Supernatural Theories of the Holocaust (part II)

Jews Served and Worshiped the Devil

This theory was developed and preached (still is, unfortunately) by some fiercely anti-Semitic Christian theologians. According to them, modern Judaism (more correctly, Rabbinic Judaism) is not the religion of the Old Testament (and thus has nothing to do with Christianity at all), but is an entirely new religion. Religion of the Devil.

These Christian theologians believe that by rejecting Jesus Christ, the Jews automatically rejected God the Father (God of the Old Testament that is) as there is no way to the Father except through Jesus Christ.

Consequently, while the Jews pretend (or maybe even believe) that they worship God of the Old Testament, in reality they are worshipping entirely different entity. Who is NOT the God of the Old Testament and, therefore, can only be the Devil.

Who for two millennia was carefully making out of the Jews a very powerful spiritual weapon to be used for conquering our world, destroying the global human civilization as we know it and replacing it with a Satanic “alternative civilization” (“anti-civilization”).

By mid-XIX century the Devil achieved the “critical mass” of the Jews which allowed him to develop the ideology (quasi-religion, actually) of Marxism which later was transformed into an even more powerful spiritual weapon – Bolshevism.

Then the Prince of Darkness used a relatively small number of Jews to create a physical weapon – the Bolshevist party and the Bolshevist state – Soviet Russia (later transformed into the Soviet Union). Which launched an existential war against the whole human civilization (including its Christian component) to achieve the abovementioned objectives.

To win this existential war, the Nazis (who were the only power capable of stopping the Bolsheviks and thus saving the human civilization) had to destroy a significant part of Jewish spiritual infrastructure in Europe and physically exterminate millions of Jews (to weaken the “Jewish egregor” and thus the Bolshevism and ultimately the Devil).

While at first glance this theory seems plausible, in reality it is not. First, the Jewish Bolshevist leaders in Russia, Germany, Hungary, etc. were atheists and thus had no connection to Judaism.

In fact, from the very beginning the Soviet leaders (including the Jewish ones) persecuted wealthy and religious Jews, destroyed synagogues, etc. In 1919 the Soviet authorities abolished Jewish community councils, which were traditionally responsible for maintaining synagogues. They even created a special Jewish section of the party, whose tasks included propaganda against Jewish clergy and religion.

The training of rabbis in the Soviet Union became impossible until early 1940’s, and until the late 1980s only one Yiddish periodical was published. Because of its identification with Zionism, Hebrew was taught only in schools for diplomats.

Most of the 5,000 synagogues functioning prior to the Bolshevik Revolution were closed under Stalin, and others were closed under Khrushchev. Consequently, the Jewish Bolsheviks were enemies of Judaism and thus the highly unlikely tools of the latter.

Second, although the overwhelming majority of the Jews did reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, it is still highly unlikely that the loving God would have had completely abandoned his chosen people to his sworn enemy. Therefore, it is completely inconceivable that the Jews believe that they worship God of the Old Testament but in reality worship the Devil.

Supernatural Theories of the Holocaust (part I)

In the previous sections of this book I demonstrated (hopefully, beyond the reasonable doubt) that the Holocaust was the result of the accumulation of a “critical mass” of facts and events (in Germany and elsewhere).

The last “straw” (a huge boulder, actually) that unleashed the “Holocaust avalanche” was the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941 and thus the start of the “hot” existential war with the Bolshevist regime (which Nazis believed to be Judeo-Bolshevist).

Consequently, the Holocaust can (and should) be explained exclusively by political, economic and psychological factors and thus needs no supernatural explanation.

However, there are several supernatural theories of the Holocaust that, alas, are so widespread that I have no other choice to present, analyze and debunk them.


Nazis Explicitly Served the Devil

Proponents of the first supernatural theory insist that the Nazis explicitly served Devil and murdered six millions (or so) Jews to please the Prince of Darkness.

