The Inevitable (7)

If you examine the COVID pandemic not as an isolated case, but as the latest in a (very long) series of flu-like epidemics, it will immediately become obvious that it is fundamentally not that much different from its’ “brethren”.

Had it originated not in China but in any other nation, the rest of the world would have barely noticed (if noticed at all) – despite of the mighty (dis)information power of Facebook and other social networks.

But it originated in People’s Republic of China – and it made all the difference. The crucial difference. Disastrous. Devastating. Catastrophic. Murderous. There is a number of conspiracy theories that claim that COVID-19 was artificially created by the Chinese government and unleashed on the civilian population of PRC for some sinister political and other purposes… however, there is not a shred of evidence that it was the case (in fact, there is no solid evidence that COVID was created by humans).

However, it is painfully (literally) obvious that Xi Jinping used the corona-outbreak in their country for a (predictable) political purpose – making their (already enormous) political power in the nation genuinely dictatorial.

Even if all these quarantines and lockdowns did prevent COVID-19 from doing its job for Mother Nature (they did not and do not), the reaction of the Chinese authorities was a genuine “overkill” from the medical perspective.

However, from the political perspective, it was all but perfect as it has been known for millennia that paranoid fear is the most powerful and efficient tool for controlling the population of any nation.

Hence it is no surprise at all that Xi Jinping and his henchmen unleashed a full-blown nationwide COVID-psychosis and used it to radically strengthen their already formidable political, economic and other power in China.

Including the “digital power”, of course as Xi Jinping quite openly stated his desire and determination (commitment even) to transform PRC into a “nationwide digital concentration camp”.

And then the whole global Hell broke loose, ultimately hitting China economically (and not only economically) big time. I seriously doubt that “comrade Xi” anticipated the magnitude of the economic disaster suffered by the Chinese economy buy hey, herding all Chinese into a “digital Dachau” was probably worth even such a horrendous price.

These days, thanks to Deng Xiaoping and globalization (in that order), the Chinese (i.e. citizens of mainland China) are literally everywhere. Hence, from the very beginning it was abundantly clear that COVID-19 would hit the Western nations big time – and rather sooner than later.

The obvious (and ultimately existential) question was: What to do about it? Different “actors” of the COVID disaster – Western media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” (i.e. “health care industry”), the general public and, of course, the Western governments answered this question in (predictably) very different ways. And behaved accordingly.

Contrary to what some conspiracy theories claim, it is highly unlikely that mass media conscientiously generated and spread global COVID-panic (corona-psychosis in a very medical, clinical sense) to make “big bucks”.

They did not need to – journalists, editors, publishers and other media executives have long ago been conditioned (“programmed”) to do exactly that without thinking.

In other words, although some “media personalities” (e.g. some bloggers, social media characters, and officers of small media outlets – TV and radio stations, Web sites, newspapers, magazines, etc.) could have “pressed the panic button” conscientiously, the overwhelming majority of “all the above” did it automatically. Which, obviously, made no difference at all – the consequences were devastating and catastrophic all the same.

Quite predictably, the “Big Pharma” instantly smelled big bucks. Very big bucks. Enormous, gargantuan, immense, colossal bucks. Billions of dollars in government grants – and hundreds of billions of dollars in sales of vaccine and treatments (regardless of whether any of the latter would actually work at all).

The “Big Pharma” (also quite predictably) smelled fame as well. A messianic fame, no less. The fame of saviors of the whole mankind from a “biblical plague” of genuinely global magnitude.

In other words, contrary to their incessant claims, the “Big Pharma” executives were driven by two very much deadly sins – greed and pride (the latter is rightfully considered the worst of the eight deadly sins – if you add fear to seven “classic” ones). So were, by the way, two other culprits – the “medical establishment” (the “health care industry”) and, of course, the mass media (both “traditional” and “social”).

Consequently, it is no surprise at all, the “Big Pharma” used the immense power of its PR/propaganda machine (which would put to shame its Soviet and Nazi brethren) to generate and spread the global COVID panic. Making the former probably the “primary villain” that bears the lion’s share of responsibility for the whole COVID disaster.

As I have just mentioned, the “medical establishment” was motivated by the same deadly sins – greed and pride. It also smelled big bucks – government financing for treatment of COVID patients and was also carried away with the “messianic complex” (saving the whole mankind from a “biblical plague” of genuinely global magnitude).

But there was another irresistible smell – the smell of power. A genuinely dictatorial power in officially “democratic” societies. The power to dictate to governments, organizations and individuals what they can and (especially) can not do.

It is a well-established fact that the power corrupts and the absolute power corrupts absolutely. Actually, even a smell of such power can very well corrupt a saint – and “medical professionals” are no saints. None at all – they are sinful human beings. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Hence it is no surprise that investigation after investigation discovers a highly uncomfortable (to put it mildly) fact for “medical professionals” everywhere: the number of COVID deaths is grossly inflated everywhere.

In other words, the actual number of COVID victims is far, far smaller than “officially reported”. In addition, the “medical officials” grossly underestimate the number of infected individuals which makes the lethality of the virus look many times higher than it actually is. Nothing personal – just money. And power.

Contrary to a very popular misconception, during the past decades there were several pandemics which were far deadlier than the current one. However, there was no panic (and no disastrous “protective measures”)… because there were no social networks.

