COVID-19 disaster and the Black Sun Revolution (2)

I have already stated on a number of occasions that liberalism has one fundamental feature in common with the “original” national-socialism. Both create a highly distorted and grossly incorrect perception of reality. And so does Bolshevism, by the way.

Incorrect (especially grossly incorrect) perception of reality (and perception is the only reality) inevitably leads to horrendous blunders – and the demise of the ideology (and the system) in question.

“Original” national-socialism lasted for 12 years in power; Bolshevism for roughly 75 (North Korea and Cuba are typical failed states)… and liberalism is dying – and dying fast (I estimate that it has only a few months to live). COVID disaster – unleashed by liberalism, not the virus –killed it already.

In fact, it was exactly the highly distorted and grossly incorrect perception of reality that caused liberalism to commit ultimately suicidal blunders and transformed the only-slightly-unusual flu into a full-fledged and genuinely existential threat to mankind.

Mind you, it is not the virus that is the existential threat to the human civilization (it is not, even if you accept the grossly exaggerated death rate claimed by “covidiots”).

It is the totally irrational, criminal (yes, lockdowns, social distancing, masks and other “anti-COVID measures” are a horrible crime against humanity) and ultimately suicidal measures undertaken by just about all liberal governments. Just about all governments who were motivated by liberals (China is a very different story).

As I have already stated, liberalism is not exactly the ideology, but a (quasi)religion. A neo-pagan religion. And thus like all just about all pagan religions, worships idols (democracy, secularism, relativism, equality, multiculturism, The Law, etc.) and is based not on laws of nature (and human nature) but on genuinely religious dogmas.

With predictable (and disastrous) results. Consumed by (intellectual) sloth and pride (the deadliest of the deadly sins), liberals came to believe that humans are not part of the Nature (as they are in reality), but are above the Nature.

And thus not only can use it for their selfish purposes (i.e. unlimited consumption of material goods), but to ignore – and even subdue – the laws of Mother Nature. And, being materialists to the core, they chose to ignore (actually, even refused to consider) the fact that Mother Nature is a very much living being. An intelligent living being.

Not surprisingly, at some point in its history, human civilization (led by liberals, of course) became a genuinely existential threat to our planet… and thus to itself. There is (still) some debate of whether the proverbial climate change is anthropogenic (i.e. caused by humans) – my training in theoretical physics tells me that it probably isn’t – but the undeniable fact is that Mother Nature used it to demonstrate to the human civilization (in no uncertain terms) the errors of its ways.

But the humans did not listen. So Mother Nature had no other choice but to use a much harder – and much more obvious – kick. The COVID-19 “pandemic” (actually this disaster still does not fit the official definition of pandemic used by the World Health Organization).

We can think about ourselves whatever we like, but Mother Nature still (rightfully) considers the whole humanity as but a herd. Which is subject to the corresponding Laws of Nature.

One of these laws is ruthless – Mother Nature has the right (and the need) to regulate the size of the herd. Of any herd – including the human herd. And the viral infection (of any kind) is just a tool for doing exactly that.

Liberals (yes, it was a very much liberal thing) artificially prolonged lives of human beings, artificially saved those destined to die by Mother Nature and thus artificially increased the size of the “human herd” beyond the limits acceptable to Mother Nature.

From the human perspective, it was a highly noble (and probably inevitable) undertaking; however, Mother Nature had a radically different view on the issue. For Her, it was an unacceptable attempt to subvert its laws… so She unleashed COVID-19 to (slightly – at least for now) bring the size of a human herd to acceptable numbers. Acceptable to Her that is.

However, she had another objective in mind – show humanity (especially the liberals) that they absolutely CAN NOT “cancel” the Laws of Mother Nature. They simply do not have such power – and never will.

Interestingly, the need to “bow before Mother Nature” was publicly recognized by… Boris Johnson – the Prime Minister of the UK. He said “We’ve got to be humble in the face of nature”… and then did exactly the WRONG thing. Imposed a nationwide lockdown for a month.

Being humble in the face of Mother Nature means exactly the opposite. It means getting the message that She is trying to get across to us, accept this message (i.e. the Truth contained in it) – and behave accordingly.

The message from Mother Nature is cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear – YOU CAN NOT PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE FROM COVID. Not one – no matter how hard you try. You can only make things worse. Much worse. Disastrous. Suicidal.

COVID-19 will take its toll – no matter what you do. It will not go away until it kills everyone it is programmed to kill. Everyone. If you somehow manage to subdue the “first wave”, there will be a second one, third one, fourth one, etc. – until the virus is done. Until it does the job assigned to it by Mother Nature.

There is a lot of debated on whether COVID is more, less or equally deadly than the “common flu”. The data that I am aware of strongly suggest (IMHO, prove beyond the reasonable doubt) that it is far LESS deadly. If you, of course, define lethality as the number of dead divide by the number of infected, not sick (the only valid measurement).

