The Russian Slavery

Slavery in Russia

In Russia, it was called “крепостное право” or “крепостничество”. It is universally translated into English (out of proverbial political correctness, no doubt) as “serfdom”. In reality, it was slavery – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Indeed, the slave owners (the nobles) ultimately obtained (by imperial law) an absolute power over life and death of their slaves (peasants). They could buy and sell them; make them perform any job the noble wants – no matter how dangerous, shameful or meaningless; rape, punish, torture and even murder them in ways that would make Ivan the Terrible look like a saint – all with complete impunity.

Essentially, the Russian rulers created a paradise for serial killers and mass murderers (of which there were many among the Russian nobles). Which is not surprising at all as the Russian “Christian” Empire was created by three sadistic serial killers and mass murderers – Vladimir the Great, Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great.

Only one such criminal – one Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova (incidentally, a woman which is rather uncommon thing among sadistic serial killers) – was ever brought to justice.

And only because (despite all efforts of Russian imperial bureaucracy) “the cat got out of the bag”  which could have easily led to a nationwide uprising of peasants and deliver a devastating blow to the image of an “enlightened ruler” carefully cultivated by then-empress of Russia Catherine the Great.

Saltykova was arrested, tried, found guilty of 38 murders (the actual body count could have been as high as 147) and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole (believe it or not, but in 1768, when her trial took place, Russia did not have a death penalty for common crimes – only for political ones).

In a very, very, uncomfortable prison – the cellar of Ivanovsky Convent in Moscow. Saltykova proved to be a highly resilient woman – she survived for 33 (!) years in that horrible (literally) jail and died only in 1801 at a ripe old age of 71.

After the trial, Catherine the Great personally established a highly efficient “information blackout” system to make sure that information about such “hobbies” of Russian nobles (of which there dozens and dozens) never ever became public. A highly successful system – the magnitude of these crimes was discovered only after the Bolshevist revolution that opened the secret imperial archives.

This fundamentally criminal system allowed dozens (if not hundreds or even thousands of serial killers, rapists and tortures) to commit these horrific felonies for decades (for centuries actually as such monsters existed in every generation).

Which obviously was very pleasing to the Devil and his demons whose favorite spiritual food is human pain and suffering – another solid proof that (contrary to government and Church propaganda) Russia was, indeed, the country “of the Devil, by the Devil and for the Devil”.


Russia was obviously not the only “civilized” country that practiced slavery in modern times: the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire (in its colonies) and, of course the USA were guilty of that as well.

However, the Russian version of slavery was very different from (and far darker than) the ones practiced in other nations (as well as in the Mongol Empire). Unlike the latter, where the slaves came from other nations and (initially) religions, in Russia the Russians were owned and mistreated (exploited, raped, tortured and even murdered – often with extreme brutality and even sadism) by other Russians.

Incidentally (unlike all other Christian denominations), the Russian Christian Church wholeheartedly supported enslavement of Russian Christians by their fellow other Christians (other denominations only approved of enslavement of individuals of other nations, races, cultures and religions).

The Russian slavery system had but one fundamental objective – to facilitate control over the enormous imperial territories (impossible to keep with an economically and legally free population).

And why would the Russia Tsars need these enormous territories? To satisfy the deeply-programmed messianic desire to become (and remain) the “Third Rome” – ultimately conquer the whole world, convert it to Russian Orthodox faith and rule it until the Second Coming of Christ. Which they hoped would never happen as the result of the Judgement Day was for them plain and obvious – a one-way trip to Hell for Eternity.

Russian nobles supported slavery for a very simple reason – being the slaves of the Tsar (and for all practical purposes of Tsar’s bureaucrats – often low-level ones) they wanted to compensate for this highly uncomfortable state (to put it mildly) by enslaving somebody else – in this case their peasants. And thus becoming omnipotent Gods to their slaves just as the Tsar was the omnipotent God to them – and to all Russians.

Consequently, just about every estate in Russia was a miniature kingdom with its owner – its absolute ruler who had absolute power over his or her (some estates were owned and managed by women) subjects (i.e. slaves) and no accountability to them whatsoever. Just like the Tsar in the whole Russia.

As was the whole Russian absolute monarchy – a typical Asian despotism which made Russia Asian, not European state (and thus paved the way for “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin).

This top to bottom slavery lasted for centuries and led to genuinely disastrous consequences for Russia and Russians. The master/slave relationships got so ingrained in their mentality and culture that they simply could not (and still can not) build a European-style free democratic state – only replace one kind of slavery with another.