It is a well-established fact that the “Share” button on a Facebook app has a far more destructive power than a thermonuclear warhead. And the global pandemic of COVID-psychosis (in a very real, clinical sense) proved this statement well beyond the reasonable doubt.

This button ensured that the global panic triggered by the Chinese leaders, amplified by “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” (yes, the latter also has – and uses – a powerful PR/propaganda machine) and spread by mass media (both “traditional” and “social”) was transformed into a genuine avalanche, a wildfire by the panic-consumed general public. Via mostly the proverbial Facebook, of course.

Obviously, the Western governments could (and should) have stopped this panic – in fact, they could have prevented it from getting started in the first place. Unfortunately, they didn’t – in fact, they did exactly the wrong things.

And thus committed horrendous crimes against humanity – probably the worst in modern history (if not in the whole human history).

The Inevitable (6)

Contrary to a popular misconception, a lot have been known about coronaviruses way before the “COVID disaster”. And a lot of valuable information was received from the Chinese before COVID-19 hit the Western Civilization.

The absolutely crucial fact is that COVID-19 is NOT an existential threat to any nation, state or society – let alone the whole human civilization. Like all other “flu-class” viruses, it is but a tool that Mother Nature uses to control the size and composition of animal population (yes, to Her Majesty the humankind is but an enormous animal herd).

Consequently, it is a threat only to the weak, the sick and the old – and its lethality (number of dead as a % of a number of infected) is way below 1%. If you subtract the “fraudulent inflation”, of course (in many cases, the latter accounts for 90% of “official deaths from coronavirus”).

True, COVID is more aggressive than your “average” or “common” flu; however, it makes complete sense as (in the opinion of Mother Nature) there are currently way too many weak, sick and old individuals in the human population.

Which brings us to the second crucial fact: Life will always find the way. In this case, it means that COVID will go away (in other words, the corona-pandemic will end) only when it does its job for Mother Nature – kills the predetermined number of individuals viewed to be unworthy of life by Her Majesty.

And no lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccine, cure, etc. will make any difference as none of them offers a 100% protection or cure (not even close). Hence, all these “protective measures” will make things worse, not better (much worse, in fact); because (1) the total number of dead will be exactly the same with or without these measures; and (2) the “side effects” (i.e., consequences) of these measures for the society, nation, country and 100% of the Western population are disastrous, catastrophic – bordering on murderous.

The best illustration of the fact that these measures do not work is the “Belarus control case” (Sweden in reality is not that much different from the rest of Europe – only the restrictions are voluntary, not mandatory).

Europe had the “whole nine corona-yards”: lockdowns, social distancing, “mask mandates”, etc. – and got the “second corona-wave”. Belarus had none of that – and did not have even the “first wave” to speak of (let alone the second one).

It is also well-known that there is (and there can be) no cure for coronavirus infection – the virus is simply way too mutable (like all his “flu-class brethren”). For the same reason, there can be no workable vaccine – only the natural immunity acquired after contracting the virus prevents the human being from the “secondary infection”.

Actually (as I will demonstrate later), large-scale vaccination against COVID might very well be a genuinely existential threat for the Western Civilization. Consequently, COVID will go away only after the population of the country in question acquires the so-called “natural herd immunity” (i.e. not through vaccination, but by contracting and “surviving” the virus).

It was also well-known that 80% of those infected by COVID-19 are “asymptomatic” – in plain language, will not feel a thing. Another 15% or so will experience mild to medium-severity symptoms, which are practically the same as the “regular flu”.

Only 5% or so of the population (the sick, the weak and the old) are at risk of either dying or having their health severely damaged. Hence, the well-being of the whole population, state, country, society was never at stake – only health and lives of a very small amount (COVID kills less than 1% of the infected).

And the “preventive measures” hit and hurt the whole population, state, country, nation and society – with devastating consequences. Which makes all the difference.

However, it was also well-known (and have been known for millennia) that there was (and is) a genuinely existential threat to “all of the above” from the COVID-pandemic. It is panic.

Even if COVID kills 5% or even 10% of the population (its actual lethality is many times lower than that), the society, nation, state, country and the population as a whole will easily survive it.

But the panic can destroy “all of the above” – both the “inside” (i.e. mental and subsequently physical) and the “outside” (the infrastructure of “all of the above”) of every individual of the Western Civilization.

Consequently, the primary objective of every Western government was not to protect the population from being infected by COVID or even to save the individual lives (both are exercises in futility anyway), but to protect the society, the state, the nation, the country and the whole population by preventing panic – and its disastrous, catastrophic, suicidal consequences.

Which was a genuinely existential threat indeed as it is well-known to everyone with brains that mass media, the “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” (“health care industry”) are very commercially interested in generating and spreading the most powerful panic possible.

As was Xi Jinping – the de-facto dictator of China who actually triggered the whole COVID crisis.

The Inevitable (5)

It is also clear that this radical change will be caused by a two-stage Social Singularity Event (SSE). By definition, SSE is the event that causes irreversible and radical change (i.e. quantum leap) in the whole human civilization – political, economic, social, cultural, etc.

The first stage in SSE (SSE-I) has already happened – it was the COVID disaster. The second stage (SSE-II) will happen in a matter of weeks (most likely, by the end of 2020).

