Bernhard Stempfle and Hitler’s Anti-Semitism (2)

Bernhard Stempfle - 2Members of this group (which never had a formal name although they might have considered Saint Michael the Archangel to be their patron saint) sincerely believed that by rejecting Jesus Christ (i.e. by refusing to recognize Him as their Messiah and the Son of God – God Incarnate), the Jews automatically severed their spiritual connection with God the Father. And established another connection – with His Adversity. With the Devil.

And not only ceased to be His Chosen People but (without realizing that) became to worship and serve the Devil. In other words, while they still believed that they were worshipping and serving God; in reality they became the servants (slaves even) of Satan.

Who took control of their channel into the spiritual world and began to use the Jews (all Jews that explicitly or implicitly rejected Christ that is) as his tools in his battle with God for control over the whole human world. Our world. The human civilization.

More specifically, he wanted to use this tool (i.e. the Jewish people or the “Jewish race” if you will) to conquer the whole human world and to transform it into the Hell on Earth. Literally. Thus making Jews, indeed, an existential threat to Christian Church, Christianity and the whole human civilization.

But to make it happen, he had to first destroy, eradicate, annihilate the Christian Church. First and foremost, obviously, the Holy Roman Catholic Church (as fundamentalist Catholics, members of this group regarded all other Christian denominations as either schismatics or heretics – or both).

First, he tried to kill the Church “in the cradle” (it is an established historical fact that many of the initial persecutions of Christians were conducted by the Jews – the story of St. Paul the Apostle is a perfect evidence of that).

When it failed, he used the Jews to weaken, subvert and undermine the Catholic Church (by assisting Muslims in religious wars, supporting schisms and heresies, instigating attacks on the Church by secular authorities, promoting atheism, agnosticism, paganism, occultism and other essentially anti-Christian religious practices, destroying the Christian morals and ethics via decadent, depraved and degenerate art, books, media publications, etc.).

And thus creating ideal conditions for the decisive final blow. Which was supposed to be delivered by the “Red Leviathan” – the Bolshevist Soviet Union created by a fusion of Marxism and the Russian Orthodox (and thus schismatic and even heretical) “Third Rome” – style Messianism.

Created by two full-blooded Jews (Marx and Trotsky) and one individual who also had Jewish blood in him – Vladimir Lenin. Assisted by many other Jews – Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, etc., etc.

And spiritually supported by a very powerful “Jewish egregor” – the “collective soul” of the Jewish people (“Jewish race” if you will). Very powerful due to them being initially the Chosen People – chosen by God that is.

Consequently, members of this group sincerely believed that to win the inevitable existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union, one (i.e. the future Nazi Germany)  must radically weaken (and ideally eliminate altogether) the Jewish egregor thus robbing the Bolsheviks of the vital spiritual support (i.e. of the energies that they need to win this war).

And to achieve this objective, it was necessary to (a) destroy the Jewish infrastructure – burn the synagogues, close religious schools, shut down Jewish organizations, etc.; and (2) physically exterminate as many Jews as possible. Ideally, all Jews, making the whole human civilization Judenrein – “clean of Jews”.

Proponents of this conspiracy theory claim that members of this group managed to achieve key vital (for them) objectives. First, they convinced Adolf Hitler of its validity and thus of the necessity of the final (and murderous) solution of the “Jewish question”.

If this theory is correct, it means that Adolf Hitler (and thus all key Nazi Leaders) from the very beginning intended to perpetrate the Holocaust (i.e. to exterminate all Jews in German-controlled territories) and were only waiting for the right moment. Which was presented to them by the outbreak of the genuinely existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Second, they managed to convince Pope Pius XII that the Holocaust was necessary to save the Catholic Church, the Christian civilization from annihilation and the whole human civilization from being transformed into a genuine Hell on Earth. And that he should not intervene – but instead let the SS do its job.

Third, they brokered a meeting between the Pope and RSHA chief Reinhard Heydrich who (incognito, of course) sometime in September of 1941 flew his Bf-109E7 from Berlin to Rome (he was an excellent pilot and external tanks provided enough fuel for a non-stop flight).