Russians ceased to be the slaves of the Tsar (Russian Emperor, actually) – and immediately became the slaves of the Bolshevist leader. They ceased to be the slaves of their landlord – and immediately became slaves of their boss. They ceased to be the slaves of tsarist bureaucrats – and immediately became the slaves of Communist bureaucrats. They ceased to be the slaves of Russian Imperial State – and immediately became the slaves of the Soviet State.

And that’s exactly what happened in Russian history – the totalitarian (let’s call a spade a spade) absolute Russian Imperial Monarchy destroyed in March of 1917 was almost immediately replaced with even more totalitarian “Red Monarchy” (the “Soviet State”). The liberal democratic “February Republic” lasted for mere eight months.

In 1991, the Russians destroyed the “Soviet State” ending the disastrous Bolshevist experiment that cost the nation tens of millions of lives and an enormous destruction of its infrastructure.

However, the “red slavery” was quickly replaced by even worse kind of slavery – the Russians became slaves in a very genuine sense to the very mobsters who transformed the inherently weak “Russian democracy” into a genuine “Mafia state” led by a quasi-Tsar (“capo di tutti cappi”, if you will) Vladimir Putin and his KGB cronies. This time, democracy lasted for… about ten years, give or take but still died. Alas, a very much natural (for Russia) death.

However (contrary to a popular misconception), Putin’s “Mafia State” is not a serious threat to the Western Civilization (let alone an existential one). But the Bolshevist Soviet Union was.

Because Marxism (contrary to what Marx himself believed) was a perfect match to Russian “Orthodox” Imperialist Messianism. It was a genuine “marriage made in Hell”. Actually, it was much more than a marriage. It was a devastating, murderous synergy and an immensely powerful weapon of mass destruction.

Weapon of world destruction, to be completely honest.


Russian “Orthodox” Messianic Imperialism (1)


The most lucrative target for the Devil is, obviously, the Christian Church established by Jesus Christ (although most of the technical details are rightfully credited to Saint Apostle Paul).

There is nothing that the Prince of Darkness wants (even craves) more than taking control over the Church and making it his (and not God’s) weapon in his existential war with the latter. Hence, it is no surprise that the Church has been under a constant attack by the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan) from Day One of its existence. And still very much is.

Fortunately, Satan failed in this all-important endeavor of his. However, he managed to significantly weaken the Church by splitting it twice. The first split (the so-called “East–West Schism”).

De-facto it happened in the 4th century – almost right after Christianity became the official state religion of the Roman Empire, but de-jure it was announced (and accepted… sort of) six centuries later – in 1054.

As I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt in a moment, it was not exactly a schism (which assumes the split of the Church into more or less equally valid and legitimate components).

In reality it was the Eastern heretics (who called themselves “Orthodox” thought they were nothing of the sort) divesting themselves from the genuinely orthodox (i.e. theologically correct and righteous Holy Roman Catholic Church).

They were heretics because for all practical purposes they stopped serving Jesus Christ (as they were supposed to) and started serving the very much earthly (and very much sinful) power of the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.

To put it bluntly, sold Jesus Christ for Roman imperial pieces of silver (or gold – which does not really matter). Hence the so-called “Orthodox Church” is essentially the Church of Judas, not of Jesus Christ.

This (genuinely Judas-style) betrayal did radically weaken the Eastern Church (which ultimately was protected only by Divine Grace which went down by orders of magnitude). So radically that it was practically annihilated by Muslim invaders (mostly in the 7th and 8th centuries, although Constantinople – now Istanbul – fell only in 1453).

However, before it was wiped out by the Army of Satan, the Eastern “Orthodox” Churched managed to do Satan some serious service. First, by arranging for a conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy (“pravoslaviye”) of the whole Russia.

Although the actual conversion was done by the Russian rulers “by sword and fire” (i.e. by brutal and even deadly force), the Russian “Orthodox” Church (ROC) was established – and for some time even run by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

And second (which was no less important) by creating an ideology that would one day become the Russian Orthodox Messianic Imperialism. Which (after the Orthodox religion was replaced by Marxist quasi-religion) became an immensely powerful drive behind Stalin’s “Drang nach Westen”.

As I have stated earlier, Russia (as the Soviet Russia) became the full-fledged existential threat to the Christian Church, Western Civilization and the whole human civilization in March of 1919, after the establishment of Comintern.

However, the first step in this very much infernal direction was made almost a millennium earlier (as I have already stated, Satan is an immensely patient character).

in 988 AD when the Byzantine (“Eastern”) version of Christianity became the official religion of Russia (then called Kievan Rus’ after its then capital Kiev – now the capital of independent Ukraine).

Russian Christian Church officially called itself Русская Православная Церковь (Russkaya Pravolslavnaya Tzerkov) traditionally translated into English as Russian Orthodox Church (and pravoslaviye – Russian Christianity as “Russian Orthodoxy”).