In a matter of a few weeks at most, the “critical mass” of the Western population will inevitably and suddenly (avalanche-style) discover and acknowledge that by (1) spreading a global COVID-panic unleashed by mass media, “Big Pharma”, health care industry and liberal elites; and (2) implementing devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal “protective measures”, their governments committed horrific crimes against humanity.  

Crimes that will no less inevitably be uncovered, prosecuted and punished – to the fullest extent of the corresponding criminal law. In fact, these crimes are among the worst in human history, because with their “protective measures” the Western governments created a genuinely existential threat to the Western civilization – and thus to the whole human civilization.

The fundamental crime of “democratic” Western governments (which led to all other ones committed by these characters) was that instead of protecting the whole Western societies, nations and countries in question (and thus the overwhelming majority of their constituents) from a very real and even existential threat, they protected their own power (i.e. themselves) from a perceived threat which was not even real.

In other words, Western governments acted not in the interests of societies, nations and countries entrusted to their care (and definitely not in the interests of the overwhelming majority of their constituents), but in their selfish political interests. Which (predictably) led to genuinely devastating (and ultimately suicidal) consequences.

To understand the magnitude and gravity of crimes committed by Western governments with their “protective measures”, we must demonstrate (1) what they should have done; (2) what they actually did; and (3) why the latter constitute one of the worst crimes against humanity in modern history – if not in the whole history of mankind.

Obviously, their first step should have been to correctly define the nature (essence) of the “COVID-threat” and accurately assess its real danger to their country, state, society and the overwhelming majority of their constituents – as their primary responsibility is to care about “all of the above”.

In other words, to (a) understand what exactly there were dealing with; and (b) what would happen if they do nothing (a “do nothing” option MUST always be considered first – this is Management 101).

A “do nothing” option is critically important because every “medicine” has its costs – often enormous – and thus it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the “medicine” is not worse than the disease for the “patient” in question. In this case, for the society, state, country and nation in question – and the overwhelming majority of its population.

To correctly define the nature (essence) of the threat in question and to accurately assess its real danger to “all of the above”, it is absolutely necessary to listen to not only the “mainstream experts” but also to so-called “black sheep” – because it often happens that the “overwhelming majority of experts” is dead wrong and only the “black sheep” tell the truth and understand what really is going on (just ask Copernicus or Galileo).

Then (no less obviously) it is necessary to (1) conduct the “brainstorm” and generate the most comprehensive list of “alternative countermeasures” possible – again, obtaining the whole range of opinions, including the proverbial “black sheep”; (2) choose the best one – obviously, the “medicine” should be far better than the “disease”; and (3) implement these measures, making the necessary (and inevitable) corrections. Including recognizing mistakes and ruthlessly discarding measures that do not work.

Now let’s look at how this “what should have been done” applied to the “COVID-crisis”.

The Inevitable (4)

In the global blockbuster “Hunt for Red October”, the National Security Advisor Jeffrey Pelt (played by late American actor Richard Jordan) coined a perfect definition of any politician in a “democratic” country:

I’m a politician which means I’m a cheat and a liar, and when I’m not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollipops”.

And that’s exactly what all politician are – all of them. Liberals and conservatives; Democrats and Republicans; Social Democrats and Christian Democrats; “progressive” and “reactionary”; Trump and Biden; Harris and Pence; Pelosi and McConnell; Merkel and Macron; Johnson and Trudeau; etc., etc.

In a “parliamentary democracy” (which in reality is hardly a democracy at all), politicians care only about two things – coming to power and staying in power by winning the corresponding elections (at local, state/provincial, national/federal or international level). Contrary to what they claim, they do not care a damn thing about anything else – common good, public health, human lives, etc., etc.

In a modern “democratic” society, media is “the most powerful power” as no politician can stay in power (coming to power is sometimes possible) without explicit support or at least a neutrality of the media.

Consequently, when the media unleashes the “global pandemic of psychosis”, the politicians and government officials have no other choice but to “get on board” – otherwise they will be annihilated by the media (and thus by the voters) in the next elections.

Two other lobbies – “Big Pharma” and especially the health care industry (whether government or private – it does not matter) are also extremely powerful (after all, they deal with matters of life and death, not to mention health). Consequently, when these powers unleash Hell (i.e. corona-psychosis), it would be very dangerous (if not suicidal) for any politician or government official not to go along.

In addition, very soon the “critical mass” of Western population will discover realize and acknowledge the existence of another extremely powerful lobby – the liberals. And that this lobby – and the liberal ideology – represent a genuinely existential threat to not only Western, but the whole human civilization.

By their very nature, politicians and government officials must care first and foremost about the common good and not individual good – it is in their job description. In other words, they have been entrusted with care for the whole society, the whole nation, the whole country – not the individual human beings.

Unfortunately, the Western Civilization is currently dominated by liberals and liberal ideology – and the foundation of this (ultimately suicidal) ideology is the primacy of individual good over the common good.

Which is genuinely insane because when the society, the country and the nation fall apart (the inevitable consequence of putting the interests of an individual above the interests of society), “all of the above” will in no time be transformed in a very real Hell on Earth. Millions would die – and those who will not will envy those who did.

In a matter of a few weeks (at most), the critical mass of Westerners will suddenly (avalanche-style) discover that their politicians did not do their job (instead, they committed disastrous and ultimately suicidal blunders).

