The Cardinal Sin of “Revisionist” Books on Nazi Germany

The cardinal sin (which is very literally deadly to the historical Truth) of the so-called “revisionist” books on Nazi Germany is even worse than the cardinal sin of the “official” (“mainstream”) books about the Third Reich.

For starters, the term “revisionist history” is fundamentally misleading. Because there is no such thing as “mainstream” (“official” or “professional”) and “revisionist” history. There is only genuine history – and propaganda (either anti-Nazi or pro-Nazi/neo-Nazi).

In the latter respect, just about all “revisionist” books, articles, blog posts, etc. are fundamentally the same as the “mainstream” ones. Actually, they are even worse – for two fundamental reasons.

First, although the “mainstream” historian are not competent enough (due to lack of expertise in knowledge management and systems analysis) for developing an accurate picture of the Third Reich and its environment, the “revisionist” histories are even less competent.

Like their “mainstream” counterparts (and rivals), the “revisionist” historians have no training or experience in knowledge management or systems analysis. Unfortunately, their training (and experience) in “classic” historical research is way, way below the ones of their rivals (and often just plain non-existent). Which results in books and other deliverables of a far lower quality than the ones produced by the “mainstream” historians.

Second, while “official” (“professional”) historians are driven primarily by the very deadly (to the historical Truth) sins of pride (which prevents them from even considering a radically different view of Nazi Germany and its environment), fear to lose their jobs, income and status in the “community of mainstream historians” and sloth (they are just too lazy to look for the historical Truth), the “revisionist” historians are consumed by a far more destructive sin.

Hatred. Which is almost exclusively hatred for the Jews. In other words, virulent (and sometimes even violent) Judeophobia. Just about all “revisionist” historians (most of which are diehard “Holocaust deniers”) are driven not by love for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich (of which they know very little) but by hatred for the Jews.

Consequently, the so-called “Holocaust revisionism” (which in reality is nothing but a Holocaust denial) is nothing but a hate speech directed towards the Jews. And must be treated as such. Which (IMHO) means that it was (and is) a good idea to make Holocaust denial a criminal offence.

There is an important exception to this “revisionism rule”. In Russia, there is a whole school of historic revisionism (represented by mostly amateur historians such as Viktor Suvorov, Mark Solonin, Vladimir Beshanov, Igor Bunich, Mikhail Meltiukghov and others) that uses a highly professional methodology (and none of them is a “Holocaust denier” or an anti-Semite).

However, they write and publish books, papers, articles and other content exclusively on the history of the Soviet Russia, Soviet Union and the so-called Great Patriotic War (the Second World War after June 22nd, 1941 when the Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union). They have published virtually nothing on the Third Reich; consequently, the “revisionist history” of Nazi Germany looks pretty much like I described above.

Scientifically Correct versus Politically Correct (2)

Political correctness is a totalitarian ideology – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Its fundamental principle (and demand!) is to ban all public speech – oral, written and printed, that might (might!!) offend even one social group that PC fanatics deem “disadvantaged”, “vulnerable”, “exploited”, etc. Blacks, Jews, Muslims, women, gays, transgenders, et cetera, et cetera.

This principle and demand makes political correctness very similar to Bolshevism (that PC fanatics usually admire), national-socialism and fascism (which they pretend to hate).

Hence conservative opponents of political correctness are 100% correct (no pun intended) when they call PC a purely fascist ideology. Because you can have either the freedom of speech (the cornerstone of free democratic society) or political correctness – but never both at the same time.

Applied to non-fiction history books, political correctness means that all facts, explanations, theories, etc. that might (might!!!) offend the Jews, the liberals, the Slavs or any other social group must be banned.

Only those facts and explanations are permitted that do not offend anyone. Oh, and lies are OK – if they make the abovementioned social groups comfortable (i.e. create emotional value for them).

These demands, obviously, make political correctness pure propaganda (“agitprop”) – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Propaganda that has (obviously) nothing to do with science. Which automatically means that you can have either science (which is seldom – if ever – politically correct) or political correctness, but never both at the same time.

Unfortunately, the “PC lobby” became so powerful these days – and just about in every Western nation – that “professional” (i.e. “mainstream” or “official”) historians have to either cave in to the demands of “PC fanatics” or leave their universities, research centers, government jobs, etc.