Unfortunately, this translation is grossly incorrect and fundamentally misleading as (from the religious point of view) Russian version of Christianity is not “orthodox” at all.

In the Christian context, “orthodox” means that the Christian doctrine in question conforms exactly to the fundamentals of Christianity – the New Testament. Which loud and clear, cut and dry, plain and simple states three fundamental commandments that pravoslaviye (Russian Christianity) and thus the Russian Church blatantly violates.

First, Jesus Christ Himself (who is obviously the highest and absolute authority in all things Christian) made Peter the head of the Christian Church:

You are Peter [which means ‘rock’], and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell will not overcome it.” Matthew 16:18, NIV

It means (beyond the reasonable doubt) that this commandment means that the Christian Lord and savior Jesus Christ viewed the Christian Church as a centralized system governed by a single individual ultimately responsible for the enforcement of one system of true and correct Christian religious dogmas.

At that time, the Western Civilization (and thus just about all civilized world) was not just governed by the Roman Empire. It was Roman Empire. Consequently, it was obvious that the Christian Church must be governed – from then to the Second Coming – from Rome by a Roman Bishop (“the Pope”). The fact that Saint Apostle Peter became the first Pope (“Roman Pontiff”) of the Christian Church proves it beyond the reasonable doubt.

This commandment of Jesus Christ is, by definition, orthodox; consequently, the Russian Church that adopted and teaches a radically different view of the Christian Church is not orthodox, but outright heretical – cut and dry, loud and clear, plain and simple.

According to Russian pravoslaviye, a Christian Church must be a loose confederation of national churches with no central authority and all fundamental matters of doctrine decided by the global (“ecumenical”) Councils.

As conducting an ecumenical council is all but impossible (the last one took place in 787 AD – almost 1300 years ago), in practice it means that every national Church has its very own doctrine (often sharply different from others).

Unfortunately, this is not the only Scriptural commandment violated by the Russian version of Christianity (and thus by the Russian “Orthodox” Church).

The New Testament explicitly states that there must be no national distinctions between Christians:

There is neither Jew nor Greek for you are all one in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:28-29 (ESV)

Which automatically means that any reference to any nation in the official name of a Christian Church (e.g Russian, Greek, Armenian, etc.) is heresy – plain and simple.

It gets worse. Christian Lord and Savior (i.e. the absolute authority on all things religious) stated loud and clear that there should be a clear separation of the Church and the State:

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” – Mark 12:17 (NIV)

Russian pravoslaviye preaches and teaches a radically different relationship between church and state: a so-called “symphonia”. In theory it means that the Christian Church and the Christian State are two inseparable parts of one whole (“two sides of the same coin” even) with the State taking care of earthly things and the Church – of the Heavenly (spiritual) things with neither institution presuming to dominate the other.

Unfortunately, in our highly imperfect and sinful world this principle opens the door for subordination of the Church to the State. For a very simple reason – the State has the guns and the Church does not.

Which, slowly but surely, first in Byzantium and then in Russia led to the violation of the Second Commandment in the Old Testament: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (in other words, you must not worship any gods other than a Christian God).

Explicit identification of the Russian Church with the Russian nation (“Russian people”) and its inevitable subordination to the Russian state very quickly led to a no less inevitable worship (by the Russian Church and its members) of the Russian people (at best) and/or the Russian state – or even its absolute ruler (at worst).

Unfortunately, these were not purely theological issues as their combination (“dark synergy”, actually) gave birth to a monster that ultimately made Russia (in its Soviet incarnation) a clear and present existential threat to the Western civilization.

The Russian “Orthodox” Imperialist Messianism.

Comintern as the “Trigger Event”

480px-Comintern_Logo.svgAlthough the Satan started the “hot” phase of the Second Existential Proxy War with God (for the total control over Planet Earth) on June 28th, 1914, it took him almost five years to create a genuinely existential threat to the Christian Church, Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization – and thus to the whole human civilization.

More precisely, to accumulate the “critical mass” that created such a threat – and finally forced God to fight back. Starting with creating his own “human weapon” – post-transfiguration Adolf Hitler – the most gifted and accomplished political entrepreneur (he did win the existential proxy war, after all) in human history.

Winning this existential war was Hitler’s Divine Mission (of which, let’s be frank, he was blissfully unaware being too consumed by the colonial idea of Lebensraum and other similar endeavors).

And, of course, the Divine Mission of organizations that he created – NSDAP (the “Nazi Party”), Wehrmacht (to a certain extent, it was his creation as well), the Sturmabteilung, the SS… and the whole Third Reich (the Führerstaat). And, of course, of all members of these organizations (and even of the ordinary Germans). Who were almost all blissfully ignorant of their Divine Mission as well.

