The Marxist Servants of Satan (4)

It is true, of course, that Adolf Hitler appeared to have several qualities that made him look like a potential candidate to the position of “Satan’s human weapon”. But only appeared to.

For starters, he was not a genius by birth. In fact, he was not one until the age of 30 – after the transfiguration that was carried out ultimately on God’s orders by God’s servants. Not the “official” servants as by that time the Christian Church was already pretty much spiritually impotent, but servants nevertheless.

All members of the “Marxist Gang of Four” were geniuses by birth, not by design. In other words, they were born geniuses while Adolf Hitler was made. And this is a fundamental, crucial, vital difference.

True, Adolf Hitler wanted to do away with Weimar Republic (who didn’t at that time in Germany?) and replace it with the system of his own design – the very much totalitarian Führerstaat. He was also consumed with hatred – for the “Reds”, the Jews, the traitors, etc.

However, unlike the Marxists, Adolf Hitler not only had no desire to harm (let alone annihilate) the Christian Church, but considered it a vitally important component of his Führerstaat and of the whole German society.

Albeit limited, the freedom of worship and other non-political activities of the Christian Church was guaranteed (even demanded) in the official “25 Points” program of NSDAP – his party (the program that was never altered). These guarantees were enshrined in Reichskonkordat that he signed with both Catholic and Protestant (Lutheran) Churches in Germany.

Unlike the Marxist Servants of Satan (MSS), Adolf Hitler did – although unconsciously – have a relationship with the Christian God (God the Father, to be more precise). True, he viewed God via a highly distorting “lens” of Providence, but still, he saw Him and communicated with Him – unlike the MSS who had no connection to God whatsoever.

True, Adolf Hitler was to a significant extent driven by the hatred for “enemies of Germany”; however, he was a national-sociopath and thus was driven primarily by deep, passionate, sincere and very powerful Love for Germany (more precisely, for German egregore) and German people.

MSS had no love whatsoever – quite possibly, even for themselves; they were driven exclusively by a highly destructive and murderous blend of hatred (wrath) and pride. And, very probably, envy as well.

But the most important reason why Adolf Hitler was the Servant of God (and not of the adversary of the latter) was that he was committed to fighting – and winning – the existential war with Joseph Stalin – the MSS member and a certified Servant of Satan.

As the latter (or anyone else), can not fight against himself, it proves beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler, indeed, served the Christian God. Unconsciously and probably even unwillingly at times but still served the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

And His Church, of course – first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church of which he was a member all his life (unlike many of his subordinates, he never left the Church).

The Marxist Servants of Satan (1)


In this chapter, I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the very foundation of Hitler’s policies and activities (and of the whole Third Reich) was conscious or unconscious need to fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Consequently, to understand the Third Reich, you have to understand the Soviet Union and to understand Adolf Hitler, you have to understand Joseph Stalin. And to understand Stalin, you have to understand… Satan. Devil. Lucifer. The Prince of Darkness.

There are two popular misconceptions about Satan. The first (by far more widespread) is that he does not exist. Alas, he very much does. The second (usually held and preached by Christian and some other religious fanatics) claims that just about every evil deed committed in our world, was carried out by Satan who used this or that individual to do this job. In reality, this is not the case at all.

Although Satan very much exists – and does fight with God all the time for the, well, ownership of our world (and every individual human soul, of course) – practically all evil done by human beings is driven not by the Devil (although he obviously enjoys it big time).

With very, very rare exception these evil acts are caused and driven strictly by very human sins – the so-called “cardinal” or even “mortal” sins. Pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, evil, hatred/wrath (the “favorite sin” of the Nazis) and fear – the “eighth deadly sin” that in most cases generates hatred. Satan has nothing to do with them whatsoever – there is even a serious doubt that he was in any way involved with the “original sin” (the proverbial “fall from Grace”).

Consequently. Although there are cases of genuine demonic possession of human beings (the Bible is right about that), they are very, very rare – and not nearly as common as the “community of exorcists” and some religious fundamentalists believe and claim.

With very few exceptions all cases viewed as demonic possession (even by well-trained and highly experienced exorcists) are mental illnesses and thus must be treated by mental health professionals, not by the Church.

Therefore, in reality, genuinely satanic activities (Acts of the Devil, if you will) are extremely. And not only because Satan is generally prohibited by God to interfere in human affairs directly (and the Devil can do nothing without the consent of an omnipotent God).

