My Relationship with Adolf Hitler

MK_3Whenever a historian writes a book about a certain individual (political leader, general, scientist, you name it), the former inevitably establishes a certain relationship (ultimately, a very close one) with the latter. And I am no exception, of course.

Many (possibly most) historians have problems defining the nature of their relationships with their protagonists. Fortunately, I have no such problem.

It is undeniable that Adolf Hitler was probably the worst criminal in modern history (although Stalin, Mao and especially Pol Pot would likely disagree). Hence I view myself as a civilian consultant – an outside criminal profiler working for something like the famous BAU of the FBI (my favorite fictional character is David Rossi played by Joe Mantegna in the highly successful TV series Criminal Minds).

Consequently, my job is to study probably the most well-known mass murderer in human history – Adolf Hitler. And he is for me an object of my in-depth study.

To ensure that his or her study of the criminal in question has scientific value (actually, the objective is to generate the maximum amount of functional scientific value), the criminal profiler must remain completely objective and unbiased at all times.

Which, in turn requires that he or she must remain completely emotionally detached from his or her object. In other words, stay emotionally neutral at all times. So I am emotionally neutral about Adolf Hitler – I have neither sympathy nor antipathy towards him.

A genuine historian (and I definitely position myself as one) is neither a propaganda worker nor a priest not a secular ethics professional. Consequently, it is not my job to pass moral or ethical judgement on Adolf Hitler (or even on his decisions and actions).

I can only pass the functional judgement (whether his decision or action in question was the best one under the circumstances) and the legal judgement (whether it constituted a crime – i.e. a war crime or crime against humanity).

I am no Nazi; in fact, I do not associate myself with any political ideology, party, organization or movement (in other words, I am pretty much apolitical – I do not even vote in any elections and was never ever involved in politics of any kind).

More specifically, I will limit myself to finding the answers to the following questions:

  1. What were the key features/attributes of Hitler’s personality (what was his functional, emotional and spiritual psychological profile)?
  2. What did he do, when, how and why?
  3. What were the intended and actual consequences of his decisions and actions and if they were different, why?


What This Series Is NOT

“The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany”  series presents a portrait of Nazi Germany which is very different from the one developed by “mainstream” historians (who even 70+ years after the end of the Third Reich failed to come up with a genuinely comprehensive, objective and unbiased guide to Nazi Germany).

Given the abundance of laws that stipulate what can and can not be said publicly about the Third Reich, it is necessary to make vitally important clarifications.

First, this book is NOT “Holocaust revisionism” (let alone “Holocaust denial”). The totality of evidence (physical and documentary) and statements by victims, perpetrators and witnesses leads to one and only one conclusion: (a) the Holocaust happened exactly the way the mainstream historians say it happened and (b) the death toll was, indeed, between four and six million people – exactly as claimed by the mainstream historians.

Consequently, the so-called “Holocaust denial” (“Holocaust revisionism”) is not history, but blatant Judeophobic propaganda and hate crime. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to criminalize Holocaust denial.

Racism (of any kind) and anti-Semitism (Judeophobia) are scientifically wrong and morally disgusting. And therefore, must be completely and ruthlessly eradicated from human society.

This guide is not “Nazi revisionism” either. I do not pretend that Nazis did not commit enormous and horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity (they did) or justify these heinous crimes. These crimes can (and must) be explained (i.e., we must know why they were committed), but NEVER justified.

I do not endorse Nazi (or neo-Nazi) ideology either. Just the opposite – I prove beyond the reasonable doubt that this ideology was not only criminal, but created a highly distorted and very inaccurate perception of reality.

Which inevitably made Nazis commit enormous and incredible blunders. Blunders that ultimately led to their defeat in WW2 and to the demise of the Third Reich and cost many thousands of Nazis their very lives.

I am only looking for the truth about the Third Reich – and I firmly believe that no matter what the Truth is, it is worth discovering, preaching and defending. Including the Truth about Nazi Germany.

Oh, and there is no such thing as “mainstream” and “revisionist” history. There is only history (in a scientific sense) and propaganda (I will explain the key differences shortly).

What This Series Is

I conceived and designed “The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany” as (to my knowledge) the first and only genuinely comprehensive and uniformly structured (the latter is no less important than the former) library of guides to Nazi Germany and its environment (its allies, adversaries, neutral nations and other stakeholders).

