Bolsheviks wanted to ultimately convert everyone to Bolshevism (convert or die); Muslims want to convert everyone to Islam (ditto).

Pagans would face this choice immediately – as will everyone else except Jews and Christians (the “people of the Book”) would be force to convert one day or the other one way or the other (see the history of former Christian lands invaded, occupied and conquered by Muslims). Which made Islam a genuinely existential enemy of decidedly pagan The Black Sun Society.

There is a very popular misconception that Islamic terrorism presents an existential threat to the Western Civilization. It doesn’t. True, it is a serious threat (one individual murdered or even injured by a terrorist of any kind is one too many) – but not an existential threat.

Islamic terrorists can kill dozens, hundreds or even thousands (e.g. on 9/11) but they do not have the power to bring down the Western civilization – let alone build a global Islamic caliphate.

Hence even radical Muslim fundamentalists who want both, do not support Islamic terrorists, correctly seeing them as doing far more harm than good to the “Islamic cause”. Neither does the overwhelming majority of Muslims – in reality, Islamic terrorists are outcasts in the Islamic community (much like Jewish terrorists were a hundred or so years ago).

Another popular misconception is that just about all Muslims are fundamentalist and radical “soldiers of Islam” tirelessly working to destroy the Western Civilization and to create the global Islamic caliphate by nonviolent means.

In reality, over 90% of Muslims are not different from non-Muslims – they have identical objectives and priorities (which have nothing to do with politics, let alone “Islamic revolution”).

Unfortunately, there is a critical mass of fanatics (“Islamic imperialists”) who are committed to destroying the human civilization as we know it and building on its ruins the global Islamic caliphate. And (no less unfortunately) they have sufficient emotional and spiritual power over “other Muslims” to make the latter work for their cause.

Using uncontrolled immigration of so-called “Muslim refugees” and the “wombs of Muslim women” (i.e. sky-high fertility rates) to gradually make Muslims a majority in every Western nations (in some cities and districts it already is).

And then to come to power using Western democratic system – and use this power (augmented by brutal force when necessary) to do away with “Western democracy” and creating an “Islamic caliphate” in its place. In other words, repeating what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did almost a century ago – in 1933.

It is actually easy to prevent this from happening – by (1) shutting the borders to all Muslim refugees and other immigrants; (2) recognizing Islam for what it is – a subversive and destructive political ideology which represents and existential threat to Western civilization; and (3) treating Islam and Muslims accordingly.

Unfortunately, the liberal Western democracies are fundamentally incapable of saving themselves (and the whole Western civilization) from being destroyed by the “Islamic imperialists”.

For a very simple reason – to do what needs to be done they have to do away with fundamental liberal principles of “tolerance”, “relativism” and “multiculturalism” – which is tantamount to doing away with the whole liberal ideology.

Consequently, they are essentially “useful idiots” for the second time in their history. Only this time they are useful to Muslim, not Bolshevist invaders – 100 years ago Western governments essentially created the Soviet military-industrial colossus by supplying key tools and technologies (and the whole gigantic factories and other industrial enterprises) to the Bolshevist regime.

The Black Sun Society is confident that only it (and its siblings – the Vril Society and Die Neue SS) are the only power capable of saving Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from “Islamization”.

In other words, from being occupied, conquered and destroyed by “Green Bolsheviks” – and transformed into a global Islamic caliphate (which for them would be a genuine Hell on Earth). Given that The Black Sun Society and the “original SS” did save all of the above from being occupied, conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks, there is some serious truth to this belief.

They also believe that because the liberal democracies can not defend themselves (and the whole Western Civilization) from being destroyed by “Islamic imperialists”, they are fundamentally nonviable. In other words, doomed to extinction, to ending up in the dustbin of history.

Consequently, the Western Civilization does not have a choice between Islam and liberalism (Islamic caliphate and liberal democracies). The only choice it really has is the choice between “Eurabia” (in a broad sense) and the neo-Ordensstaat (the Fourth Reich, if you will).

Civilizations are living beings; consequently, like human beings, they have a survival instinct. A very powerful survival instinct. Therefore, The Black Sun Society has no doubt, no doubt at all that the Western Civilization will make the right choice. The salvific choice.