But it really does not matter. The virus will continue to kill until it is done – to (1) bring the size of the “human herd” to the numbers acceptable to Mother Nature; and (2) to make humans understand that in their relationship with the latter humans are not makers, they are the takers. And humble and obedient takers at that.

Consequently, all these “lockdowns”, “social distancing”, “masks and gloves” are totally useless – in the end they will not protect anyone. Not one living human soul. Everyone destined to die WILL die – and rather sooner than later.

And from the wider, more general perspective they are worse than useless – they are horribly destructive and thus genuinely suicidal. And thus criminal – in a moment I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that these measures constitute crimes against humanity which are much worse than those committed by the Nazis (and the Bolsheviks, of course).

But first let’s determine what had to be done after the outbreak of COVID infection, what was done, why the latter was so different from the former and why the latter was so disastrous, destructive and ultimately suicidal.

COVID-19 disaster and the Black Sun Revolution (1)

There are (obviously) lots of conspiracy theories about COVID disaster, but only one of them is correct. And most likely it is not what you would think.

The obvious one is that COVID-19 was man-made (for whatever purpose); however, there is no hard (tangible) evidence that it was the case. Actually, there are far more powerful reasons (which I will present shortly) to believe that this statement is, indeed, a “conspiracy theory” that has nothing to do with reality. Nothing whatsoever.

Another conspiracy theory is that just about all governments (first and foremost, the Chinese) used the COVID-outbreak to enslave the population of corresponding countries – by creating a nationwide (ultimately global) “digital concentration camp” of sorts.

I find it highly unlikely, because the ones who can do it (i.e., the Chinese government) do not need to (in fact, it could very well be suicidal ultimately)… and the others simply can not.

True, mainland China is a dictatorship that would put to shame both the Third Reich and the Stalinist Soviet Union (let alone Mussolini’s Italy or Franco’s Spain) but the Chinese government already controls its population so well that it simply does not need any “special projects”.

Especially of the COVID magnitude. In fact, using it as a tool for establishing a draconian “digital concentration camp” (that would make Dachau look like a sanatorium) would be not only counterproductive, but suicidal.

For a simple reason – concentration camp inmates are not exactly productive (just look at North Korea or Cuba); consequently, the Chinese economy will not only lose its steam (prior to corona-disaster it was growing at over 6% per annum), but could actually contract – it did, by the way.

And the idea of a “digital concentration camp” is so alien to liberal governments (it is totally incompatible with liberal mentality) that they would not even think about doing such a thing.

In fact, the problem is not that they would try to build a concentration camp of any nature, but that they would not. Which would make eradicating organized crime (including street gangs) impossible – it can be annihilated only by a reincarnation of the (in)famous “Reichstag Fire Decree”… and Dachau.

Oh, and there is no such thing as “world government” (at least not yet). And when in is created by The Black Sun Society (and Die Neue SS), it will not need a “global digital concentration camp”. Just a very small number of tangible ones – and then only on a temporary basis – until organized crime (Mafia) and street gangs are completely eradicated.

Christian fundamentalists (mostly of Protestant variety, although some Orthodox Christians and even Catholics also think along these lines) claim that the COVID disaster was some kind of a “Divine Conspiracy”.

An Act of God and a modern-day Biblical Plague (the “eleventh disaster” as some fundamentalists call it). Only this time it is not the Egyptians who suffer, but the whole humanity (first and foremost, the Christian Civilization) and it is the virus, not frogs, locusts or flies.

The logic of Christian fundamentalists sounds plausible. The claim (explicitly or implicitly) that the human civilization got so alienated from Got (i.e. disconnected from Divine Energies) that it faces a genuinely existential threat of being destroyed (most likely, by Islam)… and being transformed into a very real Hell on Earth.

Some fundamentalists claim that COVID disaster is a dire warning (i.e. God shows humanity the errors of its ways and motivates it to radically change them); others claim that our world as we know it (especially its “liberal” component) is already beyond repair.

Consequently, God unleashed the “COVID plague” on humanity to (1) destroy the liberal world; and (2) replace it with something more acceptable to “Heavenly Chancellery” (and far less dangerous – let alone deadly – to humanity).

It all sounds plausible, especially to a Catholic (I am a member of the Holy Roman Catholic Church); however, I do not think it is the case. It is well-known to any competent Christian that God respects the Freedom of Will (both individual and collective – including the whole human civilization).

Consequently, He directly interferes in human affairs only when the situation gets genuinely desperate – and humans no longer have the capacity to fix it by themselves. Then God interferes – and on a scale that would make COVID disaster innocent child’s play.

The Flood and the First Coming of Jesus Christ – that’s how He intervenes in such cases (or at least the obliteration of Sodom and Gomorrah). The Plagues of Egypt were a special – and a very much local – case, so they do not count. Consequently, I am convinced that God did not engineer this crisis – He used it for His purposes (He does that all the time).

The true culprit (conspirator) is not God – but neither is She a human being. The true entity behind the COVID disaster, the one who engineered this “nasty bug” and let it loose upon a (mostly) unsuspecting humanity was Mother Nature.