Devil and the Jewish Messiah


There is, however, one crucial issue in Judaism that for some radical Christian theologians proved beyond the reasonable doubt that Jews (Jews by religion, not blood although those guys rarely distinguished between the two) were, indeed, the Servants of the Devil.

This issue was Jewish Messianism, more precisely, the portrait (profile in psychological terms) of Mashiach – the Jewish Messiah. More precisely, Melekh Mashiach (“King Messiah”) who to Christian theologians looked a lot like Anti-Christ.

According to Judaism 101, the term “Mashiach” literally means “the anointed one,” and refers to the ancient Jewish (and not only Jewish) practice of anointing kings with oil when they ascend to the throne. Thus, the Mashiach will be “the last king” – the one who will be anointed as Jewish (and not only Jewish) king in the End of Days.

The Jews believe that the Mashiach will be a great political leader descended from King David (of course). He will be well-versed in Jewish law (no surprise here), and dutifully observant of its commandments (ditto).

He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader as well, who will win battles for Israel (which kinda predicts a rather bleak future for the Muslims). He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions according to the Talmudic law, no doubt). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being.

The Mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing all Jews back to Israel (not likely as there are way too many Jews for way too little land) and restoring Jerusalem to its former (i.e. pre-Roman) glory.

He (it will definitely be a “he”, not “she”) will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (now that’s really sounds like Anti-Christ). He will rebuild the Temple of Solomon and re-establish its worship (as it was initially mandated in the Old Testament). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the (hopefully, just Jewish) land.

Interestingly enough, if you replace Judaism with Marxism and Jews with the Russians (more precisely, with “Soviet People”), all of this would sound a lot like… Joseph Stalin. Whom lots of Christians – theologians, priests, leaders, officials, monks, nuns and just common folks – sincerely believed to be Anti-Crist.

Did the “Jewish egregore” (the “collective soul” of the Jewish people) provide Stalin with the energy (and thus the power) for his project of conquering the world and becoming the ruler of all nations making Moscow “the center of all world government”?

Given that Stalin had not a drop of Jewish blood in his veins, was an atheist (at least officially, but definitely not a Jew by religious faith) and was actually a committed Judeophobe who almost launched Holocaust II… I don’t think so.

Likewise, there is no evidence whatsoever that there was (or is) anything infernal in Jewish teachings about Mashiach (being the “ruler of the world” by itself is not necessarily malignant) – or in the whole of Judaism for that matter.

Hence, contrary to the fears (and these are, indeed, fears and only fears) of some radical Christians, all this Mashiach thing does not in any way even hint that Jews could be the Servants of the Devil.

Were the Jews Agents of Satan? (1)


Now why the hell would we need to ask this highly politically incorrect question, to put it mildly? For a very simple reason: a scientist – and genuine history is a science, not propaganda – does not and should not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about political correctness. Or even about political (or any other) consequences of his or her findings.

All he or she (I do not believe in “non-binary”) must care about is the Truth. Truth, only the Truth and nothing by the Truth – which can be “natural” or “supernatural” (paranormal, religious, etc.).

Hence, every genuine historian can and must ask all questions (no matter how “politically incorrect”) to look for the Truth, find the Truth and preach (disseminate) the Truth. And if someone (or something) is destroyed by the Truth, so be it. Whoever (or whatever) is destroyed by the Truth, deserves to be. Because it is built on lies and anything and everything built on lies has no right to exist. Period.

Now let’s find out why we really need to ask this highly politically incorrect question. The first reason is obvious – out of the four members of the “Gang of Four” (i.e. Marxist Servants of Satan) two – Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky – were 100% Jewish by blood.

And one – Vladimir Lenin – was ¼ Jewish by blood. True, according to Nazi definition of Jewishness, he was not a Jew, but a Russian… but still, he had a sizable amount of Jewish blood in his veins.

We also know that Jews as a nation (people, egregore, etc.) firmly rejected – still reject – Jesus Christ as their Messiah and viewed Him not as the Son of God (who He really was) but as an impostor, heretic, blasphemer and rebel who deserved to be put to death.

And He was put to death (murdered, actually as He was totally innocent of the charges brought against Him) only because the pressure to kill him from the Jewish population of Jerusalem – top to bottom – was so immense that even Roman governor (who usually did not care a damn about what the Jews wanted) acquiesced and ordered Jesus to be brutally murdered.

Which definitely pleased the Devil to no end (the last thing the Prince of Darkness wanted was the Jews – and subsequently the whole world – recognizing Jesus as their Messiah and transforming the Earth into the physical Kingdom of Heaven). Because it meant losing the war with God for the total control over human world for good.

It is also a well-established historical fact that Jews were heavily involved in the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire prior to the latter becoming an official religion (tolerant Romans did not care a rat’s ass about this new religious sect as long as its members paid taxes, recognized the authority of the Emperor and served in the Army – which they did and did not cause any social unrest – which they did not).

Justin Martyr- one of the prominent Christian apologists of the 2nd century and subsequently a martyr himself boldly stated that

“The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wandered through the country everywhere hating and undermining the Christian faith.”

Well, not all of course (Justin himself was beheaded after being denounced by a Roman, not a Jew and the Roman authorities did persecute Christians on their own – without any inspiration or pressure from the Jews).

However, Jewish officials – Saul who subsequently became Saint Apostle Paul and a de-facto founder of the Christian Church as we know it was only one of such characters – and “ordinary” Jewish fanatics (a “Jewish Taliban”, if you will) were, indeed committed to wiping out completely the fledgling Christian Church which they regarded a dangerous heresy and a serious threat to Judaism.

