His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (20)

20191011_104011000_iOSJuly 29th, 1921.  Adolf Hitler is unanimously elected the Chairman of NSDAP. The Divine Mission of Adolf Hitler was to fight and win the existential war with Bolshevist hordes to save Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization from being destroyed by the latter. Destroyed and replaced with a global Bolshevist totalitarian state – subsequently called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

To lead the German armed forces to victory in this existential war, Adolf Hitler had to become the commander-in-chief of the German armed forces. To become the commander-in-chief, he had to obtain the dictatorial power in Germany.

And to obtain the dictatorial power in Germany, he had to first obtain the absolute power in NSDAP. In other words, he had to become Der Führer of the Nazi Party. So the Thule Society had to develop and execute a four-stage political “special op”.

By the end of January of 1920, the Society made the three first steps. On September 12th, Adolf Hitler for the first time attended the meeting of DAP – German Workers’ Party (created by Thule Society specifically for that purpose).

One week later, he became the member of the DAP – and immediately of its Executive Committee. And in early January of 1920 (just four months later), he became the Propaganda Chief for now-NSDAP.

The Society had to make one last step – make Adolf Hitler Der Führer, the absolute ruler and dictator of the Nazi Party. It took the Thule Society eighteen months (and quite a special operation) to achieve this objective.

First, the Society conspirators carefully planned and started a full-blown mutiny within the Party. In June 1921, while Hitler and Eckart were on a fundraising trip to Berlin, a mutiny broke out within the NSDAP in Munich. Members of its Executive Committee wanted to merge with the rival (sort of) German Socialist Party. Which (surprise, surprise) was also created by the Thule Society.

Adolf Hitler wanted none of it fearing (correctly) that it might weaken his power within his party. Always choosing the most radical solution to any problem at hand, Hitler angrily tendered his resignation from the NSDAP right after he returned to Munich on July 11th.

The committee members realized that the resignation of their leading public figure and speaker would mean the end of the party. Hitler announced he would rejoin on the condition that he would replace Drexler as party chairman (!!), and that the party headquarters would remain in Munich.

The Executive Committee capitulated, and on July 26th, 1921, Adolf Hitler re-joined the NSDAP as member #3,680. Three days later, on July 29th, at a special party congress, he succeeded Drexler as party chairman by a practically unanimous vote (533 to 1).

By the same vote, the Executive Committee was dissolved for good. Consequently, Hitler was granted nearly absolute powers as the party’s sole leader. He would hold the post for the remainder of his life.

Hitler soon bestowed on himself the title Führer (“leader”) of NSDAP and after a series of sharp internal conflicts it was accepted that the party would be governed by the Führerprinzip (“leader principle”). Under this principle, the NSDAP became a highly centralized organization that functioned strictly from the top down, with Adolf Hitler (Der Führer) at the top as the party’s absolute leader.

Shortly after he became the absolute ruler of NSDAP, Adolf Hitler severed all ties between his party and the Thule Society. It was understandable as (1) his colossal ego made it impossible for him to take even the advice – let alone orders – from anyone; and (2) the Transfiguration was most likely very painful.

Still it turned out to be not just dumb, but ultimately a suicidal decision because from now on there was no one in his life to protect him from his own mistakes… and colossal blunders. Blunders that ultimately cost him his war, his state, his party, his civilization – and his very life.


His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (19)

20191103_125359000_iOSMarch 31st, 1920.  Adolf Hitler is officially discharged from Reichswehr. As I have already stated, Hitler was the “quintessential Army man”. In other words, he had no skills useful in the civilian life.

Consequently, the only was he could be successful in a civilian life was… to create his very own Army. And subsequently to transform the whole German society into one. And that’s precisely what he did: even without the Stormtroopers (SA) – his private army of sorts, his NSDAP was a genuinely military organization, complete with its own system of (para)military ranks and an Army-style organizational structure.

After Adolf Hitler acquired the dictatorial powers in Germany (after both chambers of the German parliament passed the so-called Enabling Act on March 23rd, 1933), he promptly transformed the German state (in fact, the whole German society) into one giant Army. The totalitarian Führerstaat.


His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (18)

Hitler Sitting

January 1920.  Adolf Hitler becomes DAP propaganda chief of DAP. Although he was, indeed, the greatest orator of his times (and possibly in whole modern history) and possessed genuinely superhuman and supernatural powers, it was still not enough to accomplish his Divine Mission.