There is little, if any, doubt that God’s decision to (finally) fight back was triggered by… no, not the “Second Black Singularity Event”, of course as it was nowhere as significant as the first one, but an important event nevertheless.

This crucial “trigger event” was the establishment of Comintern (“Communist International” or the “Third International”) by the Bolshevik leaders of the Soviet Russia on March 2nd, 1919 in Moscow – then already a new-old capital of now Soviet Russia.

The publicly declared objective of Comintern was

“to use all available means, including armed force, to overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the state”

Translated into the “normal” (i.e. non-communist) language, it meant that the objective of the Comintern was to conquer (by military invasion of the Red Army and/or armed uprising of the Communists on the inside) and destroy the existing human civilization as we know it.

Including, obviously, the Christian Church (Bolsheviks and thus the whole Comintern were not just atheists, but committed anti-Christians and sworn enemies of all religions which they openly called “the opium for the people”).

And subsequently transforming it into the global totalitarian Bolshevist state which in 1922 go the name “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” – no reference to Russia at all. Its coat of arms (actually taken from Comintern) was hammer and sickle – the official symbols of Bolshevism – over the whole planet. Which left no doubt about the ultimate objective of the Bolsheviks in general – and their “Third International” in particular.

However, to achieve these objectives, the Bolsheviks (and the Satan), of course, needed a mighty weapon. A genuine weapon of mass destruction. A “fusion bomb”.

The main component of which was the Russian Orthodox Messianic Imperialism. Which was born almost exactly a millennium earlier – in 988 (yes, Satan is very patient – he can spend hundreds of years assembling and perfecting his weapons).

The Marxist Servants of Satan (5)


It is well-known that Satan is “a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). Hence, it is no surprise that Marxism, frankly, is a total BS – in other words, but a collection of lies and damn lies.

National-socialism, obviously, also did not “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing by the truth” as Hitler’s ideology created a highly distorted and grossly inaccurate perception of the world (alas, perceptions are the only reality).

However, Adolf Hitler and other national-socialists sincerely believed that their ideology was true and correct (in other words, presented an accurate picture of the world). And thus “walked what they talked and practiced what they preached” indeed.

Now the obvious question is: “What about the Marxist Gang of Four?” Did the sincerely believe in their own ideology – or was their Marxism (in all of its versions) just a giant scam, con game, a swindle?

In other words, was the whole thing about only power and fame and Marxism – only a tool to be used to deceive (brainwash, actually) the overwhelming majority of the population of Russia and other nations and then use this brainwashed mob (and that’s exactly what it was) to come to power in Russia and then to invade, conquer, occupy and destroy the whole world thus acquiring the power of the whole Plant Earth?

Let’s use facts, logic and good old common sense to find out. First, we have already established – beyond the reasonable doubt – that these four characters were, indeed, agents (and even servants) of Satan. Who was (as we know) the father of all lies.

Which provides a highly circumstantial, but still an evidence in favor of “scam hypothesis”. In other words, it strengthens the case for all these MSS (Marxist Servants of Satan that is) being con artists, deceivers, liars, shameless and ruthless manipulators who did not believe a word they were saying and were lying through their teeth with but one objective in mind – acquire absolute, dictatorial power first in Russia, then in Europe and ultimately in the whole world.

Second, every Marxist state (Russia, Eastern Bloc countries, mainland China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.) rapidly became a totalitarian cult. A “textbook”, “classic” totalitarian cult where its leader was worshipped like a demi-God and together with his clique (criminal gang, actually) did not believe a word of their own sermons, books, etc. and used the latter to brainwash their “flock” and thus acquire an absolute, unlimited, dictatorial power over the latter.

Contrary to a very popular misconception (created and propagated by anti-Nazi Allied propaganda), Nazi Germany was NOT such a cult. Although, there, indeed, was a personality cult of Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich and the latter was a very much totalitarian Führerstaat.

However, Adolf Hitler used this cult as a tool (one of many, actually) to radically improve the living standards of his fellow Germans and transform Germany into a political, military, economic, technological and cultural superpower (ideally, the most powerful nation on Earth) and make the German people a genuinely happy nation of genuine Übermenschen.

In other words, in all Marxist regimes, the population were forced to serve its leader(s) who did not believe a word of their own sermons and gospels while in the Third Reich its leaders served their people, sincerely believed in everything they were saying, walked what they talked and practiced what they preached. You can not find a difference more radical and profound than that.

But the most damning evidence in favor of the “Marxist scam” hypothesis stems from the fact that all members of the MSS “Gang of Four” were not just no idiots – they were all geniuses. Cut and dry, plain and simple.

