The Raul Wallenberg Mystery (4)


The Holocaust was triggered by a “critical mass” of factors accumulated by the beginning of Operation Barbarossa on June 22nd, 1941. The decisive factor was Operation Barbarossa itself as Nazis (erroneously) believed that with the start of the “hot” all-out existential war with “Judeo-Bolshevism” they had no other choice but to kill all Jews in German-controlled territories (in their deranged minds, it was the only way to win the war and save the German race from annihilation).

However, there was another – very much mundane – reason that must not be overlooked. The Nazis needed money for their war effort (German historian Götz Aly estimated that about 15% of financing for the Second World War came from valuables taken from the Jews at gunpoint).

Valuables that they have no desire to ever return to their rightful owners. And the best way to make sure they never have to do it was, obviously, to kill the creditors. Dead do not sue – or protest in any other way for that matter.

Likewise, the key objective of the “Hungarian Holocaust” which began in mid-May of 1944, was to obtain funds for ODESSA (in other words, for the future Fourth Reich).

All 800,000 or so Hungarian Jews were forced by the Wehrmacht and the SS (who have occupied the country two months earlier) and their willing local collaborators from ACP to hand over all of their valuables to government officials.

Valuables included foreign currency, gems, gold and silver jewelry, wedding rings, paintings, other valuable works of art and anything else considered to be sufficiently liquid and of sufficiently high monetary value in the post-war world.

The confiscated property was then placed into individual bags and boxes which identified the owners, and receipts were properly issued. However, the latter were of no value to poor Jews as more than half of them (437,000) were shipped to the death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau where just about all of them were murdered.

The remaining Jews were essentially made hostages and to make sure they will never be able to lay any claims to any valuables, the German and ACP re-sorted all the confiscated valuables into content categories making all but impossible to identify proper ownership of any of the valuables. Which, in turn, made any post-war lawsuits for all practical purposes impossible.

Some of the valuables were transferred to Germany; other ones went to neutral countries via the “Wallenberg Channel” (more on that later) but most stayed in Budapest until late 1944 when the victorious Red Army began to close in on the Hungarian capital.

The Arrow Cross Party – Hungary’s fascist government, led by Ferenc Szálasi had no desire to let these valuables to fall into the Soviet hands. So they (together with SS representatives) appointed one Árpád Toldi to take care of this very serious problem.

He developed a plan to evacuate much (but not all!) of the Jewish loot out of Hungary to Germany. The plan was approved by the SS and the ACP (the latter was obviously a formality) and in a few days large amounts of Jewish valuables were loaded onto a 42-car freight train that was to head for Germany.

No official list of valuables survived; according to various reports about the train, the contents included both highly liquid valuables (gold, gold jewelry, gems, diamonds, pearls and, of course, foreign currency – mostly US dollars and Swiss francs) and illiquid assets – watches, paintings, Persian and Oriental rugs, silverware, chinaware, furniture, fine clothing, linens, porcelains, cameras… even stamp-collections.

Jewish organizations and the Hungarian government estimated the total value of the train’s contents at $350 million in 1945 prices equivalent to almost $4 billion in 2007.

As the “Hungarian Gold Train” crawled throughout Hungary and Austria, it stopped occasionally to transfer some of its load to German military trucks. The fate of this load remains unknown.

In Austria, the train was eventually seized by Allied troops, first by the French Army and then finally by the United States Army near the town of Werfen (in Austrian state of Salzburg).

Shortly after the US army seizure of the train, the majority of the assets was transferred to a Military Government Warehouse in Salzburg. The paintings, however, were stored in the Salzburg Residenz palace.

As ownership of the valuables was impossible to ascertain (SS and ACP did a really good job at erasing any trace of original owners), the official US position, articulated by United States Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall, was that the abovementioned assets were to be given to refugee aid organizations in accordance with international restitution agreements.

The majority of the remaining assets from the train was either sold through Army exchange stores in Europe in 1946 or auctioned off in New York City in 1948, with the proceeds going to the International Refugee Organization (IRO).