To make it happen, DAP (and the Thule Society) needed the whole system of highly efficient propaganda tools and techniques. The most important (actually, the fundamental) component of that system was, obviously, an extensive network of individuals – “propaganda workers”.

Both “professionals” who work for the Party full-time (or at least part-time) and “amateurs” who donate their time and effort to the Party and the “Nazi cause” (i.e. accomplishment of the Divine Mission of the Thule Society and the DAP).

To accomplish their objectives, these individuals, obviously, needed the most efficient tools – posters, leaflets, slogans, brochures, newspapers, magazines, standard speeches/presentations/texts… and, of course, radio. Tools that had to be based on the most efficient propaganda concepts and principles (the “how-to” and “know-how” of efficient and effective propaganda).

Adolf Hitler was exactly the right man to become the Chief of Propaganda for DAP. First, because in order to maximize the efficiency of DAP propaganda network, it was necessary to transform every one of them into a “mini-Hitler” (or at least “micro-Hitler”). Both in terms of “Nazi mantras” and “Vril energy”.

There was only one way to do it – make Adolf Hitler the center of the “Nazi propaganda web”. He would transmit Vril to the DAP propaganda workers (and supply them with the right “Nazi mantras”) – and they would transmit it (and use the mantras) to individuals in their audiences. Reprogramming their hearts minds and souls creating committed, diehard and highly efficient Nazis.

The second reason for making Adolf Hitler becoming the DAP Propaganda Chief was that he received – most likely, from his Thule handlers and instructors – the fundamental propaganda principles. The principles that allowed him to build the most efficient propaganda machine – second only to the Soviet one.

That’s how he presented these principles in Mein Kampf four years later:

“Propaganda must always address itself to the broadest masses of the people. All propaganda must be presented in a popular form and must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed.

The art of propaganda consists precisely in being able to awaken the imagination of the public through an appeal to their feelings, in finding the appropriate psychological form that will arrest the attention and appeal to the hearts of the national masses.

The broad masses of the people are a vacillating crowd of human children who are constantly wavering between one idea and another. (…) The great majority of a nation is so feminine in its character and outlook that its thought and conduct are ruled by sentiment rather than by sober reasoning.

This sentiment, however, is not complex, but simple and consistent. It is not highly differentiated, but has only the negative and positive notions of love and hatred, right and wrong, truth and falsehood”

Consequently, he stated,

“Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favorable to its own side.

The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget. Such being the case, all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and those must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas.

These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward. Every change that is made in the subject of a propagandist message must always emphasize the same conclusion. The leading slogan must of course be illustrated in many ways and from several angles, but in the end one must always return to the assertion of the same formula”

These observations are as true today as they were a hundred years ago, when Adolf Hitler became the DAP Propaganda Chief. And thus must be thoroughly studies and used by every politician, marketer and the advertising and PR professional.

His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (17)

Vril_SymbolTo really appreciate the value of Hitler’s oratorical skills, we must thoroughly understand his objectives (actually, the objectives of the Thule Society) and the psychology of the whole thing. In other words, how the whole thing really worked.

The ultimate objective of the Thule Society was “reprogramming” of the “critical mass” of Germans (and subsequently of the overwhelming majority of the population of Germany) into active, committed, diehard and highly efficient national-socialists (initially just far-right nationalists as DAP will become NSDAP only on February 24th, 1920).

Consequently, they had to supply Adolf Hitler with tools (actually, make him an almost omnipotent tool) that would work equally well on “three Ns”: nationalists, neutrals and negatives (i.e. opponents).

To “reprogram” his audience (i.e. their heart, minds and souls), Adolf Hitler had to (1) open their hearts, minds and souls – as you can not change anything that is closed; (2) remove the “old content” from “all of the above” – the one that needs to be removed, of course; (3) insert the “new content” into their hearts, minds and couls; and (4) ignite the “Nazi flame”, the drive, the irresistible urge to make the maximum possible contribution to the Nazi cause (i.e. the Divine Mission of the Thule Society).

The “content”, obviously, refers to values, principles, beliefs, objectives, perceptions, etc. of the individual in question.

The urge, obviously, not only to do something tangible and valuable for the Nazi party (i.e. donating one’s money, goods, services, etc.) but also to convince other “3Ns” to do the same (in other words, become the official or unofficial propaganda workers and recruiters for the Party).

Which will quickly trigger a “wildfire”, the “avalanche”, the “chain reaction”, the “viral epidemic even” ultimately bringing the Party to power in Germany and thus enabling it to execute the abovementioned Divine Mission.