Each book in a series is designed to serve as both a comprehensive textbook and a reference book on Nazi Germany (the Third Reich). Consequently, it can (and MUST) be very profitably used and thus will be highly valuable to students and teachers of history – in secondary and high schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments.

As this series is the genuinely comprehensive and uniformly structured library of guides to Nazi Germany, it is by far the best and the most solid foundation for any research on the Third Reich.

And, therefore, is vital to each and every one who conducts research on this subject, including both professional researchers (who do it for money) and “amateurs” (who do it for fun). To both the ones who have a formal (‘official’) degree in history (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate) and those that do not.

This genuinely comprehensive, objective, unbiased and uniformly structured library will be highly valuable (vitally valuable, I would say) to anyone and everyone interested in the Truth about the Nazi Germany and its environment and stakeholders. Truth, the essential truth and nothing but the truth.

However, this series is much, much more than just a comprehensive, objective, unbiased and uniformly structured library of guides to Nazi Germany (the Third Reich).

First, no sane individual can dispute the rock-solid fact that Nazis committed enormous crimes and crimes against humanity. Consequently, a comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany inevitably has to contain a thorough, objective and unbiased investigation of these crimes.

And of all other major war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the XX century (“the genocide age”) as well. Because one can develop a proper understanding of Nazi criminals and their crimes only when one compares and contrasts their crimes with crimes similar in nature and scope committed by other regimes (Communist, “democratic”, nationalist, etc.).

Consequently, each book in a series is a detective story (of a true crime variety, of course). And because it investigates historic crimes that happened many decades ago, it belongs to the sub-genre of investigative history.

Actually, human history is full of serial mass murder; consequently, the job of a historian is often a job of a homicide detective and a criminal profiler (hence there will be a lot of criminal profiling in this series).

Second, I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that from the very day of its existence, NSDAP (and subsequently the Nazi State and the whole Third Reich) were forced to fight an existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union passionately led and ruthlessly governed by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin.

Therefore, this book is a historical, political and military thriller. And as Nazi Germany was a deeply mystical (not occult, but mystical) civilization, it is a mystical thriller as well.

Third, Nazi Germany was (and still is) a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Winston Churchill made this statement about Russia and was dead wrong, because (as I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt in the appropriate section of the book) Russia (and the Soviet Union) was and still is a very simple and straightforward (although very large indeed) system.

Consequently, this book is also a mystery novel. A non-fiction novel (such a thing does exist, believe it or not), but a novel nevertheless.

And, finally, I will prove (also beyond the reasonable doubt) that the Nazis were genuine national-sociopaths. And thus were driven primarily by a very powerful, deep, sincere and passionate love for Germany and Germans.

Unfortunately, this love was poisoned and corrupted by their “sociopaths” part. More precisely, by very deadly (in a very literal sense) sins of wrath (hatred) and pride. And, of course, by the highly distorted – and thus grossly inaccurate – perception of reality created by the Nazi ideology (which Adolf Hitler and the Nazis mostly acquired rather than developed).

Hence, this book is a love story, more precisely, a story of powerful, deep, sincere and passionate patriotic love gone horribly wrong. And not just wrong, but murderous.

I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that Nazi Germany was initially a very noble idea poisoned, corrupted and ultimately destroyed by deadly sins (pride, wrath/hatred, intellectual sloth and fear) and a highly distorted and thus very incorrect perception of reality created by the Nazi ideology.

The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany Book Series

“The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer” is the first book in a series “The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany” that ultimately will include the following books:

  1. The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer
  2. The Essential Guide to the SS: Everything You Need to Know about the Schutzstaffel Empire
  3. The Essential Guide to the Holocaust: Everything You Need to Know about the Worst Genocide in Human History
  4. The Red Lucifer: How the Soviet Union Became the Existential Threat to Human Civilization
  5. The NSDAP Startup: How Adolf Hitler and the Nazis Acquired Absolute Power in Germany
  6. The Nazi Quantensprung: How Adolf Hitler Reengineered the Weimar Republic and Made Germans Genuinely Happy
  7. The Führerstaat: How the Third Reich Actually Worked
  8. The Essential Guide to World War II: Everything You Need to Know About the Bloodiest Conflict in Human History
  9. The Essential Guide to Nazi Occupation: How the Nazis Managed Conquered Territories
  10. The Essential Guide to the Post-WW2 Years: Everything You Need to Know About the Aftermath of the Second World War
  11. The Essential Guide to World War I: Everything You Need to Know About the Great War and its Aftermath
  12. The Third Reich that Wasn’t: Nazi Germany Myths, Legends and Conspiracy Theories
  13. The Essential Guide to Nazi Leaders: Everything You Need to Know about the Key Figures of the Third Reich
  14. The Genocide Age: Genocides, Democides and Mass Murders of the XX century
  15. The Essential Guide to the Weimar Republic: Everything You Need to Know about the First German Democracy
  16. The Essential Guide to the Wunderwaffen: Everything You Need to Know about the Nazi Wonder Weapons
  17. The Unsolved Mysteries of the Third Reich and My Attempts to Solve Them
  18. The Essential Guide to the SA: Everything You Need to Know about the Nazi Brownshirts
  19. The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany: Everything You Need to Know about the Third Reich

This list will probably change (all such lists do), but not much. “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler” is the first book on this list (i.e. the first one to be written and published) because Nazi Germany (the Third Reich) was the brainchild, the “baby” of mostly one individual – its founder and Führer Adolf Hitler.

Which in modern terms means that Adolf Hitler was the Chief Engineer (or Chief Architect) of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), the Nazi State (Führerstaat) and the whole Nazi civilization. In one of the subsequent chapters I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the Third Reich was, indeed, a very unique civilization indeed.

However, not the only architect. In the chapter on the Nazi State I will show that, contrary to the most universal misconception it was a highly, complex (and in many ways rather strange) blend of two systems.

The Führerstaat created by Adolf Hitler and the SS-Staat (SS-State) created by a hugely underrated (and universally misunderstood) Nazi leader – SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.

Consequently, the second book in a series will be “The Essential Guide to the SS: Everything You Need to Know about the Schutzstaffel Empire”.

Structure & Logic of the Book

IMG_0258Just about every book about Adolf Hitler falls into one of the three categories – a biography, a (psychological profile) or a book about one of the aspects of his personality or life (e.g. “Hitler as a military commander”).

Alas, none of these sub-genres allows to present a genuinely comprehensive and sufficiently well-structured book. In other words, none of these books can serve as a genuinely essential and comprehensive guide to Der Führer.

To remedy this unacceptable situation, I decided to structure my book in a radically different way. I will start (“once an investment banker – always an investment banker”) with the Executive Summary.

Then I will explain – in sufficient detail – why everyone (yes, everyone) MUST study history in general and history of Nazi Germany in particular. Then (because just about all of the latter is either anti-Nazi or neo-Nazi propaganda), I will explain the key differences between genuine history and propaganda. And why there is no such thing as “mainstream” and “revisionist” history.

Having covered these all-important issues and concepts, I will present a professional creed of genuine historians (there are no “professional” or “amateur” historians – only the genuine scientists and propaganda workers).

Having covered the general issues in studying history, I will proceed to the specifics of my series (history of the Third Reich proper). First, I will explain – in sufficient detail – why everyone (yes, everyone) MUST study history of Nazi Germany.

Although I prefer not to engage in fights/battles with “mainstream” historians, they left me with no other choice than to cover the fundamental sin of “mainstream” books on Nazi Germany. And thus the cardinal sin of “mainstream” historians.

In the same section I will briefly explain why the “mainstream” version of Third Reich history is little more than a gargantuan anti-Nazi propaganda machine. How and why the so-called “revisionists” (i.e. neo-Nazi historians) made things worse, not better. And what MUST be done to remedy this absolutely unacceptable situation.

Then I will present the fundamentals of my approach to the investigation of Nazi Germany (yes, it is, indeed, an in-depth investigation). I will start with uncovering the essence of the Nazis, who were not only national-socialists (they were both) but – what is much more important – national-sociopaths.

Then I will present (IMHO) the best paradigm by far for studying the Nazis, the Nazi Party, the Nazi State and the whole Nazi Germany. More specifically, their decisions and action. I called it the “93 Paradigm”.

After I finish describing this all-important paradigm, I will present by far the most important question that you must constantly ask yourself, while reading this book (or any other book about any leader, politician, government official, manager, officer, etc.):

Given his environment and situation, the problems and challenges he faced, his background and what he knew at that time, what would YOU have done if you had found yourself in his place (‘in his shoes’)? 