According to The New York Times, the auction receipts totaled a mere $152,850.61, or approximately $1.3 million in 2007 prices.[3] Items of clothing allocated for Army exchange store sales that were considered of lesser value were turned over to a Division chaplain for distribution “to needy displaced persons”.

It is common knowledge that the Nazis stole works of art and other valuables in occupied territories left and right. It much less known that the liberators (the Soviets and the Allies) did the same, albeit not at the same grand scale, of course.

Hence it is no surprise that some (actually, a lot) of the loot on the Hungarian Gold Train ended up in the possession of high-ranking US Army officers who were stationed in Central Europe to oversee post-war and Marshall Plan reconstruction efforts.

For example, by requisition order of Major General Harry J. Collins, Commander of the 42nd Infantry Division (the famed “Rainbow” Division), many of the items were used to furnish his home. Other items furnished the homes and offices of other US senior officers including Brigadier General Henning Linden and Major General Edgar E. Hume. The property included chinaware, silverware, glassware, rugs, and even table and bed linen.

The ultimate fate of approximately 200 paintings seized from the train is unknown. As they were deemed “cultural assets” under official US restitution policy, they should have been returned to their country of origin. However, they were not. In fact, with very few exceptions, none of the valuables were returned to Hungary, their rightful owners, or their surviving family members.

I think that the real story was very different from the official version of events. IMHO, the whole train was but a highly skillfully arranged cover, a deception intended to conceal the real fate of highly liquid assets looted from the Hungarian Jews.

As was the case with other “Nazi Gold”, these valuables were divided into three (not necessarily equal) “piles”. The first one (probably the largest one) was sent through the “Wallenberg Channel” (i.e. via diplomatic mail) to Sweden, Switzerland, the Vatican and possibly to other neutral nations. It was subsequently carefully and thoroughly laundered and transferred to Die Neue SS (possibly to Heinrich Himmler himself).

The second “pile” went to Latin America (e.g. on board of U-530 or U-977); the third one was hidden in German and/or Austrian underground storage facilities built by Hans Kammler and his team. In early 1950’s the latter was retrieved, laundered (as was the “Latin American” pile) and, again, was transferred to Die Neue SS (“the real ODESSA”).

In other words, Heinrich Himmler skillfully used Hungarian Jews as hostages to negotiate a deal with the Wallenberg family (Jewish lives in exchange for transportation and laundering of Nazi loot – and possibly for a few dozen blank Swedish passports as well). This deal essentially put Raoul Wallenberg in charge of the whole network of individuals working on saving Jews in Hungary in July-December of 1944.

It is known that Himmler did initiate a number of such negotiations with both his adversaries (Anglo-Americans) and the neutral nations. And Raoul Wallenberg’s uncle was a prominent Swedish banker (and a very much pro-Nazi) so the abovementioned deal would have been no surprise at all.

There are legends about other “Nazi gold trains”. The most widely known is about a train that in May of 1945 allegedly left Breslau (now the Polish city of Wrocław) laden with gold and other treasures looted from the Poles and the Jews.

The armored and otherwise well-protected and well-guarded was then driven into a system of tunnels under the Owl Mountains (a mountain range of the Central Sudetes in southwestern Poland).

These tunnels were allegedly a part of the mysterious Projekt Riese (“Project Giant”) that was never completed and whose purpose remains unknown to this day (no documentation on the project was ever found).  I tend to think that the objective of this project was to host production facilities for some kind of Wunderwaffe (missiles, jets or some other stuff).

The “Gold Train” was supposedly buried in a warren of tunnels and mines created by the Nazis (actually, by slave laborers). The train is rumored to contain to 300 tons of gold, jewels, weapons, and other valuables (such as paintings and other artwork).

There is no proof that this train ever existed and I think that (unlike the Hungarian Gold Train), it never existed. However, some of the valuables looted by the Nazis in Poland and possibly in the Soviet Union were, indeed, transported to Greater Germany (but not to the territories eventually ceded to Poland, of course).