The latter, obviously, will require imposing a highly efficient structure (Party structure) on this “Nazi crowd”. The structure that needs to be properly engineered – i.e. designed, implemented and constantly fine-tuned to maximize its performance at all times – regardless of the (inevitable) changes in its highly volatile (to put it mildly) environment.

The Transfiguration provided Adolf Hitler not only with oratorical gifts (which made him the most efficient orator of the 20th century – if not in the whole human history), but with the indisputable capabilities of one of the greatest organizational engineers.

Because he did design and implement exactly the structure that the Nazi party needed to obtain the (ultimately) absolute power in Germany. More than that, after he came to power in 1933, he designed and implemented the structure for not only a unique (and highly efficient) state – the Führerstaat – but of the whole unique civilization. The Third Reich. Civilization that he used to achieve just about all his abovementioned objectives.

The abovementioned “reprogramming”, obviously required utilization of unique, highly efficient and… superhuman and thus supernatural tools. The first one (obviously) is a comprehensive system of “Nazi mantras”.

By definition, a mantra is a sacred utterance – a word, phrase or sentence that has psychological, emotional, spiritual and magical powers. When used by an orator, the mantras are intended to manipulate (let’s call a spade a spade) the audience into doing what the orator wants them to do.

Adolf Hitler very skillfully (albeit mostly unconsciously) constructed and used a whole system of mantras (in other words, he said exactly the right things in a right way to obtain almost absolute power over his audience).

Which ultimately did transform the overwhelming majority of Germans, Austrians and ethnic Germans in Europe into a committed and highly efficient supporters of the Nazi regime and of Adolf Hitler personally.

But mantras by themselves are not enough to do the job – by themselves they simply do not have sufficient power. To open up and reprogram hearts, minds and souls of his audience (let alone ignite the “Nazi flame” in them), Adolf Hitler needed energy.

More precisely, the superhuman, supernatural energy. The most powerful such energy is (obviously) the Divine Grace – the Holy Spirit that emanates from God the Father and His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately (in very literal sense), to get access to Divine Grace, Adolf Hitler had to be… a saint. A Catholic saint, to be more precise. The saint of the caliber of Saint Louis IX of France at least (Adolf Hitler aspired to become essentially the King of Germany).

But Hitler was no saint, to put it mildly. By 1919 he was even worse than a lapsed Catholic (in terms of access to the Holy Spirit, of course). Sure, he was a theist (i.e., a believer in One Almighty God)… but his God was a rather abstract Providence, not the Christian God the Father.

Consequently, for him the access to Divine Grace was verboten. Unavailable. Closed for good. Therefore, he had to get access to some other kind of supernatural energy. And the only one energy that was available to him at that time was the one now commonly known as Vril.

Almost everything written about the Vril energy and the Vril Society (even the very existence of which is disputed by just about all “mainstream” historians) is a bunch of bull, pardon my French.

However, the fact that Adolf Hitler had access to some supernatural energies (otherwise he simply would not have become the greatest orator and the greatest political entrepreneur of the XX century), is an indisputable fact.

Consequently, it would be fair (and probably safe) to conclude that the whole “Third Reich project” (the “Hitler project” was but a core of it) was executed by a two-tiered (and very much occult) structure.

For reasons unknown (most likely, they will remain unknown to the end of days), God entrusted the Divine Mission of saving the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) to a highly mysterious Vril Society. Nothing is known about it for sure… only that it existed in 1919.

The Vril Society somehow established its “front” known as the Thule Society. As it is common in such secret occult societies, no one from the Vril Society was a listed (i.e. official) member of Thule.

However, the Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler during the first week of July 1919 was carried out mostly (if not exclusively) by the members of Vril. Among other superhuman changes, they transformed Hitler into a powerful conduit, transmitter, channel of extremely powerful Vril energies.

Energies that gave him the capability of not only opening up and reprogramming hearts, minds and souls of individuals in his audiences, but to get them genuinely addicted to him personally, to NSDAP, to national-socialism. In reality, of course, they were addicted to Vril – an immensely powerful “spiritual drug”.

But it did not really matter. What mattered was that Adolf Hitler got the tools that allowed him to successfully execute his Divine Mission (and the Divine Mission of both Vril and Thule Societies).

To save the Western (and the whole human) Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes. And thus from being transformed into a very genuine Hell on Earth.

His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (16)


October 16th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler delivers his first public DAP speech. He was the second speaker of the evening, and there only 111 people in the audience – not exactly a huge crowd.