While this horrible crime (and especially the murder of millions of God’s chosen people) undoubtedly made Satan very happy (if he can be happy), there is not a shred of evidence that Nazis worshipped the Devil or any other infernal entity. Or any other supernatural entity of a similar nature, for that matter.

Consequently, this theory is nothing by a pure fantasy promulgated by the anti-Nazi propaganda. Nothing more.


God Punished Jews for Rejecting Christianity

According to this theory developed and propagated by ardent anti-Semites in the Christian Church, God (Christian God) not just allowed but actively inspired persecution of Jews (and ultimately the Holocaust) to force Jews to finally accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to convert to Christianity (that they should have done two millennia ago).

The key problem with this theory is one of the definitions of idiocy – doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result (Albert Einstein). God may be many things (and may be highly imperfect from our human perspective) but He is no idiot. Consequently, it is simply inconceivable that He would have done the same thing (persecuting and murdering the Jews using Christians as its tools) for 2,000 years without any success whatsoever.

Consequently, this theory is a pure delusion propagated by the diehard anti-Semites.


God Punished Jews for their Sins

This theory is preached by the radical followers of no less radical version of Judaism. According to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (“the most famous Rabbi in America”, according to Washington Post),

it goes like this. The Jews of Germany didn’t want to be Jewish any more. They wanted to be more German than the Germans. They changed their names. They assimilated. They married out. The reform movement, which started in Germany in about 1820, expunged all mention of Zion and Jerusalem from its prayer book. Germany and Berlin were the new Promised Land.

In short, the Jews of Germany abandoned God. Worse, they thought they could get away with it. So God decided to teach them a lesson. Just try and forget Me. Here, have a few gas chambers. Let’s see how independent you feel when you’re incarcerated behind barbed wire? Let’s see how much you love Germany when they collectively slaughter your children.”

The Old Testament God is fiercely jealous and possessive and is no stranger to mass murders (the proverbial Flood, drowning of the whole Egyptian army in the Red Sea, genocide in Palestine committed by the Jews on His orders) so at first glance this theory seems plausible.

However, it is not. For starters, about half or so Jews in Germany and Austria were Zionists who had no desire to stay in their home countries (let alone assimilate). They desperately wanted to move to Palestine and settle there permanently – and only barriers erected by the British government prevented them from getting there.

Most of Jewish victims of the Holocaust were East European Jews, the overwhelming majority of whom were either isolationists or Zionists and thus did not want to assimilate (and thus to turn away from their God) either. So in reality most Jews committed no sin to be punished (especially by a capital punishment).



The Nazis (erroneously) believed that they were fighting a very specific existential war – the war with the Jewish race. The reasons for this fundamental belief are understandable – it would have been a surprise had the Nazis not had this belief.

First, Adolf Hitler and just about every Nazi grew up in a “traditionally” anti-Semitic (Judeophobic) environment formed by millennia of Christian and pre-Christian anti-Semitism. I will explain the roots of this environment in detail in a chapter on the Holocaust.

Second, even before the Great War there was a (correct) feeling that Marxism presented and existential threat to Germany and the whole Western civilization. And the founder of Marxism Karl Marx was a genetic Jew (although a baptized Christian).

Third, the Bolsheviks (i.e. the Marxists) who came to power in Russia after the October Revolution (a coup d’état, actually) openly proclaimed their firm commitment to conquering the entire world, destroying the human civilization as we know it and replacing it with a global Communist state managed from Moscow.

Which definitely represented an existential threat to “all of the above”. And the key leaders of the Bolsheviks (Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Nogin, Sverdlov, Larin, etc.) were Jewish (as were several founders of the Russian Marxist party).

The head of the Comintern – the international organization that the Bolsheviks established explicitly for the purpose of conquering the world was Jewish. Karl Radek – the secretary of Comintern responsible for starting a Communist revolution in Germany – was a Jew.

The key perpetrators of the “Red Terror” (Uritsky, Bela Kun and others) were Jewish. Yakov Yurovsky who led the death squad that murdered the Russian Tsar Nicholas II (a cousin of German Kaiser whom the Nazis deeply revered) was a Jew.