And were, indeed, buried in Thuringia or in some other mountainous region in Germany or Austria. Obviously, they were retrieved by Die Neue SS in the 1950s so any search for them is a total waste of time, money and energy.

Soviet military intelligence at the end of the war was good (in some aspects, possibly even better than the British one). Hence it is no surprise that it got the whiff of the deal between Heinrich Himmler and the Wallenberg family and wanted to get hold of at least some of the money transported out of Germany into the neutral nations.

According to some witnesses’ statements, the Soviet SMERSH (military counter-intelligence) searched Wallenberg’s car, his apartment and even his workplace in the Swedish embassy and found a not insignificant amount of valuables. Wallenberg claimed that these assets were given to him by the Jews for safekeeping; however, the Soviets did not buy it. They believed (possibly for a good reason) that it was the Nazi loot to be transported to Sweden.

For two years the Soviet secret police (NKGB and subsequently the MGB) had been trying to use Raoul Wallenberg to get access to the Nazi loot laundered via Swedish and other neutral banks.

To no avail as the hapless diplomat was but a courier (actually even a “transfer facilitator”) who had no clue of the whereabouts of the valuables (let alone access to them). For obvious reasons, the Swedish government had to desire to be involved in Nazi gold laundering operation in any capacity so they did precisely nothing to help Raoul Wallenberg (wisely choosing to believe the official Soviet story).

Raoul’s uncle and other family members who were a part of the operation were only intermediaries who transferred the valuables to other parties – most likely, to the Swiss banks and the IOR (Istituto per le Opere di Religione – the Vatican Bank).

By the time the Soviets arrested Raoul Wallenberg on January 17th, 1945, the assets were long gone from the Swedish bank so the family could do nothing to buy Wallenberg out. Paying the ransom with their own money was out of the question – the Soviets wanted way too much.

By mid-July of 1947, it became obvious to Stalin that Raoul Wallenberg was useless – no money or any other financial assets could be obtained by or through him. So – in the “best” traditions of the Stalinist USSR – he was murdered on or about July 16th, 1947.

Having made a very significant contribution to the financing of Die Neue SS. And possibly to the whole Fourth Reich project.

The Raul Wallenberg Mystery (1)


Few (if any) events of the last year of the Third Reich are as mysterious as the “Raul Wallenberg Affair”. According to the most common (by far) version of events, on April 14th, 1944, the SS and their Hungarian collaborators made the fateful decision to deport all Hungarian Jews (all 700,000 of them) to Auschwitz death camp to be gassed. The first train went to its murderous destination exactly one month later – on May 14th.

In 1944, unlike in 1942 (let alone 1941), the Nazis were concerned first and foremost with their survival. Hence they paid next to no attention to keeping the  extermination of Hungarian Jews a secret. Hence, the persecution of the Jews in Hungary (but still not the full enormity of the Holocaust) soon became well known all over the Western World.

In late May, President Roosevelt dispatched US Treasury Department official Iver C. Olsen to Stockholm as a representative of the War Refugee Board (WRB) with the specific order to find a way to rescue at least some Hungarian Jews.

Olsen established contact with a relief committee composed of many prominent Swedish Jews led by the Swedish Chief Rabbi Marcus Ehrenpreis to locate an appropriate person to travel to Budapest under diplomatic cover and lead the rescue operation.

Ultimately, the committee chose Wallenberg who had all necessary qualifications – he has had extensive experience dealing with the Hungarians, spoke the language fluently had connections everywhere (including the Jewish community) and – which was very important – there were deep and extensive commercial, financial and banking relationships between businesses owned by the Wallenberg family and the Nazi government. In short, he was the perfect man to lead the rescue operations.

He arrived in Budapest in July of 1944 and almost single-handedly saved all the Jews that still remained in Budapest. All 200,000 or so of them. Then, on 29 October 1944, units of the 2nd Ukrainian Front under Marshal Rodion Malinovsky launched an offensive against Budapest and by late December the city had been encircled by Soviet forces.