Caring only about staying in power by winning the next elections, they betrayed their “democratic oath” and instead of doing what was in the best interests of the society, the nation, the country and ultimately all their constituents did what mass media, “Big Pharma”, health care industry and, yes, liberal lobby wanted them to do.

Mandated and enforced (to the best of their capabilities) totally useless and ultimately disastrous, catastrophic and even suicidal “protective measures”.

Western media, “Big Pharma” and health care industry got so powerful that even non-Western (and even not exactly democratic) regimes succumbed to the global “COVID-psychosis” (yes, it IS a psychosis in a medical and clinical sense). And resorted to practically the same useless and ultimately catastrophic measures.

With one notable exception: Belarus. I am no fan of Lukashenko (I am not even a citizen or resident of Belarus), but he was the only world leader who did not succumb to the global COVID panic and did basically the right thing: practically nothing, allowing the virus (the tool of Mother Nature) to do its job.

As the result, the overall quality of life (and the “COVID situation”, of course) in Belarus is currently much better than in every Western nation. And one of the best in the world.

For now, his achievements are all but ignored in the West. But not for long – very soon the “critical mass” of the Western population will wake up to the reality that the  right way was “the Belarus way” and that their liberal governments, liberal elites, mass media, “Big Pharma” and health care industry lead them straight into a very real Hell.

The Inevitable (3)

In a matter of a few weeks (if that) the critical mass of the Western population will inevitably wake up to a harsh reality: you CAN NOT trust the media. Neither “traditional” nor “social” one. It was true… well, always – but became painfully evident this year, after the outbreak of a pandemic of COVID-psychosis.

The reason why you absolutely CAN NOT trust media (of any kind) is that because every media enterprise is a commercial entity. A business, in other words. And, consequently, lives and dies not by the Truth – as all media claims, but by the numbers. Financial numbers.

Consequently, all media are interested not in mining and spreading knowledge (as they claim) – but in making money. Preferably, a lot of money. A whole lot of money, whenever, wherever and however possible.

And the truth is that in our highly imperfect and very much sinful world, media makes money mostly with “3S”: Sex, Scandal and Scare. And another truth is that the latter one sells far better than the other two combined.

Hence, from the very beginning of the COVID-crisis, mass media were interested not in discovering and disseminating the truth about coronavirus, but in creating the most powerful panic possible – as the more powerful is the panic, the higher are their sales (of subscriptions, access and advertising space), profits, cash flow… and salaries and bonuses of journalists, editors and other employees if media enterprises.

Media (especially in the “information society” that we currently live in) is, indeed, the “fourth power”. Consequently, the COVID-crisis (COVID-disaster even) is in reality a global pandemic of fear, COVID-psychosis (in a very literal medical, clinical sense) manufactured by mass media (both “traditional” and “social”).

Manufactured with but one objective in mind (and no, it is not the “common good”, regardless of what the media claims): making money off an artificial global scare. A lot of money. A whole lot of money.

Another reality that the critical mass of the Western population will very soon wake up to is that there were two other powerful contributors to the global pandemic of COVID-psychosis.

Two powerful lobbies – the pharmaceuticals industry and the “health care” industry (the latter one includes so-called “mainstream public health experts”). And thus two entities that no sane individual should ever trust – especially with one’s health (let alone life).

No, the proverbial “big pharma” did not create COVID-19 in some secret lab (in fact, no one did – it was the product of Mother Nature, not of some “mad scientist”). However, the pharmaceuticals industry – more precisely, its’ immensely powerful PR/propaganda machine (which would make Dr. Goebbels a minor public speaker by comparison) did contribute significantly to criminal (let’s call a spade a spade) activities of mass media aimed at creating an insane global COVID panic.

With exactly the same objective – making money. A lot of money. A whole lot of money. Hundreds of billions of dollars (or euros), in fact. Such amount of money can easily corrupt a saint – and “Big Pharma” executives are no saints (more like fallen angels, actually).

The math is simple, straightforward and fundamentally criminal – the more widespread the “COVID-panic” is and the more powerful it is, the easier it would be to get the regulatory approval, the higher would be the demand for the vaccine and the higher is the price that the vaccine manufacturer could charge.

Hence, the higher would be their sales, profits, cash flows, shareholder value… and salaries and bonuses of “Big Pharma” executives. And – of course – the net worth of shareholders in pharmaceutical companies. Not to mention the proud feeling of being the “saviors of the humanity” from “COVID menace”.

Ditto for health care industry. The more widespread the “COVID-panic” is and the more powerful it is, the more money the industry gets from the government (and from the patients). Oh, and the doctors and medical workers have long been known to have a “God complex” – in this case, the feeling of being the “saviors of a human race”.

Hence it is no surprise that the number of individuals who died from coronavirus is heavily inflated – in some cases by an order of magnitude. And so is the lethality of the virus – while it is claimed to be at least 1% and often estimated as high as 5%, in reality it is at most at par with common flue (0.3-0.4%), and most likely much lower (the number of infected far exceeds the official count and the number of COVID deaths is much lower).

The best proof is statistics compiled in Belarus – a perfect “control case” as its government does next to nothing to protect its population from coronavirus and employs the most stringent investigation procedures for possible COVID deaths.

Neither it is a surprise that health care industry (both government and private) utilizes its enormously powerful PR/propaganda machine to reinforce and spread COVID-panic, making the latter as powerful and widespread as possible. With genuinely disastrous consequences.

