The Inevitable (17)

This Revolution will be both quite similar to and very different from all previous revolutions (at least in modern history). Like all other revolutions, it will result in a radically new Constitution (approved in a nationwide referendum, of course) and a new comprehensive system of laws developed and passed by the revolutionary government (in this case, the National Salvation Government).

However, the Revolution will be fundamentally different from all its predecessors because it will be the first genuinely e-Revolution (electronic revolution that is) in human history.

More specifically, for the first time in human history, the provisional government (i.e. the National Salvation Government) will (1) develop a comprehensive “virtual new world” in “cyberspace”; and (2) incarnate/implement this “virtual world” in “brick and mortar” and “flesh and blood”.

Actually, the second step is not nearly as important as the first one because this new world will operate mostly online – and will be managed almost exclusively online. Again, for the first time in human history.

It is often claimed that in Chinese language, the word “crisis” is consists of two symbols (i.e. words): “danger” and “opportunity”. It may or may not be true, but the COVID crisis will, indeed, inevitably result in a genuine quantum leap for at least the Western Civilization.

The quantum leap that will (finally) breach the gap between the modern “information society” (“e-society”, to be more precise) and a totally outdated political and government system of “parliamentary democracy”.

The latter was developed about 300 years ago (give or take a few decades) and for centuries served the Western Civilization well (it was true that alternative systems were much less efficient).

However, in the modern world the “legislative power” (i.e. parliaments) are no longer an efficient “bridge” between the population (constituents) and the executive power as it makes the system way too slow, cumbersome and inefficient (the COVID disaster proved it way beyond the reasonable doubt – as did a number of other problems that the system of “parliamentary democracy” (PD) is totally impotent to solve)

Consequently, time has come to replace the “parliamentary democracy” (the system that no longer works) with a far more efficient system – the one that is a perfect match for the modern “information society” (e-society).

With Direct Electronic Democracy (DED). It could (and should) have replaced PD years ago (as the necessary technologies have been around for a very long time), but, alas, the Western Civilization was way too slow and risk-averse to embark on such an ambitious project of a radical reengineering of the “whole system”.

The COVID disaster became a “blessing in disguise” of sorts as it essentially destroyed (“razed to the ground”) the “world BCE”. And thus made it possible to create (in many aspects, from scratch) the “new world” – and the system that will work.

The “representative democracy” (parliaments and political parties) is not an end – it is a means to an end (the end is the genuine happiness of the population of the entity in question, – city, state, nation, etc.).

The only two functions of the parliaments and political parties are to provide (1) the “communication channel” between the population and the executive power to make the latter of the genuine needs of the former; and (2) the system of operational control over decisions and actions of the executive power.

In the “pre-information” society this system worked reasonably well (in relative terms, of course – the alternative systems were much less efficient) but it the information society it is not only not the best one, but it is simply unacceptably slow, cumbersome and inefficient.

A far better (i.e., more efficient) system is the Direct Democracy Portal (DDP) which would (1) provide the executive power with all necessary knowledge about genuine needs of its constituents; and (2) make the government activities (decisions and actions) sufficiently transparent for the population to give the latter (for the first time in human history) direct operational control over decisions and actions of its government.

Obviously, the DDP will be augmented with state-of-the-art data mining (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI) and other information and knowledge management technologies.

Initially, all government positions will be filled (in a completely transparent fashion) by the National Salvation Government (the constituents will have the veto power, of course).

After that, government officials will not have to worry about the next elections as they will answer only to their superiors and to their constituents (who will have the “power of recall”).

Now let’s examine in more detail how the “world after” (after the Revolution that is) will inevitably look like.

The Inevitable (16)

And that’s how this radical change (a “quantum leap to a much better world”) will happen. As usual, it will be done by a 5-10% of the population (in this case, the “critical mass” of the Awakened Ones).

It will be a “people’s revolt”, a “national liberation uprising” (actually, it will liberate not only the nation, but also the communities, the societies, the states, the countries and the whole Western Civilization), in fact, a genuine revolution.

This revolution will look and act pretty much like the one that toppled the Communist regimes in the Soviet Union. Only this time it will do away with the “liberal” regimes in Western countries.

This revolt (like the anti-Communist one 30 years earlier) will happen mostly in the key cities all over the Western civilization – and almost simultaneously. For the reasons that I will explain a bit later, I am confident that this “pan-Western uprising” will begin in Berlin – the capital of Germany.

Another key feature of this inevitable revolution will be inherited from the (in)famous “Occupy movement”. Which, incidentally, also sought a radical reengineering of the whole system – political, economic, government, social, etc.

Only this time this radical reengineering (quantum leap) will actually happen. Huge crowds (up to a million-strong in large cities) will, indeed, occupy government buildings, throw away the current governments (at all levels – from a village to the whole country)… and proclaim the formation of the Government of National Salvation (NSE).

Salvation in a very real sense, because the COVID-panic and “protective countermeasures” mandated and enforced by current governments do constitute a genuinely existential threat to communities, the society, state, nation, country, the whole population – and the whole Western (and human) civilization.

The police, the security and the military will support the revolution, because they are well aware that the alternative – inevitable collapse of the whole system into a total chaos (and thus into a genuine Hell on Earth) is, obviously, unacceptable.