Consequently, they simply could not have avoided noticing (especially because it was all pretty much “in your face”) that the realities of their Marxist state – the practical consequences of their Marxist ideology – were fundamentally and intrinsically different – from its promises.

Indeed, Marxism promised to free the “workers and peasants” –and in reality took away all fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the “capitalist state”: freedom of speech, press, assembly, elect and be elected to the government office, due process (in just about all Marxist states anyone could be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely without any semblance of one), freedom to travel outside (and often even inside) the country in question, access to information/knowledge, often even to change jobs, etc., etc.

Marxism promised to liberate the “workers and peasants” from the “capitalist yoke” – and made them genuine slaves of the Communist bureaucracy (and ultimately of The Leader of the Marxist state).

Workers (and especially peasants) in the Third Reich had far more freedoms (and generally incomparably higher living and working standards) than their counterparts in the Bolshevist (i.e. Marxist) Soviet Union.

True, they were (theoretically) supposed to serve their Führer and his Führerstaat, but in practice they all served Germany and the German people – and Adolf Hitler served his constituents far more than the other way around. In short, Stalin and other Marxist leaders used their citizens to conquer the world for themselves and Adolf Hitler and the Nazis wanted to conquer the world for the German people.

Marxism promised to make workers and peasants genuine owners of “land and factories” – and in reality both were owned by the Communist bureaucracy (and ultimately by The Leader).

Marxism stated that its fundamental objective was the well-being of “workers and peasants” while in reality it was the absolute power of Marxist leaders over their countries – and ultimately of the whole world.

Et cetera, et cetera. These fundamental and glaring discrepancies (contradictions even) between declared and actual Marxism were (and are) evident even for an individual with a room temperature IQ – and definitely for genius like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky or Stalin (who was far superior to all other three).

All this evidence can lead to only one conclusion: yes, Marxism was (and is) a giant con game, scam and swindle (yes, financial swindle, too); yes, none of the “Gang of Four” was a genuine Marxist (in other words, none of them believed a word of what they were preaching); and yes, Marxism for them was only a tool to achieve fame (fame for Karl Marx – a certifiable outcast and a loser par excellence and power for Lenin, Trotsky and especially Stalin).

And, of course, to destroy the world that rejected them – for all of them except Stalin. Although Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were geniuses, they all were by and large only destroyers.

Marx created practically nothing tangible – all of his organizations ultimately failed, and failed miserably. Lenin’s state failed miserably as well – he had to resort to so-called “New Economic Policy” which for all practical purposes was going back to good old capitalism.

Trotsky created (from the unruly armed mob) a highly efficient Red Army (fortunately for the world, not powerful or efficient enough to conquer Europe – let alone the whole world)… and failed miserably in just about all his other endeavors.

The only one member of the MSS “Gang of Four” who proved to be capable of becoming a genuine Demiurge (i.e., capable of creating and maintaining his very own world) was, not surprisingly, the chronologically last one.

The “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhughashvili.

The Marxist Servants of Satan (4)

It is true, of course, that Adolf Hitler appeared to have several qualities that made him look like a potential candidate to the position of “Satan’s human weapon”. But only appeared to.

For starters, he was not a genius by birth. In fact, he was not one until the age of 30 – after the transfiguration that was carried out ultimately on God’s orders by God’s servants. Not the “official” servants as by that time the Christian Church was already pretty much spiritually impotent, but servants nevertheless.

All members of the “Marxist Gang of Four” were geniuses by birth, not by design. In other words, they were born geniuses while Adolf Hitler was made. And this is a fundamental, crucial, vital difference.

True, Adolf Hitler wanted to do away with Weimar Republic (who didn’t at that time in Germany?) and replace it with the system of his own design – the very much totalitarian Führerstaat. He was also consumed with hatred – for the “Reds”, the Jews, the traitors, etc.

However, unlike the Marxists, Adolf Hitler not only had no desire to harm (let alone annihilate) the Christian Church, but considered it a vitally important component of his Führerstaat and of the whole German society.

Albeit limited, the freedom of worship and other non-political activities of the Christian Church was guaranteed (even demanded) in the official “25 Points” program of NSDAP – his party (the program that was never altered). These guarantees were enshrined in Reichskonkordat that he signed with both Catholic and Protestant (Lutheran) Churches in Germany.

Unlike the Marxist Servants of Satan (MSS), Adolf Hitler did – although unconsciously – have a relationship with the Christian God (God the Father, to be more precise). True, he viewed God via a highly distorting “lens” of Providence, but still, he saw Him and communicated with Him – unlike the MSS who had no connection to God whatsoever.