This enormous pressure from the “PC lobby” is another reason why practically all “research” done and books (and papers, and articles and blog posts) published by the “mainstream” historians of the Third Reich are (to put it mildly) incomplete and misleading – and thus create a highly distorted and woefully incomplete perception of the Third Reich and its environment (especially of the Soviet Union).

Somebody has to remedy this totally unacceptable situation – and this person is going to be me. Consequently, I am proud to announce that while I will do everything possible (and even humanly impossible) to make my books totally and completely scientifically correct, they will inevitably be devastatingly politically incorrect.

In other words, I do not care a damn (pardon my French again) if any of my books offends anyone – it is their problem, not mine. And I do not care either if it delivers a devastating blow to Russian state, for example (or any other state for that matter). To any state (or any organization) that to a very significant extent is built on lies about the history of the first half of the XX century.

I am responsible (before God and my conscience – and no one and nothing else) for one thing only. Look for the Truth, find the Truth and preach the Truth with all power at my disposal. And damn the consequences – literally.

Whatever can be destroyed by the Truth (no matter how big or “important”) – MUST be. Because nothing of value can be built on lies. Nothing. Ever.


Scientifically Correct versus Politically Correct (1)

As I have already stated, my objective in this book project was scientific correctness, not political correctness (actually, this must be the fundamental objective of every author of every non-fiction history book).

This statement, obviously, requires some clarification and explanation. The former requires providing proper definition of both terms – i.e. what is meant by “scientific correctness” (SC) and “political correctness” (PC). And, of course, what are the key differences between the two.

The second requires proof (beyond the reasonable doubt, of course) that all history books must, indeed, be scientifically, not politically correct. And that every genuine historian should care only about scientific correctness – and should not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about political correctness of his or her books, articles, blog post or any other non-fiction content (fiction is a bit different story).

The fundamental difference between scientific and political correctness (which pretty much defines these two terms) is the difference in their core objectives. The fundamental objective of scientific correctness as a methodology (both SC and PC are actually methodologies or even paradigms) is to “mine” or obtain genuine knowledge from raw data and information; then structure this knowledge in the optimal way and disseminate (communicate) this knowledge to individuals and social groups for whom this knowledge is functionally valuable.

In other words, scientific correctness in historical is all and only about determining who did what when how and why (in other words, which were the objectives of the decisions and actions in question). What were the intended and actual results of these decisions and actions4 whether actual results were different from the intended ones4 and if they were then why they were different.

Scientific correctness is concerned only about the accurate description of the past – and does not care a damn thing (pardon my French again) about the consequences of uncovering and making public the Truth about certain individuals (i.e. Hitler or Stalin), systems (i.e. Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union) and their decisions and/or actions.

Tell the Truth – and damn the consequences” and “Whatever can be destroyed by the Truth, should be” – these are the two fundamental principles of scientific correctness. If the Truth about history destroys even the whole state (let alone a political party, organization, etc.) – so be it. If something could be destroyed by the Truth, then this object (whatever it might be) did not deserve to exist in the first place.

The fundamental objective of scientific correctness, obviously, defines its key methods. Of which there are three – scientific correctness is based on the cornerstones of indisputable facts, rock-solid logic and good old common sense.

This fundamental objective also requires the genuine historian to never, ever pronounce moral/ethical judgement. For a very simple reason – it is scientific correctness, and science is about facts, not morals (anybody seen an immoral volcano? Ever?).

There is no morality or ethics in physics, chemistry, biology, etc. and, likewise, there is no morality or ethics in genuine history.  A genuine historian can pass only a functional judgement (whether the decision or action was the best one under the circumstances at the time) and, of course, a legal judgement (whether a decision or action in question constituted a crime).

But never a moral one. In genuine history, “right” and “wrong” is not about “good” and “evil” (these are the concepts from theology and secular ethics, not history) but only about whether the decision made or action taken was the best one under the circumstances (which makes it right) or not (which makes it wrong).