At that meeting, Pope agreed to remain strictly neutral (basically ignoring the mass murder of Jews – in many aspects the worst such crime in human history).

At the first glance, this theory seems plausible; however, I think that it is pure fiction. First, there is no evidence whatsoever that any such group (even informal) ever existed in the Roman Curia (or even in Rome, or anywhere in the Catholic Church).

Second, Adolf Hitler never mentioned Judaism (Jewish religion developed after their rejection of Christ) as the reason for anti-Semitism. In fact, h3e always stated that Jewish religion had nothing to do with the “Jewish threat”. Only the “Jewish race” did.

Third, all evidence accumulated during the investigation of the Holocaust (it was a horrendous mass murder, but still a crime that must be properly investigated) points to a conclusion that prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941 Adolf Hitler had no intention of physically exterminating the Jews – forced emigration and deportation were the only tools being seriously considered.

The decision to commence the Holocaust was made only after the beginning of an all-out “hot” war with the Soviet Union – the war that Hitler perceived to be an existential war with “Judeo-Bolshevism” (and thus with the “Jewish race”).

There is no evidence that the meeting between Reinhard Heydrich and Pope Pius XII ever took place. And the whole idea that after rejecting Christ the Jews automatically became the “slaves of the Devil” is not theologically sound either. And thus is accepted only by a very small number of radical Catholics.


Bernhard Stempfle and Hitler’s Anti-Semitism (1)

StempfleThere is a theory (a conspiracy theory, actually) that there was another “layer of snow” that contributed significantly to the development of Hitler’s murderous anti-Semitism. And thus to the “Holocaust Avalanche” mercilessly unleashed by the Führer in the summer of 1941.

This layer (of a religious nature) was provided by a very charismatic and very mysterious individual – a Catholic priest, a talented journalist and a rabid anti-Semite Father Bernhard Stempfle.

Bernhard Stempfle was born in 1882 in a very catholic Munich (the capital of a very Catholic Bavaria). At the age of 22 he entered the Catholic priesthood and then joined an obscure Hieronymite order (the Order of the Poor Hermits of Saint Jerome) in Italy.

A very strange decision indeed, because the Hieronymites were a cloistered (“enclosed”) religious community which by definition had a solemn vows with a strict separation from the affairs of the external world.

They lived in a monastery according to the Rule of Saint Augustine (standard for cloistered Catholic orders), though the inspiration and model of their lives is the 5th-century hermit and biblical scholar Saint Jerome (who was the first to translate the Holy Bible into Latin). This translation (commonly known as Vulgate) is still the official Latin text of the Bible (i.e. authorized by the Holy Roman Catholic Church).

The Order of the Poor Hermits of Saint Jerome was founded near Toledo in Spain in the 14th century (it was officially recognized by Pope Gregory XI in 1373), but soon established a branch in Italy. And it was exactly that branch that young Stempfle entered.

For reasons that are still a mystery, because was anything but a hermit. Actually, he was quite the opposite as during the next few years he began essentially a full-time career of a journalist. He wrote for the Corriere della Sera (one of the leading Italian newspapers) and various other German and Italian publications.

Following the outbreak of the Great War, he returned to Munich (apparently leaving the order, but not the priesthood), performed pastoral work at the university, and established close contacts with Reform Catholic elements (i.e., elements that opposed political Catholicism, and politicians it regarded as too willing to make unacceptable compromises with the Jews and “atheistic” socialists).

In 1919, he first began publishing in Münchener Beobachter, where he wrote relentlessly on the destructive influence of Jewish atheism and on the moral acceptability and necessity of ruthless persecution of Jews, (including pogroms).

In his opinion, this was necessary to defend the Church Catholic faith and institutions of the Holy Roman Catholic Church from the “Jewish threat” (that existed only in his imagination) following examples provided throughout the centuries by anti-Semitic leaders within the hierarchy of the Church.