But mostly because Satan wants to fry a bigger fish, so to speak. He is not interested in grabbing individual souls (the overwhelming majority of human souls end up in Hell in the afterlife anyway). He wants our whole world – all of it. And all human souls, of course. And is very much willing (and, alas, able) to fight for it.

I am not a big fan of horror novels (or movies for that matter). I’ve seen enough in my life, thank you very much. However, there are a few writers of horror who are genuine mystics; consequently, reading their novels sometimes is the same as, for example, works of Christian mystics. Or Muslim. Or Jewish.

One of such mystics is F. Paul Wilson (another one is John Connolly). Wilson wrote a whole series of books about one Repairman Jack who repairs… not household items, of course. Or cars for that matter. He is more like a Mechanic played by Jason Statham.

All horror series are built on a certain mythology and the Repairman Jack is no exception. The core of this mythology is an eternal battle between two global – Universal even – forces for control over planet Earth (i.e. our world).

These forces are called the Otherness – its description matches the description of the Evil One almost to a “T”; and “Ally” which in some key respects looks and behave like… well, God.

The only deficiency of this methodology (alas, of just about all horror novels and movies) is that it portrays the Otherness (i.e. Devil) as being far more powerful than Ally (i.e. God). Reality, thankfully, is exactly the opposite.

Another fundamental difference is that while in the Repairman Jack novels the war between these forces is eternal and often quite “hot” – with pretty serious casualties – there were only two known cases of an open war between God and Satan (Light and Darkness) in recorded human history.

Obviously, both times it was a “proxy war” between two very tangible (and very human) forces – the “Army of God” and the “Army of Satan”.

The first known “proxy war” was between Christianity and Islam (more precisely, between Christian and Islamic civilizations). It does not mean, of course that Muslims worship Devil (they do not) or willingly serve the Prince of Darkness (they do not either). It only means that somehow the latter figured out how to use the former for his very sinister (actually, murderous and very much destructive) purposes.

How exactly – I have no clue (I am not an expert in Islam or its history). I only know (actually, it is pretty much the common knowledge) that this First Existential Proxy War was fought for almost precisely a millennium. It began in the 7th century and was pretty much over by the end of the 17th century. The Christians won. Period.

They did not destroy the Islamic Civilization (this was never their objective); they only saved their civilization from being destroyed (annihilated, actually) by the Muslims.

The only one thing I am pretty sure about the origins of the First Existential Proxy War is that Satan was able to start it only because in that particular region (Middle East and North Africa) the Christian Church – more precisely, the Eastern Christian Church – was so weakened by corruption and apostasy (it almost openly served not Jesus Christ but the Roman Emperor) that the Gates of Hell, alas, prevailed over it.

Hence, the First Existential Proxy War was, alas, won only by the Western Christian Church (Catholic and Protestant Churches, to be more precise). The Eastern Christian Church lost this existential war – and all of its territories in the Middle East and North Africa.

And thus almost ceased to exist. Fortunately, it was subsequently saved by the expansion into Eastern Europe (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, etc.).

For about 200 more years, the Western Christian Church was strong enough to keep Satan at bay. Unfortunately, for several reasons by mid-19th century it got so weak that Satan got the chance to “repeat the experience”.

In other words, to launch the Second Existential Proxy War. Only this time his weapon was not a religion, but an ideology; his banner was red, not green; and his primary human tools were philosophers, not a prophet.

This time, it was not Islam but Marxism and not one individual, but four: Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.

The Chosen One (2)

20191107_211258000_iOSActually, it is not that difficult to answer this question… if only you know the exact mechanism of such transfigurations (i.e. radical transformations of an individual into someone superhuman). And, of course, the power (the supernatural energy) needed to perform such a transfiguration.

It is a (surprisingly) little-known fact that every human being has the technical ability to undergo such transfiguration. In other words, everyone has the power, the energy and the built-in tool that can transform him (or her) into a superhuman being (and Übermensch, if you will).

This tool is commonly known as Kundalini. A lot (a whole lot, in fact) has been written about it by the Hindu gurus and their followers… unfortunately, just about all of it is just plain wrong.

Only the very fundamentals are true. Kundalini is, indeed, an immensely powerful divine (i.e. supernatural) energy that can, indeed, transform (transfigure) a “regular Joe” or Jane (or Adolf) into a super-human being. In other words, Kundalini has the enormous power of wisdom, transformation, and revelation inherent to us all.