True, Adolf Hitler was to a significant extent driven by the hatred for “enemies of Germany”; however, he was a national-sociopath and thus was driven primarily by deep, passionate, sincere and very powerful Love for Germany (more precisely, for German egregore) and German people.

MSS had no love whatsoever – quite possibly, even for themselves; they were driven exclusively by a highly destructive and murderous blend of hatred (wrath) and pride. And, very probably, envy as well.

But the most important reason why Adolf Hitler was the Servant of God (and not of the adversary of the latter) was that he was committed to fighting – and winning – the existential war with Joseph Stalin – the MSS member and a certified Servant of Satan.

As the latter (or anyone else), can not fight against himself, it proves beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler, indeed, served the Christian God. Unconsciously and probably even unwillingly at times but still served the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

And His Church, of course – first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church of which he was a member all his life (unlike many of his subordinates, he never left the Church).

The Marxist Servants of Satan (3)


Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) was like any other one of the Jewish intellectuals-revolutionaries… except he was a genius. A super-genius even (and that’s what exactly Satan was looking for). His decision to become a revolutionary, a rebel, an insurgent was undoubtedly triggered by extremely hostile, violent and sometimes even murderous attitude of Russians and Ukrainians (he was born in Bereslavka village in the present-day Ukraine).

Contrary to a very popular misconception, the most anti-Semitic (Judeophobic, to be more precise) country in Europe – if not in the whole world – was not Germany (which prior to the First World War was actually one of the least anti-Semitic nations), but the Russian Empire. After all, the word pogrom is Russian, not German.

When Trotsky was eight his father sent him to Odessa to be educated – in a German-language secondary school, of all educational establishments. Now a Ukrainian city, Odessa was the place of the most numerous, violent and murderous Jewish pogroms that happened in 1821, 1859, 1871, 1881 (the latter happened just five years or so before Trotsky moved there).

Like thousands and thousands of other Jewish young men, Leon Trotsky (predictably) decided to do something to put an end to these atrocities. Which for the Jewish radicals of that time (and it was hard to find any Jew with more radical political views than young Leon) meant overthrowing – i.e. destroying – the Russian tsarist regime and replacing it… with something very different.

He found that “something”… in the works of Vladimir Lenin, of course. However, unlike all other Jewish revolutionaries (Jewish by blood – by religion they were all atheists), he was a genius.

Consequently, it is no surprise that he developed his own brand of Marxism (Lenin’s was, of course, Marxism-Leninism usually referred to as Bolshevism). Appropriately labeled Trotskyism (what else?) it had at its core the so-called “theory of permanent revolution”.

There is an, alas, very popular misconception (created and preached by Stalinist and subsequently Communist propaganda) that Leon Trotsky was both the father/author and the only Marxist theorist-philosopher who subscribed to this idea.

The reality is fundamentally different (as is often the case with Marxism, Bolshevism, etc.). In a nutshell, this theory states that a Socialist (i.e. Bolshevist) state would not be able to hold out against the pressures of a hostile capitalist world unless “socialist” (i.e. Bolshevist/Communist) revolutions quickly took hold in other countries as well.

Which was absolutely true as it was obvious (even for the Marxists themselves) that their Utopian state simply could not compete economically with the “capitalist” nations based on the free enterprise and free markets. Marxists could have been the worst liars in human history (and they were) but they definitely were not complete idiots.

Hence it is no surprise that this idea was first coined by… Karl Marx, of course – half a century prior to Trotsky being first exposed to Marxism. Contrary to a very popular misconception (again, propagated by Bolshevist & Communist propaganda), this idea was shared by Vladimir Lenin (his establishment of Comintern and his attack on Poland and Europe prove it beyond the reasonable doubt) and Stalin – who designed, engineered and built a military-industrial Soviet colossus for precisely this reason.

Prior to 1920 (i.e. the devastating defeat in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920) there was no disagreement between them and Trotsky at all – all three were of the opinion that they needed to use the already-mighty Red Army (created by Trotsky’s military genius almost from scratch) to “liberate the workers and peasants of Europe from the bourgeois and capitalist yoke”.

Which in practical terms meant invading, defeating, conquering, occupying and destroying all European countries and transforming them into totalitarian Bolshevist “Soviet Republics” to be annexed and integrated into the “Soviet Russia” (which itself was to be transformed into the “Soviet Union” tellingly not associated with any specific nation).

After this devastating defeat (for which Trotsky as People’s Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs – i.e. Minister of Defense – did bear some responsibility), the latter viewed it as only a temporary setback and insisted on repeating the attack in the nearest possible future.