Only by giving yourself an honest answer to this question, you will be able to understand the individual in question (in this case, Adolf Hitler) and pass a proper judgement on his (in Nazi Germany, it was always “his”) choices, decisions and actions.

FBI profilers long ago proved beyond the reasonable doubt that to understand a criminal, you have to think like a criminal. Consequently to understand Adolf Hitler, you have to think like Der Führer; to see the world through his eyes.

In addition to this fundamental question, I will then present five other key questions that you MUST always keep in mind while studying the Third Reich (or any other system for that matter).

I will complete the Fundamentals section by providing (IMHO) the only true, correct and scientific procedure for evaluating the Nazis (or other political leaders, statesmen and government officials for that matter). And (IMHO) the only true, correct and scientific perspective on Adolf Hitler and other Nazis.

I will proceed with fixing a fundamental problem of just about every book about Adolf Hitler – none of them correctly identifies his professional occupation.

Adolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur. Which for all practical purposes meant that he created political entities (NSDAP and Führerstaat) and subsequently used them (ultimately unsuccessfully) to achieve certain political, economic, military, social, cultural and other objectives.

Actually, Hitler’s life follows an, alas, common pattern for an entrepreneur (albeit on a genuinely grandiose scale). After a very impressive string of genuinely miraculous achievements, he failed to make the necessary changes to the entities (systems) that he created – more precisely, develop and implement adequate management systems.

Which resulted in his very predictable overload which (no less predictably) led to colossal strategic blunders. Which, in turn, ultimately led to the defeat in World War II (which Hitler could have easily won), demise of the Third Reich and Hitler’s suicide in the Führerbunker.

Then I will correct another deficiency by identifying the all-important features of Hitler’s personality – the inner forces that shaped, drove and directed his decisions and actions.

I will demonstrate beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler was shaped, driven and directed by (1) genuine, deep, powerful and passionate love for his country and his people – Greater Germany and Germans; (2) his highly incorrect and fundamentally distorted perception of reality; and (3) no less deep powerful and passionate hatred for his real and perceived enemies – hatred largely generated by the abovementioned grossly incorrect perception of reality.

I will demonstrate (again beyond the reasonable doubt) that Adolf Hitler was driven primarily by his deep conviction that Germany (in fact, the whole Western/Aryan civilization) was fighting an existential racial war with inferior/alien races (primarily with the “Jewish race”, which was a figment of his imagination).

In the appropriate section of the book I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that since 1918 Germany and the whole Western Civilization were, indeed fighting an existential war.

However, that war had nothing to do with race – it was an ideological and cultural war with Bolshevism (Russian Marxism) and the Bolshevist Soviet Union led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. The war that Adolf Hitler ultimately won – albeit at a terrible (and largely unnecessary) price.

The character, personality and the whole life of an entrepreneur is largely defined by the entities he created – and with what he did with these entities. Consequently, I will devote probably the key chapters of the book to the two entities that he created – the Nazi Party and the Nazi State.

However, before I do that, I will analyze in detail Hitler’s manifesto (of sorts) and a blueprint (sort of) for engineering the abovementioned entities – Mein Kampf. The “Bible of National Socialism”.

The proof of the pudding is in eating so I will devote the next two chapters to Hitler’s genuinely miraculous achievements and his no less spectacular failures. In other words, I will cover in sufficient detail what he did, why and what was the end result of his decisions and actions during his political career (in 1919-45). Obviously, I will cover his entrepreneurial, leadership and management style, beliefs, principles and practices as well.

The key event of this period was, undoubtedly, the Second World War. Consequently, the next chapter of the book will be appropriately named “Hitler as military commander” and will cover his corresponding beliefs, principles and practices.

There can be no doubt that Adolf Hitler was one of the most prolific (and genuinely horrible) criminals – mass murderers, actually. Consequently, I will devote a whole large chapter to covering his crimes (more precisely, crimes committed under his leadership and management). Focusing more on “why” (the crimes were committed) rather than on “what” and “how”.

All crimes – the Holocaust (obviously), mass murder of civilians in occupied territories (in Poland, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, etc.), the T4 euthanasia program, “extermination through labor” and other slave labor – related crimes, etc.