He gave this speech in the (in)famous Hofbräukeller – a restaurant in Haidhausen (a district in Munich) owned by a Hofbräuhaus brewery (owned by the Bavarian government, believe it or not).

It is a traditional Bavarian restaurant in a cellar with a beer garden which exists to this day (it even has its own Web site). The “Hof” (court) comes from the brewery’s history as a royal brewery in the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Later, Adolf Hitler would write in Mein Kampf that on that evening he suddenly realized that he could really “make a good speech”. Now that was (very literally) an understatement of the century. Because by that time Adolf Hitler was already the greatest orator of the 20th century – the world just didn’t know it yet.

Hitler acquired these genuinely superhuman oratorical skills in two steps – during his Transfiguration (most likely, during the first week of July 1919) and during his “national thinking” and public speaking training in Lechfeld in the second decade of the same month. Both steps were either executed (the first one) or arranged (the second one) by the Thule Society.

Now why would the Thule Society need Adolf Hitler to develop (acquire actually) these supernatural skills? In other words, why were these skills so important for their Divine Mission?

Their Mission was to (1) identify someone who would fight and win the existential war with Bolshevism; and (2) to equip him – at the time it could be only “him” – with all external resources that he would need to fight and win this war. The greatest and the most important war in human history.

To win this existential war, Adolf Hitler (who was The Chosen One) had to transform Germany into a mighty army – a military, political, economic and spiritual superpower. And every German (male and female) into a loyal, obedient and highly efficient soldier in this army.

To achieve this all-important objective, Adolf Hitler had to obtain the absolute power in Germany and transform the Weimar Republic (totally incapable of defeating itself – let alone the whole human civilization – from Bolshevist hordes) into a mighty totalitarian Führerstaat. To make it happen, he needed to create from scratch a powerful political party – or to transform a tiny “political startup” into such an organization.

All of the above required “reprogramming” of the overwhelming majority of Germans (and Austrians as one of the objectives of the Thule Society was the unification of Germany and Austria) into a committed and active nationalists (as it turned out later, into national-socialists – the Nazis).

The Thule Society (and the DAP) already had one tool at their disposal – the Völkischer Beobachter newspaper. However, while it was an excellent propaganda (brainwashing) instrument for an already well-established party and large audiences (as was the radio), the “political startup” needed a very different tool aimed at much smaller groups.

The DAP (and thus the Thule Society) needed an orator. An irresistible orator.

The “Gemlich letter”

20191116_203329000_iOSSeptember 16th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler writes the infamous “Gemlich letter”. This letter was the (inevitable) result of speeches (lectures, presentations) that Adolf Hitler delivered in his capacity of an instructor in the “Educational Commando” of Bavarian Reichswehr.

Apparently he delivered a speech or two (or even more than that) on the so-called “Jewish question” (which in reality existed only in the imagination of Judeophobes). As it usually happens, one of the soldiers in his audience (Adolf Gemlich) sent Adolf Hitler a letter requesting a clarification of the position of the latter on the “Jewish question”.

One must understand that Adolf Hitler delivered his “sermons” in a very much official capacity of the instructor employed by the Bavarian Army. Consequently, his position was perceived as the official position of the latter (which in reality was not the case). Hence, Adolf Gemlich requested clarification of the official Army position on the “Jewish question”.

Instead, he received the latter that presented the personal views of Adolf Hitler – and (obviously) his superior Karl Mayr at that time. Which gives you some idea of the mess the Bavarian Reichswehr was in the fall of 1919.

Like all other Hitler’s speeches, letters and other texts on the “Jewish question”, this one is mostly a highly poisonous bunch of anti-Semitic rubbish. However, it does contain three key statements which are absolutely essential to understanding the Nazi persecution of the Jews – and of the Holocaust.

The first statement is that the Jews are not a religious community – they are a race. Which in reality is not the case. In reality, Jews are a cultural community and thus share the same Jewish culture – but not necessarily the Jewish religion.

It is nurture, not nature, software not hardware and culture, not nationality (let alone the race). Which is actually a standard feature of any other nation – French, British, German, Russian…

Hence the second statement – that Jews do not assimilate – is totally and completely wrong. In reality, more than half of German Jews in the Weimar Republic for all practical purposes were Germans, not Jews. Which means that they had totally and completely assimilated. In fact, many German Jews were more German than Germans “by blood” – the same was true for many Jews in Britain, France, Russia, etc.

The third statement was equally false – and horrifyingly murderous:

“In his effects and consequences the Jew is like a racial tuberculosis of the nations.”