Thus leaving our civilization completely spiritually defenseless and allowing Satan to conquer and transform it into a very literal Hell on Earth. Thus achieving the final victory in the war with God for control over our Planet Earth.

Examples of Jewish persecution of Christians (even after Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire) are abundant. During the Third Jewish–Roman War in 132-135 AD, Jewish leader Simon Bar Kokhba declared himself the Messiah.

Christians predictably rejected this outlandish and totally false this claim and refuse to join in the revolt against the Roman Empire. Bar Kokhba (also predictably) ordered Christians to be executed if they would not deny and curse Jesus Christ.

Christians were saved by the Romans who brutally suppressed the uprising killing half a million Jews in the process. Which was, of course, genocide – plain and simple.

However, this mass murder was viewed (possibly still viewed) by some Christian radicals (priests, monks and laity) as the “necessary evil” that had to be done to save the Christian Church from being annihilated – and thus the whole human civilization from being transformed into a very genuine Hell on Earth.

Like Adolf Hitler, these characters believed (incorrectly) that Bolshevism was just another “global Jewish conspiracy” inspired by the Devil himself and executed by his Jewish servants with the abovementioned objectives. So they viewed the Holocaust as the reincarnation of Roman genocide of Jews in 135 AD – in other words, as another “necessary evil”.

In 345 AD Jewish leaders in Persia somehow convinced King Shapur II that Christians presented clear and present danger to his rule and his country and thus had to be eliminated. 16,000 Christians were brutally killed as the result.

In 524, on Dhu Nuwas, a very much Jewish king of Yemen (technically of Himyarite Kingdom), after taking the city of Zafar, burned down Christian churches and massacred all civilians who would not abandon Christianity. Which ultimately amounted to 20,000. Dhu Nuwas then sent letters, detailing his deeds to Al-Mundhir III ibn al-Nu’man and Kavadh I of Persia recommending they do the same.

But the real thing started (and started big time) when the followers of Prophet Muhammad declared an existential war on the whole human civilization (first and foremost, the Christian civilization, of course).

Openly declaring their firm commitment to invading, conquering and destroying our civilization as we know it and transforming it into a global Islamic caliphate (of the ISIS variety or a bit more liberal… but it did not really matter).

What mattered was the fact that although Muslims were officially tolerant of Christians and Jews – the “people of the Book” (followers of other faiths were given the choice of converting to Islam or being executed), their ultimate objective was still the conversion of 100% of the world population to Islam.

By brutal force if necessary. Which by and large was accomplished in the Middle East and North Africa – a formerly 100% Christian nations ultimately became almost 100% Muslim. So the religious war with Islam (i.e. Muslim Civilization) was, indeed, an existential war for Christianity, Christian Church and the Christian Civilization.

Alas, in this very much existential war the Jews fought on the side of Muslims against the Christians. Either openly on the battlefield or as a “fifth column” in Christian nations. The Spanish Inquisition, by the way, was started basically as a counterintelligence operation aimed at wiping out the “fifth column” (an absolute must if you want to win an existential religious war).

For a very simple reason – the Christians turned out to be… not exactly followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. They chose not to “love their enemies” (i.e. the Jews – or pagans for that matter – who persecuted them) but to pay in kind. Eye for an eye… that sort of thing.

In other words, almost immediately after coming to power in Roman Empire (and the official religion at that time was immensely powerful indeed), they began to persecute the Jews. Big time – using all the resources of the Roman state.

Although Jewish life under the Muslim rulers was not exactly Paradise, it was incomparably better than life under Christian kinds and emperors. Consequently, just about all Jews became loyal soldiers of the Muslim armies (openly or clandestinely).

Just a few examples. In 711 AD, Jews as well as converted Berbers from North Africa play essential role in the advancement of Arab conquerors into the Iberian Peninsula. After the Muslims conquered the cities of Elvira, Seville and Cordoba, they were left under a Jewish-led garrison, while the Muslim armies pursued the Christians.

The next year, Jewish “fifth column” opened the gates of Toledo to the invading armies of the Umayyad Caliphate, while Christian defenders of the capital city were celebrating Palm Sunday (not the best military decision, if you ask me).

Muslims were committed to converting every living person in the world to Islam – this is a fact. Which automatically meant annihilation (yes, annihilation) of the Christian Church.

Which automatically led to the destruction of our civilization as we know it (due to elimination of spiritual defenses) and to its transformation into a very real Hell on Earth.

Hence, everyone who participated in that endeavor on the side of Muslims (and Jews very much did) was consciously or – usually – unconsciously, the Servant of the Devil. Period. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Christians won that war (the Almighty God simply could not allow any other outcome)… and, being in this respect Christians in name only, predictably renewed an all-out campaign of persecuting Jews (I will cover these persecutions in sufficient detail in the chapter on the Holocaust). Which did not make Jews happy at all, to put it mildly.

However, just about all Jews (by blood as well as by religion) had no desire to destroy the Christian Civilization (or the Christian Church for that matter). They only wanted emancipation – an end to persecutions and equal rights with Christians and other non-Jews (and ideally their own Jewish state in the Promised Land). They did fight for it – but only by legal means. And by the end of the 19th century achieved very impressive results.

Which proves beyond the reasonable doubt that the whole Jewish community (which was spiritual, not genetic and thus based on common religion and culture, not on common blood) were NOT servants of Satan. Neither were the Jewish nation (incorrectly referred to by the Nazis as “Jewish race”) or the Jewish egregore – the “collective soul” of the Jewish people.

Unfortunately, the Jewish revolutionaries (insurgents, rebels, radicals) were a different story entirely. They were, indeed, committed to destroying the existing “world order” (i.e. mostly still Christian states) and replacing them with something else (which usually was the Marxist state).