To put these crimes into proper perspective, I will cover in sufficient detail mass murders committed by other nations in the first half of the XX century (“the genocide age”). Turkey, the Soviet Union, Japan, the Allies (USA and Britain), etc.

After covering what he did and why, I will devote two chapters to how he got there. More specifically, to individuals and events that shaped his life (his pre-1933 biography of sorts).

The most important event in Adolf Hitler’s life was at the same time the most mysterious one. Sometime during the fateful summer of 1919, a nobody – a failed artist rejected by the Academy of Arts, a mere Gefreiter (corporal) who never in his life commanded anyone but himself (only followed orders issued by his superiors), a misfit with no higher education (and very limited self-education) was miraculously transformed into the most capable and ultimately the most successful political entrepreneur of the XX century (if not the whole modern human history).

In the corresponding chapter of the book, I will argue that this miraculous transfiguration (not just transformation, but a genuine transfiguration) was performed by the mysterious Thule society.

Unfortunately, very few books about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany even mention the indisputable fact that NSDAP and Adolf Hitler were essentially created by Thule Society.

This society set up DAP (subsequently renamed NSDAP), supplied it with the leader (Adolf Hitler), his key deputies (Hess and Rosenberg), valuable contacts in business and politics, financial resources, media (Völkischer Beobachter) and even the core ideology.

The following two chapters of the book will cover Adolf Hitler’s personality (from several perspectives) and his relationships (political, administrative and, of course, romantic). Two relationships deserve their own chapters – Hitler’s relationship with Christianity (as well as with other religions) and his relationship with the Occult.

The last two chapters will be devoted to Adolf Hitler’s political and cultural influence on today’s world and to debunking the key myths about Adolf Hitler. Followed by conclusions (which will more or less mirror the Executive Summary at the beginning of the book) and appendices (the key documents of Hitler’s era).


Why Write Another Book on Adolf Hitler?

IMG_0451Non-fiction books (actually all books) are written because the author of the book in question wants to create value. Functional value (for oneself and for the readers), some emotional value (ditto) and financial value (in other words, to make some money for oneself). And this book – “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler” – is no exception.

I wrote this book for myself because I had been a Nazi Germany history buff almost as long as I remember myself (from the age of five at least). And always wanted (actually, needed) a comprehensive, objective and unbiased book that will contain all knowledge (not just information, but genuine knowledge) about Der Führer.

Unfortunately, such a book simply did not exist (and still does not exist) so I – like many non-fiction writers had to write it myself.

In my past life, I spent several years working for a corporate finance department of a major European investment bank. It is very true that “once an investment banker – always an investment banker” so I view every project as a business venture project that must (directly or indirectly) produce an acceptable return (in terms of money and fame) of time and effort that I decided to invest into this project.

I consider this book to be a worthwhile investment because there are millions of English-reading Nazi Germany history buffs worldwide, who – like myself – want and need a comprehensive, objective and unbiased book that will contain all knowledge (not just information, but genuine knowledge) about Adolf Hitler.

And need it badly enough to pay about €20 or so for an e-book (I seriously doubt that these days anyone reads a paper book).

Why such a book still does not exist? Primarily for three reasons – two functional, one ideological. First, there is so much data and information about Adolf Hitler (both primary and secondary) that the author of such a book must be able to very efficiently (a) select all relevant data and information; (b) structure them in an optimal way; (c) extract the necessary knowledge from these information and data; and (4) structure and present this knowledge in the most digestible way for a typical Nazi Germany history buff.

To succeed in this all-important endeavor, the author must have solid education and training and extensive experience in knowledge management. Something no “professional” or “amateur” historian currently possesses (worlds of history and knowledge management are, alas, different Universes). But I do.

Second, from a professional (occupation) perspective, Adolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur. Consequently, to understand him, one must understand political entities that he created – his party (NSDAP), his Führerstaat (the Nazi State) and his civilization – the Nazi Germany (the Third Reich). The latter was a very unique and highly complex civilization.

All three are highly complex systems which could be adequately (let alone efficiently) analyzed only by a well-trained, very experienced and thus highly systems analyst. Again, no historian of Nazi Germany (“professional” or “amateur”) is a systems analyst. And I am.

And, finally, just about all books on Adolf Hitler are not history at all, but propaganda. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Mostly anti-Nazi propaganda; however, there are also surprisingly many books that can be classified only as neo-Nazi propaganda.