Still another harsh reality that the critical mass of Westerners will very soon wake up to, is the truth about the devastating contribution the “democratic” governments made to the whole COVID disaster. And that the government – like media, “Big Pharma” and the health care industry – CAN NOT and should not be trusted. At all.

The Inevitable (2)

First of all, the “critical mass” of the Western population will discover, acknowledge and accept that Mother Nature has the power over humankind – not the other way around (as most human, alas, believe).

And it really does not matter whether Mother Nature is an enormously powerful tool of the Almighty God or it has this power over human beings by itself – it only matters that it has this power – and recently began to exercise it via Weckruf (“wake-up calls”) to human civilization.

The first Weckruf was the proverbial “climate change”. Human civilization pretty much ignored it – and in a decade or so got the “second Weckruf”. The COVID-19 disaster.

And again, it (so far) continues to ignore it, desperately trying to “cancel the laws of Mother Nature” by attempting to prevent the virus from taking its toll – and doing its job for Mother Nature.

It is an exercise in futility, of course – but even if by some (highly unlikely) miracle, human civilization succeeds, it will be hit by a “Weckruf III”. Which would be far, far worse than the second one.

Possibly even by another virus – which would kill not at most 0.5% of infected as COVID does (its actual lethality is most likely far lower), but, let’s say, 5% or so. Which would lead to genuinely unimaginable catastrophe for the whole humanity.

However, I find this apocalyptic scenario not just highly unlikely, but practically impossible. Because (1) there would be no miracle – i.e. miraculous vaccine – that would “defeat the coronavirus”; and (2) a critical mass of the Western (and subsequently the whole human) population will “get the message from Mother Nature”. Which would make “Weckruf III” unnecessary.

In a few weeks at most, this critical mass will discover, acknowledge and accept that (1) it is simply impossible to protect the population from COVID-19 – no matter that we do; (2) the virus will disappear only when it does its job for Mother Nature – i.e. takes its predefined/pre-calculated toll; (3) the number of its victim will be the same – no matter what we do or do not do; and (4) the sooner it happens – and the sooner the virus goes away – the better it would be for every individual and for the whole humanity.

It is already undeniable (albeit not always explicitly acknowledged) that the “protective measures” – social distancing, lockdowns, masks, etc. – have devastating side effects (psychological, social, economic, etc. – even on public health).

And that the “COVID hysteria” propagated by governments and mass media produces a no less devastating impact on mental health of every human being on Earth. Of everyone – 100% of the population (COVID makes life inconvenient for at most 10% and is deadly to less than 1%).

However, pretty soon the critical mass of the Western population will suddenly (avalanche-style) become aware of an undeniable fact: these “protective measures” are much worse than “net negative” (i.e. the “medicine” is much worse than the disease).

In reality, these measures are 100% negative (“pure evil”, if you will) because they do not and will not prevent the virus from taking its deadly toll – the number of victims with and without these measures will be exactly the same (proven, by the way, by the comparison of the corresponding “death curves”).

Only with these measure it will take longer for the virus to complete the mission assigned to it by Mother Nature – which will make the side effects of “protective measures” genuinely devastating, catastrophic and possibly even suicidal.

Consequently, the sudden awakening of the critical mass of the Western population to the painful truth about the COVID disaster is but a manifestation of an immensely powerful survival instinct.

Survival instinct of individuals (COVID is not a threat to over 95% of the population while “protective measures” harm everyone) and of nations, countries, societies and of the whole Western and human civilization.

The truth is that with its far less than 1% lethality, COVID-19 is NOT an existential threat to “all of the above” while the “protective measures” are. And this fact will much sooner than later trigger the abovementioned survival instincts. With predictable consequences of those who designed, advocated and implemented these ultimately suicidal measures.

Very soon the critical mass of the Western population will realize that they have been duped by their governments, media and so-called “public health experts” about the danger posed by COVID-19. In other words, that both projected and (in many nations) actual death toll from COVID have been grossly exaggerated.

Examples are plenty – and Sweden is not the most striking one. The most revealing ones are Russia and (especially) Belarus. The government of the latter decided to… pretty much do nothing. No lockdowns, no social distancing, no “mask mandates” – no nothing.

According to models developed by so-called “public health experts”, by the end of May there should have been over 250,000 deaths in Belarus – in a nation of just 9 million such numbers would have been impossible to conceal.

In reality, it was less than 500 – and as of today (11/18/2020) the total number of confirmed COVID deaths (Belarus has one of the most stringent confirmation requirements worldwide) is just 1060. So much for trust in “public health experts”.

Please note that these numbers (which, by the way, are completely open to review by WHO experts) are for a nation which for over three months experiences political protests that draws tens of thousands of participants on at least a weekly basis.

Who stand right next to each other – no social distancing at all – and for the most part do not wear the proverbial masks. And still there is no “second wave” of coronavirus in Belarus (actually, there was no “first wave” to speak of). And the whole “COVID situation” there is far better than in European nations that implemented the disastrous “protective measures”.

In March of this year, a horrendous blunder committed by Moscow mayor, exposed over TWO MILLION Muscovites in the city subway to coronavirus in a matter of hours (so much for the official statistics of about 500,000 infected).