This can result in a person achieving mega success and supreme inspiration to become the greatest that they can be, whether they are writers, artists, sculptors, teachers, doctors, scientists, healers, composers, lawyers… or political entrepreneurs, leaders, statesmen, military commanders, etc.

Kundalini is, indeed, located at the base of the spine – in and around Muladhara – the “root chakra”. It is also true that Kundalini can be viewed as a fiery serpent that lies coiled and dormant – waiting to be awakened (activated). Because only the activated Kundalini can perform the abovementioned transfiguration.

Yoga masters, Grand Masters and other gurus developed a highly sophisticated procedure for activating Kundalini and keeping it under control. Unfortunately, they do not share with the general public one critically important fact.

The fact is that although it resides inside the human body (so-called subtle, invisible, intangible body, to be more precise) Kundalini does not belong to the latter. Hence, to awaken Kundalini completely and to utilize it to the fullest, the seeker must obtain a very explicit permission from this Higher Power. Ultimately, from the Christian God, of course (yes, He is very much aware of the whole matter).

Which for a very obvious reason it usually does not give – a large-scale transformation of humans into demi-god will create a total chaos (at best). Hence, all those who think that they had awakened Kundalini are… well, not exactly correct. In reality they activate only a tiny part of the latter – a portion deemed safe by the Higher Power. And achieve only very personal objective – a Nirvana (of sorts).

Is it possible to get this permission? Yes, but only if it is sought for an explicit purpose of achieving a Super-Goal (approved, of course, by the Higher Power). Obviously, winning the existential war with the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan) and saving our civilization from destruction did qualify as such.

There are three other qualities that are helpful (but theoretically not required) for a full-scale activation of Kundalini. Mystical abilities (which Adolf Hitler obviously had) and a powerful “drive”… or two. In short, the individual in question had to be driven by a very powerful Love, an extremely powerful hatred… or both.

Adolf Hitler fit the bill on all counts. He did have already powerful mystical abilities, had a deep, sincerely and very powerful Love for Greater Germany and German people and a no less powerful Hatred for its enemies. Including (but, alas, not limited to) Marxists, Bolsheviks and the Soviet Russia.

By that time Hitler was already aware of the existential war going on between the Western Civilization (ultimately) and the Bolshevik hordes and already participated in that war (in Munich, Bavaria). And was very much committed to fighting – and winning – that very much existential war.

Most likely, after the Treaty of Versailles Adolf Hitler accumulated the “critical mass” that made him the primary candidate for transfiguration into The Chosen One (there is always more than one candidate – usually much more than one).

From what I know about the Thule Society, it is highly unlikely that Hitler’s transfiguration was carried out by one or several of its members – the nature of the society did not call for such unique supernatural capabilities.

It is far more likely that it was performed by the members of a highly mysterious Vril Society (believed by some to be a top secret “inner circle” of Thule – not an uncommon thing in occult societies).

Was Adolf Hitler aware of this “transfiguration ceremony”? I think he was (it is really difficult to imagine that he wasn’t) but I doubt that he knew – or cared about – the details. Anyway, two things are almost certain: (1) it was a one-time event; and (2) Hitler did not like it one bit – he was not a big fan of occult ceremonies, to put it mildly.

However, his transfiguration happened – and the rest (as they say) is history. The history of the existential war between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness – and of the decisive victory of the former.

The Chosen One (1)

20191103_125405000_iOSEveryone who believes in the Christian God (which means that he or she must believe in Satan as well) and correctly views the Christian Church (first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church) as the vital and indispensable channel of Divine Grace – the only protection from the Army of Satan in this world, has no other choice but to acknowledge and accept the following undeniable historical and spiritual facts.

  1. For about 100 years (roughly 1845-1945) God and Satan were fighting a “proxy war” for the control over our world (the human civilization)
  2. For roughly 75 years (3/4 of the duration of the whole war) Satan was on the offensive; only in 1919 the situation got so perilous for the human civilization that God had no other choice but to fight back
  3. The primary ideological weapons of Satan (ideas do have immense power in our world) were Marxism (initially) and subsequently Marxism-Leninism (“Russian Marxism”, “Bolshevism”, “Communism”, etc.)
  4. The primary ideological weapons of God was, alas, not Christianity (it had lost almost all its power long before that existential war), but national-socialism (“Nazism”)
  5. The primary energy (“drive”) used by Satan was Russian Messianism – originally Russian Orthodox pseudo-Christian religious messianism (the so-called “Third Rome” doctrine) which was subsequently transformed by the geniuses of Vladimir Lenin and (especially) Joseph Stalin into a Russian Marxist/Communist Messianism
  6. The primary energy (“drive”) used by God was German Nationalism – more specifically, its version preached and practiced by so-called “national-sociopaths”. This version blended into an extremely powerful combination deep, sincere and passionate Love for Germany (and by extension for the whole European and Western – “Aryan” civilization) and a no less deep and passionate white-hot Hatred for its enemies – first and foremost, the Bolsheviks
  7. The primary “human tools” (“agents”, “proxies”, etc.) used by Satan were Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin (in that order)
  8. The primary human tool used by God was Adolf Hitler (the “Chosen One”)