It is a sad, but well-established fact that the Christian Church in all its denominations – Catholic, Lutheran, other Protestant, Orthodox, etc. – was the key driving and inspirational force behind the persecution of Jews.

Which was not a surprise at all – for centuries the Jews were an existential threat to the Church (there was no Christian Civilization back then) because the Jewish radicals (of which were, alas, a lot) wanted to annihilate Christianity as a dangerous heresy and a threat to Judaism. Fear is a very powerful emotion (and drive) so the Church predictably wanted to do away with Jews even after they ceased to become an existential threat to the latter.

Consequently, the Christian Church became an existential threat to the Jewish people (or so it seemed to the Jewish radicals). Hence it is no surprise either that they wanted to annihilate it. And that’s precisely what they did after they came to some very serious power in the Soviet Russia.

Unfortunately, the Jewish members of the “Gang of Four” Marxist Servants of Satan were not the only Jewish leaders and key officials in the Soviet Russia (subsequently the Soviet Union), in the short-lived Marxist republics in Europe and in the failed Marxist coups and uprisings.

The Marxist Servants of Satan (5)


It is well-known that Satan is “a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). Hence, it is no surprise that Marxism, frankly, is a total BS – in other words, but a collection of lies and damn lies.

National-socialism, obviously, also did not “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing by the truth” as Hitler’s ideology created a highly distorted and grossly inaccurate perception of the world (alas, perceptions are the only reality).

However, Adolf Hitler and other national-socialists sincerely believed that their ideology was true and correct (in other words, presented an accurate picture of the world). And thus “walked what they talked and practiced what they preached” indeed.

Now the obvious question is: “What about the Marxist Gang of Four?” Did the sincerely believe in their own ideology – or was their Marxism (in all of its versions) just a giant scam, con game, a swindle?

In other words, was the whole thing about only power and fame and Marxism – only a tool to be used to deceive (brainwash, actually) the overwhelming majority of the population of Russia and other nations and then use this brainwashed mob (and that’s exactly what it was) to come to power in Russia and then to invade, conquer, occupy and destroy the whole world thus acquiring the power of the whole Plant Earth?

Let’s use facts, logic and good old common sense to find out. First, we have already established – beyond the reasonable doubt – that these four characters were, indeed, agents (and even servants) of Satan. Who was (as we know) the father of all lies.

Which provides a highly circumstantial, but still an evidence in favor of “scam hypothesis”. In other words, it strengthens the case for all these MSS (Marxist Servants of Satan that is) being con artists, deceivers, liars, shameless and ruthless manipulators who did not believe a word they were saying and were lying through their teeth with but one objective in mind – acquire absolute, dictatorial power first in Russia, then in Europe and ultimately in the whole world.

Second, every Marxist state (Russia, Eastern Bloc countries, mainland China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.) rapidly became a totalitarian cult. A “textbook”, “classic” totalitarian cult where its leader was worshipped like a demi-God and together with his clique (criminal gang, actually) did not believe a word of their own sermons, books, etc. and used the latter to brainwash their “flock” and thus acquire an absolute, unlimited, dictatorial power over the latter.

Contrary to a very popular misconception (created and propagated by anti-Nazi Allied propaganda), Nazi Germany was NOT such a cult. Although, there, indeed, was a personality cult of Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich and the latter was a very much totalitarian Führerstaat.

However, Adolf Hitler used this cult as a tool (one of many, actually) to radically improve the living standards of his fellow Germans and transform Germany into a political, military, economic, technological and cultural superpower (ideally, the most powerful nation on Earth) and make the German people a genuinely happy nation of genuine Übermenschen.

In other words, in all Marxist regimes, the population were forced to serve its leader(s) who did not believe a word of their own sermons and gospels while in the Third Reich its leaders served their people, sincerely believed in everything they were saying, walked what they talked and practiced what they preached. You can not find a difference more radical and profound than that.

But the most damning evidence in favor of the “Marxist scam” hypothesis stems from the fact that all members of the MSS “Gang of Four” were not just no idiots – they were all geniuses. Cut and dry, plain and simple.

Consequently, they simply could not have avoided noticing (especially because it was all pretty much “in your face”) that the realities of their Marxist state – the practical consequences of their Marxist ideology – were fundamentally and intrinsically different – from its promises.

Indeed, Marxism promised to free the “workers and peasants” –and in reality took away all fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the “capitalist state”: freedom of speech, press, assembly, elect and be elected to the government office, due process (in just about all Marxist states anyone could be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely without any semblance of one), freedom to travel outside (and often even inside) the country in question, access to information/knowledge, often even to change jobs, etc., etc.

Marxism promised to liberate the “workers and peasants” from the “capitalist yoke” – and made them genuine slaves of the Communist bureaucracy (and ultimately of The Leader of the Marxist state).

Workers (and especially peasants) in the Third Reich had far more freedoms (and generally incomparably higher living and working standards) than their counterparts in the Bolshevist (i.e. Marxist) Soviet Union.

True, they were (theoretically) supposed to serve their Führer and his Führerstaat, but in practice they all served Germany and the German people – and Adolf Hitler served his constituents far more than the other way around. In short, Stalin and other Marxist leaders used their citizens to conquer the world for themselves and Adolf Hitler and the Nazis wanted to conquer the world for the German people.

Marxism promised to make workers and peasants genuine owners of “land and factories” – and in reality both were owned by the Communist bureaucracy (and ultimately by The Leader).

Marxism stated that its fundamental objective was the well-being of “workers and peasants” while in reality it was the absolute power of Marxist leaders over their countries – and ultimately of the whole world.