In Ukraine, Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file agents of Cheka (Communist secret police – a rough equivalent to German gestapo).

One of the leaders of the German Revolution (incorrectly perceived as being a Bolshevist conspiracy) was Jewish. One of the leaders of a failed (but bloody) Spartacus Uprising in Berlin – Rosa Luxembourg – was Jewish. Leaders of two other bloody Communist uprisings (this time essentially run from Moscow) – Bavarian Soviet Republic and Hungarian Soviet Republic – were Jewish.

In summer of 1920, during the Polish-Soviet War, the Russian Bolsheviks made their first attempts to invade, conquer, occupy and subsequently destroy Europe. The commander-in-chief of the Red Army Leon Trotsky was Jewish.

From these indisputable facts (seemingly supported by the fraudulent Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), Adolf Hitler and the Nazis made a natural (and erroneous) conclusion that Bolshevist plot to conquer and destroy the global human civilization is, indeed, a global Jewish conspiracy. Alfred Rosenberg – the chief ideologue of NSDAP even coined the term “Judeo-Bolshevism”.

In reality, while there was the “civilizational war” with the Bolshevist Soviet Union, there was no “racial war” with the Jews. Because (for starters) there was no “Jewish race”.

There was a Jewish nation, of course, but it was a very unique nation, fundamentally different from the German nation, for example.

Unlike the Germans (or any other European nation, for example), the Jewish nation was bound together by just one very powerful feeling (fear) and one very powerful desire. Fear of persecution (and of being killed) and a desire to survive and succeed against all odds. And that’s it.

In reality, the Jewish nation consisted (and still consists) of three very distinct sub-nations (sub-cultures) who are often openly hostile to each other – the Zionists, the isolationists and the assimilationists.

The Zionists wanted to leave the territory that they happen to reside and to establish a permanent residence in Palestine – in the Promised Land. The isolationists wanted to stay where they were but keep their traditional customs, culture, religion, etc. thus isolating themselves from the gentile environment (“be in the gentile world but not of it”). .

The assimilationists wanted to (and usually succeeded in) completely assimilate into whatever country they happen to live in and ultimately became (mentally, culturally, spiritually and often even religiously) a part of the corresponding nation, effectively ceasing to become Jews and becoming German, French, Russian, British, etc.

None of these sub-cultures had any desire for world domination. In fact, there is no evidence in any kind of Judaism that Jews want to dominate the world. In fact, all Jews want is to be left alone, to survive, to succeed and to help other Jews do the same.

The leaders of Bolshevik states and Bolsheviks coups were a tiny fraction of the whole Jewish populations (actually, a tiny fraction of 1% of Jewish population). In fact, they were outcasts in both Jewish community and in the society in general.

Precisely for that reason they got consumed with the explosive hatred for “the world” and made a firm commitment to destroy this world and replace it with an alternative civilization (an “ideal society”).

And because Jews are significantly overrepresented in just about every creative occupation (banking, finance, law, medicine, science, etc.), it is not surprising at all that they are overrepresented among the revolutionaries as well. After all, the latter profession requires a lot of creativity.

Therefore, Nazi Judeophobia was totally and completely unfounded (to put it mildly).


The Public Speaker

At Lechfeld camp, Adolf Hitler was an immediate, unqualified and overwhelming success. A star performer. He gave lectures (believe it or not) on such diverse subjects as ‘Peace Conditions and Reconstruction’, ‘Emigration’, and ‘Social and Political-Economic Catchwords’ and each and every one of them was an instant hit.

He was later called “the most talented demagogue (i.e. public speaker) of his day” for a reason. For a very serious reason. From the very first minutes he totally and completely captivated his audience. According to Lorenz Frank, one of his listeners:

Herr Hitler is, I might say, a born popular speaker who, through his fanaticism and his populist style in a meeting, absolutely compels his audience to take note and share his views

Alas, the central weapon in his demagogic arsenal was antisemitism. Which at that time was very popular both in German society in general and in the Reichswehr.