At that time, tuberculosis was not treatable and was essentially a terminal disease – even in special sanatoriums with high-quality care, food, air, etc. the mortality rate was over 50%. Which meant that to save the nation, the Jews had to be incarcerated, deported (i.e. thrown out of the country)… or physically eliminated.

And that’s exactly what Adolf Hitler intended to do. In this letter, he openly stated that

“The ultimate objective [i.e. the solution of the “Jewish problem”] must be the irrevocable removal of the Jews in general”

By the most efficient means available, it is presumed. Hence, the “Gemlich letter” proves beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler planned the total and complete elimination of all Jews from German-controlled territories as early as in 1919.

As it became clear later, his preferred method of making these territories Judenrein (“clean of Jews”) was initially forced emigration – and even deportation; then the infamous “Madagascar Plan” (confinement to a reservation)… and then physical annihilation. The Holocaust.

He also openly stated that the Republican government (i.e. the Weimar Republic) would never ever embark on the “Judenrein” project. Only the nationalist dictatorship (“a government of national strength, not of national weakness”) would.

Hence, it could be safely concluded that in this letter he called for (for the first time) the establishment of exactly such a dictatorship. The Führerstaat.


His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (15)

20191106_192128000_iOSJuly 10-19th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler attends the “national thinking” courses. Transfiguration provided Adolf Hitler with the capabilities of the greatest orator of the XX century. But to use these capabilities in the most efficient way, he had to go through at least some basic training in public speaking.

And that’s exactly what he did. For ten days he attended the courses in “national thinking” (i.e. nationalist ideology), public speaking and propaganda techniques at the Reichswehrlager (Army base) Lechfeld near Augsburg.

Judging by the fact that in mid-1920s Karl Mayr became a fierce opponent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party (he even joined the SPD and became the member of its paramilitary force – Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold), he was kept completely in the dark about the whole “special op”.

Consequently, he assigned Adolf Hitler (as an instructor) to the Anti-Communist “Educational Commando” of Bavarian Reichswehr not because he was ordered to do so (that would have been too suspicious) but because he was genuinely impressed by his oratorical skills during public speaking practice.

Now Adolf Hitler was ready to join the DAP. The party created by the Thule Society for the specific purpose of executing its Divine Mission. To fight and win the existential war with Bolshevist hordes and to save Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolsheviks and transformed into a very real Hell on Earth.


September 19th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler joins the DAP – German Workers’ Party. In early September of 1919, Karl Mayr ordered Adolf Hitler to infiltrate then tiny and obscure German Workers’ Party (DAP). Infiltrate, obviously, by attending its next meeting scheduled for September 12th.

It was a rather strange order, because as a member of the “Educational Commando” of Bavarian Reichswehr, Adolf Hitler was supposed to dedicate himself completely to brainwashing his fellow soldiers – not spying on the miniscule political party of no significance (let alone power) whatsoever.

Hence, there is little (if any) doubt that Captain Mayr acted on “orders from above” – again. In his memoirs, Mayr confirmed it, but made the whole thing even more mysterious and strange.

He claimed that it was General Erich Ludendorff who had personally ordered him to have Hitler join the DAP and build it up. There is a little problem with that claim, however – in the summer of 1919 Ludendorff was an unemployed civilian who had no power whatsoever to give any orders to the Captain of German Reichswehr.

We know that in late 1920s Ludendorff and his wife (Mathilde von Kemnitz) founded the Bund für Gotteserkenntnis (Society for the Knowledge of God), a small and rather obscure esoterical and occult society (that survives to this day, believe it or not).

So it is not inconceivable that in the summer of 1919 Ludendorff had some relationship with the Thule Society which chose to ask Mayr to send Adolf Hitler to the DAP meeting via an informal (civilian) rather than official channel. Apparently at the time Captain Mayr held Ludendorff in sufficient respect to honor his request.

So on September 12th, 1919 Adolf Hitler showed up at a regular meeting of DAP members. The main speaker was one Gottfried Feder. When Feder’s talk concluded, Adolf Hitler got involved in a heated political argument (most likely, provoked and orchestrated by the Thule members) with a visitor, one Professor Baumann.

In vehemently attacking the man’s arguments, Hitler made an impression on the DAP members with his oratory skills, and according to him, the professor left the hall acknowledging defeat. Which, given Hitler’s Transfiguration, was very probably true.