Et cetera, et cetera. These fundamental and glaring discrepancies (contradictions even) between declared and actual Marxism were (and are) evident even for an individual with a room temperature IQ – and definitely for genius like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky or Stalin (who was far superior to all other three).

All this evidence can lead to only one conclusion: yes, Marxism was (and is) a giant con game, scam and swindle (yes, financial swindle, too); yes, none of the “Gang of Four” was a genuine Marxist (in other words, none of them believed a word of what they were preaching); and yes, Marxism for them was only a tool to achieve fame (fame for Karl Marx – a certifiable outcast and a loser par excellence and power for Lenin, Trotsky and especially Stalin).

And, of course, to destroy the world that rejected them – for all of them except Stalin. Although Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were geniuses, they all were by and large only destroyers.

Marx created practically nothing tangible – all of his organizations ultimately failed, and failed miserably. Lenin’s state failed miserably as well – he had to resort to so-called “New Economic Policy” which for all practical purposes was going back to good old capitalism.

Trotsky created (from the unruly armed mob) a highly efficient Red Army (fortunately for the world, not powerful or efficient enough to conquer Europe – let alone the whole world)… and failed miserably in just about all his other endeavors.

The only one member of the MSS “Gang of Four” who proved to be capable of becoming a genuine Demiurge (i.e., capable of creating and maintaining his very own world) was, not surprisingly, the chronologically last one.

The “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhughashvili.

The Marxist Servants of Satan (1)


In this chapter, I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the very foundation of Hitler’s policies and activities (and of the whole Third Reich) was conscious or unconscious need to fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Consequently, to understand the Third Reich, you have to understand the Soviet Union and to understand Adolf Hitler, you have to understand Joseph Stalin. And to understand Stalin, you have to understand… Satan. Devil. Lucifer. The Prince of Darkness.

There are two popular misconceptions about Satan. The first (by far more widespread) is that he does not exist. Alas, he very much does. The second (usually held and preached by Christian and some other religious fanatics) claims that just about every evil deed committed in our world, was carried out by Satan who used this or that individual to do this job. In reality, this is not the case at all.

Although Satan very much exists – and does fight with God all the time for the, well, ownership of our world (and every individual human soul, of course) – practically all evil done by human beings is driven not by the Devil (although he obviously enjoys it big time).

With very, very rare exception these evil acts are caused and driven strictly by very human sins – the so-called “cardinal” or even “mortal” sins. Pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, evil, hatred/wrath (the “favorite sin” of the Nazis) and fear – the “eighth deadly sin” that in most cases generates hatred. Satan has nothing to do with them whatsoever – there is even a serious doubt that he was in any way involved with the “original sin” (the proverbial “fall from Grace”).

Consequently. Although there are cases of genuine demonic possession of human beings (the Bible is right about that), they are very, very rare – and not nearly as common as the “community of exorcists” and some religious fundamentalists believe and claim.

With very few exceptions all cases viewed as demonic possession (even by well-trained and highly experienced exorcists) are mental illnesses and thus must be treated by mental health professionals, not by the Church.

Therefore, in reality, genuinely satanic activities (Acts of the Devil, if you will) are extremely. And not only because Satan is generally prohibited by God to interfere in human affairs directly (and the Devil can do nothing without the consent of an omnipotent God).

But mostly because Satan wants to fry a bigger fish, so to speak. He is not interested in grabbing individual souls (the overwhelming majority of human souls end up in Hell in the afterlife anyway). He wants our whole world – all of it. And all human souls, of course. And is very much willing (and, alas, able) to fight for it.

I am not a big fan of horror novels (or movies for that matter). I’ve seen enough in my life, thank you very much. However, there are a few writers of horror who are genuine mystics; consequently, reading their novels sometimes is the same as, for example, works of Christian mystics. Or Muslim. Or Jewish.

One of such mystics is F. Paul Wilson (another one is John Connolly). Wilson wrote a whole series of books about one Repairman Jack who repairs… not household items, of course. Or cars for that matter. He is more like a Mechanic played by Jason Statham.

All horror series are built on a certain mythology and the Repairman Jack is no exception. The core of this mythology is an eternal battle between two global – Universal even – forces for control over planet Earth (i.e. our world).

These forces are called the Otherness – its description matches the description of the Evil One almost to a “T”; and “Ally” which in some key respects looks and behave like… well, God.

The only deficiency of this methodology (alas, of just about all horror novels and movies) is that it portrays the Otherness (i.e. Devil) as being far more powerful than Ally (i.e. God). Reality, thankfully, is exactly the opposite.

Another fundamental difference is that while in the Repairman Jack novels the war between these forces is eternal and often quite “hot” – with pretty serious casualties – there were only two known cases of an open war between God and Satan (Light and Darkness) in recorded human history.

Obviously, both times it was a “proxy war” between two very tangible (and very human) forces – the “Army of God” and the “Army of Satan”.

The first known “proxy war” was between Christianity and Islam (more precisely, between Christian and Islamic civilizations). It does not mean, of course that Muslims worship Devil (they do not) or willingly serve the Prince of Darkness (they do not either). It only means that somehow the latter figured out how to use the former for his very sinister (actually, murderous and very much destructive) purposes.

How exactly – I have no clue (I am not an expert in Islam or its history). I only know (actually, it is pretty much the common knowledge) that this First Existential Proxy War was fought for almost precisely a millennium. It began in the 7th century and was pretty much over by the end of the 17th century. The Christians won. Period.

They did not destroy the Islamic Civilization (this was never their objective); they only saved their civilization from being destroyed (annihilated, actually) by the Muslims.