The NSE will be stuffed by apolitical “squeaky clean” professionals who were in no way involved in either spreading COVID-panic or (God forbid) mandating or enforcing “protective countermeasures”. Fortunately, there is more than sufficient supply of these.

The first decree of the NSE (emergency decree, of course) will be the total, complete and immediate abolition of all “protective countermeasures”. All of them. And thus the total, complete and unrestricted “return to normal”.

The NSE will simply tell its constituents the truth: that the COVID-19 is the unstoppable “tool of Mother Nature”; that it will go away only after it kills the predetermined number of human beings (different for each country); and that, consequently, all “protective measures” are totally, completely and utterly useless – the total number of dead will be the same regardless.

Then the NSE will do what should have been done in the first place – even before the COVID-19 hit the Western Civilization big-time: declare the (limited) martial law. With but one objective in mind – provide ALL those who got seriously sick with COVID with sufficient care.

True, we CAN NOT protect anyone from COVID – life will find a way – but we can and must provide sufficient supply of medications, facilities, personnel and medical services to everyone who genuinely needs it.

Obviously, this whole operation will be run by the military in question who will get the right to (1) requisition facilities, vehicles and other equipment for makeshift hospitals and health care facilities; (2) draft the necessary medical personnel into the armed forces – and provide them with the necessary training; (3) impose on manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment “emergency orders” for manufacturing the necessary medication (i.e., immune system boosters) and equipment.

No less obviously, the third decree of the NSE will impose (in full compliance with the martial law) strict and ruthless – but limited – censorship on all media (both “traditional” and “social”). With but one objective – stop the COVID-panic. By any means necessary.

This panic – and the useless “preventive countermeasures” mandated and enforced by the Western governments are so destructive, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal that they not only represent the genuinely existential threat to communities, individuals, relationships, societies, nations, states, countries and the whole Western Civilization, but constitute a genuine (and heinous) crimes against humanity.

Quite comparable in scope and severity to Nazi crimes – for which the Nazi leaders have been tried by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1945-46. Most of the defendants that have been found guilty, have been sentenced to either death, life in prison without parole or very long prison sentences.

Consequently, the next decree of the NSE would most likely be the establishment of an SMT – the Special Military Tribunal (it will be set up under the martial law, after all) which would try Western politicians and government officials; journalists, editors and publishers of mass media; owners and managers of “Big Pharma” entities; members of “medical establishment” and all other “influencers” who made a material contribution to the development of the disastrous, devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal synergy between the COVID-panic and the “protective countermeasures”.

Any martial law (even of a limited and highly focused scope) creates a radically different “judicial environment”. In other words, introduces a radically different legal and judicial system (from the civilian one that is). In addition, the crime committed are so heinous that they could be compared only with the ones committed by the Nazis.

Therefore, I will not be surprised if the SMT reintroduces capital punishment and sentences a large number of perpetrators to death (by hanging, firing squad, guillotine or whatever was the preferred method of capital punishment before it was abolished).

Neither would I be surprised if the SMT sends an even larger number of perpetrators for a very long time to concentration camps. Or even if these camps will be set up according to specifications, rules and procedures of Dachau, Buchenwald or Ravensbrück.

This revolution will (inevitably) be the “modern one”. In other words, it will be pretty much leaderless (polycentric) – which will make it impossible to stop. It will begin with the sudden awakening of a few (possibly a dozen or so) key individuals.

These individuals will compose manifestos which will be somewhat different, of course, but will contain essentially the same key facts (truths) and the same “call for the uprising” (i.e., for the revolution).

Each of these manifestos will then be placed on social networks – and in other places on the Internet. Their readers will experience immediate awakening (each manifesto will become a grimoire of sorts) – and will share it on their social network pages and other resources.

It is a well-established fact that the “Share” button is sometimes far more powerful than a thermonuclear bomb. In this case, it will be as the introduction of all these manifestos into the social networks (and into the Web in general) will inevitably create an avalanche, a wildfire, a vortex that in no time will lead to accumulation of the “critical mass” sufficient for the Revolution.

And to the Revolution itself.

The Inevitable (15)

Decisions and actions of the Western population (which will in a very short time radically change our world) will be driven primarily by four fundamental forces. The most fundamental force by far is, obviously, the (al)mighty survival instinct – of individuals, communities, societies, nations, states, countries, the Western Civilization and the whole human civilization.

This survival instinct will be triggered automatically by a genuinely existential threat to “all of the above” – the murderous synergy between global corona-panic (started by the Chinese leaders, spread by money-hungry mass media and amplified by “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and the “liberal elites”) and devastating “protective countermeasures” (lockdowns, “social distancing”, “mask mandates”, etc.) mandated .

Contrary to lies propagated by mass media, COVID is NOT an existential threat to “any of the above” – or 95% of the population. In reality, it is no threat at all.

The second fundamental driving force is the fundamental need for genuine freedom (Western governments replaced the “world BCE” with regime so restrictive that makes the Third Reich and the Stalinist Soviet Union look not just liberal, but libertarian).

Freedom from panic and panic-induced mental disorders (PTSD, paranoia, psychosis, de-personalization, etc.); freedom of relationships, social interaction, travel, work, education, etc., etc.

