Mysterious Voyages of U-530 and U-977

Type IXC-40

On May 8th, 1945 the brand new (and very much provisional) German leader Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz ordered all operational U-boats to surrender unconditionally to the Allied forces.

However, at least two submarines (U-530 and U-977) did not surrender. Instead, their captains decided… to go to Argentina (of all places) – ostensibly to surrender to its Navy. Which they did – roughly one month apart at Mar del Plata Naval Base.

The larger U-530 surrendered on July 10th and the smaller U-977 – on August 17th. The captain of U-530 – Oberleutnant zur See Otto Wermuth – did not explain why on Earth he decided to ignore the order to surrender, why it had taken him more than two months to reach Mar del Plata, why his submarine had jettisoned its deck gun, why its crew carried no identification, or (most importantly) what the hell had happened to the ship’s log which was nowhere to be found.

The captain of U-977 – Oberleutnant zur See Heinz Schäffer – did give the explanation why… which sounded quite bizarre (to put it mildly). He claimed that his main reason was a German propaganda broadcast by Goebbels, which claimed that the Allies’ Morgenthau Plan would turn Germany into a “goat pasture” and that all German men would be “enslaved and sterilized”.

Now a U-boat captain that still believed Goebbels in May of 1945… that was far less probably than an alien from outer space.

Other factors were remembrances of the poor conditions and long delays that German POWs suffered through, in being repatriated at the end of World War I, and the hope of better living conditions in Argentina, which had a large German community.

Schäffer offered the married crewmen the option of going ashore in Europe (or so he said). Sixteen chose to do so and were landed from dinghies on Holsnøy Island near Bergen on 10 May. Incidentally, there was no proof whatsoever that anything like that ever happened.

The crews of both subs were predictably interned by the Argentinian authorities. The latter had no desire to have anything to do with these “hot potatoes” so they promptly transferred both the crews and the boats to the United States.

All crewmembers had to endure long and intense interrogations and faced the charges that (1) they had landed Nazi leaders in Argentina before surrendering; and (2) they have sunk the Brazilian cruiser Bahia as the last act of the Battle of the Atlantic. Obviously, the crew members of both U-boats vehemently denied both charges.

Both charges were based on… well, rumors and having had failed to obtain any evidence of either crime, the US investigators had to let the submariners go. It was later found that the cruiser (believed it or not) sunk itself during anti-aircraft target practice.

In 1947, crews were released from POW facilities and the boats (seized by the US Navy) were used as targets for torpedoes and unceremoniously sunk.

IMHO, explanations provided by captains of both boats as to why did they decide to sail to Argentina are totally and completely bogus. For a very simple reason – the journey from Europe to Argentina was such a risky adventure that both captains had to have far more compelling reasons (such as an order from the very top) to undertake it.

In May of 1945 the Atlantic Ocean was saturated with Allied ships and its skies – with Allied aircraft. Both (rightfully) considered any U-boat that refused to follow orders and to surrender as a pirate ship that had to be dealt with only in one fashion – sunk on the spot without warning.

And, of course, disobeying an order to surrender issued by the Supreme Commander of German Armed Forces made any U-boat captain a criminal – and gave his XO the right to arrest him on the spot (and even shoot the bastard right then and there).

So I believe that the reality was very different from what both captain told their interrogators. It is a well-established fact that Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz (formerly the commander of the submarine forces of the Kriegsmarine) firmly believed that even one U-boat surrendered to the Allies is one too many.

So he ordered Operation Regenbogen (“Rainbow”); in other words, ordered all German U-boats to be scuttled rather than surrendered to the enemy. The order was partially carried out which resulted in about 200 U-boats (most of which were not operational) and about 150 surrendered.

Consequently, it would be fair to conclude that if someone (even Heinrich Himmler) approached Dönitz on one of the first days of May 1945 and asked him to order two subs to sail to Argentina rather that surrender to the Allies, he would have cooperated enthusiastically.

As the result, right after receiving the order to surrender to the Allies on May 8th, 1945, captains of both U-530 and U-977 received another – top secret – order. Do not surrender; pick up passengers and cargo at the designated place and time, deliver them to Argentina and only then surrender (to the Argentinians) keeping dead silence about the whole thing.

The nature of the cargo is obvious – some liquid financial assets (gold, precious stones, foreign currency, etc.) that the ODESSA wanted to transfer to South America rather than to neutral European nations or the Vatican.

