A very important quote


This quote by Heinrich Himmler – the SS Reichsfuhrer and de-facto head of Nazi Germany security services – is another proof that the Nazis did not intend to exterminate all Jews in all Germany-controlled territory prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22nd, 1941. In other words, they had other – not nearly as murderous – ideas about the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”.

The Soviet Bolsheviks began to commit their first acts of democide (physical extermination of whole social groups) during the Russian Civil War of 1918-22. There were two subsequent waves of democide and genocide in the Soviet Union – during the infamous “collectivization of agriculture” in early 1930s and during the “Great Terror” of 1936-39.

Keeping such massive-scale murder was impossible and the SS had more or less competent foreign intelligence service so Heinrich Himmler was well aware of these enormous crimes against humanity.

The Summer Solstice of 1941 and the Beginning of the Divine Mission

SolsticeThe most important date in the XX century – and very probably in the whole modern human history – is June 22nd, 1941. On that date, German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS launched Operation Barbarossa – a de-facto preventive strike on the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Although at that time Adolf Hitler and his generals were unaware of that, German attack pre-empted the Soviet attack on Germany by no more than 48 hours (most likely, less than that). In one of the sections of this book, I will prove it beyond the reasonable doubt.

By that time Adolf Hitler and the Nazis have been fighting Communism (and thus protecting the Western civilization) for over two decades. However, prior to that date, it was a political struggle, not the war. This struggle was violent at times with (prior to Nazi coming to power in Germany) casualties on both sides but still it fell far, far short of the full-fledged war.

True, Nazi Germany (its Legion Condor, to be more precise), has been involved in the Spanish Civil War fighting against the Republican government supported by the Soviet Union, but the Republicans were not exactly Communists.

Only on June 22nd, 1941 Nazi Germany began executing its Divine Mission in earnest by staring an all-out “hot” war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union. According to Egyptian and some other pagan mythologies, this is the day when the “good” God (“God of the Light”) attacks and defeats the “bad”, “dark” God – “God of the Darkness”.

The Nazis were not exactly the “Forces of Light” – as national-sociopaths, they were driven in this war by purely colonial objectives more (much more) than by anything else. Still, regardless of their perceived motivations, they were fighting to save the Western (and the whole human) civilization from being invaded, conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks. Ultimately rather successfully, but not completely successfully.

And as the Nazis (incorrectly) believed that they were fighting an existential war with “Judeo-Bolshevism” (they were completely wrong about the “Judeo” part), on the same day they commenced the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”.

The Holocaust. The Shoah. A well-engineered and well-organized project that had but one diabolical objective – complete extermination of Jews in Europe. First by Einsatzgruppen death squads and from the beginning of the next spring in the gas chambers of death camps – Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Chelmno, Majdanek and Auschwitz.


WW2 – War between the Serial Mass Murderers

Mass Grave

Mainstream historians claim (incorrectly) that the Second World War was about noble and valiant homicide cops (Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the USA and their allies) fighting serial mass murderers – Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and their allies.

The reality, however, was very, very different. In reality, not two, but six mass murderers were roaming Europe and the Pacific Asia between the end of the First World War and the beginning of the Cold War: Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the USA, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Croatia.

Another mass murderer was Ottoman Turkey (it massacred over 1.5. million Armenians). It operated mostly during the Great War in 1915-16 (although some mass murders were committed before and after that period). Croatia operated in 1941-44 (during the Ustaše regime which killed around 300,000 Serbs).

Most of these serial mass murders (mass murders carried out during long periods of time) were democides. Victims (almost always unarmed civilians) were killed because they belonged to a specific nationality (e.g. Jews, Armenians or Serbs) or a social group (e.g. rich peasants, aristocrats, intellectuals, etc.).

The distinctive feature of a democide is that the victims were killed not for what they did (or did not do), but because of who they were. However, some of the victims were political opponents of the regime in the corresponding country.

The longest active and the most prolific (see below) serial mass murderer was the Soviet Union. It operated for thirty years – from 1917 to 1947. It was definitely the most prolific in terms of giving birth to other serial mass murderers.