And, last but not the least, freedom to breathe – and freedom from the disastrous consequences of “mask mandates” (wearing face masks for a prolonged period of time ultimately destroys human respiratory system, heavily damages skin and causes hypoxia – which damages brain, human nervous system, tissue and just about all human organs because all of them need proper supply of oxygen).

The third fundamental driving force is genuine (existential even) need for a really radical change. In other words, for a radical reengineering of a whole system – political, government, social, economic, etc.

For a very simple reason – global COVID-panic has already infected sufficient number of individuals in the Western Civilization with a full-blown PTSD. Which makes it impossible to return to the “world BCE”. There will be no “going back to the old normal” – ever.

Hence, the “world BCE” is already dead – it now is in a “zombie-like” state. Which would not last long – a few months at most – and then it will inevitably collapse into total chaos. Which in practical terms means a very real Hell on Earth.

The only way to save the world (literally) is to create a radically new system – the “world after”. Which, obviously, much be far superior to the “world BCE” – and far happier, of course.

The final driving force is (obviously) a total loss of trust in mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment”, Western governments and liberal elites (because these characters got us all into a global COVID mess).

The loss of trust in the latter guarantees that “the world after” will be fundamentally illiberal. In fact, the process of radical transformation (transfiguration even) of the Western world will be very similar to collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe – only this time it will be the total collapse of the “liberal world” and liberal ideology.

The Inevitable (14)

That this (initially local) panic was transformed into a global one – and into a genuinely existential threat to human civilization – by (mostly Western) mass media – “traditional” and “social”.

That this panic was amplified enormously by the “liberal elites” and enormously powerful PR/propaganda machines of “Big Pharma” and “medical establishment”. That mass media did it because it is not interested in uncovering or spreading the Truth, but only in making money and in acquiring the maximum possible power over the human society. And thus absolutely CAN NOT and should not be trusted ever – especially with genuinely existential issues.

That the media makes money mostly with “3S”: Sex, Scandal and Scare and that the latter one is a far more powerful money-making machine than the other two (and everything else) combined.

That “Big Pharma” cares a damn thing about health (and even lives) of human beings – only about making a lot of money via sales of vaccine and treatment (and damn the consequences). And thus absolutely CAN NOT and should not be trusted ever.

That the “medical establishment” does not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about health (and even lives) of human beings either – only about making a lot of money from government financing and private grants (and from sales of “medical services” to the population). And, of course, about acquiring an almost Godlike power over the nation, state, country, society and the whole human civilization.

That the Western “democratic” politicians and government officials also do not care a damn thing about health (and even lives) of human beings – only about getting the power and staying in power in the country in question.

Which is practically impossible without active support (or at least neutrality) of mass media (“traditional” and “social”), “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and especially the “liberal elites”.

Consequently, the Western governments willingly choose to serve not their constituents, but these powers – and behave accordingly (e.g. contribute) to a completely unjustified “COVID panic”. And hence these governments CAN NOT and should not be trusted – ever. Especially with such existential issues as the COVID crisis.

That for all practical purposes the “COVID pandemic” is essentially a biological attack on the whole population, the communities, the society, the nation, the country, the European Union, the Western Civilization and on the whole human civilization.

That its primary targets are the latter (not the individual human beings) and its primary weapon (and thus the existential threat to “all of the above”) is not the virus, but panic. Fear. Scare.

That (consequently), the civilian government and health care systems are simply not equipped to deal with this crisis. And that control over handling the pandemic should be immediately handed over to appropriate military authorities (bioweapons professionals).

That the Western governments completely lost control over the whole COVID crisis. That they are doing the same things (lockdowns, “mask mandates”, “social distancing”, etc.) all over again – despite their abject failure – and expect different results. Which – according to no other than Albert Einstein – is a perfect definition of idiocy.

That the “medicine” is no just far worse than the disease (i.e. COVID-19), but genuinely disastrous. Catastrophic. Suicidal. That all these measures (1) will not save even one human life – virus will go away only after it does the job for Mother Nature and kills the predetermined number of human beings; and (2) infect just about 100% of the population with PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and (the proverbial “mask mandate”) de-personalization.

That the abovementioned disorders (especially PTSD) destroy not only mental health (and thus individual lives), but also relationships, communities, societies, nations, states, countries, the Western Civilization and the whole human civilization (i.e. the “world BCE” – before corona-epidemic that is).

That “all of the above” will be inevitably destroyed (they already are being destroyed – and fast) because these disorders (especially PTSD) make it impossible to go back to the “world BCE” as the latter is too closely associated with psychological traumas received by the population. And thus “going back” would be simply way too painful – unacceptably painful, actually.

And that as the demise of the “world BCE” is inevitable, the only choice we have is between total chaos and a radically new world. Radically different from the one that we currently live in that is.

The choice is obvious – tear apart the old world ASAP (the controlled demolition is obviously far better than the runaway collapse) and immediately (actually, in parallel) build a new, far better and a far happier world.

And that’s exactly what the Western population will do – in a very near future and under guidance and management of the Awakened Ones.

The Inevitable (13)

In a few weeks at most (most likely, by the end of 2020), a “critical mass” of the Western population will wake up to a “critical mass” of irrefutable facts (fundamental Truths).

This Grand Awakening will trigger the Lawine (the “avalanche of actions”, the Waldbrand (wildfire), the Vortex and ultimately the Social Singularity Event (SSE) that will radically change our world. All of it – not just the Western Civilization.