Looks like these guys knew that the key to reducing risks was diversification. And the passengers were most likely Nazi financiers with extensive contacts in global financial community and (of course) the security guys from the SS.


The choice of U-530 for this job was especially telling. It was a Type IXC/40 boat – a large ocean-going submarine for sustained operations far from the home support facilities (and could take on board a lot of cargo).


Die Glocke – An Alternative Theory


According to rumors spread and discussed by crypto-historians, Die Glocke (“The Bell”) was an alleged top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe developed (and even tested) at the very end of World War II.

Originally described by Polish journalist and author Igor Witkowski in his 2000 book Prawda o Wunderwaffe (“Truth about Wunderwaffe”), it was later popularized by military journalist and writer Nick Cook as well as by notable crypto-historians such as Joseph P. Farrell and others.

Die Glocke is usually described by crypto-historians as being a device “made out of a hard, heavy metal” approximately 3 meters wide and 4 to 5 meters high, having (not surprisingly) a shape similar to that of a large bell.

Witkowski claimed that Die Glocke, when activated, killed all living organisms within a circle 300 meters (1000 feet) in diameter. He also claimed that five of the seven original scientists working on the project died in the course of the tests from something similar to acute radiation poisoning.

Few, if any, genuine historians think that Die Glocke actually existed. It appears to be a hoax, or at best a wild exaggeration. There is, however, an interesting theory that views the abovementioned description of Die Glocke as heavily fictionalized (and thus grossly distorted) description of a fundamentally different device allegedly, indeed, developed by the Nazis at the very end of World War II.

According to this theory, the real Die Glocke was the result of a joint top secret project of two institutes of the infamous Ahnenerbe – the Überprüfung der sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften (“Examination of the so-called secret sciences”) – which officially was never established – and Wehrwissenschaftliche Zweckforschung (“Military Scientific Research”).

The latter carried out a series of research projects involving human experimentation at the Dachau concentration camp. One of the by-products of this research was the accidental discovery that ultimately led to the development of Die Glocke.

Which in reality was the device that allegedly used supernatural energies (i.e. Vril) to influence human behavior (or even outright kill human beings). Thus the ultimate objective of Die Glocke project was to incapacitate (or even kill) enemy troops on both Western and Eastern fronts thus ensuring a swift and comprehensive victory for the Third Reich.

Some crypto-historians believe that Die Glocke device was completed and even tested – with highly positive results (some subjects were killed while all others got completely insane). However, it was “too little, too late” – the war was over way before Die Glocke could be produced in any (let alone necessary) quantities.

Its developers either fled (to South America or Middle East) destroying the device and all research documentation (they had no desire to let it fall into the hands of either Soviets or Allies) or were killed by Allied bombs – which also destroyed the device.

However, something that has been invented once, can be invented again…

Bernhard Stempfle and Hitler’s Anti-Semitism (2)

Bernhard Stempfle - 2Members of this group (which never had a formal name although they might have considered Saint Michael the Archangel to be their patron saint) sincerely believed that by rejecting Jesus Christ (i.e. by refusing to recognize Him as their Messiah and the Son of God – God Incarnate), the Jews automatically severed their spiritual connection with God the Father. And established another connection – with His Adversity. With the Devil.

And not only ceased to be His Chosen People but (without realizing that) became to worship and serve the Devil. In other words, while they still believed that they were worshipping and serving God; in reality they became the servants (slaves even) of Satan.

Who took control of their channel into the spiritual world and began to use the Jews (all Jews that explicitly or implicitly rejected Christ that is) as his tools in his battle with God for control over the whole human world. Our world. The human civilization.

More specifically, he wanted to use this tool (i.e. the Jewish people or the “Jewish race” if you will) to conquer the whole human world and to transform it into the Hell on Earth. Literally. Thus making Jews, indeed, an existential threat to Christian Church, Christianity and the whole human civilization.

But to make it happen, he had to first destroy, eradicate, annihilate the Christian Church. First and foremost, obviously, the Holy Roman Catholic Church (as fundamentalist Catholics, members of this group regarded all other Christian denominations as either schismatics or heretics – or both).

First, he tried to kill the Church “in the cradle” (it is an established historical fact that many of the initial persecutions of Christians were conducted by the Jews – the story of St. Paul the Apostle is a perfect evidence of that).

When it failed, he used the Jews to weaken, subvert and undermine the Catholic Church (by assisting Muslims in religious wars, supporting schisms and heresies, instigating attacks on the Church by secular authorities, promoting atheism, agnosticism, paganism, occultism and other essentially anti-Christian religious practices, destroying the Christian morals and ethics via decadent, depraved and degenerate art, books, media publications, etc.).