“The Comprehensive Guides to Nazi Germany” Book Series

“The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler: What You Need to Know about Der Führer” is the first book in a series “The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany” that ultimately will include the following books (in addition to this one):

  1. The Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer
  2. The Comprehensive Guide to the SS: Everything You Need to Know about the Schutzstaffel Empire
  3. The Comprehensive Guide to the Holocaust: Everything You Need to Know about the Worst Genocide in Human History
  4. The Red Lucifer: How the Soviet Union Became the Existential Threat to Human Civilization
  5. The NSDAP Startup: How Adolf Hitler and the Nazis Acquired Absolute Power in Germany
  6. The Nazi Quantensprung: How Adolf Hitler Reengineered the Weimar Republic and Made Germans Genuinely Happy
  7. The Führerstaat: How the Third Reich Actually Worked
  8. The Comprehensive Guide to World War II: Everything You Need to Know About the Bloodiest Conflict in Human History
  9. The Comprehensive Guide to Nazi Occupation: How the Nazis Managed Conquered Territories
  10. The Comprehensive Guide to the Post-WW2 Years: Everything You Need to Know About the Aftermath of the Second World War
  11. The Comprehensive Guide to World War I: Everything You Need to Know About the Great War and its Aftermath
  12. The Third Reich that Wasn’t: Nazi Germany Myths, Legends and Conspiracy Theories
  13. The Comprehensive Guide to Nazi Leaders: Everything You Need to Know about the Key Figures of the Third Reich
  14. The Genocide Age: Genocides, Democides and Mass Murders of the XX century
  15. The Comprehensive Guide to the Weimar Republic: Everything You Need to Know about the First German Democracy
  16. The Comprehensive Guide to the Wunderwaffen: Everything You Need to Know about the Nazi Wonder Weapons
  17. The Unsolved Mysteries of the Third Reich and My Attempts to Solve Them
  18. The Comprehensive Guide to the SA: Everything You Need to Know about the Nazi Brownshirts
  19. The Comprehensive Guide to Nazi Germany: Everything You Need to Know about the Third Reich

This list will probably change (all such lists do), but not much. “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler” is the first book on this list (i.e. the first one to be written and published) because Nazi Germany (the Third Reich) was the brainchild, the “baby” of mostly one individual – its founder and Führer Adolf Hitler.

Which in modern terms means that Adolf Hitler was the Chief Engineer (or Chief Architect) of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), the Nazi State (Führerstaat) and the whole Nazi civilization.

However, not the only architect. In the chapter on “Hitler’s Civilization”, I will show that, contrary to the most universal misconception the Third Reich was a highly, complex (and in many ways rather strange) blend of two systems.

The Führerstaat created by Adolf Hitler and the SS-Staat (SS-State) created by a hugely underrated (and universally misunderstood) Nazi leader – SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.

Consequently, the next book in a series (after “The Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler”, of course) will be “The Comprehensive Guide to the SS: Everything You Need to Know about the Schutzstaffel Empire”.


New (and hopefully final) Structure and Logic of the Book (3)

As I have already mentioned, this book is by no means a biography of Adolf Hitler. However, I believe that it is important to show how Adolf Hitler got to a certain point in his career.

After some careful deliberation, I decided to include into this book Hitler’s life story from his birth to the date of his release from prison after he served just one-fifth of his sentence for his role in the infamous (and pathetic) Beer Hall Putsch. This story will be covered in an appropriate detail in the eighth chapter of the book.

To fulfil his Divine Mission (and to achieve the objectives that he het set for himself and his country), Adolf Hitler created a whole civilization – the Third Reich. Probably the most unique (a very dark, but still very unique) civilization in human history – and definitely the most complex.

The key components of this civilization – the Nazi Party and the Nazi State (the Führerstaat) and the Wehrmacht will be covered in the ninth chapter of the book. Although the “brownshirts” (the infamous SA) technically were not a part of that civilization (after the Night of the Long Knives they no longer played a significant role in the Third Reich), they will also be briefly covered in that chapter.

Incidentally, this chapter will not cover even more infamous the SS – Himmler’s “Black Order”. The reason for this omission is simple and obvious – the SS were a part of Himmler’s, not Hitler’s empire (a “state within a state” in Nazi Germany).