The “world BCE” (“before COVID epidemic” that is) will collapse and cease to exists. And on its ruins, the Western population (led by a “critical mass” of The Awakened Ones) will build a radically different – and much better and happier – world than we currently live in.

The “critical mass” of the Western population will suddenly (the Truth will find a way) wake up to the undeniable fact that COVID-19 is (like all other similar viruses) but a tool of Mother Nature.

That COVID is tasked by Her Majesty (Mother Nature that is) to (1) eliminate the weak, the old and the sick that Her Majesty deems unworthy of life – that’s exactly is the primary raison d’être of this category of viruses; and (2) teach the humankind a vitally important “humility lesson”: Mother Nature has the power over human civilization, not the other way around.

That COVID will go away (i.e., the pandemic will end) only when it accomplishes its objective – and no earlier. In other words, only after (a) the virus kills the exact number of human beings it is designed and tasked to kill; and (b) the humankind – first and foremost, the still-dominant Western Civilization “gets the message” from Mother Nature.

That (consequently) all “protective countermeasures” (lockdowns, “social distancing”, “mask mandates”, etc.) are totally and utterly useless – the number of victims will be exactly the same with or without them. That there is plenty of statistically significant evidence (i.e. the “Belarus control case”) that these countermeasures do not work – and will never work.

That the much-hyped “COVID vaccine” is the delusion created and propagated by “Big Pharma” which is interested only in making hundreds of billions of dollars from vaccine sales – and damn the consequences.

That even 95% vaccine success in the lab with a carefully select group of volunteers is meaningless as (1) COVID is not a threat to over 95% of the population even without vaccination; (2) no one has any clue how the vaccine would work on those 5% for whom COVID is a threat; and (3) whether vaccine will work in a “real world” is still a very big question.

That mandating the vaccination of just about all population without waiting for at least a year for the (inevitable) long-term side effects of the vaccine is a heinous crime against humanity as the death toll from the vaccine could easily become far higher than the one from virus itself (the Russian vaccine already killed more than a hundred). So far, almost half of Americans do not trust these vaccines – and for a very good reason.

That COVID-19 is not an existential threat to any Western (or non-Western) community, society, state, nation, country, European Union – let alone to the whole Western Civilization (or the whole human civilization for that matter).

Or to the overwhelming majority of the population – 80% experience no symptoms at all, 15% only mild symptoms and only 5% of the population are in danger of dying or of severe symptoms and consequences.

That the real lethality of COVID (number of death divided by the number of infected – the only reliable measure) is far below 1% and thus is about the same as the one from the “regular” flu.

That the real existential threat to the community, society, nation, state, country, the European Union, Western Civilization and the whole human civilization is not from COVID, but from global pandemic of hysteria and panic – and from panic-induced “preventive countermeasures” mandated by the governments (lockdowns, “social distancing”, “mask mandates”, etc.). In other words that we, indeed, “have nothing to fear but fear itself

That “COVID pandemic” is fundamentally no different from a number of flu-like pandemics in modern history and that the global “COVID disaster” would have never happened had it originated in any nation other than in Communist China.

That the (totally unjustified) COVID-panic was deliberately created by the criminally unscrupulous (to put it mildly) Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and his clique; that its sole ultimate objective was to transform mainland China in a “nationwide digital concentration camp” and thus to make their power over PRC genuinely absolute… and that this Hitler- (or Stalin-) type endeavor had totally unanticipated (by the perpetrators) and genuinely horrific global consequences.

The Inevitable (12)

One of the obvious (and the most destructive) consequences of global COVID-panic and (to a somewhat lesser extent) “protective countermeasures” was the nationwide (actually, worldwide) COVID-paranoia.

Which is – by definition – the irrational and even delusional fear of the threat that in reality does not exist. COVID-19 is exactly such an illusory (phantom) threat for 95% of the population (in other words, no threat at all). It is a threat of major inconveniences for about 5% of the population – and is deadly to less than 1%.

Consequently, over 95% of the population have nothing to worry about – and have literally NOTHING to fear but fear itself. And they should, indeed, “fear the fear”, because (unlike COVID-19) fear, panic and paranoia are a genuine existential threat to societies, nations, states, countries and the whole human civilization.

Unfortunately, panic-induced paranoia makes the “infected” (in a very literal sense) individuals fear something and someone they absolutely should not – other human beings (i.e., getting the virus from them), public places (restaurants, stores, gyms, etc.), themselves (i.e. their mistakes that could make them contract the virus)… and, obviously, the virus itself which is no threat at all for 95% of the population.

This paranoia is amplified by genuine concerns – of losing one’s job (“protective countermeasures” led to double-digit economic decline and threaten to wipe out entire industries); and, of course, of the future in general as the proverbial “gut feeling” tells just about of everyone that the collapse of the “world BCE” is all but assured and that there will be no “return to normal”. Ever.

Paranoia generates distrust in… just about everything and everyone in general. And, of course, hostility towards both (often highly aggressive hostility). Consequently, paranoia (induced by COVID panic) creates a highly potent destructive force which will finally contribute significantly to the collapse of interpersonal relationships, the society and the whole “world BCE” (i.e., the whole human civilization).