Lenin and especially Stalin had a far more realistic view of military-industrial (and the whole economic) capabilities of the Soviet Russia and chose to first build a genuine military-industrial colossus and only when it becomes all but invincible, unleash a devastating attack on Europe.

And because the technologies needed to build such a colossus, could be acquired only in Europe and North America… they created a smokescreen, proclaiming that they are confident that “socialism” (i.e., Bolshevist dictatorship based on so-called “planned economy”) can and will be build – and work – in just one country. And that consequently, the Soviet Russia (and then the Soviet Union) does not need to conquer Europe – let alone the whole world.

Satan had a very limited role for Trotsky in his plans – and Leon played this role exactly as the Prince of Darkness wanted. The first part was a major success – Trotsky led a successful uprising that brought down the Russian Provisional Government and established the “Soviet Power” (i.e. the Bolshevist dictatorship) first in the capital (Petrograd) then in just about all major Russian cities.

One year after this, Joseph Stalin (of all individuals) summed up Trotsky’s role in the he uprising on 7–8 November 1917 in an article in Pravda (“Truth”, believe it or not):

“All practical work in connection with the organization of the uprising was done under the immediate direction of Comrade Trotsky, the President of the Petrograd Soviet. It can be stated with certainty that the Party is indebted primarily and principally to Comrade Trotsky for the rapid going over of the garrison to the side of the Soviet and the efficient manner in which the work of the Military Revolutionary Committee was organized”

After that, the Devil had no other use for Leon so the latter lost the battle for power in the Soviet Union to Stalin (who was far more valuable to the Prince of Darkness). Hence it was Joseph Stalin (the “Red Tamerlane”) who was supposed to perform the final act in the play written and directed by the Devil.

The play brutally cut short on June 22nd, 1941 by Adolf Hitler – the genuine savior of the Christian Church, Western Civilization and the whole mankind. And thus a genuine servant of God.


The Marxist Servants of Satan (2)

1200px-Marx_Engels_Lenin.svgProbably the key reason why there were only two existential “proxy wars” between God and Devil in human history is that it is extremely difficult – all but impossible, in fact – even for a Satan (a pretty powerful entity)  to find a sufficiently powerful “human weapon” (agent/servant) for such a war.

First of all, the prospective candidate must be a real genius. Actually, a creative super-genius capable of creating a powerful destructive machine (at least destructive that is) capable of bringing down the whole Western Civilization – especially the Christian Church that has been Satan’s prime target from its very birth.

And ideally – of creating a “replacement society” which the Devil would use as the springboard, the embryo for a genuine Hell on Earth.

Obviously, the prospective candidate must be powered with an enormous hatred for the Western Civilization in general and the Christian Church in particular. Hatred so profound that the individual in question would be totally and irrevocably committed to annihilating (not just destroying, but genuinely annihilating the Church). And to destroying the Western civilization, of course.

No less obviously, the prospective candidate had to have no relationship with the Christian God (the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit) whatsoever. Simply hating God would not do – if one hates God, he or she (1) automatically acknowledges His existence and (2) has a relationship with Him.

A very negative relationship, of course – but a relationship nevertheless. And even negative relationship could (and often was) transformed into a very positive one – God i very, very good at making it happen.

No, there absolutely had to be no relationship between God and the individual in question. After all, the latter was to participate (unknowingly and unconsciously, of course) in the very much infernal project of building a genuine Hell on Earth. And in Hell there is no God. And no connection to God either – let alone a relationship with Him. That’s precisely why it is, well, Hell.

It would have been helpful (but not absolutely necessary) if the prospective candidate was Jewish or Russian. Jewish because the Jewish people/nation (Jewish egregore, to be more precise) openly rejected Jesus Christ – the Savior of our world (from Hell that is).

Russian because of the Russian Messianic Imperialism (which I will cover in the next section of this book) – the key drive behind the “conquering the world” project.

Every member of this “gang of four” (and this was, indeed, the most criminal and the most destructive gang in human history) fit the bill on almost all counts. Stalin was neither Jewish nor Russian (nor a philosopher for that matter) but he was the only one capable of actually creating the “replacement society”: the global totalitarian (Bolshevist) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Consequently, Joseph Stalin was the only “Red Tamerlane” – and another “The Chosen One”. Only, unlike Adolf Hitler – he was chosen by the Satan, not the Christian God.

Karl Marx was a baptized Jew – and thus a reject, an outcast, a pariah, a castaway both in “The World” (which at that time was still pretty much Christian) and in the Jewish community.

In 1845, he was stripped from his Prussian citizenship (not a smart move by the Prussian authorities, if you ask me) and predictably snapped. It was probably at that time when he firmly decided to bring down the world (the whole world that is) that rejected him.