And thus creating ideal conditions for the decisive final blow. Which was supposed to be delivered by the “Red Leviathan” – the Bolshevist Soviet Union created by a fusion of Marxism and the Russian Orthodox (and thus schismatic and even heretical) “Third Rome” – style Messianism.

Created by two full-blooded Jews (Marx and Trotsky) and one individual who also had Jewish blood in him – Vladimir Lenin. Assisted by many other Jews – Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, etc., etc.

And spiritually supported by a very powerful “Jewish egregor” – the “collective soul” of the Jewish people (“Jewish race” if you will). Very powerful due to them being initially the Chosen People – chosen by God that is.

Consequently, members of this group sincerely believed that to win the inevitable existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union, one (i.e. the future Nazi Germany)  must radically weaken (and ideally eliminate altogether) the Jewish egregor thus robbing the Bolsheviks of the vital spiritual support (i.e. of the energies that they need to win this war).

And to achieve this objective, it was necessary to (a) destroy the Jewish infrastructure – burn the synagogues, close religious schools, shut down Jewish organizations, etc.; and (2) physically exterminate as many Jews as possible. Ideally, all Jews, making the whole human civilization Judenrein – “clean of Jews”.

Proponents of this conspiracy theory claim that members of this group managed to achieve key vital (for them) objectives. First, they convinced Adolf Hitler of its validity and thus of the necessity of the final (and murderous) solution of the “Jewish question”.

If this theory is correct, it means that Adolf Hitler (and thus all key Nazi Leaders) from the very beginning intended to perpetrate the Holocaust (i.e. to exterminate all Jews in German-controlled territories) and were only waiting for the right moment. Which was presented to them by the outbreak of the genuinely existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Second, they managed to convince Pope Pius XII that the Holocaust was necessary to save the Catholic Church, the Christian civilization from annihilation and the whole human civilization from being transformed into a genuine Hell on Earth. And that he should not intervene – but instead let the SS do its job.

Third, they brokered a meeting between the Pope and RSHA chief Reinhard Heydrich who (incognito, of course) sometime in September of 1941 flew his Bf-109E7 from Berlin to Rome (he was an excellent pilot and external tanks provided enough fuel for a non-stop flight).

At that meeting, Pope agreed to remain strictly neutral (basically ignoring the mass murder of Jews – in many aspects the worst such crime in human history).

At the first glance, this theory seems plausible; however, I think that it is pure fiction. First, there is no evidence whatsoever that any such group (even informal) ever existed in the Roman Curia (or even in Rome, or anywhere in the Catholic Church).

Second, Adolf Hitler never mentioned Judaism (Jewish religion developed after their rejection of Christ) as the reason for anti-Semitism. In fact, h3e always stated that Jewish religion had nothing to do with the “Jewish threat”. Only the “Jewish race” did.

Third, all evidence accumulated during the investigation of the Holocaust (it was a horrendous mass murder, but still a crime that must be properly investigated) points to a conclusion that prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941 Adolf Hitler had no intention of physically exterminating the Jews – forced emigration and deportation were the only tools being seriously considered.

The decision to commence the Holocaust was made only after the beginning of an all-out “hot” war with the Soviet Union – the war that Hitler perceived to be an existential war with “Judeo-Bolshevism” (and thus with the “Jewish race”).

There is no evidence that the meeting between Reinhard Heydrich and Pope Pius XII ever took place. And the whole idea that after rejecting Christ the Jews automatically became the “slaves of the Devil” is not theologically sound either. And thus is accepted only by a very small number of radical Catholics.


The ODESSA organization & the Fourth Reich

Odessa30The ODESSA is a codename (from the German Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen – Organization of Former SS Members) coined by the American intelligence officers in 1946.

It was assigned to an alleged Nazi underground escape plan at the end of World War II by a group of SS officers with the aim of facilitating secret escape routes. It was allegedly set up by Heinrich Himmler himself either at the end of 1944 or in the beginning of 1945.

This organization became globally known after the 1972 publication of a best-selling novel “The ODESSA File” by Frederick Forsyth (rumored to be well-connected with the Western intelligence agencies) and the subsequent (1974) release of an espionage-thriller movie under the same title.