While Nazi Germany created just one – Croatia (other allies of the Third Reich were essentially its accomplices), the Soviet Union created at least nine – Communist China, North Korea (the latter is very much active today), Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania (who in addition to murdering political opponents killed around two million Germans in 1945-1950), Yugoslavia (where victorious Communists massacred their political opponents as well as German and Croatian civilians), North Vietnam, Cambodia (the infamous Khmer Rouge regime) and Communist Cuba.

Nazi Germany operated as mass murderer during World War II – from 1939 to 1945, although the overwhelming majority of victims were killed between June 1941 and March 1945 – during the war on the Eastern front with the Soviet Union and partisans (guerilla fighters) in East European countries.

Imperial Japan operated in this capacity between 1937 (the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War) and 1945. The Japanese mass murderers killed about six million (estimates vary from three to ten million) Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Indochinese and Western prisoners of war. War crimes historians appropriately call this wholesale slaughter “the Asian Holocaust”.

The United States and Great Britain committed mass murders (by savage aerial bombing) in 1943-45 in Germany and in 1944-45 in Japan (the latter crimes were committed exclusively by the Yankees).

Although some of their victims were “collateral damage” incurred during aerial attacks on military installations and production facilities, the Allies deliberately targeted civilian population. Which made their activities a mass murder indeed.

Nazi Germany committed two mass murders – the Holocaust (extermination of Jews and Roma people in Nazi-controlled Europe) and mass murder of civilians in anti-guerilla warfare on German-occupied territories.

The first mass murder resulted in the estimated death toll of about six million; the second – about four million. Which makes the cumulative number of victims a staggering ten million human lives (another estimate is 11 million).

The Soviet Union in 1917-1947 committed the following horrific mass murders:

  1. Red Terror during the Civil War in Russia (1918-22) – 1.5 million dead
  2. Forced Collectivization in the Soviet Union (1929-35) – 700,000 victims
  3. Holodomor – artificial famine (“Holocaust by hunger”). About two million Ukrainians lost their lives and additional two million perished in other areas affected by the famine – Northern Caucasus, Volga Region and Kazakhstan. Which brings the total death toll to at least about 4 million
  4. GULag (1930-53) – the immense Soviet system of labor prison camps. About 1.5 million victims (overwhelmingly innocent of any crimes) died during their detention in these camps or right after they were released. Most deaths occurred before or during the World War II
  5. Great Terror which mostly happened in 1936-38 although some victims were killed before that time period (as early as in late 1920s) or after (even after the end of WW2). About 2 million citizens of the Soviet Union lost their lives
  6. Deportation of whole nations in the Soviet Union (mostly in 1941-49). About 1.4 million died. Additional 2.5 million died during deportation of innocent German civilians from East Prussia and the Eastern Europe (engineered by Stalin and executed by his puppets in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc.)

Which brings the total death toll from mass murders committed by the Bolshevist Soviet Union to a whopping 16.6 million. 50% more than the number of people (innocent civilians) killed by the Nazis.

It is very important to note that ethnic Germans have been brutally murdered by the Soviets and their puppets right when the Nazi leaders have been tried for exactly the same crimes in Nuremberg… by the Soviets.

The Soviet Union established the (initially) puppet Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, Asia and subsequently in Africa and in Central America. Consequently, it would be more than appropriate to add to this (already enormous) death toll the number of innocent civilians killed by these regimes. At least 3 million in Communist China, 1.6 million in North Korea, 2 million in Cambodia, 300,000 in Vietnam, 100,000 in Laos, 100,000 in East Germany, 100,000 in Bulgaria, 100,000 in Yugoslavia, 100,000 in Cuba.

Consequently, the Bolshevist Soviet Union is directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of 23.8 million people about twice as many deaths of innocent civilians (mercilessly murdered by Communists in the Soviet Union and its satellites). In other words, for twice the number of victims of Nazis and their puppet regimes.

British and American mass murderers are responsible for a far smaller death toll – they murdered (by aerial bombardment) “only” 600,000 German civilians and 800,000 Japanese (which results in a combined death toll of 1.4 million).