Psychological traumas caused by COVID-panic and “protective countermeasures” inevitably cause another serious mental disorder – psychosis (in fact, some psychiatrists consider this panic to be a form of psychosis because it is so fundamentally delusional and its victims has serious difficulties in differentiating between what is real and what is not).

It has been proven that psychosis is caused mostly by the “avalanche-type” PTSD (or at least occurs simultaneously with the latter) – in other words, it occurs when multiple traumatic life events accumulate, creating the “internal avalanche” inside the human mind.

Among other negative consequences, psychosis cause disorganization – which rather sooner than later creates chaos in one’s life, relationships, workplace, society, state and in the whole human civilization.

And ultimately (and inevitably) leads to the collapse of “all of the above” (i.e. of the whole “world BCE”). Especially when aided by delusions – a loss of touch with reality (another horrible feature of psychosis).

Still another crime against humanity committed by Western (and not just Western) governments is the infamous “mask mandate”. Contrary to claims by “medical experts”, there is no statistically significant evidence that wearing masks significantly (i.e. over and above statistical error margin) reduce the risk of COVID infection.

And there is a powerful evidence to the contrary: just about all of Europe had been wearing masks for months – and was hit hard by the “second COVID wave”. Belarus did not – and had no “second wave” (it even did not have the first one to speak of).

Enforcement of “mask mandates” in Russia is far more lax than in Europe or in some states in the USA (in some regions there is no enforcement at all – and practically no one complies with this mandate)… and still the “COVID situation” there is far better than in countries when the mandate is strictly enforced and complied with. Even if one believes the official COVID statistics in Russia (there is ample evidence that the death toll there is heavily inflated – up to an order of magnitude).

Mask mandate is a heinous crime against humanity because it transform the individual into a faceless robot, stripping him or her of all individuality – and the human community into a faceless “humanimal herd”.

Which heavily damages the mental health of individuals and all but destroys interpersonal relationships (there can be no meaningful relationship between faceless robots). And, therefore, the human communities, the society, the state, the nation, the country, the European Union and the whole Western (and human) civilization.

Life will always find a way – and so will the Truth. No matter what the mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment”, liberal elites and Western (and not just Western) governments do.

Consequently, in a few weeks at most (most likely, by the end of the year), the “critical mass” of the Western population will (finally) wake up to the cold, hard, unpleasant and utterly horrible truth about the whole COVID disaster.

And – by acting swiftly, ruthlessly and decisively – will inevitably and radically change our world. Beyond recognition.

The Inevitable (11)

Global corona-panic triggered by Chinese leaders, propagated by mass media and supported/inspired by “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and liberal elites created a highly toxic, psychologically traumatic and thus enormously unhealthy environment (for mental and subsequently physical health of the Western population).

This environment was made radically worse by totally useless “protective countermeasures” mandated and enforced by Western governments – lockdowns, social distancing, “mask mandates”, etc.

Consequently, Westerners (actually, just about the whole humankind) are constantly bombarded with highly negative, toxic, emotionally painful and psychologically traumatic messages (text and audio), images, videos and experiences. Which (among other highly negative consequences) place just about everyone under a tremendous stress.

This stress is made much heavier and painful by the “burden of responsibility” (“responsibility to protect oneself and others from COVID” that is) placed upon the shoulders of everyone by the Western governments.

This burden is totally illusory as in reality it is simply not possible to protect anyone from COVID – “life will find a way” around all “countermeasures” and the virus will go away only after it does its job for Mother Nature (i.e. kills the exact number of individuals it was tasked to kill).

Each of these negative messages, images, videos and experiences (just about every individual is exposed to dozens of these EVERY DAY) is essentially a “psychological micro-trauma”.

Additional psychological traumas are caused by the inability of individuals (due to lockdowns and social distancing) to “change the scenery” – by traveling to other places, visiting restaurants, concerts, sports and other events; other “positively emotionally charged places”, etc.

Sooner or later (in fact, rather sooner than later) the “critical mass” of these traumas accumulates in just about everyone’s “heart, mind and soul” and just about the whole population of our planet “snaps” and develops a full-blown PTSD – with all its attributes, symptoms and consequences.

The worst blunder (and the most heinous crime against humanity) committed by the Western (and not just Western) governments is that they are protecting the wrong targets (individuals and entities) from the entirely wrong threat.

Instead of protecting a relatively small social group (the sick, the elderly and the old) from COVID-19 (an exercise in futility), they should have been protecting their societies, their states, their nations, their countries and the mental (and ultimately the physical) health of the overwhelming majority of their population.

The latter from PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and other mental disorders induced by panic and other negative messages, images, videos and experiences; and all the others – from total and utter collapse into chaos.

Collapse that would transform our planet into a very real Hell on Earth, kill millions (dozens of times more than COVID ever could) and make those who survive wish they had not.

PTSD makes its victims far more aggressive (on the one hand) and causes severe depression, anxiety disorder and other mood disorders. Consequently, the nationwide (actually, civilization-wide) PTSD-pandemic (and that’s exactly what is going on) will inevitably and radically increase the number of murders, suicides, assaults, rapes and other crimes (thus claiming far more victims than COVID ever could).