In 1918 Münchener Beobachter was acquired by the Thule Society and, in August 1919, was renamed Völkischer Beobachter. There were rumors that Father Stempfle joined the Thule Society; however, I find it highly unlikely, because being a Catholic anti-Semite is one thing and joining the occult (and thus fundamentally un-Christian) society is quite another.

In December of 1920, then heavily indebted newspaper was acquired by the NSDAP (with the funds provided by Reichswehr) and became the official newspaper of the Nazi Party. In 1921, Adolf Hitler, who had taken full control of the NSDAP earlier that year, acquired all shares in the company, making him the sole owner of the publication.

As Father Stempfle continued to write for the Völkischer Beobachter, this is how he most likely got acquainted with Adolf Hitler. He got attention of the latter because by that time Stempfle was already the prominent journalistic figure within the broader anti-Semitic movement in Catholic Bavaria.

So prominent, in fact that he was the target of Social Democratic satire and portrayed as the “anti-Semitic bishop” of the Bavarian city of Miesbach (he subsequently became the editor-in-chief of the anti-Semitic daily Miesbacher Anzeiger).

What “clicked” between him and Adolf Hitler, was a mystery – and will remain a mystery, because both took their common secret to their graves. But it did – and Father Stempfle became a regular confidant of Hitler and thus (most likely) become privy to some of deepest (and possibly darkest) secrets of the latter.

And, of course, a member of Hitler’s inner circle, joining Hitler “at his corner table at the Café Heck”, and advising him on religious (and possibly other) issues. Hitler trusted Stempfle so much that he employed him to proofread (and, if necessary, edit), his Manifesto – Mein Kampf.

Multiple eyewitnesses (and many historians) claim that Stempfle went much further than that and actually authored some of the passages (content) of the “Nazi Bible”. Most likely related to Catholicism and Christianity and General, but possibly a few of the anti-Semitic ones as well.

The conspiracy in question claims to explain what exactly “clicked” between Adolf Hitler and Father Stempfle. According to this theory, during his stay in Italy, the latter got the attention of and came in contact with an informal group of radical Catholic anti-Semites in the Vatican (Roman Curia, to be more precise). Murderously radical.

And subsequently became sort of an informal liaison between this group and Adolf Hitler.


Adolf Hitler from the Christian Perspective

AH14As I have already mentioned, I am Roman Catholic. And I have already confessed that I wrote this book first and foremost for myself. So I inevitably included into this chapter a section that analyzes Adolf Hitler, his personality, decisions and actions from a Christian perspective.

I am confident that this section will be useful not only for Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, etc.) but for every reader regardless of his or her religious views. For a very simple reason – it will explain why so many Christians were so supportive of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler personally.

I am no theologian (Catholic or otherwise); however, I am familiar enough with Catholic teaching to be able to express my humble opinion about the Christian perspective on Adolf Hitler. It is – as just about anything in Adolf Hitler – decidedly “black and white”.

The “black” part is obvious. Adolf Hitler is guilty of mass murder and other horrible war crimes and crimes against humanity. Very probably, the worst crimes in human history. Which is a very heavy (and very deadly) sin. Murder and plunder – a blatant violation of two sacred God’s commandments.

To make things worse, he committed suicide – which is one more cardinal sin. He died by his own hand without confessing his horrendous sins and receiving the last rites. He lived in sin with Eva Braun for thirteen years although ultimately he did marry her.

On top of that, he was raised Catholic but essentially left the Church and de-facto became sort of polytheist, believing in three gods – Christian God (i.e. the Holy Trinity), Providence (sometimes he referred to it as Fate) and Nature – the latter being decidedly pagan.

On the other hand (the “white” part), Adolf Hitler and his Nazis saved the Christian Church (and thus the whole Christian Civilization) from the practically assured destruction by the Bolsheviks. And thus the whole human civilization to be transformed into Hell on Earth. Literally, because the annihilation of Christianity means exactly that.

It is quite obvious that for the Christian Church and for the Christian God the latter is far more important than the former. Consequently, from Christian perspective, Adolf Hitler (i.e. his decisions and actions) were “net positive”. Possibly even substantially so.