Hitler’s antisemitism (Judeophobia, actually), alas, was based not on emotions or prejudices but on indisputable facts. Severely misinterpreted and misunderstood facts from which he drew entirely erroneous conclusions that he subsequently preached and acted upon.

It was an indisputable fact that the Bolshevism was an existential threat to Germany and to the whole Europe. Events in Russia, Berlin, Bavaria and Hungary (and in several German cities) proved it beyond a reasonable doubt. And a year later the Polish-Soviet war will provide another powerful and indisputable proof.

It was also a fact that the founder of Marxism (and thus of Bolshevism) was Jewish. Leaders of the Spartacist Uprising, Bavarian Soviet Republic and Hungarian Soviet republic were Jewish. The leader of the leftist Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany was Jewish.

Most of the key leaders of the Soviet Russia were Jewish. The key preacher of the “permanent revolution” strategy was Jewish. The head of Comintern that had the objective of creating the global Communist state was Jewish. And the author of the Constitution of the Weimar Republic that Hitler passionately hated was Jewish as well.

From these indisputable facts (and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that he by that time already knew about) Adolf Hitler drew the only conclusion that he could possibly make.

That there was a global Jewish conspiracy aimed at destroying Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization and replacing it with the global Judeo-Bolshevist civilization (the global Communist state). And that the only way to save “all of the above” from destruction is to fight and win the “racial war” with the Jews and ultimately “remove all the Jews altogether”.

He was wrong. Dead wrong. Contrary to his deep (and erroneous) conviction, Jews were not a race, but a very mentally heterogeneous nation – in fact, the most diverse nation there was (and is).

Nation bound together neither by religion (there are many often very different versions of Judaism), nor by mentality (in reality when you have two Jews, you have three opinions) nor by a desire to dominate the world.

In fact, there is not a single evidence – either in any version of Judaism or in any authentic writing by any Jewish author that the Jews (any of the Jews) ever wanted to conquer and enslave the world. Or any country or nation for that matter.

The Jews were bound together by one and only one feeling – fear. Fear of persecution, robbery and death. And by a very powerful (and natural) desire to survive. This feeling and this desire were the only two driving forces behind any decision made and any action undertaken by any Jew anywhere on the planet.

With the exception of a few thousand (at the most) outcasts out of several million Jews. These individuals (some of which were baptized Christians and thus stopped being Jewish altogether) were outcasts in both the Jewish community and (like Adolf Hitler) in the society in general.

Rejection by their nation and by society in general generated in these individuals extremely powerful explosive hatred that, in turn, created a no less powerful desire to destroy the existing system and replace it with a radically different one.

And given the widespread Judeophobia (i.e. not just fear of but also a hatred for) Jews in Russia (which was actually the most anti-Semitic nation in Europe – pogrom is the Russian word, after all) it is not surprising that the Jewish outcasts possessed the most powerful hatred (hatred begets hatred) and thus the most powerful drive for a revenge and the destruction of the world that rejected and hated them.

Given the fact that the Jews are (statistically) the most creative, inventive and skillful nation (by far) it is no surprise that Jewish outcasts became the leaders of the destructive organizations and even states.

In order to draw the correct conclusions from the abovementioned indisputable facts, Adolf Hitler needed well-developed critical thinking and information processing skills. Which could be acquired only during the formal training in the academic environment (which he never got – or even attempted).

These incorrect conclusions combined with the fiery personality and indisputable talents of a public speaker, a politician and a statesman two decades later will lead to one of the worst crimes in the history of mankind – the Holocaust.

But to unleash the Holocaust he had to obtain the absolute power in Germany. And to obtain the absolute power, ne needed a tool – a political party.

Which he discovered and contacted on a fateful Friday, September 12th, 1919.

Which he discovered and contacted on a fateful Friday, September 12th, 1919. On that day, he was sent (as sort of an undercover intelligence agent) to attend (and then report on) a meeting of one German Workers’ Party (DAP) in Munich’s Sterneckerbräu beer hall (at that time many small political parties held their meetings in beer halls).