About eight times less than the German one and seventeen times less than the Soviet one. However, the criminal justice system in civilized nations does not differentiate between a serial killer who killed four victims and the one who killed forty-four.

In both cases, the penalty is exactly the same – death (where capital punishment is on the books and actually administered) or LWOP – life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Consequently, World War II was essentially the war between two teams of serial mass murderers – the team of Jack the Ripper, Andrei Chikatilo and the Zodiac and the team of Fritz Haarmann and Shoko Asahara.


Did Reinhard Heydrich Meet the Pope?


At first glance, this question sounds more like another Nazi conspiracy theory than a legitimate historical question (especially given the fact that it is not supported by any witness statements – let alone documentary evidence).

However, in reality it is actually a very natural question, because Reinhard Heydrich and other top Nazis that implemented the Final Solution (Holocaust/Shoah) were very concerned about possible reaction of the Christian Churches (Catholic and Protestants).

These churches have already forced the Nazis to shut down one mass murder project – the Aktion T4 involuntary euthanasia program which was terminated on August 24th, 1941 – right around the time Nazis made a final decision to exterminate all European Jews in gas chambers of specifically constructed for this purpose death camps – Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno and in the extermination sections of Auschwitz and Majdanek labor camps.

Although the Holy See no longer had a “classic” intelligence service, its vast network of priests, monks, nuns and lay workers made it one of the most knowledgeable governments in the world.

Consequently, it was safe for the Nazis to assume that the Pope will be informed of mass murders of Jews (which were to be carried out in 100% Catholic nation highly loyal to the Vatican) in no time.

It was also safe for them to assume that the Pope who in 1937 has already issued (in German) the essentially anti-Nazi encyclical “Mit Brennender Sorge” (“With Deepest Concern”) would publicly condemn in the strongest words possible such an enormous crime against humanity and do everything possible (and seemingly impossible) to stop it right then and there.

And given the fact that after the Anschluss of 100%-Catholic Austria about 40% of Nazi Germany population was Catholic, he definitely had the power to achieve that objective.

Which was something that the top Nazis obsessed with the (totally delusional) idea of the “existential war with the Jewish race” simply could not afford. Consequently, they had to prevent the Pope from stopping the Holocaust – whatever it took.

Assassination of Pius XII was obviously out of the question as it would have very possibly led to (1) a religious civil war in Germany; (2) an immediate breakup with Italy and all Catholic allies of Germany (Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, etc.); and (3) instant alienation of important neutral nations (Spain & Portugal). In addition, there was no guarantee that the next Pope would not be even more belligerent on this issue than Pius XII.

Consequently, the only way to prevent the Pope from declaring an open war on the Holocaust was to persuade him to keep silent – regardless of the information he would undoubtedly get from his sources in Poland. This was a very difficult job that required a highly skilled negotiator (manipulator, actually).

SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich was the ideal man for the job. First, as the head of Reich Main Security Office (RSHA) he was the third most powerful man in the Third Reich (after Hitler and Himmler) and thus someone who would be taken very seriously by the Pope.

Second, he was, indeed, a highly skilled negotiator and manipulator (which are usually one and the same thing). Third, although he was baptized Catholic (on the insistence of his Catholic mother), his father was Protestant so he could maintain a “religious independence” from the powerful Pope.

Third, he knew everything about the Final Solution, because he was its Chief Architect. And, finally, he was just about the only one who could get to Rome in secret.

Heydrich was an experienced aircraft pilot. By that time, he has just return from his (final) tour on the Easter front where he (in the rank of a Luftwaffe major) flew the venerable Bf-109E single-seat fighter. Prior to that (during the invasion of Norway in 1940), he flew a heavy two-seater Bf-110 fighter.

Distance between Berlin and Rome is 1,200km. Bf-110 fighter has a maximum range of 2,410km – enough for a round-trip flight without refueling (even without external fuel tank). At that time, Luftwaffe aircraft were already based in Italy (they fought together in the Mediterranean) so a solo Bf-110 would not have attracted much attention on an airfield in Rome.