PTSD-induced mental health damage makes it all but impossible to establish and maintain healthy, positive, emotionally and spiritually valuable relationships (and masks, lockdowns, “social distancing” and other disastrous and useless “countermeasures” make it even less possible).

Which inevitably and rapidly leads to social isolation of individuals from each other, “atomization” and the ultimate and inevitable collapse of the whole society (which was under severe stress even before the COVID disaster).

Actually, of the whole “world BCE” (before COVID-epidemic that is) as the “old world” is way too closely associated with COVID (and thus with psychological traumas) in hearts, minds and souls of the population (in other words, “return to old normal” would be just way too painful). Hence, there would be no “going back to normal” – ever.

To protect themselves from psychological pain, the Western (and not just Western) population will have no other choice but to literally raze the “old world” to the ground – and to build a new, radically different world on top of its ruins.

There is another reason for this inevitability – with just about the whole population suffering from PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and de-personalization (more on that later) no mental health care system (whether civilian or military) could hope to heal that many patients (i.e., return them to full or at least acceptable mental health).

The latter could be accomplished only by radically changing the psychological and emotional environment for the whole population. Which could be accomplished by replacing the “world BCE” with a radically new, far more emotionally and spiritually powerful and positive world – the “world after”.

Now let’s talk a bit about three other heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated by mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and liberal elite. Who in a very literal sense infected the Western (and not just Western) population with not only PTSD, but with three other mental disorders (diseases, actually) – paranoia, psychosis and de-personalization.

The Inevitable (10)

“Protective countermeasures” mandated by Western governments constitute heinous crimes against humanity because in their attempt to save a small percentage of the population (an exercise in futility), they severely damage the mental health of one hundred percent of the population (among other disastrous side effects).

And thus destroy individuals, relationships, communities, states, societies, nations, countries, the European Union and the whole Western Civilization. And ultimately the whole human civilization – avalanche-style. Which is, indeed, the worst crime against humanity in our history.

This murderous avalanche is triggered by fear – the eighth deadly sin (according to some Christian theologians). In their attempt to save a relatively small number of lives (an exercise in futility), Western governments (and, of course, mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and liberal elites) infected 100% of the population with fear – a highly destructive emotion.

Ultimately, it is exactly this fear (at the level of global panic) that damages and inevitably destroys mental health of just about the whole Western population. Which no less inevitably destroys individuals, relationships, communities, states, societies, nations, countries, the European Union and the whole Western Civilization. And ultimately the whole human civilization.

In practical terms, this fear (panic actually) does “all of the above” by “infecting” (literally) the Western population with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), psychosis, depersonalization and paranoia.

There are essentially two types of PTSD – the “regular” one (triggered by a one-time traumatic event such as natural disaster, sexual assault, traffic accident) and an “avalanche-style” when the individual in question is exposed to periodic (i.e. daily or even more frequent) psychological traumas (this process is called the “chronic adversity”).

In the latter case, each trauma becomes a “layer of snow” of sorts and after the “critical mass” of this “snow” is accumulated inside the human mind, it “triggers the avalanche” with the results practically identical to the “regular” PTSD (i.e. the one caused by a one-time traumatic event).

The most devastating result of PTSD (especially of the “avalanche-style”) is that the individual in question develops a psychological need to avoid trauma-related cues. In practice, it means that when PTSD is associated with a certain environment, the victim of PTSD simply can no longer function in the environment where he or she developed PTSD.

For a very simple reason – in his or her mind the environment gets so associated with the psychological trauma that simply being in this environment causes unbearable psychological pain. Giving the victim only two choices – either leave the environment in question (move to the one not associated with psychological trauma) – or radically change it.

COVID-pandemic (and thus COVID-psychosis that inevitably leads to PTSD) is global; consequently, there is literally nowhere to escape to. Therefore, the Western population has no other choice but to radically change the world they live in (the Western world).

And change it so radically that in their minds (“hearts, minds and souls”), it is no longer associated with PTSD that they developed due to colossal blunders (yes, it was much more than a crime – it was a gargantuan blunder) committed by the Western “powers that be”.

This COVID-induced PTSD is probably the key factor that makes sure that our world will change radically – and inevitably (otherwise it would collapse into a total chaos – a very literal Hell on Earth).

It takes a certain “critical mass” of the population to trigger and complete this radical change and it is known that it usually takes several months (less than a year) for this “critical mass” to develop.

The whole global pandemic of COVID-psychosis began in early spring of 2020; consequently, it would be fair to expect this radical change (a “quantum leap”) to occur within the next few weeks – most likely, it will happen before the end of this year (2020).

The Inevitable (9)

The first crime committed by Western governments was technically not a crime at all in a legal sense – they lied. They lied (and, alas, continue to lie) through their teeth to their constituents… just about anything and everything related to COVID disaster.

They lied – and continue to lie that COVID-19 is an existential threat to the society, the nation, the state and the culture (it isn’t) and to all population (in reality to no more than 5%); that its lethality is way higher than the one of the “common flu” (in reality it is at most equal and most likely far lower); that lockdowns protect the population from virus (they don’t); that “social distancing” works (it doesn’t); that masks protect from virus (they do not); that vaccine is safe (there is no evidence that it is – long-term effects are still unknown); that it works (lab tests on volunteers and the “real life” are two very different things); that it is possible to protect oneself and others from COVID (it isn’t); that there are ways to stop the pandemic other than herd immunity (there aren’t) and that the civilian health care system can handle the crisis (it can’t – only the military can).