Consequently, there are practically no books available today that offer genuinely scientific, unbiased and objective knowledge (the Truth) about Adolf Hitler. Knowledge that every Third Reich history buff desperately needs.

My first degree is in theoretical nuclear physics and my second – MBA in Information Systems (from the University of Texas at Arlington). This fundamental education (conditioning, if you will) and my subsequent experience in investment banking (corporate finance), strategic management consulting and knowledge management made me a completely unbiased and objective scientist.

Which every historian – whether “professional” or “amateur” MUST be.

Hitler’s Blunders in 1933-39 (2)

IMG_0385Under Hitler’s leadership, the tiny Reichswehr was transformed into a mighty Wehrmacht – undoubtedly the most powerful and fearsome military force in the world (purely naval operations are a different story entirely). The whole branches of armed forces – Luftwaffe, Panzerwaffe, paratroopers and the massive submarine fleet – were created from scratch.

However, it was a highly imperfect force as it could win only one kind of war – the proverbial blitzkrieg. A combined air and land all-out assault on its adversary that within a few weeks destroys enough of the opponent’s armed forces and occupies enough of his territory to force the latter to either unconditionally surrender or at least sue for peace, accepting the German terms.

Wehrmacht could find other kinds of war, of course – a sea & air war with Britain or a protracted land/sea/air campaign in North Africa, but it could not win them. For a very simple reason – Adolf Hitler and his generals had no clear vision of what exactly their victory should look like and how to achieve it.

Lack of clear vision of victory over the Great Britain led to another strategic blunder – the ill-fated Plan Z for the re-equipment and expansion of the Kriegsmarine ordered by Adolf Hitler in early 1939.

This blunder was actually quite strange because both the vision of victory over Great Britain and the path to it were pretty obvious (though apparently not to Adolf Hitler and his Oberkommando der Marine – Naval High Command).

Challenging the naval power of the United Kingdom (let alone the combined naval might of Great Britain and the USA – a very real possibility) was simply insane in an industrial and military sense as Germany simple had not nearly enough resources to build and deploy the Navy of quantity and quality needed to achieve this grandiose objective.

Still, Plan Z called for exactly that – which made it a colossal strategic blunder indeed.

The only way to force Great Britain to sue for peace and accept Hitler’s peace terms was to starve it of military hardware, ammunition and strategic materials. Which could only have been done by a mighty submarine fleet (Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz – commander of the German submarine fleet estimated that he needed 300 of the Type VII boats to achieve this objective).

Obviously, U-boat operations had to be closely coordinated with an air war over Britain which had to be very thoroughly planned and fought. I wasn’t – which was another major strategic blunder committed by Adolf Hitler (and Hermann Göring).

Consequently, Plan Z (that should have been developed in 1933, not 1939, replacing the ill-conceived Schiffbauersatzplan – “Replacement ship construction program”) should have stipulated only six weapons programs:

  1. Construction of 300+ Type VII U-boats required to set up a naval blockade of Britain sufficiently devastating to force the latter to sue for peace (actually, accept German peace terms)
  2. Design, production and deployment of long range reconnaissance and attack aircraft – FW 200, Junkers 290, etc. to support U-boats in attacking British convoys
  3. Design, production and deployment of guided weapons – guided bomb Fritz-X, anti-ship missile Henschel Hs 293, which will make these attacks especially deadly
  4. Radical improvement in quality of conventional torpedoes whose widespread malfunctions in 1939-40 contributed significantly to the defeat of Kriegsmarine in the Battle of the Atlantic
  5. Design, production and deployment of acoustic torpedoes which would have made U-boat attacks even more deadly
  6. Design, production and deployment of next-generation submarines (Type XXI) making the Allied anti-submarine warfare far more difficult

Obviously, construction of all large surface vessels stipulated by the Schiffbauersatzplan (Admiral Hipper-class cruisers, Bismarck-class battleships, Admiral Scheer and Admiral Graf Spee – should have been stopped).

And the security of the Enigma cipher machine should have been radically improved (i.e. five rotors from the set of seven) – as well as the procedures used to make breaking of the Enigma code virtually impossible for the 1940s technology.

Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler made a very different decisions which ultimately led to the defeat in the Battle for the Atlantic and very possibly in the whole World War II.