Even if we accept the moderate estimate of COVID lethality of 1% of the infected (some “public health experts” insist on 5% and even higher), this calamity alone should have resulted in 20,000 corona-deaths within a month or so.

In reality, there was barely a spike at all – and even now the official (highly inflated as I will prove shortly) death toll is around 8,000. Eight months after the incident. Oh, and Russian lockdowns were far less strict than in Europe – and barely enforced at all and the overwhelming majority of Muscovites only pretends to follow the “mask orders”.

And still the COVID situation there is far, far better than in nations with far more restrictive “protective measures”. Even without taking into consideration the irrefutable fact that the number of infected is grossly underestimated – and the number of deaths is no less grossly inflated.

Which brings us to another awakening – the awakening of the critical mass of the Western population to an irrefutable fact of a widespread “COVID-fraud”.

The Inevitable (1)

These days, everyone is scared – whether one admits it or not. Scared of the present – and of the future. This fear is highly unhealthy (to put it mildly); hence, it must be radically reduced (otherwise the consequences would be catastrophic). And the only way to radically reduce it is to know for sure what our future will look like (any certainty is much, much better than a complete uncertainty).

At this moment, it is already crystal clear that (1) our world will change; (2) it will radically change; (3) this radical change is inevitable; and, therefore, (4) the only sensible thing to do is to accept and assist this radical change to the best of our abilities.

To accurately forecast these radical changes, we first must understand what we are dealing with – in other words, what exactly all this COVID thing is.  

COVID-19 pandemic is a natural disaster. Of the same category as a volcano. Earthquake. Tornado. Hurricane. Tsunami. Well… almost of the same category. “Almost” because it is a tool of Mother Nature that the latter uses to control the size and (which is far more important) composition of a “human herd” (yes, Mother Nature views us as just another animal species).

Mother Nature believes that there are too many old and weak individuals in a “human herd”; consequently, COVID-19 will go away only after it takes its toll – i.e. kills a certain predefined number of human beings (different for each nation, country, etc.).

And there is nothing, absolutely nothing humans and their governments can do about that – in other words, while we can (and should) care for those who got sick with COVID, we CAN NOT protect anyone from it – no matter what we do.

No “countermeasure” is 100% efficient (actually, there is solid evidence that all these lockdowns, social distancing, masks, etc. are completely useless) and the lethality of COVID (deaths as a % of infected) is well below 1%; consequently, even the vaccine that boasts 95% efficiency (which is highly doubtful in a real world – outside the lab) can not and will not lower the death toll.

Consequently, it is only fair to repeat what Dr. Ian Malcolm said in a global bestseller “Jurassic Park” (the first one): “Life will find the way”. In this case, COVID-19 will find a way around all government countermeasures to kill exactly the same number of humans that it would have killed had they not been implemented. Making these “countermeasures” totally and completely useless.

Abraham Lincoln – one of the greatest presidents of the USA – once said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you CAN NOT fool all the people all the time”.

In this case, it means that rather sooner than later (in fact, in a very near future) a “critical mass” of the Western population will learn and accept the painful truth about the whole COVID disaster. And – what is far more important – will act on this truth. And act decisively – and highly destructively (at least initially).

COVID-19 disaster and the Black Sun Revolution (5)

There were many reasons why the liberal Western governments did what they did – instead of what had to be done (with the notable exception of Sweden – although this nation fell far short of the “optimal COVID response”).

The first one was (surprise, surprise) their sheer incompetence in these matters. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Instead of “outsourcing” the whole thing to the only professionals capable of handling the crisis in the right way (i.e. the military), they decided to do it themselves… with predictably devastating consequences.

And, of course, they were too possessed with the “demon of pride” (the deadliest of the most deadly) sins. Which prevented them from acknowledging and accepting their incompetence in “COVID matters” – and from handing the whole things to the military (the only professionals capable of handling this crisis).

The second (related) problem is that they listened to incompetent experts. Instead of asking the military experts, they turned to civilians – who have neither training, nor the resources for handling the biological attack (and that’s exactly what was – and is – happening).

These two problems stem from the same root – the liberal governments incorrectly perceived the “COVID crisis” as some kind of a “pandemic”, although for all practical purposes it was a bioattack (only perpetrated by Mother Nature). This highly incorrect perception has the same explanation – dire incompetence (alas, a common trait among liberal politicians and government officials).

The next reason was individualism – a fundamental (and ultimately fatal) flaw of liberal ideology. Which made liberal Western government choose exactly wrong objective – saving individual lives (instead of the whole system – the whole society, nation, state and country).

Consequently, they had a grossly incorrect perception of a genuine threat. Which was not the virus itself (its mortality rate is roughly .06% – five times lower than that of a “regular” flu), but a widespread panic. This incorrect perception made liberal governments make colossal (and ultimately suicidal) blunders.

Probably (IMHO, definitely) their worst blunder was to allow this panic to take hold of just about the whole society. Because being obsessed (I would say, possessed) with the idol of “freedom of the press”, they did not impose strict censorship on the media – allowing the latter to spread the panic completely unabated (and suffering no consequences for this genuine and monstrous crime against humanity).

Still another very important reason (possibly the most important one) was that either none of them read “Jurassic Park” (a best-selling science fiction novel by Michael Crichton – a certifiable genius) or – much more likely – neither understood it properly nor applied it correctly to the “COVID-situation”.