The only one thing I am pretty sure about the origins of the First Existential Proxy War is that Satan was able to start it only because in that particular region (Middle East and North Africa) the Christian Church – more precisely, the Eastern Christian Church – was so weakened by corruption and apostasy (it almost openly served not Jesus Christ but the Roman Emperor) that the Gates of Hell, alas, prevailed over it.

Hence, the First Existential Proxy War was, alas, won only by the Western Christian Church (Catholic and Protestant Churches, to be more precise). The Eastern Christian Church lost this existential war – and all of its territories in the Middle East and North Africa.

And thus almost ceased to exist. Fortunately, it was subsequently saved by the expansion into Eastern Europe (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, etc.).

For about 200 more years, the Western Christian Church was strong enough to keep Satan at bay. Unfortunately, for several reasons by mid-19th century it got so weak that Satan got the chance to “repeat the experience”.

In other words, to launch the Second Existential Proxy War. Only this time his weapon was not a religion, but an ideology; his banner was red, not green; and his primary human tools were philosophers, not a prophet.

This time, it was not Islam but Marxism and not one individual, but four: Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.

Three Personalities of Adolf Hitler (1)

20191011_101030000_iOSAdolf Hitler is definitely the most misunderstood of the great leaders in human history (greatness does not necessarily mean goodness, of course). For a very simple reason – just about all historians, psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists, criminal profilers, etc. try to reduce him to a single personality.

This desire is natural, politically correct (of course)… and totally and utterly wrong. Because Adolf Hitler was a very, very complex and complicated individual (to put it mildly). He had many sides – which I will cover in the next sections of this chapter – and not one, but three very distinct personalities.

No, he did not suffer from the multiple personality disorder – this is a well-established fact. His personalities were thoroughly blended creating a unique fusion – the persona of Adolf Hitler.

Still, in order to understand “the whole Adolf Hitler” (and this is the fundamental objective of any genuine historian of the Third Reich), one had to develop a thorough and in-depth understanding of each of these personalities (Adolf Hitler I, II and III, if you will). The Servant of God, the Patriot of Greater Germany and the Criminal.

The most valuable personality for the whole human civilization (as well as for the Western Civilization), was, obviously, Adolf Hitler I – the Servant of God. Of the Christian God, of course (there is only one God in the Universe). The Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Ghost as some call this entity).

No, Adolf Hitler was definitely not a Christian saint (although in his childhood he did entertain the idea of serving God by becoming a monk and subsequently an abbot of a major Catholic monastery).

True, he did attend the Catholic Church in Leonding dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel – the Commander-in-Chief of God’s Armed Forces – but there is no evidence whatsoever that Adolf Hitler ever considered to become God’s Warrior of Templar, Hospitaller or even Teutonic variety.

Hence it would be correct to conclude that Adolf Hitler served the Christian God unconsciously (and definitely unintentionally) being blissfully unaware of this fact. Although he did serve the latter – and served big time.

He served God in 1941-45 on the Eastern front of the Second Great Warn by being a Commander-in-Chief of the Forces of Light (the Army of God) which were fighting the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan). War on the Western front was, obviously, a different matter entirely.

The Army of God was comprised of German Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and the armed forces of German allies – Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and the Spanish volunteer “Blue Division”. As well as volunteers from German-occupied countries – Latvia, Estonia, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia… and even Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (territories of the then-Soviet Union).

Waffen SS – by 1944 a genuinely European Army – even included volunteers from a neutral Sweden. A little-known fact – the overwhelming majority of the defenders of Reichstag at the very end of the war were not Germans, but foreigners – French (mostly), Belgians, Latvians, etc…

All of the above (with the exception of Finland) fought under Christian insignia – the Cross. Finland used the swastika which actually at that time was one of the Christian symbols as well (still formally is).

The Army of Satan was comprised, of course of the Red Army of the Soviet Union (on the Eastern front it had no allies to speak of) led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin.

Who was in this respect similar to Adolf Hitler as he served the Adversary (Satan/Devil/Lucifer, etc.) unconsciously and definitely unintentionally, being blissfully unaware of this fact. Although he did serve the latter – and served big time.

The nature of the Second Great War on the Eastern front was plain and simple, cut and dry, loud and clear. In modern terms, it was a proxy war between God and Satan – only the second such war in human history. The previous one was fought by the Christian armies on God’s side and the Muslim armies… on the other side.

In the Second Great War (more specifically in the war dubbed the Great Patriotic War by the Soviet propaganda), the Red Army fought to invade, conquer and destroy the Western Civilization (and ultimately the whole human civilization) as we know it and replace it with the worldwide totalitarian Bolshevist state – the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

In the process annihilating (in a very literal sense – the Catholic Church in the Soviet Union was, indeed, annihilated by 1938) the Christian Church – in all its denominations. Thus removing the spiritual protection of human civilization and allowing the Satan to “open the Door”, enter our world and transform it into a very literal Hell on Earth.

The Forces of Light led by Adolf Hitler I (the Servant of God) fought to prevent this from happening. In other words, to save the Christian Church from annihilation and the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) from being transformed into Hell.

True, it was not the primary objective of Adolf Hitler – he launched and was fighting a very much colonial war – for the Lebensraum in the East. But the latter was the war fought by Hitler III (the Criminal). Which was ultimately lost, by the way – as it should have been.

“Hitler I” won his war. Although Stalin managed to invade, occupy and conquer Eastern Europe – and even several Western nations (East Germany, Austria, Norway) he failed to achieve his abovementioned grandiose objective.

He even could not completely transform the occupied territories of Bulgaria, Albania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and East Germany into the full-fledged “Soviet republics” – let alone annex them into the Soviet Union.