Despite this the German commander of Budapest, SS Lieutenant General Karl Pfeffer-Wildenbruch, refused all offers to surrender, setting in motion a protracted and bloody siege of Budapest.

At the height of the fighting, on 17 January 1945, Wallenberg was called to General Malinovsky’s headquarters in Debrecen to answer allegations that he was engaged in espionage activities against the Red Army. Wallenberg obliged… and has never been seen or heard of since.

According to not exactly believable official Soviet document, Wallenberg died from the heart attack on July 17th, 1947 in the infamous Lubyanka prison. In 1989, Wallenberg’s personal belongings were returned to his family, including his passport and cigarette case. Soviet officials said they found the materials when they were upgrading the shelves in a store room.

The reality was (as usual) slightly different. When the news about mass deportations and murders reached the capitals of global powers, world leaders began to plead with Hungarian leader Miklós Horthy to use his influence with Hitler to stop the deportations. President Franklin D. Roosevelt threatened military retaliation (i.e. bombing the hell out of Hungary) if the transports were not ceased.

Although Admiral Horthy was no lover of Jews (starting in 1938, Hungary under Miklós Horthy passed a series of anti-Jewish measures in emulation of Germany’s Nuremberg Laws), he had no desire to become an accomplice in the annihilation of Hungarian Jews. So he was more than happy to oblige – and on July 7th, 1944 (around the time Wallenberg arrived at Budapest) ordered a halt on deportations.

There was, however, a minor problem – by that time (actually, since March 12th) Hungary was de-facto occupied by Wehrmacht. So the Nazis could have simply ignored Horthy’s order as he was totally powerless to stop them. Hence, his order was by and large a purely symbolic gesture.

But the Nazis did stop deportations, although by that time their murderous job was far from over (only 437,000 out of roughly 700,000 Hungarian Jews have been deported to Auschwitz).

And this is the first mystery of the “Wallenberg affair”. Why on Earth Heinrich Himmler, totally committed to physical extermination of all Jews in German-controlled territories, suddenly stopped this murderous process – although he could have easily finished it in a month at most (at the time of the halt order approximately 12,000 Jews were delivered to the extermination facilities each day)?

The second mystery is related to the first one. On October 15th, Wehrmacht launched Operation Panzerfaust which removed Horthy from power and replaced him with Ferenc Szálasi – an ardently pro-Nazi leader of the Arrow Cross Party (ACP).

Although ACP rule resulted in the deaths of roughly 38,000 (mostly from being literally worked to death), deportations did not resume. Instead, on November 29th, 1944 the ACP and the Germans established the Budapest ghetto (never before a ghetto was established after the deportations – it was always the other way around), forcing all remaining Jews in Budapest into it. And even those who were taking out of the ghetto, ended up in KL, not in Auschwitz where they have been liberated by the Allies.

The question again is: Why the Jews in Budapest were treated in such an unusually humane way? Humane compared to the death camp, of course. It is claimed that Wallenberg (and others) supplied the Jews with some kind of IDs that protected then from the murderous Nazis and the ACP death squads and housed them in building declared the territory of the neutral nations.

But both the Nazis and their Hungarian “partners” were well aware of the fact that the IDs were fake and that the abovementioned designation of buildings was totally illegal. Still, they honored both. Why?

And, finally, why did the Soviets arrest the diplomat (who had the corresponding immunity) of the neutral Sweden, risking alienating the country that was an important tool in Stalin’s diplomatic games? Why they accused him of espionage without a threat of evidence? Why did they keep him in total secrecy claiming that he was killed by the ACP in January of 1945?

And why did Swedish government believe the Soviets who were obviously lying through their teeth? In April 1945, W. Averell Harriman, then of the US State Department, offered the Swedish government help in inquiring about Wallenberg’s fate, but the offer was declined. Why?

This behavior is especially strange given that at the time the Wallenberg family was one of the most influential in Sweden renowned as bankers, industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats, and diplomats.

Even 30 years later, Wallenberg businesses employed 40% of Sweden’s industrial workforce and represented 40% of the total worth of the Stockholm stock market. Why didn’t the family use its influence to find out the truth about one of their own (who by that time already was a global celebrity)?