There are two key messages in this book (IMHO, one of the most valuable books ever written). First, you can not ignore (let alone subdue) the fundamental Laws of Nature – they will ALWAYS “strike back” and destroy whatever you try to achieve (or build). Men are not gods and pride (i.e. belief that one can do with Nature whatever one pleases) is, indeed, a very much deadly sin.

The second message is very simple: “Life will find a way”. In the case of a “COVID bioattack”, the virus will always find a way to infect and kill all victim it was programmed to kill. No matter what you do. Which automatically makes all “lockdowns, masks, gloves, “social distancing” and all other protective measures totally and utterly useless.

The next reason was both political and emotional. For both reasons, it is far more comfortable to tell your constituents a sweet lie than the hard truth. The hard truth was that the government CAN NOT protect its constituents from being infected by COVID – no matter what it does; that a certain number of them WILL die regardless of what the government does; that neither efficient vaccine nor cure can be developed in the foreseeable future (possibly never); that the government and the whole system MUST put interests of the society before the interests (and even lives) of some individuals; and that any restrictions will inevitably make thigs much worse, not better – and possibly even suicidal for the whole society.

The sweet lie was that the government can save just about anybody if it introduces draconian restrictions (lockdowns, social distancing, etc.) for a few short months – and lighter restrictions (mandatory wearing of masks and gloves) for a few more months – and then both the vaccine and the cure will become available (and thus will do away with the “COVID pandemic”).

The liberal governments (with the notable exception of Sweden) obviously chose the sweet lies, of course (sweet relatively to the hard truth, of course). No surprise here, especially given the enormous pressure by mass media.

Which had its own – and very ulterior – motives. It is a well-established (but surprisingly little-acknowledged) fact that the Western media are not interested in finding and spreading the truth. None it all.

They are all businesses – and thus are interested only in making money. Period. And the best money-making tools in modern world are (surprise, surprise) the so-called “3S”: Sex, Scandal and Scare.

And the last one sells far better than other two combined. Hence it is no surprise that all mass media – whether controlled by liberals or conservatives – are interested in maximizing the corona-panic and corona-hysteria.

The same is true for bloggers and for social media animals. Actually, it were the latter that made probably the decisive contribution to the “pandemic of corona-psychosis”.

Consequently, the liberal governments got so consumed by panic, that they started to make not only horrible, but genuinely suicidal blunders. This is another reason why handling of COVID crisis should have been handed over to the military from Day One – the military are trained to never, ever become the victims of panic (as it is a surefire way to lose the battle – and the whole war).

And the blunders were genuinely disastrous, murderous and ultimately suicidal.

COVID-19 disaster and the Black Sun Revolution (4)

Before we begin analyzing what the liberal governments did (and why), we must (at least briefly) specify what they should have done – and why.

First, the government had to recognize that the nation was de-facto under a biological attack; and that the civilian health care system does not have the resources (or competencies) to deal with this crisis.

Consequently, the response had to be a military operation and all operational control MUST be handed over to the military. In practical terms, it meant that the government had no other choice but to declare a nationwide state of emergency (for the time being, in general terms).

Second, the government had to put together a Joint (military-civilian that is) Crisis Response Team (CRT). Led by the military, of course – as I have already noted, it had to be a military operation.

The first action of CRT should have been (obviously) a thorough assessment of the situation. Which automatically required soliciting (and listening to) all opinions – even “conspiracy theorists” (if you are paranoid, it does not mean that no one is after you – some might very well be).

Then the CRT had to, yes, inform the population. Telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing by the truth (the population will accept any truth – no matter how hard it is).

Which in this case means that (1) there is no way to protect the population – the virus will take its toll no matter what the authorities do; (2) consequently, there is no way to restrict the virus-generated demand for health care – you can only increase the supply; (3) any restrictions will make things worse, not better – and thus wiould be genuinely suicidal; (4) for over 90% of the population the virus is harmless – the infected will either have no symptoms at all (over 80% of the population) or only mild symptoms (over 10%) – this data were provided by the Chinese by the beginning of the outbreak in the West; (5) there is no cure and no vaccine – and there will never be as the virus is far too mutable; and (6) consequently, the virus will go away only after the so-called “herd immunity” is achieved – and obviously, the faster it is achieved, the better.

As neither cure nor vaccine is available (or will be ever available – the virus is far too mutable), the only way for an individual to defeat the virus is with his or her immune system.

Consequently, the CRT (which would assume all authority in virus-related matters) had to mobilize all available resources (and create new ones from scratch when necessary) to produce and distribute immune system boosters in sufficient quantities for the whole population. And encourage – not ban – sports, health and fitness activities both in the open air and in the gyms, swimming pools and the like.

Consequently, all subsequent activities MUST be focused on helping the 10% that need medical help. First, even if someone is destined by Mother Nature to die, he or she still can – and must – be helped.

Second, the government must make sure that there is no excessive mortality – i.e. save those that can be saved (which means that it must try to help everyone who gets sick). It must not try to protect anyone (it is impossible), but it must try to save everyone (although in the end not everyone will be saved, of course).

Hence, the military had to (1) requisitioned sufficient facilities for the necessary number of makeshift (ad-hoc) military hospitals; (2) mobilize sufficient resources for manufacturing and distributing the necessary drugs and equipment; (3) draft sufficient medical personnel into armed forces; and (4) train sufficient number of “ad-hoc nurses” (knowledge and skills required for caring COVID patients can be acquired in a matter of days – proven my innumerable volunteers).