Mass shootings of the Jews in Ponary (Paneriai) – a modern-day suburb of Vilnius, the capital of 100% Catholic Lithuania, began in the beginning of July of 1941 (and obviously were almost immediately reported to the Vatican). The decision to build three dedicated (and top secret) extermination camps in Catholic Poland – Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka – was made by top Nazis (Himmler and Heydrich) sometime in mid-October of 1941.

Hence, the meeting between Heydrich and Pius XII was most likely brokered by Cesare Orsenigo – then Apostolic Nuncio to Germany (successor to Eugenio Pacelli – future Pope Pius XII) and probably took place sometime in late September of 1941.

Archbishop Orsenigo was exactly the right man to broker such a meeting – he was a committed Fascist who was “frankly jubilant” when Hitler was appointed the Chancellor of Germany and urged German Catholic bishops to support the Nazi regime. In short, he was a pro-German, pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic fascist who felt right at home in Nazi Germany.

Judging from the undeniable fact that Pope Pius XII never publicly acknowledged (let alone condemned) the Holocaust (of which he was well aware), Heydrich mission was a total success.

How did he manage to convince the Pope to keep silent about the Holocaust? First, given the “standard operating procedures” of the RSHA chief, he employed a good old-fashioned blackmail.

At that time, Nazi Germany was the only country that was seriously investigating and prosecuting sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests. Prior to these investigations (conducted by Gestapo headed by no other than Heydrich), pedophile priests were untouchable by the civilian prosecution – Catholic Church was simply way too powerful.

Power corrupts, so at that time the problem of sexual abuse of minors by pedophile priests was much worse than in the 2000s when the infamous global scandal finally broke out.

In his speech on May 28th, 1937, Dr. Joseph Goebbels – then Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (this time more of the former than of the latter), confidently stated:

There are cases of sexual abuse that come to light every day against a large number of members of the Catholic clergy. Unfortunately it’s not a matter of individual cases, but a collective moral crisis that perhaps the cultural history of humanity has never before known with such a frightening and disconcerting dimension.

Numerous priests and religious have confessed. There’s no doubt that the thousands of cases which have come to the attention of the justice system represent only a small fraction of the true total, given that many molesters have been covered and hidden by the hierarchy.”

Sounds like today’s article in a secular newspaper. Guess something in the Holy Roman Catholic Church has not changed in 60+ years.

Three hundred and twenty-five priests and religious were arrested by the Gestapo and charged with sexual abuse of minors. Twenty-one were found guilty by the Nazi courts while most of the others were sent to concentration camps without trial.

Given what we know today about the pedophilia among catholic priests, it was probably only the tip of the iceberg. For political reasons, Gestapo decided to persecute only a small number of child abusers, using all others as a powerful leverage against the Church (to make it keep silent and cooperate with Nazis).

Archbishop of Münster Clemens August von Galen was one of the few German catholic bishops who had a zero-tolerance policy against child molesters in his archdiocese so he was immune to the Nazi blackmail (which allowed him to become the leader of the anti-T4 resistance with impunity).

Pope Pius XII was obviously not. So when Heydrich presented him with comprehensive information about the magnitude of pedophilia problem in the Church in Germany, he was so shocked that he preferred to keep quiet about everything and anything to prevent this highly damaging knowledge from becoming public.

This and other information that would have seriously hurt the Church if become public – about homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, embezzlement and other financial and other crimes committed by priest, Church officials, religious and lay servants of the Church.

Information gathered in Germany and other countries (including Italy) by the gestapo and SD – the intelligence arm of the RSHA created by Heydrich in 1932.

Second, Heydrich probably used blackmail of a very different kind. A much, much more powerful blackmail. His Holiness was obviously aware that Josef Stalin has already annihilated the Catholic Church in the USSR and was well on his way to annihilating it in Lithuania and Eastern Poland territories acquired in 1939-40.

And that Nazi Germany was the only power capable of preventing the “Red Emperor” from annihilating the Church in the whole of Poland, Germany, Italy, the whole Western and Eastern Europe and in the whole world.