Consequently, their description does not belong in the book on Adolf Hitler and will be presented in a separate book: “The Comprehensive Guide to the SS: Everything You Need to Know about the Schutzstaffel Empire” (#3 in the “Comprehensive Guides” series).

The next two chapters will cover (respectively) Adolf Hitler’s astonishing achievements and his monumental blunders. Blunders that ultimately cost him his war, his state, his civilization and his very life.

Adolf Hitler was one of the worst criminals in human history – no doubts about that. Possibly, even the worst (although Stalin, Mao and especially Pol Pot might disagree – as might king Leopold II of Belgium).

Consequently, any and every book on Adolf Hitler must include a comprehensive chapter that will cover all of his monstrous crimes against humanity. This book is, obviously, no exception.

Therefore, the 12th chapter will be devoted to all these crimes (in chronological order). Detentions in concentration camps (although I will use much more appropriate term – KL); Night of the Long Knives; Aktion T4 involuntary euthanasia program; The Holocaust (obviously); reprisals in German-occupied territories (in terms of numbers, almost “the second Holocaust”); the infamous “Commissar Order”; murderous (and horribly inhuman) medical experiments in KLs; forced labor of foreign workers (the Nazi equivalent to Soviet GULAG) which murdered millions, making it practically “Holocaust-3”; the horrific tragedy of Soviet POWs who were either brutally murdered or died from criminal neglect; plunder of occupied territories…

To put these mass murders and other crimes against humanity into the proper perspective, I included into this chapter a comprehensive list of all genocides, democides and mass murders of the XX century (“the genocide age”) – from the Armenian genocide of 1915 to the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

Including the two that (thanks God) never happened –Stalin’s “Holocaust II” of 1953 and an attempt by one Abba Kovner to avenge the Holocaust by poisoning six millions of Germans in 1945.

In the same chapter, I will try to answer a fundamental question vitally important for any believer (not only a Christian) – “Where in Heaven was God in all this???

The next (13th) chapter will present the professional profile of Adolf Hitler – as a politician, civilian statesman, military commander, etc. Including (obviously) his relationships with his subordinates and his peers in foreign nations.

Where is professional, there always is personal. Therefore, Hitler’s professional profile will be immediately followed by his personal one. Starting with astrological and numerological charts and analyses (surprisingly accurate if done right) followed by more “scientific” (but not necessarily more accurate) assessments of Adolf Hitler’s personality.

This chapter will (obviously) cover Hitler’s relationships with his family members, his friends (when he still had them), his women and other personal relationships that he happened to have at certain times in his life. And (no less obviously) a collection of quotes (what other said about Adolf Hitler publicly or privately).

The 15th chapter will be devoted to a very important issue (especially for a Roman Catholic). Hitler’s spirituality. More specifically, to his mystical side (which was impressive, to put it mildly); his relationship with God (contrary to a popular misconception, Adolf Hitler was a monotheist); his relationships with Catholic and Protestant Churches (which were quite complicated); other Christian denominations (even more so); other religions (not exactly friendly) and the occult (contrary to a popular misconception, outright hostile).

It is well-known that in order to understand someone, one has to understand his (or her) enemies. So I decided to devote a whole chapter to Hitler’s internal enemies (he had so many external enemies that to cover them all will take a whole book – and a thick one at that).

Which obviously included both the non-violent resistance (the White Rose, etc.) and the (mostly military) plotters committed to physical elimination of Adolf Hitler (including but not limited to von Stauffenberg and other participants of the famous – and pathetic – plot of July 20th, 1944).


Even his sworn enemies (of which there are tens if not hundreds of millions) admit that Adolf Hitler was one of the two most influential individuals of the XX century, if not of the whole modern history (the second one was, obviously, his nemesis Joseph Stalin).

And still is influential (actually, much more influential than is commonly believed). In other words, Hitler’s “life after death” is… well, interesting. And definitely worth being included into “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler”.

Consequently, the second-to-last chapter of the book will cover this “posthumous life of Der Führer”. Including (but not limited to) political neo-Nazism – a rather pathetic movement comprised of genuinely ridiculous characters (highly unlikely to be admitted to SS in Hitler’s time) and so-called “esoteric Hitlerism” (even more ridiculous movement given the true attitude of Adolf Hitler towards everything occult).