Let’s try to find the answers to these important questions.


Aktion T4 – the Mini-Holocaust


“Mini-Holocaust” (“mini” because the number of its victims was 20 to 30 times lower) is by far the most appropriate overall assessment of Aktion T4 (Nazi involuntary euthanasia program).

Indeed, both were a classic democide (genocide is a democide) – extermination of a whole social group (thus its victims were murdered because of who they were – not because of what they did).

Both were considered a “final solution” to a problem allegedly presented by the existence of a certain social group – Jews in the case of a Holocaust and mentally and/or physically sick or deformed individuals in the case of Aktion T4.

In both cases victims were adults and children (of all ages), men and women and came both from Greater Germany and from the occupied territories. The same murder tools – firing squads, stationary and mobile gas chambers were used in both extermination programs.

As well as the facilities of the same type – death camps (miniature in the case of Aktion T4 and gigantic in the commission of the Holocaust). Even many actual murderers were the same – most Aktion T4 perpetrators (government officials and men of the Einsatzgruppen) went on to take a very active part in the Holocaust.

Even the reasons to commit these horrendous crimes were almost identical – to protect “German blood and honor”, to win the existential war, to save food and other valuable resources and to free up space (hospital rooms and beds in the case of Aktion T4 and houses, apartments and office space in the case of the Holocaust).

The only fundamental difference was that Aktion T4 finally generated sufficient protest (both from the “common folks” and from who today would be called “influencers”) while the Holocaust brought about no protest whatsoever.

The reason for this difference was obvious – the Nazis learned their lesson from their defeat. And although secrecy of the Holocaust was not exactly airtight, it was sufficient to ensure that just about everyone in Germany either did not know that mass murders of Jews was taking place or viewed this information as an Allied propaganda that had nothing to do with reality.

Bernhard Stempfle and Hitler’s Anti-Semitism (2)

Bernhard Stempfle - 2Members of this group (which never had a formal name although they might have considered Saint Michael the Archangel to be their patron saint) sincerely believed that by rejecting Jesus Christ (i.e. by refusing to recognize Him as their Messiah and the Son of God – God Incarnate), the Jews automatically severed their spiritual connection with God the Father. And established another connection – with His Adversity. With the Devil.

And not only ceased to be His Chosen People but (without realizing that) became to worship and serve the Devil. In other words, while they still believed that they were worshipping and serving God; in reality they became the servants (slaves even) of Satan.

Who took control of their channel into the spiritual world and began to use the Jews (all Jews that explicitly or implicitly rejected Christ that is) as his tools in his battle with God for control over the whole human world. Our world. The human civilization.

More specifically, he wanted to use this tool (i.e. the Jewish people or the “Jewish race” if you will) to conquer the whole human world and to transform it into the Hell on Earth. Literally. Thus making Jews, indeed, an existential threat to Christian Church, Christianity and the whole human civilization.

But to make it happen, he had to first destroy, eradicate, annihilate the Christian Church. First and foremost, obviously, the Holy Roman Catholic Church (as fundamentalist Catholics, members of this group regarded all other Christian denominations as either schismatics or heretics – or both).

First, he tried to kill the Church “in the cradle” (it is an established historical fact that many of the initial persecutions of Christians were conducted by the Jews – the story of St. Paul the Apostle is a perfect evidence of that).

When it failed, he used the Jews to weaken, subvert and undermine the Catholic Church (by assisting Muslims in religious wars, supporting schisms and heresies, instigating attacks on the Church by secular authorities, promoting atheism, agnosticism, paganism, occultism and other essentially anti-Christian religious practices, destroying the Christian morals and ethics via decadent, depraved and degenerate art, books, media publications, etc.).

And thus creating ideal conditions for the decisive final blow. Which was supposed to be delivered by the “Red Leviathan” – the Bolshevist Soviet Union created by a fusion of Marxism and the Russian Orthodox (and thus schismatic and even heretical) “Third Rome” – style Messianism.