“All of the above” is not a pure speculation – it is supported by at least three pieces of very convincing (albeit, of course, circumstantial evidence).

The first piece of evidence is, obviously, a one and only Singularity Event of the 20th century (Stalin’s death was most likely a well-planned and well-executed murder or at least an act of criminal negligence and thus does not qualify as SE which is, by definition, an Act of God).

The Reichstag Fire.

To lead the Forces of Light (Army of God) into an existential battle with the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan) on the Eastern front, Adolf Hitler had to acquire the dictatorial powers in Germany. Which, in turn, required the transformation of a democratic (sort of) Weimar Republic into a totalitarian Führerstaat.

In 1933, it was simply not possible without a Singularity Event – i.e. something of the magnitude of the Reichstag Fire. Any objective investigator would come to the same conclusion that first Kripo and then the Gestapo (!) came to.

This arson was the result of the clinically insane pyromaniac Marinus van der Lubbe (who thus deserved a life in the hospital for the criminally insane, not the guillotine) acting alone.

There was no evidence whatsoever that Communists, the Nazis or anyone else (organization or individual) was in any way involved in this very much political crime. Which makes complete sense as partnering with a clinically insane individual in a political crime of such magnitude (and a capital crime to boot) is simply suicidal – both politically and personally.

God is, by definition, omnipresent and omnipotent. Hence, everything that happens in our world (or in the whole Universe for that matter) happens only He either allowed it to happen or made it happen.

The latter means that on the occasion in question God directly intervened in human affairs. God respects our Freedom of Will so he intervenes only when our civilization faces a genuinely existential threat – which obviously was the case in 1933.

It is also well-known to Christian theologians (and mystics) that clinically insane individuals (such as van der Lubbe) are God’s favorite human tools. For a very simple reason – He needs those who are “poor in spirit” and it is very difficult (if possible at all) to find someone as poor in spirit as the clinically insane.

Hence, it would be safe to conclude that the Reichstag Fire was, indeed, an Act of God. Who had but one objective in mind – give to the Nazis (and to Adolf Hitler personally) dictatorial powers in Germany.

Powers that they will use to make Nazi Germany powerful enough – politically, economically, ideologically, socially, culturally, technologically and militarily – to fight and win the genuinely existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union led by the “Red Tamerlane” (and the unconscious Agent of Satan) Joseph Stalin.

And thus save the Christian Church (His Church) from being destroyed and our world from being transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth. Which they did.

The second piece of evidence is, obviously, the abovementioned transfiguration of Adolf Hitler which happened sometime during the summer of 1919. This quantum leap – both personal and professional – was so enormous that it could have been achieved only by supernatural power.

God’s power. Only this time he used not a clinically insane individual, but an organization (Thule Society and/or possibly the Vril Society).

The third piece of evidence is the whole series of attempts on Hitler’s life. Although his security never was exactly impenetrable (to put it mildly), in all 42 cases (yes, there were 42 attempts on his life – and these are only those that we know about) he escaped unharmed – or an attempt was miraculously aborted. That’s too much for a simple coincidence… but enough to see God’s will, power and hand behind all these genuine miracles.

Now the key question is: Why? Why (and how, of course) Adolf Hitler – a total nobody at the end of spring of 1919, became God’s The Chosen One?

The Hero, the Villain and the “Net Positive”

20191120_111005000_iOSHuman perceptions of individuals are usually “monochromatic”; in other words, it is a human nature to view the individual in question as “either or”. Either a hero or a villain that is. Few can see and understand the complexity of any prominent individual (i.e. a politician, a military leader, a statesman, etc.) who are rarely, if ever, “black” or “white”. In reality, they are usually both – black-and-white.