A far more interesting topic is an issue of a de-facto Hitler’s successor. I have some serious reasons to believe that Adolf Hitler was de-facto succeeded by no other than… SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.

There is ample evidence (see, for example, an excellent book “SS 1: the Unlikely Death of Heinrich Himmler” by Hugh Thomas – a surgeon and forensic expert of international repute) that Heinrich Himmler did not commit suicide on May 23rd, 1945 in British custody (his double was murdered instead).

But fled (most likely, to Spain and subsequently to the German part of Switzerland) where he set up headquarters of an organization commonly (and, most likely, erroneously) known as ODESSA.

This organization might very well survived to this day (most likely, led first by Himmler himself and then by one of his sons). And not only survived but is actively (though secretly) working to transform the European Union into the “European Reich”.

In other words, into the “Fourth Reich” engineered according to Himmler’s, not Hitler’s, blueprint (few are aware of the fact that Heinrich Himmler had an alternative – and quite different – vision of Nazi Germany and was working towards making this vision a reality even during the times of Adolf Hitler).

Obviously, this is not the only conspiracy theory about Adolf Hitler (although, IMHO, the most realistic by far). The most common other theories (and myths) about Hitler will be covered (and debunked where appropriate) in the last chapter of the book.

Which will be followed – as I have already mentioned – by Conclusions, Appendices, Select Bibliography and the Glossary.

New (and hopefully final) Structure and Logic of the Book (2)

As I have already mentioned, I am Roman Catholic by faith. A lapsed Catholic, sure (due to my fundamental disagreements with the heretic Francis and his clique), but a Roman Catholic nevertheless.

Consequently, I believe in the existence of God and Devil; of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Mother Blessed Virgin Mary; of Heaven and Hell (and of other places in the invisible, intangible, spiritual world); of saints in Heaven and sinners in Hell; of angels, demons and other invisible, intangible, spiritual beings; of supernatural (paranormal) phenomena and take occult practices and magic (both “black” and “white”) very seriously.

Unlike many (if not the overwhelming majority) Catholics, I do not separate my work and my faith. I also firmly believe (and can prove it) that the Catholic faith and the science of history (or any other science for that matter) are not only not mutually exclusive, but in reality complement each other.

This belief is reflected in the paradigm that I use in this book and will use in all other books in the “Comprehensive Guides” series. In fact, this paradigm is built on this very fundamental belief – and on a synergy between science and Catholic faith.

This paradigm is presented in a sufficient detail in the third chapter of my book (which is the final chapter in the first part – the Methodology). In addition, this chapter introduces the all-important concept of national-sociopaths, describes in sufficient detail the highly erroneous (and criminal) nature of Nazi ideology and presents the scientifically correct (as opposed to politically correct) approach to analyzing, evaluating and judging Adolf Hitler and the Nazis (both the individuals and their actions).

As it is common in such books, the Main Content (“Main Body”) of the book begins with the Timeline that presents the key events in the life and career of Adolf Hitler. However, the next chapter (the first chapter proper) in the main part of the book is not just very different from any other book on Adolf Hitler but absolutely unique.

I called this (the fourth) chapter “Adolf Hitler in His Own Words”. It contains extensive quotes (in fact, all quotes that I considered worthy to present and analyze) from three key sources: Mein Kampf (obviously), his unnamed “Second Book” and his Political Will and Testament (the last document that he authored in his life).

True, Adolf Hitler committed monstrous crimes (in some respect, possibly the worst crimes in human history). Still, being raised (in a way) in the United States of America, I firmly believe that even the worst criminal in human history must be given a chance to explain himself and his actions and present his position. And so I decided to include this chapter into my book – with my detailed analysis of every statement made by Adolf Hitler in these documents.

The most fundamental flaw of every book about Adolf Hitler in existence is that it presents a one-dimensional (and thus woefully incomplete) picture of Der Führer. The “mainstream” books present him as criminal; the “revisionist” ones (which are essentially neo-Nazi propaganda) as some kind of a “mythical hero”.

Hence one of the biggest competitive advantages of this book is that it portrays (in the fifth chapter) Adolf Hitler in all astounding complexity of his absolutely unique personality. And describes what he really wanted – for himself (of course), but mostly for his deeply beloved Germany.