Among the responsibilities of the Army Information Department was the surveillance of about fifty Bavarian political parties and organizations ranging from the extreme Right to the far Left. Apparently, the Army brass got so paranoid after the Räterepublic calamity that it considered just about any political party to be capable of a similar endeavor.

However, the DAP was not your typical fringe right-wing party. It was a political arm of a mysterious occult group – the Thule Society.



Why Did God Allow Nazis to Exterminate Six Million Jews?

Six million of His chosen people have been shot or gassed – a mass murder of truly monstrous proportions that could have been easily prevented. But God did not save His chosen people. Why?

For the very same reason – God respects the human Freedom of Will unless the very existence of the Christian civilization is at stake. True, Holocaust was a horrible crime against humanity, but it did not constitute an existential threat to the Church and the Christian civilization. So He did not intervene.  



Myth: The Key Reason for the Holocaust was Nazi Hatred for Jews

Nazis hated Jews – this is an undeniable fact. However, it was not hatred for the Jews that was the driving force of the Holocaust. It was their entirely erroneous perception of reality (alas, perceptions of reality are the only reality).

Nazis firmly believed in a quasi-religious (and entirely bogus) doctrine of existential racial wars.  They correctly identified the Soviet Union and its Bolshevist ideology as the existential threat to Germany and the whole European civilization.

And correctly viewed the war with the Soviet Union as the existential war where the very existence of Germany and the European civilization (as they knew them) was at stake.

However, they were entirely wrong about the nature and origins of that existential threat. They viewed Bolshevism as Judeo-Bolshevism and thus the Jewish conspiracy (it was not) and the existential war with the Soviet Union as the war with the Jewish race (it wasn’t).

The reasons for this colossal blunder (which it undoubtedly was) was clear and obvious. Nazis looked at the indisputable facts – and made entirely wrong conclusions from these facts.

Karl Marx – founder of Marxism (and, therefore, Bolshevism) was Jewish. Pavel Axelrod and Julius Martov – co-founders of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party (later transformed into a Bolshevik Party) – were Jews.

Vladimir Lenin – the leader of Russian Bolsheviks and the first head of the Soviet government – was one-quarter Jewish. Almost all Lenin’s companions on the “sealed train” that brought him to Russia in April 1917 (via Germany) were Jews.

Lev Trotsky who was the actual leader of the Bolshevik October Revolution in Russian, was a Jew. The first head of Soviet state (Soviet Russia) Yakov Sverdlov was a Jew.

Head of the Economic Council Yuri Larin who almost single-handedly destroyed the Russian economy, was a Jew. Viktor Nogin – People’s Commissariat for Trade and Industry – was a Jew. Yakov Yurovsky who commanded the death squad that shot Russian tsar Nicholas II and his family (close relatives of German emperor) was a Jew.

Members of Bolshevik Politburo (the real government of the Soviet Russia) Kamenev and Zinoviev were Jews. One of the most notorious Bolshevik mass murderers – head of Cheka secret police in Petrograd Uritsky was a Jew (in fact, a lot of high-level Cheka officials were Jewish). Genrikh Yagoda – head of GPU (Soviet secret police) was a Jew. The list goes on and on.

Rosa Luxemburg – one of the leaders of German communists (who as members of Comintern were essentially the puppets of Moscow) and of the bloody Spartacus uprising – was a Jew. Ernst Toller – the leader of the short-lived (but bloody) Bavarian Soviet Republic – was a Jew.

Kurt Eisner – leader of its predecessor (People’s State of Bavaria) – was a Jew. Béla Kun – leader of also short-lived (and also bloody) Hungarian Soviet Republic – also was a Jew.

Given these indisputable facts, it is no surprise that Nazis came to a (totally erroneous) conclusion that the Bolshevik plan to conquer the whole world, destroy the global human civilization as they knew it and replace it with an alternative civilization (global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was, indeed, a global Jewish conspiracy.