Obviously, they lied because they were lied to – by “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” (because both had enormous commercial ulterior motives to do so) – and because they succumbed by the panic triggered by the Chinese officials, propagated by mass media and supported by the abovementioned two culprits.

They did not listen to the “alternative opinion” (the one that was telling the truth about COVID disaster) – and pretended that the “Belarus control case” did not exist – because they were afraid to go against mass media, “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” – three very powerful forces.

Powerful enough to make the current government lose the next elections at the corresponding level (as I have already mentioned, politicians care only about getting power and staying in power – and nothing else). Hence, the Western governments betrayed their constituents – with devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal results.

Another crime (this time a very real one) was that the Western governments resorted to genuinely idiotic measures. Measures that do not work (it was proven beyond the reasonable doubt) but are very, very costly.

These measures (lockdowns and social distancing mostly) were idiotic according to a very accurate definition by no other than Albert Einstein. He once gave the following definition of idiocy: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Lockdowns, social distancing, masks, etc. obviously did not work – otherwise there would not have been the proverbial “second wave of COVID”. And still the Western governments mandated essentially the same measures, expecting that they would work this time. Guess what – they won’t. And again, they ignored the “Belarus control case” (no restrictions – and no “second wave”… or even the first to speak of).

This “doubling down” on measures that obviously do not work means only one thing – the governments completely lost control (some of them publicly admitted that) over the whole situation and now have only one objective: demonstrate that they are doing at least something.

Which is a really, really bad idea as it inevitably leads to disastrous, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal results. In this situation, it would have been much better to do what the government of Belarus is doing – essentially nothing.

Now let’s analyze in detail the “protective countermeasures” mandated by Western governments and demonstrate why these measures (1) do not work; and (2) are, indeed, heinous crimes against humanity.

Currently, there are five such measures: mass panic/hysteria/psychosis (yes, it is a “population manipulation tool”); lockdowns, social distancing, “mask mandates” and, of course, the (un)voluntary vaccination.

Let’s start with the last one. The declared 95% “success rate” for the vaccines has no practical meaning. First, COVID-19 presents no danger to… exactly 95% of the population – they will either experience no symptoms (80% or so) or only mild symptoms (15% or so).

COVID is dangerous to the remaining 5%… who were not included in the “lab tests”. For a very simple reason – vaccine is not a cure; consequently, it is prohibited by law to test vaccine on members of high-risk groups (the sick, the weak and the elderly).

And for a good reason – any vaccine is inherently unsafe (the only question is how exactly unsafe). Russia is one of the major biotech powers (during the Cold War the USSR had the most extensive bioweapons program in the world) so it is no surprise that it has also developed two anti-COVID vaccines.

These vaccines have already killed over one hundred individuals – after they were used in real life (outside the lab). Hence, approving the vaccine (any vaccine) before its long-term side effects become known (and it takes about a year at least) is a certifiable crime. Period.

The declared 95% success rate is highly suspect as vaccines against similar viruses typically are 50 to 60% successful. Which creates a suspicion that test groups were assembled specifically to produce this result… which would never ever be reproduced in real life.

And, finally, COVID-like viruses are notorious for their ability to mutate – which renders any vaccine useless in a few months (hence another reason for waiting at least a year before approving the vaccine).

Now let’s examine the other “protective countermeasures” (i.e. other heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated by Western governments).

The Inevitable (8)

But let’s first examine what the Western governments should have done (BTW, they did not need to be “rocket scientists” to figure it out as it was just plain common sense).

First and foremost, the Western governments should have recognized the dual nature of COVID disaster. On the one hand, it was the tool of Mother Nature for controlling the size and the composition of the “human herd” (weeding out the weak, the sick and the old)

On the other hand, it was a bioattack on the Western Civilization (actually, on the whole human civilization). And it did not matter one bit that the perpetrator was neither the “rogue state” nor the terrorist cell, organization or a single “mad scientists” (“mad terrorist”) – but Her Majesty Mother Nature. It was still a biological attack – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Contrary to a (very) popular misconception, honesty is not always the best policy. But in this case it definitely was – lying through one’s teeth during the crisis of such magnitude is not only criminal and disastrous, but practically suicidal.

Consequently, the Western governments (actually, all governments) should have told their constituents the cold, hard and painful truth. That (1) there is and there can be no protection against COVID-19, no cure and no vaccine; (2) the number of its’ victims will be the same no matter what we do; (3) the virus will go away only after it does its job – i.e. kills all victims it was designed and destined to kill; (4) in practical terms, the pandemic will end only after the human population acquires the natural (i.e., not vaccine-generated) “herd immunity”; (5) the virus is dangerous to not more than 5% of the population – others either will not notice it at all or suffer only minor inconveniences – and thus is NOT an existential threat to the society, country, nation or the overwhelming majority of the population; (6) the faster the virus does its job and goes away, the better – for everyone; and (7) the only genuinely existential threat to “all of the above” is panic – “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” – and panic-induced “protective measures”.

Actually, it was exactly what a not a small number of (surprisingly honest and responsible) virologists and epidemiologists were openly stating… but the Western governments (with an exception of Sweden) decided to listen not to them, but to mass media, “Big Pharma” and “medical establishment”.