It shows him as a criminal (of course), but also as a mystic (and a very powerful one at that), a political entrepreneur (initially the most successful in modern history), the great politician and statesman, the great revolutionary, the great architect (a reengineer actually), a war hero, a genuine patriot of Greater Germany (which included both Germany proper and his native Austria), the great orator (one of the greatest in modern history), a highly accomplished (initially) military commander and a great conqueror (comparable to Genghis-Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and others of the same caliber).

A national-socialist and a national-sociopath (the latter was probably more important than the former). The leader of a totalitarian destructive quasi-religious cult (his Third Reich was exactly that). And, of course, a genius. A dark and criminal genius, sure – but a genius nevertheless.

Which, unbelievably, did not prevent him from becoming the genuine (albeit not exactly intentional, unconscious and even unwilling) Servant of God – and possibly the most accomplished one in modern history.

At a horrendous (and mostly unnecessary) cost, Adolf Hitler successfully accomplished his Divine Mission – saving Germany, Europe, the Christian Church, the whole Western (i.e., Christian) Civilization and very possibly the whole human civilization from being conquered, occupied, destroyed and transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth by the Bolshevist hordes led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. I will describe this Mission – and this genuinely existential war – in the sixth chapter of my book.

The seventh chapter will analyze (in the appropriate detail, of course) individuals, forces and structures that created Adolf Hitler. I will devote a special, attention to the (in)famous Thule Society – an occult organization responsible for a genuinely miraculous transfiguration in the summer of 1919.

The transfiguration that transformed a total outcast, a complete misfit in a civilian life, a hopeless loser, the one who has never managed even one individual (and never aspired to) into the most successful political entrepreneurs in modern history, a great orator, politician, leader and statesman, creator of possibly the most unique and complex civilization in human history, military commander who fought the existential war with the seemingly invincible Bolshevist hordes – and saved his beloved Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being destroyed and transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth. And to an indisputable genius, of course.

New (and hopefully final) Structure and Logic of the Book (1)

To maximize the value of the book to its reader, every chapter (with the obvious exception of Executive Summary, Appendices, Conclusions and Bibliography) will begin with the Summary and will be followed by the “Body Text”. Most of the chapters will end with Conclusions.

Likewise, the whole book will begin with Executive Summary and end with Conclusions. The latter will contain the aggregate performance assessment of Adolf Hitler from the aggregate value perspective. In other words, I will try to determine Adolf Hitler’s performance from the standpoint of financial, functional, emotional and spiritual value that he created (and/or destroyed).

I decided to functionally divide the book into three parts – the Methodology part, the Main Content (Main Body Text) part and the Appendices part. The latter will include Appendices proper – the key documents that you will need to get a better understanding of Adolf Hitler; Select Bibliography and Glossary of key terms and names used in the book.

The Methodology part is absolutely crucial and will include three chapters – the chapter on this book and the whole “Comprehensive Guides” series; the chapter on the scientifically correct way to study history (and write non-fiction history books) and the chapter on the history paradigm used as the foundation for this book.

The chapter on this book and the whole “Comprehensive Guides” series will present the comprehensive list of books in the series (as it stands now); explain what this series is – and isn’t; tell my readers why I decided to write this series – and why I am perfectly qualified to do it; and, finally describe in appropriate detail my relationship with Adolf Hitler (even when one writes a book about a deceased individual, there is still a relationship between the author and his or her subject).

This book is neither the “mainstream” nor the “revisionist” history. For a very simple reason – there is no such thing as either of these. There is no “mainstream” history and no “revisionist” history – there is only history (as a science) and propaganda. The latter, obviously, has nothing to do with history (or science for that matter) – it is a different thing entirely.

To prove beyond the reasonable doubt that this book is history (i.e. a scientific product) and not propaganda, I included into this book (and will include in every book in a “Comprehensive Guides” series) and introductory chapter on the scientifically correct way to study history.

In this very first chapter, I will explain (again) why it is absolutely vital for everybody to study history in general and the history of the Third Reich in particular; explain the fundamental differences between a scientifically correct and a “politically correct” way to study history (and why it is usually an “either/or” choice) – and between genuine history and propaganda; present a professional creed of genuine historians; demonstrate why historical research is essentially the process of mining historical knowledge from raw data and information (and often requires a thorough systems analysis).