Heydrich informed the Pope that any public acknowledgement of the Holocaust (although Heydrich most likely used the euphemism “actions against the Jews”) could have led to the conflict between Wehrmacht and the Nazi regime that could have led to the defeat of Germany on the Eastern front and the subsequent conquest of Europe by the Bolshevist hordes – with predictable catastrophic results for the Church.

Finally, SS Obergruppenfuhrer most likely used the personal highly unpleasant experiences of Eugenio Pacelli in Bavaria, where the latter was the Apostolic Nuncio during the days of the infamous Bavarian Soviet Republic (established and run by Jewish politicians that had strong ties to Jewish and other Bolshevik leaders in Moscow).

These negative experiences – and the long list of Communists and other revolutionaries of Jewish blood (strengthened by then deep anti-Semitism in the Holy Roman Catholic Church) – helped Heydrich to convince the Pope that the existential threat of Bolshevism (to both Nazism and the Catholic Church) was the result of the global Jewish conspiracy and that to save the both from annihilation, Nazis simply had to undertake radical anti-Jewish measures.

In other words, that Nazis and the Church were in the same boat as allies – not adversaries.


Supernatural Theories of the Holocaust (part II)

Jews Served and Worshiped the Devil

This theory was developed and preached (still is, unfortunately) by some fiercely anti-Semitic Christian theologians. According to them, modern Judaism (more correctly, Rabbinic Judaism) is not the religion of the Old Testament (and thus has nothing to do with Christianity at all), but is an entirely new religion. Religion of the Devil.

These Christian theologians believe that by rejecting Jesus Christ, the Jews automatically rejected God the Father (God of the Old Testament that is) as there is no way to the Father except through Jesus Christ.

Consequently, while the Jews pretend (or maybe even believe) that they worship God of the Old Testament, in reality they are worshipping entirely different entity. Who is NOT the God of the Old Testament and, therefore, can only be the Devil.

Who for two millennia was carefully making out of the Jews a very powerful spiritual weapon to be used for conquering our world, destroying the global human civilization as we know it and replacing it with a Satanic “alternative civilization” (“anti-civilization”).

By mid-XIX century the Devil achieved the “critical mass” of the Jews which allowed him to develop the ideology (quasi-religion, actually) of Marxism which later was transformed into an even more powerful spiritual weapon – Bolshevism.

Then the Prince of Darkness used a relatively small number of Jews to create a physical weapon – the Bolshevist party and the Bolshevist state – Soviet Russia (later transformed into the Soviet Union). Which launched an existential war against the whole human civilization (including its Christian component) to achieve the abovementioned objectives.

To win this existential war, the Nazis (who were the only power capable of stopping the Bolsheviks and thus saving the human civilization) had to destroy a significant part of Jewish spiritual infrastructure in Europe and physically exterminate millions of Jews (to weaken the “Jewish egregor” and thus the Bolshevism and ultimately the Devil).

While at first glance this theory seems plausible, in reality it is not. First, the Jewish Bolshevist leaders in Russia, Germany, Hungary, etc. were atheists and thus had no connection to Judaism.

In fact, from the very beginning the Soviet leaders (including the Jewish ones) persecuted wealthy and religious Jews, destroyed synagogues, etc. In 1919 the Soviet authorities abolished Jewish community councils, which were traditionally responsible for maintaining synagogues. They even created a special Jewish section of the party, whose tasks included propaganda against Jewish clergy and religion.

The training of rabbis in the Soviet Union became impossible until early 1940’s, and until the late 1980s only one Yiddish periodical was published. Because of its identification with Zionism, Hebrew was taught only in schools for diplomats.

Most of the 5,000 synagogues functioning prior to the Bolshevik Revolution were closed under Stalin, and others were closed under Khrushchev. Consequently, the Jewish Bolsheviks were enemies of Judaism and thus the highly unlikely tools of the latter.

Second, although the overwhelming majority of the Jews did reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, it is still highly unlikely that the loving God would have had completely abandoned his chosen people to his sworn enemy. Therefore, it is completely inconceivable that the Jews believe that they worship God of the Old Testament but in reality worship the Devil.