There are three theories (setting up a top secret organization is a conspiracy) about the objectives of ODESSA. The first one claims that this organization was set up only to help the SS officers, Nazi officials and their allies from other nations (Hungary, Croatia, etc.) escape the “victors’ justice” and find sanctuary in Latin America or Middle East. In other words, to set up and manage a network of so-called “Ratlines” (in close cooperation with pro-Nazi officials of the Catholic Church).

The second one asserts that in addition to facilitating their escape, it was to provide to support the former SS members, possibly even for the rest of their natural lives (using the so-called “Nazi Gold”).

The third – by far the most audacious – conspiracy theory states that the ultimate objective of ODESSA was nothing less than to facilitate the reincarnation of the Third Reich. In other word, to establish the so-called Fourth Reich in Germany and Europe.

Although the overwhelming majority of the Nazis accepted the demise of the Third Reich as the final and irreversible verdict of History, there were allegedly a few of them (including Heinrich Himmler) who believed that even such a devastating defeat was only a temporary setback (as something similar happened to the First Reich in the first half of the 10th century). After all, what are a few decades for a thousand-year Reich?

Hence SS Reichsfuhrer made a decision to establish a “sleeper” organization that will stay dormant for decades (if necessary) until a new existential threat to Germany, Europe and the Western civilization triggers a “Singularity Event” (a reincarnation of the Reichstag Fire on the mammoth scale).

This event will create favorable conditions for the demise of the existing liberal-democratic Bundesrepublik Deutschland (and the whole liberal system in Europe, North America – in fact, all over the world).

And for the establishment of the Fourth Reich – the only system that could (and will) save Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being destroyed by this new existential threat.

As a reincarnation of the Third Reich, the Fourth Reich is envisioned by conspiracy theorists as (of course) based on Aryan supremacy, anti-Semitism, Lebensraum, aggressive militarism, totalitarianism, etc.

Some even believe that it will be able to restore German boundaries as of 1937 (or even 1914). Others think that the Fourth Reich will completely replace the European Union (in other words, the united Europe will be ruled from Berlin, not Brussels). And much more tightly.

Still others (such as David Myatt – British poet and philosopher, author of the infamous pamphlet “A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution”) go even further.

They believe that the rise of the Fourth Reich in Germany would pave the way for the establishment of Western Imperium, a pan-Aryan world empire encompassing all lands populated by predominantly European-descended peoples (i.e., Europe, Russia, Anglo-America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).

According to some conspiracy theorists, this transformation (i.e. radical reengineering of the Western society) will be performed by the ODESSA organization which after the Singularity Event will reveal itself (“get out of the shadows”) and assume control over the situation.

This project will be financed by the enormous wealth generated by shrewd investment of the (in)famous “Nazi Gold” – i.e. significant financial assets of Nazi Germany (gold, precious stones, foreign currency, etc.) that disappeared into thin air at the end of World Word II (it is true that even the total value of all assets allegedly stolen by Nazi Germany – let alone how much was recovered – remains unknown).

Some even believe that to achieve this transformation, ODESSA will use supernatural tools and technologies (and thus will create Himmler’s, not Hitler’s version of the Reich – the global “SS-Staat”). And thus will work in close cooperation with another subject of conspiracy theories – the Vril Society.

There is, of course, not a shred of tangible evidence that supports either conspiracy theory. No trace of ODESSA organization (even as the manager of “Ratlines”) has ever been found.

The organization that assisted former SS members did exist (still does). It is based in Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia) and called Die Stille Hilfe für Kriegsgefangene und Internierte, (“Silent assistance for prisoners of war and interned persons”) or Stille Hilfe, for short.

The organization has garnered a reputation for being shrouded in secrecy and thus remains a source of speculation (and, of course, conspiracy theories). However, it was set up not in 1944, but in 1951 – five years after the end of the war.

And it was set up not by any SS members, but by a woman – Helene Elisabeth Princess von Isenburg. It was (and still is) allegedly a strictly relief organization for arrested, condemned and fugitive SS members.

Former high-ranking Waffen-SS officers did establish an organization (actually, the same year) – Hilfsgemeinschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit der Angehörigen der Ehemaligen Waffen-SS (HIAG) – “Mutual aid association of former Waffen-SS members”).

But it was a lobby group and a revisionist veterans’ organization. Its main objective was to achieve legal, economic and historical rehabilitation of the Waffen-SS. As one of historians put it, “HIAG’s main goal was pensions, not a restoration of the Third Reich”. However, in 1992 it was deemed a threat to German democracy and banned by the federal government.