They were wrong. Dead wrong. Because abovementioned activities of all abovementioned Jewish politicians and statesmen had nothing to do with them being Jewish – and everything with them being outcasts. Both in Jewish society and in human society in general.

And because they were outcasts in Jewish society (in other words, were rejected by the Jewish community), the latter had nothing to do with them. And so was in no way responsible for their actions, plans and conspiracies.

There was a conspiracy to destroy Germany and the whole human civilization – it was a cold hard fact. However, there was no Jewish conspiracy (of any kind). This conspiracy was essentially the immensely daring endeavor of but one individual – Joseph Stalin (who was Georgian, not Jewish).

Endeavor that just happened to develop an immensely powerful synergy with the enormously potent messianic drive of the Russian nation (more or less eloquently expressed in the so-called “Third Rome” doctrine).

So if Nazis wanted to talk in terms of nations, their problem was not with Jews – it was with Russians. Jews were no threat to Nazi Germany, Europe or the whole human civilization. Russians were.



Myth: Nazi Germany Bears Sole Responsibility for the Holocaust

Nazis murdered millions of Jews thus committing the Holocaust – a monstrous crime against humanity. This is a cold hard (and an undeniable) fact. However, several other nations share the blame for this genocide because they could have prevented it – or at least saved hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives.

On the 6th of July, 1938 representatives of 32 nations (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela), intergovernmental organizations (High Commission for Refugees from Germany and General Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Committee)  and 24 private non-profit organizations gathered in a French resort city Évian-les-Bains to discuss the Jewish refugee problem and the plight of the increasing numbers of Jewish refugees fleeing persecution by Nazi Germany.

Later it was estimated that had each nation at Evian agreed on that day to take in just 17,000 Jews, every Jew in the Reich could have been saved. In reality, none accepted any sizable number of refugees (only the Dominican Republic ultimately took in about 800).

Which was a very dumb decision actually, because just about all Jewish immigrants were highly skilled professionals that would have brought immense value to their new home countries.

Unfortunately, all these nations were too poisoned and blinded with Judeophobia and simply did not want any more Jews on their land. And either did not believe that the lives of Jews in the Third Reich were in danger or (more likely) simply did not care.

In late June 1940, right after the Fall of France, the German diplomat Franz Rademacher, head of the Jewish Department of the German Foreign Office, proposed to solve the “Jewish problem” by relocate the Jewish population of Europe to the island of Madagascar. A French colony, after the surrender of France it became available to Nazi government for whatever purpose they might choose.

It was by no means a novel idea – relocation of European Jews to Madagascar was first proposed in 1878 by Paul Anton de Lagarde – a German biblical scholar and orientalist, (sometimes regarded as one of the greatest orientalists of the 19th century, believe it or not). In 1937 this idea was investigated (but subsequently dropped) by the Polish government (only marginally less Judeophobic than the Nazi one).

Adolf Hitler (who was made aware of this plan probably by von Ribbentrop) was apparently much more optimistic about the success of this plan. So he ordered “another Adolf” – Adolf Eichmann – draft a memorandum on implementing this plan ASAP.

The latter obliged and on August 15th, 1940 released a memorandum calling for the resettlement of a million Jews per year for four years, with the island being governed by the SS.

This solution to the Jewish question (like any other solution of this problem) was undoubtedly a crime against humanity. However, it was far less murderous than the Final Solution that was actually implemented.

Unfortunately for the Jews, Her Majesty’s Government (and personally Sir Winston Churchill) flatly refused to lift the naval blockade of Germany (let alone declare a ceasefire) to allow Nazi Germany to start implementing the Madagascar Plan. Or to allow unlimited immigration of Jews to Palestine (which it did allow anyway five years later – after the end of the war).

And thus did not use the chance to save millions of Jewish lives. Apparently destroying Nazi Germany was far more important to Sir Winston and his associates than saving Jewish lives.