Doing that would have forced the Western Allies to declare war on the Soviet Union which the latter simply could not afford. Not with 20 million soldiers lost on the battlefield (and millions more crippled and injured), 10 million or so civilian casualties and a completely destroyed infrastructure of Western Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and the Baltic States.

And, of course, the atom bomb – successfully tested on the battlefield in Japan and the enormous fleet of Allied strategic bombers (against which the Soviet Union had no defense) were a deterrent powerful enough to prevent the second attempt at “liberating Europe”. The previous one was crushed by Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and their allies in the summer and fall of 1941.

Hence it would be correct to conclude that Adolf Hitler was not just a servant of God (albeit ignorant of this fact), but The Servant of God. The most valuable and successful in human history as he won the very much existential war with the Army of Satan (the war with Muslim invaders had been fought for a millennium and thus there was no single commander-in-chief who could have been credited with winning this war).

The servant who saved the Christian Church from being annihilated (hence it is no surprise that both Catholic and Protestant Churches mostly supported Hitler and his regime). And the Western Civilization (and ultimately the whole human civilization) from being conquered, destroyed and transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth by the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin).

His service was so valuable to God, His Church and His Civilization (the Christian Civilization) that there is no way that Adolf Hitler went to hell after the physical death. On the other hand, he was definitely not admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven (or even a Purgatory for that matter) as he committed in many ways the worst mass murders and other crimes against humanity.

Totally unnecessary and even detrimental to his service to God, I must add. And took his own life by committing suicide on April 30th, 1945 (which normally guarantees an eternity in Hell).

Consequently, he most likely resides in a very special place in the afterworld. The best name for this place is Valhalla, although it is… well, different from the picture painted by the Norse myths.

Now let’s move to a brief profile of his second personality. Hitler II. The Patriot of Greater Germany.

Adolf Hitler and Christianity (2)

Hitlers-Christianity-WEBWe have no idea, what were Hitler’s religious beliefs and how well they matched Christian doctrine prior to his adulthood (statements of numerous “witnesses” are highly unreliable, to put it mildly).

However, we can be pretty certain of two facts. First, Adolf Hitler was definitely not a religious child, or young adult, or adult. In other words, religion was not really important to him – his interests, ambitions, aspirations were 100% in this life.

And second, he viewed religion (i.e., religious doctrine) and the corresponding Church as but a tool to achieve political and/or social objectives. In Mein Kampf, he stated it loud and clear:

“The political leader… should ask himself whether there be any practical substitute [to an established religion]… which is demonstrably better. Until such a substitute be available, only fools and criminals would think of abolishing existing religion.”

On numerous occasions he stated that national-socialism was definitely NOT a religion, but strictly a political movement and a political ideology. Which by its very nature COULD NOT satisfy the spiritual needs of the population as the latter was an exclusive domain of a religion.

Furthermore, Adolf Hitler had no desire to establish a new religion (or revive the “old one” for that matter). Consequently, he both explicitly (in his famous “25 Points” program of the Nazi Party) and implicitly stated that Nazi Germany would remain a Christian nation for good.

Which automatically meant that despite a very real Kirchenkampf (political struggle with Catholic and Protestant Churches), neither the Christian Church (of any major denomination) nor the Christianity itself was in a mortal danger in Greater Germany or in German-occupied territories.

Which can lead us to one and only one theological conclusion. Stalin and the Nazis wanted to annihilate Christianity and the Christian Church and destroy the Christian civilization. Hitler and the Nazis, although committed to limit the Church to taking care of the salvation of the souls in the afterlife (which is actually the raison d’être of a Christian Church anyway) leaving “this life” to the Nazi government, viewed the Church as the vital component of the society worthy of support and protection.

Hence, it was obvious that Hitler and the Nazis were (reluctant) servants of the Christian God while Stalin and the Bolsheviks were (unconscious) servants of the Devil.

Consequently, the Second Great War on the Eastern front was, indeed, the war between Forces of Light (Army of God), represented by the Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and their allies (all of which fought under Christian insignia) and the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan), represented by the Red Army of the Bolshevist Soviet Union and their allies. War on the Western front was, of course, a different matter entirely (there just about the opposite was true).

However, it did not prevent Adolf Hitler from being highly critical of Christianity (actually, from taking a rather dim view of its doctrine). As he always viewed religion as subordinate to political ideology (actually, a tool of the latter), it is no wonder that his attitude to Christian beliefs was shaped primarily by his fierce nationalism and ferocious anti-Semitism (Judeophobia, actually).

The latter ultimately led him to a deep, sincere (and, of course, completely erroneous) belief that Christianity – as well as the Holy Bible – was but a collection of fairy tales written by the Jews to be used as a tool for world domination. And a powerful weapon in the existential was with the “Aryan race”.

Curiously, Hitler actually had an unexpectedly positive view of Jesus Christ (probably a leftover from his Catholic childhood). First of all, he perceived Jesus not as a Jew (who the latter technically was because he was the son of a Jewish mother) but as an… Aryan. And an ardent anti-Semite to boot.

Actually, both of these views (statements, actually) made some sense. First, Jesus was a demi-God, a hybrid of a human mother and… well, God. In other words, he belonged to a very different species for which the very concept of nationality was not exactly applicable. Hence, perceiving Jesus as Aryan could very well have been as correct as perceiving him as a Jew.

And His statements about the Jews were… well, harsh (to put it mildly). And thus could very well be perceived as anti-Semitic. Especially by such a rabid anti-Semite as Adolf Hitler.

However, it was not the only problem that Adolf Hitler had with Christianity. Another very serious problem was the Sermon on the Mount and similar commandments of Jesus Christ.