Supernatural Theories of the Holocaust (part I)

In the previous sections of this book I demonstrated (hopefully, beyond the reasonable doubt) that the Holocaust was the result of the accumulation of a “critical mass” of facts and events (in Germany and elsewhere).

The last “straw” (a huge boulder, actually) that unleashed the “Holocaust avalanche” was the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941 and thus the start of the “hot” existential war with the Bolshevist regime (which Nazis believed to be Judeo-Bolshevist).

Consequently, the Holocaust can (and should) be explained exclusively by political, economic and psychological factors and thus needs no supernatural explanation.

However, there are several supernatural theories of the Holocaust that, alas, are so widespread that I have no other choice to present, analyze and debunk them.


Nazis Explicitly Served the Devil

Proponents of the first supernatural theory insist that the Nazis explicitly served Devil and murdered six millions (or so) Jews to please the Prince of Darkness.

While this horrible crime (and especially the murder of millions of God’s chosen people) undoubtedly made Satan very happy (if he can be happy), there is not a shred of evidence that Nazis worshipped the Devil or any other infernal entity. Or any other supernatural entity of a similar nature, for that matter.

Consequently, this theory is nothing by a pure fantasy promulgated by the anti-Nazi propaganda. Nothing more.


God Punished Jews for Rejecting Christianity

According to this theory developed and propagated by ardent anti-Semites in the Christian Church, God (Christian God) not just allowed but actively inspired persecution of Jews (and ultimately the Holocaust) to force Jews to finally accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to convert to Christianity (that they should have done two millennia ago).

The key problem with this theory is one of the definitions of idiocy – doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result (Albert Einstein). God may be many things (and may be highly imperfect from our human perspective) but He is no idiot. Consequently, it is simply inconceivable that He would have done the same thing (persecuting and murdering the Jews using Christians as its tools) for 2,000 years without any success whatsoever.

Consequently, this theory is a pure delusion propagated by the diehard anti-Semites.


God Punished Jews for their Sins

This theory is preached by the radical followers of no less radical version of Judaism. According to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (“the most famous Rabbi in America”, according to Washington Post),

it goes like this. The Jews of Germany didn’t want to be Jewish any more. They wanted to be more German than the Germans. They changed their names. They assimilated. They married out. The reform movement, which started in Germany in about 1820, expunged all mention of Zion and Jerusalem from its prayer book. Germany and Berlin were the new Promised Land.

In short, the Jews of Germany abandoned God. Worse, they thought they could get away with it. So God decided to teach them a lesson. Just try and forget Me. Here, have a few gas chambers. Let’s see how independent you feel when you’re incarcerated behind barbed wire? Let’s see how much you love Germany when they collectively slaughter your children.”

The Old Testament God is fiercely jealous and possessive and is no stranger to mass murders (the proverbial Flood, drowning of the whole Egyptian army in the Red Sea, genocide in Palestine committed by the Jews on His orders) so at first glance this theory seems plausible.

However, it is not. For starters, about half or so Jews in Germany and Austria were Zionists who had no desire to stay in their home countries (let alone assimilate). They desperately wanted to move to Palestine and settle there permanently – and only barriers erected by the British government prevented them from getting there.

Most of Jewish victims of the Holocaust were East European Jews, the overwhelming majority of whom were either isolationists or Zionists and thus did not want to assimilate (and thus to turn away from their God) either. So in reality most Jews committed no sin to be punished (especially by a capital punishment).



The Nazis (erroneously) believed that they were fighting a very specific existential war – the war with the Jewish race. The reasons for this fundamental belief are understandable – it would have been a surprise had the Nazis not had this belief.

First, Adolf Hitler and just about every Nazi grew up in a “traditionally” anti-Semitic (Judeophobic) environment formed by millennia of Christian and pre-Christian anti-Semitism. I will explain the roots of this environment in detail in a chapter on the Holocaust.

Second, even before the Great War there was a (correct) feeling that Marxism presented and existential threat to Germany and the whole Western civilization. And the founder of Marxism Karl Marx was a genetic Jew (although a baptized Christian).