Then DAP Chairman Anton Drexler was not officially a member of the Thule Society. Neither was Gottfried Feder, for that matter. However, in every serious occult society (and Thule was a very serious one given its contribution to the annihilation of the Bavarian Soviet Republic) the official list of its members does not mean much.

The real leaders operate in the shadows, behind the scene and their names usually do not show up in the official membership list. Consequently, it would be fair to assume (given the “totality of evidence” about the role of the Thule Society in the ascent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party) that both Drexler and Feder were not only members, but actually the “top brass” of the Thule Society.

Leaders and key members of all serious occult societies are well-trained in tools and techniques of psychological manipulation. Consequently, it is no surprise that Anton Drexler and other DAP leaders (all of which were prominent members of DAP) successfully and quickly (within a week) convinced Adolf Hitler to join their party.

On September 19th, 1919, Adolf Hitler officially became the DAP member #555 (the party began counting membership at 500 to give the impression they were a much larger party).

Obviously, Hitler had to obtain the consent of his boss (commanding officer) Karl Mayr to join DAP – he was still in uniform. Karl Mayr approved Hitler’s request – but (given the fact that he was kept in the dark about the “special op” of the Thule Society), it is highly unlikely that he – or anyone else in the “chain of command” ordered Adolf Hitler to join the German Workers’ Party.

The most important phase of “Unternehmen Der Führer” was now completed – and completed successfully. Which paved the way for the second phase – seizing power in Germany.

His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (14)

20191115_084921000_iOSEarly June of 1919.  Adolf Hitler is recruited as a Special Intelligence and Propaganda Agent of the Reichswehr. Although the actual Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler took place during the first week of July, the real leaders of Thule (and possibly Vril) Society made the corresponding decision two months earlier – most likely, in mid-May.

During the process of “ideological assessment” of Munich-based Reichswehr personnel, Adolf Hitler demonstrated to Thule leaders that he had the potential to become the Führer of Germany and lead the country to victory in an existential war with Bolshevism.

However, it was still only a potential. And there was a minor problem – Adolf Hitler had no desire whatsoever to go into politics (which was one of the reasons why he insisted on his battalion staying neutral during the whole BSR mess).

Hence, to achieve its objective of “creating Der Führer” the Thule Society had to (1) execute the Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler; and (2) get him into politics. In reality, they started with (2) and did the (1) in the process.

Adolf Hitler was a quintessential Army Man – and hopelessly so. In other words, he had no civilian skills whatsoever and thus could get into politics only via Reichswehr. Which at the time made complete sense as after it crushed the infamous (and insanely Marxist) Bavarian Soviet Republic the German Army de-facto run Bavaria.

So the Thule Society arranged for Adolf Hitler to stay in uniform while his battalion was disbanded in May of 1919. Then, in early June, he was assigned to the (sufficiently obscure) demobilization office of the 2nd Infantry Regiment.

Around this time the Reichswehr High Command issued a very interesting (and highly revealing) order. Then order openly state that

“the main priority of Reichswehr is to carry out, in conjunction with the [German] police, a strict surveillance of the [German] population … so that the ignition of any new unrest can be discovered and extinguished [preventing the repeat of the Communist coups]”

For all practical purposes, it meant that the Weimar Republic was no republic at all – but essentially a military dictatorship. Although the order was deliberately vague on that issue, in reality the German police was subordinate to the Reichswehr, not the other way around. Especially in Bavaria.

On May 30th, one Karl Mayr (then Captain of the Reichswehr and an officer in its General Staff) was appointed the Director of the newly-minted “Education and Propaganda Department” of the Bavarian Reichswehr, Headquarters 4 (Bavaria was still a semi-autonomous entity in Germany which had its own Army – at least on paper).

This department was created specifically to implement the abovementioned order and in reality was the “Intelligence and Indoctrination Department”. Or even “Surveillance and Brainwashing Department”.

There is no evidence that Karl Mayr had any contact with the Thule Society (let alone was its member). So we can only speculate that he acted on Thule’s requests – or possibly direct orders of Thule members.

Mayr’s superiors – generals von Oven and von Möhl commanded troops that crushed the Bavarian Soviet Republic so it is very much possible that they ordered him to recruit Adolf Hitler after receiving the corresponding request from the leaders of the Thule Society.

Anyway, in early June of 1919, Adolf Hitler joined Mayr’s department as a… Special Agent, I would say. His responsibilities were (predictably) intelligence – both internal and external – and propaganda (i.e. brainwashing).