Created by two full-blooded Jews (Marx and Trotsky) and one individual who also had Jewish blood in him – Vladimir Lenin. Assisted by many other Jews – Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, etc., etc.

And spiritually supported by a very powerful “Jewish egregor” – the “collective soul” of the Jewish people (“Jewish race” if you will). Very powerful due to them being initially the Chosen People – chosen by God that is.

Consequently, members of this group sincerely believed that to win the inevitable existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union, one (i.e. the future Nazi Germany)  must radically weaken (and ideally eliminate altogether) the Jewish egregor thus robbing the Bolsheviks of the vital spiritual support (i.e. of the energies that they need to win this war).

And to achieve this objective, it was necessary to (a) destroy the Jewish infrastructure – burn the synagogues, close religious schools, shut down Jewish organizations, etc.; and (2) physically exterminate as many Jews as possible. Ideally, all Jews, making the whole human civilization Judenrein – “clean of Jews”.

Proponents of this conspiracy theory claim that members of this group managed to achieve key vital (for them) objectives. First, they convinced Adolf Hitler of its validity and thus of the necessity of the final (and murderous) solution of the “Jewish question”.

If this theory is correct, it means that Adolf Hitler (and thus all key Nazi Leaders) from the very beginning intended to perpetrate the Holocaust (i.e. to exterminate all Jews in German-controlled territories) and were only waiting for the right moment. Which was presented to them by the outbreak of the genuinely existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Second, they managed to convince Pope Pius XII that the Holocaust was necessary to save the Catholic Church, the Christian civilization from annihilation and the whole human civilization from being transformed into a genuine Hell on Earth. And that he should not intervene – but instead let the SS do its job.

Third, they brokered a meeting between the Pope and RSHA chief Reinhard Heydrich who (incognito, of course) sometime in September of 1941 flew his Bf-109E7 from Berlin to Rome (he was an excellent pilot and external tanks provided enough fuel for a non-stop flight).

At that meeting, Pope agreed to remain strictly neutral (basically ignoring the mass murder of Jews – in many aspects the worst such crime in human history).

At the first glance, this theory seems plausible; however, I think that it is pure fiction. First, there is no evidence whatsoever that any such group (even informal) ever existed in the Roman Curia (or even in Rome, or anywhere in the Catholic Church).

Second, Adolf Hitler never mentioned Judaism (Jewish religion developed after their rejection of Christ) as the reason for anti-Semitism. In fact, h3e always stated that Jewish religion had nothing to do with the “Jewish threat”. Only the “Jewish race” did.

Third, all evidence accumulated during the investigation of the Holocaust (it was a horrendous mass murder, but still a crime that must be properly investigated) points to a conclusion that prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941 Adolf Hitler had no intention of physically exterminating the Jews – forced emigration and deportation were the only tools being seriously considered.

The decision to commence the Holocaust was made only after the beginning of an all-out “hot” war with the Soviet Union – the war that Hitler perceived to be an existential war with “Judeo-Bolshevism” (and thus with the “Jewish race”).

There is no evidence that the meeting between Reinhard Heydrich and Pope Pius XII ever took place. And the whole idea that after rejecting Christ the Jews automatically became the “slaves of the Devil” is not theologically sound either. And thus is accepted only by a very small number of radical Catholics.


Bernhard Stempfle and Hitler’s Anti-Semitism (1)

StempfleThere is a theory (a conspiracy theory, actually) that there was another “layer of snow” that contributed significantly to the development of Hitler’s murderous anti-Semitism. And thus to the “Holocaust Avalanche” mercilessly unleashed by the Führer in the summer of 1941.

This layer (of a religious nature) was provided by a very charismatic and very mysterious individual – a Catholic priest, a talented journalist and a rabid anti-Semite Father Bernhard Stempfle.

Bernhard Stempfle was born in 1882 in a very catholic Munich (the capital of a very Catholic Bavaria). At the age of 22 he entered the Catholic priesthood and then joined an obscure Hieronymite order (the Order of the Poor Hermits of Saint Jerome) in Italy.