Oh, and, of course, the CRT had to impose ruthless and brutal censorship on all media (including blogs and social networks, of course). No one will be permitted to publish anything COVID-related that could even remotely cause panic.

Violators would be arrested and confined to detention camp (and subsequently tried for violating the Law on State Emergency which permits such detentions). The rationale for this censorship is plain in simple – in this debacle we really have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Because even if the virus kills 5% of the population (in reality it will kill 10-20 times less), it will not destroy the society. But the panic (and panic-generated suicidal measures) will. Inevitably will.

And then just wait for the “herd immunity” to do its job (estimates are that it would take anywhere from one to three months). Which would have brought a fast and easy end to COVID-19 epidemic. Avoiding disaster (let alone collapse of the whole liberal world).

Unfortunately, the liberals did something radically different – with devastating results.

COVID-19 disaster and the Black Sun Revolution (3)

From the practical, material, down-to-Earth perspective COVID infection was a biological attack. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. And, consequently, it had to be treated as such by the authorities (i.e. by the government).

And it really does not matter whether the perpetrator was your enemy in the “hot war”, a “rogue state”, a terrorist cell (of whatever kind), an individual terrorist (such things happened) or Mother Nature. It is still a biological attack.

Hence the right thing to do under these circumstances (i.e. in the nation under a biological attack) was to, obviously, use military protocols, rules and procedures for repelling this attack.

Every nation has these protocols – they have been developed in 1950s (and have been regularly refined since) as a standard security procedure. All the governments had to do was to activate these procedures (adapting, when necessary to the “COVID-specifics”).

And there is a fundamental reason why these procedures was the only acceptable way to go – no civilian health care system (and this is obviously a health care issue) has ever been designed or equipped to handle a de-facto epidemic (WHO definitions notwithstanding). Only the military can.

The three key steps in these protocols are: (1) assessing the dangers posed by the bioattack; (2) developing a plan for repelling this attack; (3) declaring the appropriate state of emergency – otherwise you can not legally engage the military; and (4) implementing these measures.

The key step is, obviously, the first one – and it is not as evident as might seem at a first glance. And this irrefutable fact stems from the very nature of a biological weapon – its’ being a perfect tool of terror.

Contrary to a popular misconception, the bioweapon is not suitable for the battlefield – it can far too easily backfire (literally) and hit the side that used it. There is some evidence that the Red Army learned it the hard way in 1942 when it tried to attach Wehrmacht troops with tularemia (“rabbit fever”).

Hence, bioweapons have been designed to attack the civilian population deep in the enemy territory (a definite crime against humanity but at that time no one really cared).

However, just about any “biological agent” that can be weaponized, is relatively easy to contain; therefore, it is used not to kill a large number of civilians (which would have a relatively insignificant effect on the course of war – the fact proved beyond the reasonable doubt by indiscriminate bombing of Germany and Japan by Allied Air Forces).

But to create terror. Fear.Panic. And the panic (especially nationwide) is an extremely powerful force. Capable of destroying the whole system of the enemy – political, government, economic, social – even military. Thus all but ensuring the victory of the adversary (who used the biological weapon).

The power of panic was proven beyond the reasonable doubt in mid-October of 1941 when the little-known “Moscow panic” all but handed to Adolf Hitler on a (not necessarily silver) plate the Soviet capital (and thus victory on the Eastern Front – and most likely in the whole Second World War).

Unfortunately for the Third Reich, by that time Der Führer was already way too inept to use this opportunity (like many others) to win the war. It is an irrefutable historical fact that the so-called “anti-Hitler coalition” did not win the war – the Nazi Germany lost it.

Consequently, the handling of the COVID-attack should be handed to the military from Day One and the latter had to focus first and foremost on preventing the murderous panic to protect the whole society (i.e. the whole system) from collapsing – not on saving individual lives.

And that’s exactly what the military are conditioned to do – to save the battalion, sometimes you must willingly and ruthlessly sacrifice a platoon; to save a brigade, you must sacrifice a company and to save a division, you must sacrifice a battalion. Practical military necessity – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

But the liberals simply can not let it happen as this is a total anathema to the very foundation of liberalism. Liberals are diehard individualists, obsessed (I would even say, possessed) by the (ultimately suicidal) dogma that the individual is more important than the society.

Besides, making panic prevention job #1 automatically required imposition of a ruthless (and possibly even brutal) “COVID-censorship” on all media – including indefinite detention without court order of all violators in, yes, detention camps (it is the only way to prevent panic these days). This, again, for liberals is tantamount to suicide. Ideological suicide, I mean.

Consequently, instead of doing what needed to be done, the Western liberal governments (and – with few exceptions – other governments inspired by liberals) did something radically different.

And ultimately suicidal. Actually, that’s exactly why liberalism constitutes a genuinely existential threat to Western (and the whole human) civilization: when faced (like today) with the choice of focusing on saving the whole society or individual lives, it will inevitably choose the latter.

Which will automatically result in a total collapse of the whole society (nation, country, state, etc.). This collapse will kill far more human lives than the (necessary) sacrifice ever could. And will make the survivors wish they did not.

Because they will end up in a very real Hell on Earth.