Third, the Bolsheviks (i.e. the Marxists) who came to power in Russia after the October Revolution (a coup d’état, actually) openly proclaimed their firm commitment to conquering the entire world, destroying the human civilization as we know it and replacing it with a global Communist state managed from Moscow.

Which definitely represented an existential threat to “all of the above”. And the key leaders of the Bolsheviks (Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Nogin, Sverdlov, Larin, etc.) were Jewish (as were several founders of the Russian Marxist party).

The head of the Comintern – the international organization that the Bolsheviks established explicitly for the purpose of conquering the world was Jewish. Karl Radek – the secretary of Comintern responsible for starting a Communist revolution in Germany – was a Jew.

The key perpetrators of the “Red Terror” (Uritsky, Bela Kun and others) were Jewish. Yakov Yurovsky who led the death squad that murdered the Russian Tsar Nicholas II (a cousin of German Kaiser whom the Nazis deeply revered) was a Jew.

In Ukraine, Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file agents of Cheka (Communist secret police – a rough equivalent to German gestapo).

One of the leaders of the German Revolution (incorrectly perceived as being a Bolshevist conspiracy) was Jewish. One of the leaders of a failed (but bloody) Spartacus Uprising in Berlin – Rosa Luxembourg – was Jewish. Leaders of two other bloody Communist uprisings (this time essentially run from Moscow) – Bavarian Soviet Republic and Hungarian Soviet Republic – were Jewish.

In summer of 1920, during the Polish-Soviet War, the Russian Bolsheviks made their first attempts to invade, conquer, occupy and subsequently destroy Europe. The commander-in-chief of the Red Army Leon Trotsky was Jewish.

From these indisputable facts (seemingly supported by the fraudulent Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), Adolf Hitler and the Nazis made a natural (and erroneous) conclusion that Bolshevist plot to conquer and destroy the global human civilization is, indeed, a global Jewish conspiracy. Alfred Rosenberg – the chief ideologue of NSDAP even coined the term “Judeo-Bolshevism”.

In reality, while there was the “civilizational war” with the Bolshevist Soviet Union, there was no “racial war” with the Jews. Because (for starters) there was no “Jewish race”.

There was a Jewish nation, of course, but it was a very unique nation, fundamentally different from the German nation, for example.

Unlike the Germans (or any other European nation, for example), the Jewish nation was bound together by just one very powerful feeling (fear) and one very powerful desire. Fear of persecution (and of being killed) and a desire to survive and succeed against all odds. And that’s it.

In reality, the Jewish nation consisted (and still consists) of three very distinct sub-nations (sub-cultures) who are often openly hostile to each other – the Zionists, the isolationists and the assimilationists.

The Zionists wanted to leave the territory that they happen to reside and to establish a permanent residence in Palestine – in the Promised Land. The isolationists wanted to stay where they were but keep their traditional customs, culture, religion, etc. thus isolating themselves from the gentile environment (“be in the gentile world but not of it”). .

The assimilationists wanted to (and usually succeeded in) completely assimilate into whatever country they happen to live in and ultimately became (mentally, culturally, spiritually and often even religiously) a part of the corresponding nation, effectively ceasing to become Jews and becoming German, French, Russian, British, etc.

None of these sub-cultures had any desire for world domination. In fact, there is no evidence in any kind of Judaism that Jews want to dominate the world. In fact, all Jews want is to be left alone, to survive, to succeed and to help other Jews do the same.

The leaders of Bolshevik states and Bolsheviks coups were a tiny fraction of the whole Jewish populations (actually, a tiny fraction of 1% of Jewish population). In fact, they were outcasts in both Jewish community and in the society in general.

Precisely for that reason they got consumed with the explosive hatred for “the world” and made a firm commitment to destroy this world and replace it with an alternative civilization (an “ideal society”).

And because Jews are significantly overrepresented in just about every creative occupation (banking, finance, law, medicine, science, etc.), it is not surprising at all that they are overrepresented among the revolutionaries as well. After all, the latter profession requires a lot of creativity.

Therefore, Nazi Judeophobia was totally and completely unfounded (to put it mildly).