Adolf Hitler was a warrior – always. Even before he joined the Bavarian Army in 1914 and went on to fight (with bravery above and beyond the call of duty) on the Western front.

He believed (correctly) that his beloved Germany and the whole “Aryan Civilization” (Western Civilization, actually) was fighting an existential war with Bolshevism (which he incorrectly viewed as a part of the global “Jewish conspiracy”).

To win this war, the Forces of Light (i.e. Aryans) needed a ruthless military ideology… which was completely contrary (not just alien, but contrary) to the Christian doctrine.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are the meek, blessed are the peacemakers”… these were all who were definitely NOT blessed in Hitler’s opinion. And for a very good reason – such attitude will get you killed on a battlefield in no time (most likely, even before you arrived at the battlefield).

To win an existential war, you had to be exactly the opposite – rich and powerful in spirit, bold, brave, assertive (even overbearing) and willing to wage war (i.e. launch a pre-emptive strike on your enemy) to save yourself and your loved ones from slavery or destruction by your opponent.

“Do not resist an evil person” is, well, suicidal in an existential war. So is “if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also”. A true warrior reacts in a different way – hits the adversary so hard that cripples or even kills him right there on the spot. Ensuring that he never again hurts you or your loved ones.

“And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well” is another sure way for a suicide of an individual, a nation and the whole Western Civilization in an existential war. So is “if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles”, of course.

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”… that’s how the wars are lost, not won. To win the war (especially an existential war), you and your troops must be driven by overwhelming, all-consuming, white-hot hatred aimed straight at your adversary.

“Forgiving your enemies”… yes, probably, but only after you have killed them. The latter part is attributable to no other than Joseph Stalin and is very much true.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged” does not work in politics and government at all – let alone on a battlefield. In reality, if you run a political campaign, the government (let alone an army) you have to judge all the time – and be correct most of the time.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened

Now that’s a blatant lie – if there was one (in reality, God lies through His teeth all the time – and the New Testament is no exception). Human history (and individual lives) prove again and again, and beyond the reasonable doubt, that you only get what you take by force. Often a brutal force – physical, mental, intellectual, political, government, military, etc.

“How much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

As it turns out, nothing. You get only what you fight for – and take by force – not what you ask for. This is as true nowadays as it was in Hitler’s time. Hence, he viewed the New Testament (and the Old Testament as well – most of the time) as the collection not only of fairy tales (which often contain a lot of truth), but of blatant and very dangerous lies.

In short, Hitler’s perception of Christianity (which is a religion of New Testament) as any true warrior – especially a decorated soldier that came back alive (and reasonably well) from the hellish insanity of the Western front of the Great War.

With zero (if not negative) respect for Jesus Christ, his disciples, apostles, etc. Whom he perceived as mere weaklings and cowards who go around spreading very dangerous lies.

Lies invented by the Jews, no doubt, to weaken their Aryan opponents and win the existential war (which in his opinion made the whole Christianity thing but a large-scale disinformation campaign and a powerful tool in a ruthless psychological warfare).

Still, being a shrewd politician, he had a completely pragmatic attitude towards the Christian Church – and build his relationships with the latter accordingly.

Adolf Hitler and Christianity (1)


Adolf Hitler ruled over the Greater Germany – a very much Christian nation. His allies in the Second Great War were all Christian nations as well. He invaded, conquered and occupied Christian nations. Hence, his attitude to – and relationship with – Christianity are of utmost importance for every diligent historian of the Third Reich.

To understand this relationship (and, of course, to separate fact from fiction), we must first define properly what exactly “relationship with Christianity” means in this particular context – as meaning is always defined by a specific context.

In this context, it obviously means not just one, but several relationships – with Christian God (the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit), angels and saints, Christian beliefs (general and specific to a particular denomination), Christian Churches (Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox, etc.) and individual Christians.

It makes sense to start at the very top, so let’s begin with Hitler’s attitude to and relationship with the Christian God (which is actually the only God there is). Hitler was born in Austria – then an overwhelmingly Catholic nation to a practicing Catholic mother, and was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church.

Nothing is known about his relationships with the Christian God in his childhood and youth. Some of those who claimed to have known the “young Adolf” later stated that from a young age, he expressed disbelief and even hostility to Christianity. Which means that even then he not only had no relationship with the Christian God at all, but did not even believe in the existence of the latter.

However, these statements were made after the war, when to tell the truth about Adolf Hitler was to put at a very serious risk not only one’s job and career, but also freedom and even physical safety. Hence, these statements must be taken with a grain of salt, to put it mildly.

From Hitler’s statements in his writings (first and foremost, “Mein Kampf”), we can deduce that he was a deist. In other words, a monotheist who believed in a very specific version of a Supreme Being – the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Creator and Ruler of the Universe.

However, that Being (whom he called Providence mostly) was very different from the Christian God. For starters, it was a God of Aryans in general and of Germans in particular (in other words, Germans and other Aryans were its “chosen people” – not the Jews or Christians).

Second, Hitler’s Providence had nothing to do with Christian religion and the Christian Church – or any other religion or church for that matter. And, finally, it was one entity, not three (which made Adolf Hitler a Unitarian of sorts).

Consequently, we can rightfully conclude that in his adulthood Hitler had no direct relationship with the Christian God whatsoever. Or with angels and saints in Heaven for that matter.

However, it was not the whole story – not by a long shot. The fact that Adolf Hitler had no relationships with Christian God, angels and saints did not mean that these characters did not have a relationship with him. On the contrary, they very much did have a very specific relationship with Hitler – the one that he would have (most likely) not liked at all.

It is a well-known fact that God often (if not almost always) “writes straight with crooked lines”. With Adolf Hitler, he sure did.