A very strange decision indeed, because the Hieronymites were a cloistered (“enclosed”) religious community which by definition had a solemn vows with a strict separation from the affairs of the external world.

They lived in a monastery according to the Rule of Saint Augustine (standard for cloistered Catholic orders), though the inspiration and model of their lives is the 5th-century hermit and biblical scholar Saint Jerome (who was the first to translate the Holy Bible into Latin). This translation (commonly known as Vulgate) is still the official Latin text of the Bible (i.e. authorized by the Holy Roman Catholic Church).

The Order of the Poor Hermits of Saint Jerome was founded near Toledo in Spain in the 14th century (it was officially recognized by Pope Gregory XI in 1373), but soon established a branch in Italy. And it was exactly that branch that young Stempfle entered.

For reasons that are still a mystery, because was anything but a hermit. Actually, he was quite the opposite as during the next few years he began essentially a full-time career of a journalist. He wrote for the Corriere della Sera (one of the leading Italian newspapers) and various other German and Italian publications.

Following the outbreak of the Great War, he returned to Munich (apparently leaving the order, but not the priesthood), performed pastoral work at the university, and established close contacts with Reform Catholic elements (i.e., elements that opposed political Catholicism, and politicians it regarded as too willing to make unacceptable compromises with the Jews and “atheistic” socialists).

In 1919, he first began publishing in Münchener Beobachter, where he wrote relentlessly on the destructive influence of Jewish atheism and on the moral acceptability and necessity of ruthless persecution of Jews, (including pogroms).

In his opinion, this was necessary to defend the Church Catholic faith and institutions of the Holy Roman Catholic Church from the “Jewish threat” (that existed only in his imagination) following examples provided throughout the centuries by anti-Semitic leaders within the hierarchy of the Church.

In 1918 Münchener Beobachter was acquired by the Thule Society and, in August 1919, was renamed Völkischer Beobachter. There were rumors that Father Stempfle joined the Thule Society; however, I find it highly unlikely, because being a Catholic anti-Semite is one thing and joining the occult (and thus fundamentally un-Christian) society is quite another.

In December of 1920, then heavily indebted newspaper was acquired by the NSDAP (with the funds provided by Reichswehr) and became the official newspaper of the Nazi Party. In 1921, Adolf Hitler, who had taken full control of the NSDAP earlier that year, acquired all shares in the company, making him the sole owner of the publication.

As Father Stempfle continued to write for the Völkischer Beobachter, this is how he most likely got acquainted with Adolf Hitler. He got attention of the latter because by that time Stempfle was already the prominent journalistic figure within the broader anti-Semitic movement in Catholic Bavaria.

So prominent, in fact that he was the target of Social Democratic satire and portrayed as the “anti-Semitic bishop” of the Bavarian city of Miesbach (he subsequently became the editor-in-chief of the anti-Semitic daily Miesbacher Anzeiger).

What “clicked” between him and Adolf Hitler, was a mystery – and will remain a mystery, because both took their common secret to their graves. But it did – and Father Stempfle became a regular confidant of Hitler and thus (most likely) become privy to some of deepest (and possibly darkest) secrets of the latter.

And, of course, a member of Hitler’s inner circle, joining Hitler “at his corner table at the Café Heck”, and advising him on religious (and possibly other) issues. Hitler trusted Stempfle so much that he employed him to proofread (and, if necessary, edit), his Manifesto – Mein Kampf.

Multiple eyewitnesses (and many historians) claim that Stempfle went much further than that and actually authored some of the passages (content) of the “Nazi Bible”. Most likely related to Catholicism and Christianity and General, but possibly a few of the anti-Semitic ones as well.

The conspiracy in question claims to explain what exactly “clicked” between Adolf Hitler and Father Stempfle. According to this theory, during his stay in Italy, the latter got the attention of and came in contact with an informal group of radical Catholic anti-Semites in the Vatican (Roman Curia, to be more precise). Murderously radical.

And subsequently became sort of an informal liaison between this group and Adolf Hitler.