Completely ignoring the obvious and irrefutable fact that (unlike the former) the latter had very, very ulterior motives to lie through their teeth and spread the global “COVID panic”.

Then the Western governments should have publicly acknowledged that the nations in question were de-facto under a biological attack and that (consequently) the civilian government is simply not competent to deal with the crisis. And then (predictably) declare a (very limited) martial law, transferring all powers for handling the crisis to the corresponding military authorities (bioweapons professionals).

The latter would (obviously) do the only right thing under the circumstances – follow military protocols, rules and procedures for handling this bioattack (i.e., for handling the bio-crisis).

Every nation has these protocols – they have been developed in 1950s (and have been regularly updated since) as a standard security procedure. All the governments had to do was to activate these procedures (adapting, when necessary to the “COVID-specifics”).

There is a fundamental reason why these procedures/protocols are the only acceptable way to go – no civilian health care system (and this is obviously a health care issue) has ever been designed or equipped to handle a de-facto epidemic (WHO definitions notwithstanding). Only the military can.

These protocols are based on the very nature of a biological weapon – its’ being a perfect tool of terror.

Contrary to a popular misconception, the bioweapon is not suitable for the battlefield – it can far too easily backfire (literally) and hit the side that used it. There is some evidence that the Red Army learned it the hard way in 1942 when it tried to attach Wehrmacht troops with tularemia (“rabbit fever”).

Hence, bioweapons have been designed to attack the civilian population deep in the enemy territory (a definite crime against humanity but at that time no one really cared).

However, just about any “biological agent” that can be weaponized, is relatively easy to contain; therefore, it is used not to kill a large number of civilians (which would have a relatively insignificant effect on the course of war – the fact proved beyond the reasonable doubt by indiscriminate bombing of Germany and Japan by Allied Air Forces).

But to create terror. Fear.Panic. And the panic (especially nationwide) is an extremely powerful force. Capable of destroying the whole system of the enemy – political, government, economic, social – even military. Thus all but ensuring the victory of the adversary (who used the biological weapon).

The power of panic was proven beyond the reasonable doubt in mid-October of 1941 when the little-known “Moscow panic” all but handed to Adolf Hitler on a (not necessarily silver) plate the Soviet capital (and thus victory on the Eastern Front – and most likely in the whole Second World War).

Unfortunately for the Third Reich, by that time Der Führer was already way too inept to use this opportunity (like many others) to win the war. It is an irrefutable historical fact that the so-called “anti-Hitler coalition” did not win the war – the Nazi Germany lost it.

Consequently, the handling of the COVID-attack should be handed to the military from Day One and the latter had to focus first and foremost on preventing the murderous panic to protect the whole society (i.e. the whole system) from collapsing – not on saving individual lives.

And that’s exactly what the military are conditioned to do – to save the battalion, sometimes you must willingly and ruthlessly sacrifice a platoon; to save a brigade, you must sacrifice a company and to save a division, you must sacrifice a battalion. Practical military necessity – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

This practical necessity (obviously) requires the establishment of a Joint (military-civilian that is) Crisis Response Team (CRT). Led by the military, of course – as I have already noted, it had to be a military operation.

As neither cure nor vaccine is available (or will be ever available – the virus is far too mutable for any vaccine to work), the only way for an individual to defeat the virus is with his or her immune system.

Consequently, the JCRT (which would assume all authority in virus-related matters) had to mobilize all available resources (and create new ones from scratch when necessary) to produce and distribute immune system boosters in sufficient quantities for the whole population. And encourage – not ban – sports, health and fitness activities both in the open air and in the gyms, swimming pools and the like.

Obviously, all subsequent activities MUST be focused on helping the 5% (10% at most) of the population who need medical help. First, even if someone is destined by Mother Nature to die, he or she still can – and must – be helped.

Second, the JCRT must make sure that there is no excessive mortality – i.e. save those that can be saved (which means that it must try to help everyone who gets sick). It must not try to protect anyone (it is impossible), but it must try to save everyone (although in the end not everyone will be saved, of course).

Hence, the JCRT had to (1) requisition sufficient facilities for the necessary number of makeshift (ad-hoc) military hospitals; (2) mobilize sufficient resources for manufacturing and distributing the necessary drugs and equipment; (3) draft sufficient medical personnel into armed forces; and (4) train sufficient number of “ad-hoc nurses” (knowledge and skills required for caring COVID patients can be acquired in a matter of days – proven my innumerable volunteers).

Oh, and, of course, the CRT had to impose ruthless and brutal censorship on all media (including blogs and social networks, of course). No one will be permitted to publish anything COVID-related that could even remotely cause panic.

Violators would be arrested and confined to detention camp (and subsequently tried for violating the Law on State Emergency which permits such detentions). The rationale for this censorship is plain in simple – in this debacle we really have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Because even if the virus kills 5% of the population (in reality it will kill 10-20 times less), it will not destroy the society. But the panic (and panic-generated suicidal measures) will. Inevitably will.

And then just wait for the “herd immunity” to do its job (estimates are that it would take anywhere from one to three months). Which would have brought a fast and easy end to COVID-19 epidemic.

Unfortunately, the liberals did something radically different – with devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal results.