Hitler’s internal intelligence duties were essentially all about identifying soldiers, NCOs and even officers sympathetic to potential “Red troublemakers” – Communists, socialists, social-democrats, etc.

However, his external intelligence/surveillance responsibilities were the reason for the whole Thule-led “special op” of recruiting Adolf Hitler into Mayr’s department. For a very simple reason – these responsibilities involved infiltrating (and, if necessary, joining) political parties deemed “organizations of interest” by Karl Mayr – and the Thule Society.

But first, he had to receive some vitally important training – right after undergoing Transfiguration. Which made Adolf Hitler the greatest orator of the XX century (and possible in the whole modern history).

Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler


First week of July of 1919.  Adolf Hitler undergoes Transfiguration. To put it simply, Transfiguration is sort of a “radical personal reengineering”, a Quantensprung (“quantum leap”) from the initial state (AS IS) to a desired state (TO BE). Like any other personal transformation, Transfiguration can be accomplished by the individual in question all by himself (or herself), by an external agent (individual or organization) or both.

Just about all secret societies (and religions, of course) promise some kind of transfiguration to their members. Not surprisingly, very few deliver; however, the Thule Society did. Which means that it was definitely not your “average” occult society.

The transfiguration process does not happen overnight, of course – it takes several days at least and sometimes weeks, months or even years. With Adolf Hitler, it most certainly took a few days (it is highly unlikely that he had patience to endure weeks of a spiritual transformation process).

Especially given the fact that the Transfiguration process is always painful – at least emotionally (and often physically as well). Hence it is no surprise that as soon as he was in a position to do so, Adolf Hitler immediately severed all contacts between DAP and the Thule Society.

And after coming to power in Germany ordered severe persecution of all occult societies. Apparently, the Thule Society did not care – all they were interested in was the end result. Which was very, very impressive.

In the summer of 1919, Adolf Hitler made quite a Quantensprung, to put it mildly. His AS IS state (actual state before the Transfiguration) was bleak and hopeless. He had no vision for his future (i.e. no idea what he wanted to do with his life), let alone any idea how to get there. Being a quintessential “Army man” he had no marketable skills for a civilian life. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

After the Transfiguration (the Quantensprung) he knew precisely what he wanted to accomplish and how to make it happen. And there is no doubt at all that it was the Treaty of Versailles that served as his very personal Weckruf (the “wake-up call”), although the previous events – the November Revolution, the Communist coups, the Armistice (i.e., essentially the German surrender), etc. also made a not immaterial contribution to his Transfiguration.

Consequently, after his Transfiguration Adolf Hitler was firmly committed to achieving the following strategic objectives:

Eliminate the existential Bolshevist threat to Germany. Do away with all humiliating restrictions imposed by the grossly unfair and murderously humiliating Treaty of Versailles. Put an end to crippling reparations mandated by the abovementioned treaty.

Return all lands taken from Germany at gunpoint by the armed robbers of Versailles. Unite all German lands (territories with the predominantly German population) into Ein Deutsche Reich.

Make Germany economically and financially independent from the “outer world”. Make Germany completely self-sufficient in foodstuffs and basic raw materials – to make sure that the horrors of the Blockade of Germany and the Great Hunger never happen again.

Achieve full employment of the German labor force. Radically improve financial, material and emotional well-being of Germans. Radically improve physical, mental and moral health of the German nation.

Achieve stable healthy economic growth of the German economy. Achieve stable healthy growth of German population. Transform Germany into the most powerful nation in Europe (economically, financially, politically) and subsequently into the global economic, political, financial and military superpower. And, finally, make Germany a safe, secure, prosperous, mighty and genuinely happy nation.

There was nothing wrong with those strategic objectives, of course. However, there was one additional objective that was both criminal… and insane. Criminal for obvious reasons and insane because it was based on a grossly incorrect perception of reality.

Adolf Hitler was committed to making Germany “racially pure” and “ideologically uniform”. The first objective meant that ultimately only “Germans by blood” (i.e. only those who could prove they were at least 3/4 German) would stay in the country and enjoy all benefits of German citizenship.

All others (especially Jews) will be either deported outright or will stay as “guests” – and thus could be deported at any time at the discretion of the German authorities.

This objective was based on Hitler’s (incorrect) belief that the Germans were fighting the existential racial war with the Jews (which was not the case). And no less deeply believed that victory in that (totally imaginary) war was defined by cleansing the German territory of all Jews (“of all Jewish blood”)

The second for all practical purposes meant that all those who did not subscribe to the Nazi ideology had to either be “reeducated” (in concentration camps, of course), locked in these camps for good, forced to emigrate… or murdered. No ideological dissent was to be permitted in a future German state.