And, finally, expose the fundamental (“cardinal” and very much deadly) sin of both “mainstream” and “revisionist” books, articles, research papers, lectures, documentaries and other content on the history of Nazi Germany.


Why the World Needs the Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler

Contrary to a very popular misconception, the science of history (i.e. historical Truth) is not about the past – it is about the future. Our future – and the future of our children and grandchildren.

We all want to build a happy, stable and secure future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. However, our future can be built only on our present – and on our past, as past-present-future is an unbreakable continuum.

We always have a choice: we can build our future on either lies about our past – or on the historical Truth. However, the reality is that building anything on lies is building on sand – whatever structure is erected, will inevitably collapse, with devastating consequences for anyone involved (and for all occupants of the structure obviously).

Consequently, a stable, secure and happy future can be built only on a rock-solid, granite foundation of a historical Truth. The Truth about key individuals, systems (i.e. states and countries), other objects, events, processes, projects, etc.

It is an indisputable fact that Adolf Hitler was one of the most influential political (and military) leaders and statesmen of the XX century who to a very significant extent shaped (and continues to shape even nowadays) our world. So was Joseph Stalin. And, obviously, the unique civilizations that these two leaders created – the Nazi Germany (the Third Reich) and the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Consequently, the Truth about these individuals – and their civilizations – is a very important (even crucial) component of the foundation for our future. And the future of our children and grandchildren, obviously.

Unfortunately, both of these components (especially the Truth about Adolf Hitler and his Führerstaat – the Third Reich) leave much to be desired. In other words, existing books, articles, research papers, documentaries, etc. create a highly distorted, woefully incomplete and thus grossly inaccurate perception of “all of the above”.

There are two key reasons for this totally unacceptable situation. First, “official” (“mainstream”) history still have not severed its wartime Allied propaganda roots. Hence, just about all “official” (“mainstream”) historians are not historians at all but (conscious or unconscious) propaganda workers.

Who – by definition – are not interested in uncovering, structuring and disseminating the historical Truth (as they should be) but only in manipulating the population of the corresponding countries to achieve certain political objectives.

They appear to sincerely believe that these objectives are worthy of spreading lives (let’s call a spade a spade) about the history of Europe and the world in general. Unfortunately for them and their audiences, they are wrong – in reality, the world that they have built after the end of the Second World War is already crumbling. And will inevitably collapse as will collapse any and every structure built on the “sand of lies”.

The second reason is far more fundamental than the first one. As history is all about knowledge management (mining knowledge from enormous amounts of data and information), a competent historian must be well-trained and well-experienced in managing data, information and knowledge.

This knowledge management job is made even more difficult by the enormous complexity of the Third Reich – which was probably the most complex civilization (the most complex system in human history). Hence, a competent historian of the Third Reich must be well-trained and well-experienced in systems analysis.

Unfortunately, no “official” (“mainstream”) historian (or even an organization, for that matter) possesses the required knowledge, skills and experience in knowledge management or systems analysis.

Hence, all books and other resources on Nazi Germany suffer from the proverbial “blind men and the elephant” problem. Which, indeed, creates a highly distorted and grossly incomplete perception of the Third Reich (and of the whole European history of the first half of the XX century).

The so-called “revisionist history”, alas, suffers from the same problems. Most of it is also not genuine history, but simply a different kind of propaganda (only pro-Nazi, not neo-Nazi). And so-called “revisionist historians” are as incompetent in systems analysis and knowledge management as their “official” counterparts. Consequently, we can not build a happy future for ourselves and our children on the “revisionist history” either.

Our happy future can not be built on lies, errors, distortions, misconceptions and propaganda – but only on the Truth about our past, whatever that Truth happens to be. Consequently, it is vitally important to uncover and disseminate (preach, if you will) the Truth about Nazi Germany and the whole European history of the first half of the XX century.

And that’s precisely the fundamental objective of this book – and of the whole series of books about the Third Reich – “The Comprehensive Guides to Nazi Germany”.