Which allowed the Satan to take control over mind, heart and especially soul of the hapless philosopher – without the latter even noticing it, of course.

Making Vladimir Lenin his “human weapon”, agent and servant (unconscious, of course) was even easier. Much easier, in fact, as Lenin had his very personal reason to hate “the world” – first and foremost, the Russian Empire.

This very personal reason had (as often happens) had the first, last and middle name. Aleksandr Ilyich Ulyanov – his older brother. The guy was a real piece of work – a diehard terrorist who would have put Osama bin Laden to shame – and his ultimate objective was no less than to create a Marxist state that would have made ISIS look liberal.

Still, he did not kill anyone (he was arrested well before he could have attempted an assassination of then-Emperor of Russia Alexander III – his namesake, of all people). Not even injured anyone.

Hence, sentencing him to death – especially given the fact that he was barely 21, was not only an overkill (in a very literal sense) but a colossal blunder. Almost exactly 30 years later it led to a brutal and murderous demise of Romanov dynasty (that ruled Russia for 300 years – no small feat).

And just one year later – to no less brutal murder of Nicholas II (the last Emperor of Russia and the son of Alexander III). By direct orders from Vladimir Lenin, of course (by now it has been proven way beyond reasonable doubt). Now that was the revenge of the century, if there was one.

It is easy to pinpoint the exact date when Vladimir Lenin snapped: Wednesday May 20th, 1887.  On that day Aleksandr Ulyanov was executed by hanging (which in Russia was far more painful than in the civilized Britain or the USA).

According to some of his friends and family members, after learning about his brother’s execution, Vladimir (then still Ulyanov) calmly said: “I’ll make them pay for this. I swear it…”

From that day on, he was firmly committed to annihilating (not just destroying but annihilating) the Russian Imperial State – and physical elimination of the whole Romanov family.

And not just annihilating the Russian Empire but replacing it with the state that should resemble his brother’s blueprints as closely as possible. And as the Russian Orthodox Church by that time was not a church at all, but rather a principal mind-control agency of the Russian Imperial Government (alas, a totally incompetent and thus highly inefficient), he firmly decided to annihilate it… in the process, so to speak.

Together with all other churches (i.e. religious denominations such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, etc.). This destructive and murderous (in a very literal sense) commitment was driven by the fundamentally totalitarian (far more totalitarian than that of national-socialism) nature of Marxism.

Unlike national-socialism that generally did not interfere in matters spiritual, Marxism wanted a total control over hearts, minds and souls of its subjects. And thus tolerated no competitors – including, obviously, religions. Which was exactly what Devil wanted, of course.

Unfortunately for other nations (other than Russia that is), Vladimir Lenin did not believe that Russia was strong and powerful enough to survive (as a Marxist state) in the “capitalist environment” of major world powers.

Hence for some very practical and pragmatic reasons he made a firm commitment… to conquering the whole world, destroying the Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) as we know it and transforming it into a global Marxist state.

Which was supposed to be about as totalitarian, inhuman, oppressive and murderous as ISIS – only with Marxism instead of Islam, red banner instead of a green one and a star instead of crescent.

Vladimir Lenin even created a global communist organization – Comintern – for precisely that purpose. Interestingly enough, in 1919 – the same year Adolf Hitler underwent a supernatural transfiguration and joined then-still-DAP. Both events were very possibly triggered by the establishment of Comintern (which proved beyond the reasonable doubt that Lenin and his Bolshevist gang meant business).

The gang proved it again about a year later – in the summer of 1920 – when the military genius of Józef Klemens Piłsudski (and a whole lot of luck) delivered the “Miracle on the Vistula” and thus saved Poland, Germany and the whole Western Civilization (in that order) from being defeated, conquered, occupied, destroyed and Bolshevized.

However, contrary to a very popular misconception, Vladimir Lenin was not a principal director (or even) of the giant Bolshevist drama that took place in 1917-45. In reality, there were two – Leon Trotsky (who executed the so-called “October Revolution” on November 7th, 1917 and thus brought Bolsheviks to power and created the Red Army) and Joseph Stalin.

It was the latter who designed, engineered and built the enormous Soviet military-industrial colossus and led the development of the “Operation Thunderstorm” (“Groza” in Russian).

The Soviet equivalent of Unternehmen Barbarossa, Operation Thunderstorm had the objective of invading, defeating, conquering, occupying and destroying first the neighboring nations (German-occupied Poland, Finland, Romania) and then the whole Europe – and transforming all of its countries into “Soviet Republics” to be then annexed into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (in the same manner as the Baltic countries were incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1940).

Both Trotsky and Stalin were, obviously, the “human weapons”, agents and servants of Satan, but their journeys to that very much infernal destination were very different.