With the help of the Thule Society magicians (let’s call a spade a spade), Adolf Hitler developed a detailed plan for achieving the abovementioned objectives. Or was (much more likely) simply supplied with this plan. And with resources necessary to execute it – and to achieve his highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly).

Join the far-right nationalist party. Become its Führer (in other words, acquire the absolute power within the Party). Transform this party into the sufficiently powerful (ideally, the most powerful) political force in Germany.

Use it to seize political power in Germany. Use this political power to radically reengineer the Weimar Republic into an Army-style totalitarian nationalist state – the Führerstaat. And, finally, use this state to achieve the abovementioned strategic objectives.

Now he had everything he needed to embark on the most ambitious political, economic and military venture of the XX century. After Stalin’s “Zemsharia” project, of course.

And that’s exactly what he did – just two months later.


Treaty of Versailles


June 28th, 1919.  The Treaty of Versailles is signed in what is now a suburb of Paris.

I completely and wholeheartedly agree with those historians who consider the Treaty of Versailles the worst and the most gargantuan blunder in human history. Not just in modern history – but in the whole human history.

Never ever before in human history the gap between what could (and should) have been done and what has actually been done was so enormous (gargantuan even) – and catastrophic.

The Treaty of Versailles could (and should) have prevented the Second World War – but didn’t. Worse than that, it assembled placed and set the time bombs that in just 20 years triggered the most murderous and destructive military conflicts in human history.

The war killed up to 85 million people – possibly even more, which constituted over 3% of the estimated world population in 1939. And caused enormous, colossal destruction of civilian infrastructure in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

All these horrors could (and should) have been prevented in Versailles in 1919. But were not – thanks to unbelievable, enormous, colossal stupidity (idiocy even) of the leaders of the “principal Allied powers”.

The Treaty of Versailles could (and should) have prevented the establishment of totalitarian, criminal and murderous regimes – Communism, Nazism and fascism. These regimes killed an estimated 120 million people. All these deaths could have been prevented in Versailles – but were not.

After World War II, West European and North American nations established a solid and highly efficient security and war prevention system in Europe. This system could (and should) have been established in Versailles in 1919 – but wasn’t.

All Allied leaders acted like complete idiots and morons – especially Woodrow Wilson, absolutely the worst and the most destructive president in the history of the United States. He committed not one, but two blunders – entering the Great War on the Allied side and subsequently signing the Treaty of Versailles.

The totally moronic vision for the future of Europe implemented in this treaty rested on the following four cornerstones: (1) radically weakening Germany; (2) creating a bunch of small European states on the territories taken from Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire at gunpoint; (3) making France the dominant power in continental Europe; and (4) completely ignoring the Bolshevist Russia – apparently considered way too weak to play an important role in Europe.

The reality turned out to be radically different (hence the idiocy of the vision presented above). Soviet Russia turned out to be not just the biggest problem for Europe, but the existential threat for the whole Western civilization.

France had neither the desire nor the ability to be the dominant power in continental Europe (let alone the “European sheriff”). And Britain very quickly came back to its senses, recognizing that it needed a “healthy rivalry” between Germany and France (roughly equally powerful nations on the continent). And so did the United States.

Worse, France, Britain and the United States had to acknowledge and accept that the only power capable of protecting Europe from the “Bolshevist hordes” was a powerful Germany (actually, a European political, economic and military superpower) led by ruthless – and highly capable – Nazis. The Nazis who (unfortunately for “all of the above”) wanted the German territories back…

Actually, the disastrous failure of the Treaty of Versailles (the worst such failure in human history) was not surprising at all. The Treaty was built on two fundamental lies – the lie that Germany was responsible for the outbreak of the Great War (in reality, the war was triggered by Russia and Serbia) and the broken promise (i.e. another lie) that if Germany surrendered, it would have been treated fairly, leniently and respectable by its victorious opponents (it wasn’t).

Even worse, Germany was forced to sign this murderous, unfair and humiliating treaty at gunpoint – under threat of continuing Blockade of Germany and the resulting Great Hunger. Which predictably led to Hitler’s commitment to securing the Lebensraum in the East – and thus to colonial wars with Poland and the Soviet Union.

Not surprisingly, the shock (and quite a shock it was) of the Treaty of Versailles made a critical contribution to the Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler. Transfiguration which most likely happened sometime during the first week of July of 1919.