Following the “three-tier” approach (see my previous post), I will use my education, skills and experience in knowledge management and systems analysis (as well as in economics, finance, individual and social psychology, criminal profiling, etc.) to identify (uncover), structure and present the key knowledge about Adolf Hitler (the key components of his “criminal profile”, if you will). This knowledge will become the content of my first book that I firmly intend to complete by February 28th, 2020.

Using this book as a starting point, a springboard and a bootstrap, I will put together a comprehensive “criminal profile” of Adolf Hitler. Which will become the content of my second book: “A Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer”.

Then, book by book (see the list of books in the series), I will create a comprehensive portrait, profile and description of probably the most complex (and the most unique) civilization in human history – the Third Reich. Thus assembling one of the key components of the rock-solid foundation of Truth for building a genuinely happy future for all of us – and for our children and grandchildren.

So help me God.


A New Book Concept – and Now a Firm Deadline

I am happy to announce that I have (finally) established a firm date for the completion of the first draft of my book – February 28th, 2020. Not surprisingly (given the content of my book), it is the 87th anniversary of the (in)famous Reichstag Fire Decree (Reichstagsbrandverordnung).  Which – for all practical purposes – transformed the Weimar Republic into the Führerstaat – the Nazi Germany (The Third Reich).

As it often happens, the book to be completed will be substantially different from what I initially planned. After a long internal deliberation, I decided to use a “three-tier structure” (of sorts) for my books.

The book to be completed on 02/27/2020, will have a slightly different title than the one I was working on until roughly mid-December of 2019 – “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler: What You Need to Know about Der Führer”.

This book will be a part of “The Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer”. And this book will be the first one in a roughly 20-book series “The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany: Everything You Need to Know about the Third Reich”.

This three-tier structure was inspired by two factors. First, a well-known command to any writer, whether fiction or non-fiction: “The first draft does not have to be perfect – it just has to be written (completed)”.

The second factor was another book that I had (finally) completed – in about ten days, believe it or not. The book is in Russian (my native language) and its title is «Чужой против Хищника – Гитлер против Сталина» (“Alien vs. Predator – Hitler vs. Stalin”).

It is a 210,000 – word book (roughly 750 pages) which is essentially a collection of articles that I had written in about ten years – mostly on the history of the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany. However, the “final product” turned out to have an extremely powerful synergy and thus (I believe) is totally unique and highly valuable to all Russian-speaking individuals interested in the abovementioned subjects.

I will, of course, publish and market this book in due time; however, at this moment it is not a priority for me – for two reasons. First, the Russian-speaking market is way too small – an order of magnitude (at least) smaller than the English-speaking market; and second, the content of this boo, though legal in every civilized country, is highly uncomfortable (to put it mildly) to Russian authorities who have been spreading lies about the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and the whole history of the XX century for many decades.

Hence, I fully expect this book to be banned in Russia in no time. Which is not good for business, of course (and my book projects are business ventures intended to yield a healthy return on investment in terms of both money and effort).

Therefore, I decided to use the book in Russian as a blueprint of sorts for the “intermediate” book in English. Which, although not as valuable to Third Reich history buffs as the originally conceived version, will be sufficiently unique and valuable to make some decent money. And, of course, prepare the market for the “Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler” and the subsequent books of “The Essential Guides” series.

Most (in fact, the overwhelming majority) of the content of this book will be assembled from what I have already written on the subject; however, I will add a few chapters (on the Holocaust, Soviet existential threat to human civilization, etc.).


Three Introductory Questions to Everyone

By everyone I mean literally everyone – every adult (and young adult) individual on our planet.

  1. It is February 28th, 1933. You are Adolf Hitler – the Chancellor of Germany. Reichstag has just been burned. What would you do – and why?
  2. Who was the existential threat to the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) – Hitler or Stalin? Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? And why?
  3. Up until the age of 30, Adolf Hitler was a nobody. An outcast, a misfit, an outcast and a total loser in a civilian life – with a zero experience in management. During the next 20 years he became one of the most successful political entrepreneurs, politicians and statesmen in modern history? How did this transformation happen?

Obviously, I answer these questions in my book, but I am genuinely interested in the opinions of not only Third Reich history buffs, but of the “ordinary Jane and Joe” as well. “Jane and Joe” of all European, North American and other nations.