In 1919, God had a problem. A serious problem. A very serious problem. A literally existential problem because the very existence of His Church, of the Christian Civilization… and of the whole human civilization.

Which faced a genuinely existential threat from the Bolshevist regime in now-Soviet Russia. The regime powered by an immensely mighty Russian messianic drive (which now fueled Marxism-Leninism, instead of Russian Orthodox pseudo-Christian ideology). So in reality it were the Russians, not the Jews that the Nazis had to be afraid of.

The Soviet Russia (soon-to-be renamed the Soviet Union and soon-to-be-led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin) was committed to invading, conquering, occupying the whole human civilization as we know it and transforming it into a worldwide totalitarian Bolshevist state – the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Annihilating the Christian Church (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc.) and the whole Christianity in the process. Together with all other religions, of course – Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin… none of these (or any other) Soviet leaders knew that “our world exists only because of monks’ prayers”. In other words, only because of the existence and actions of the Christian Church (first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, of course).

Hence the annihilation of the Christian Church (and that’s exactly what the Bolsheviks were committed to) would have in no time led to a lightning-fast transformation into a very literal Hell on Earth.

Napoleon was not quite right when he stated that “religion is needed to prevent the poor from murdering the rich”; in reality, it is needed to prevent people from murdering each other – and destroying their whole civilization in the process.

Obviously, God was determined to prevent this catastrophe from happening. Usually he respects the human Freedom of Will and does not intervene in human affairs, but this time the very existence of humanity as we know it was at stake so he had no choice.

So He chose highly imperfect tools (to put it mildly); in other words, very much crooked lines. Adolf Hitler (ultimately), his Nazi comrades (ditto), the occult and not exactly Christian Thule Society (as an intermediary of sorts), and (possibly) the Vril Society as another intermediary. Alas, the Christian Church was way too weak to be of any use in this all-important, civilization-saving endeavor so He had to use… the alternative channels and tools.

These tools were, of course, not just tools, but weapons. Because the only way to save the human civilization from becoming Hell on Earth in a very literal sense was to fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Consequently, it was not a surprise at all that there was one more intermediary in this “chain of command”. Saint Michael the Archangel – the commander-in-chief of God’s Armed Forces who leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces – and wins.

Neither was it surprising that during their childhood both Adolf Hitler and the future SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler (founder of RSHA and Waffen-SS) both attended the Catholic Churches dedicated to… Saint Michael the Archangel (Hitler in Leonding in Austria; Himmler in Munich in Bavaria).

Hence, Adolf Hitler did have a relationship with God and with the abovementioned Archangel (although he was obviously totally unaware of that all-important fact). Both were his commanding officers and both used him as a weapon in an existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

The only fundamental problem for both COs was to make sure that the “medicine” would not become worse than the “disease”. Which, alas, was a very real possibility – as it sometimes happens with imperfect tools and crooked lines.

Adolf Hitler and Organized Religion

Adolf_Hitler_retouchedAdolf Hitler ruled over the Greater Germany – a very much Christian nation. His allies in the Second Great War were all Christian nations as well. He invaded, conquered and occupied Christian nations. Hence, his attitude to – and relationship with – Christianity are of utmost importance for every diligent historian of the Third Reich.

Although all these nations were fundamentally Christian, occult beliefs and practices and neo-pagan (i.e. völkisch) religions – or quasi-religions were widespread during the times of the Third Reich (still are). Hence, it is also very important to know Hitler’s relationships with these religions as well.

And with Islam, of course as Hitler’s Germany invaded, conquered and occupied Albania and Bosnia – very much Muslim nations. And fought with the Allies in predominantly Muslim North Africa.

In general, Hitler’s relationships with “organized religions” was usually ruthless, often brutal and always pragmatic. Which was easy given the fact that he (though born, baptized and raised Roman Catholic), de-facto practiced his rather unique for his time brand of monotheist religion (more on that later).

He knew – and openly stated on more than one occasion – that national-socialism was an ideology, not a religion. Unlike Joseph Stalin – the leader of the fundamentally atheist Soviet Union – Adolf Hitler acknowledged the need for an organized religion. In other words, for Christianity in the fundamentally Christian nations.

Hence, he had no desire to eradicate Christianity (contrary to a popular misconception created by the Allied propaganda). He only wanted to use it as an additional tool for managing his country and his people – and the occupied territories, of course.

However, it only meant that he tolerated Christianity – because using it was far easier than annihilating it (something that Stalin figured out only 26 years after the Bolsheviks came to power). So he signed an agreement (Reichskonkordat) with both Catholic and Protestant (Lutheran) Church in Germany and to a significant extent honored it.

But still ruthlessly enforced his fundamental requirement – that the Church stayed out of politics at all times or (preferably) supports the Nazi regime. I will cover this and other issues in the section on his attitude to and relationship with Christianity.

For occultism and neo-pagan religion the opposite was true – it was far easier to suppress them completely (as “spiritual rivals” of national-socialism). And that’s exactly what he did by mid-1941, right before he attacked the Soviet Union.

Apparently, Adolf Hitler did not know (or care) much about Islam. For a very obvious reason – for him all Arabs were racially inferior individuals; consequently, their religion also had to be inferior as well – and thus not worthy of any serious attention. Interestingly enough, at that time many Christian theologians were of the same opinion about Muslim faith (some still are).

However, he highly regarded (and even admired) Prophet Muhammad – one of the most successful imperialists in human history. Which inevitably made him recognize and even admire the imperialist and militaristic nature of Islam.

However, he still viewed Islam as but a tool to be used to conquer and manage the predominantly Muslim nations (his view on Orthodox Christianity was identical for the same fundamental reason).