Adolf Hitler was not only a perfect example of this dualism of sorts, but a radically extreme at that. Although he is almost universally perceived as a “pure villain” (a “pure Evil” even), in reality he was both a hero and a villain. Actually, both The Hero and The Villain, to be precise.

And not just The Hero, but the most valuable Hero in the history of the Catholic Church (which he was a member of and never left, unlike many of his subordinates); the whole Christian Church; the Christian Civilization; the Western Civilization (by that time it was already a somewhat different entity) and the whole humankind (i.e. the human civilization).

For a very simple reason – Adolf Hitler was the only leader in human history that fought and won a genuinely existential war and saved “all of the above” from being destroyed and transformed into a genuine Hell on Earth. No other political or military leader in human history accomplished anything of an even remotely similar magnitude and value to the humankind.

However, Adolf Hitler was also The Villain – possibly the worst mass murderer in human history (although Stalin, Mao and especially Pol Pot – or even Tamerlane – would most likely disagree). Which is not a surprise at all – with the magnitude and power of his personality he should have been expected to be highly accomplished in “both departments”.

The fundamental question then is: was Adolf Hitler “net positive” or “net negative”? In other words, was he more The Hero than The Villain or the other way around? Did he bring more good (benefit) than harm to “all of the above” or the other way around?

The answer to this fundamental question is obvious – and the “mainstream historians” (which in this respect are, alas, more like propaganda workers) will not like it one bit.

Adolf Hitler was “net positive”. Period. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Thus he was much, much more The Hero than The Villain. True, he murdered millions (his Führerstaat was based on the omnipresent Führerprinzip which meant that Der Führer was ultimately responsible for all crimes and atrocities committed by his subordinates), no doubt about that.

However, he also saved “all of the above” (including the whole human civilization) from being completely destroyed and transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth. And the whole human civilization is obviously far, far more valuable than all victims of Nazi crimes combined. Sorry, folks, but it is just a pure arithmetic. It is a cruel fact, but an undeniable fact nevertheless.

Does it mean that we now should erect monuments to Adolf Hitler all over the world? Not at all – we do not do that to mass murderers. It only means that we must see Adolf Hitler for who he was – The Hero, The Villain and a very much “net positive”.

Oh, one more thing. Hitler II and III make him a textbook “national-sociopath”. I will cover these characters in one of the next sections of this chapter.

These three personalities of Adolf Hitler and his dual nature of being a national-sociopath pretty much create the foundation for this book. Each chapter will present and analyze Hitler’s personality, his decisions and actions, his relationships or a certain aspect/are of this life from the perspective of his three personality and his dual nature.

Three Personalities of Adolf Hitler (3)

20190918_165212000_iOSContrary to what some believe (even some Christian priests and theologians), Adolf Hitler was not a monster. Or a “demon incarnate” for that matter. Neither was he possessed by the demons (let alone Devil himself) as his behavior demonstrated no signs of demonic possession whatsoever (I will talk about that in more detail in the chapter of the most common myths about Adolf Hitler).

He was a human being – and the only thing that made him different from the “average Joe” were his mystical abilities. However, he was a highly sinful human being – far, far more sinful than the “average Jakob”.

In fact, he was literally consumed – even “possessed” (in a psychological sense, of course) – by the very much deadly sins of pride, hatred/wrath and fear. Made even more deadly by the intellectual sloth – total lack of critical thinking capabilities. Or of the desire to honestly and objectively search for the Truth for that matter. Or question his own beliefs, convictions, values and principles.

Add to that a deep belief in violence as the best solution to all political and social problems, the inclination to choose the most radical solution in any situation, treatment of any opponent as an enemy on the battlefield who must be ruthlessly killed (and the perception of Germany being forced to fight a genuinely existential “racial war”)… and you will get a textbook-perfect mass murderer.

Who was only waiting for an excuse (or excuses) to unleash his murderous rage on the unsuspecting world – both at home and abroad. The first excuse was the Reichstag Fire (a genuine God’s gift to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis).

Which led to the establishment of an ultimately vast network of KL (“concentration camp” is actually a highly misleading term) where Hitler’s political opponents – real or perceived – were interned without trial, mistreated, beaten, tortured and even murdered.

The second excuse was the pressure from the Reichswehr, the political elites of Germany and even from some “common folk” to do something with the SA stormtroopers who were completely out of control (or so it seemed) and thus were rapidly becoming a genuinely existential threat not only to the Nazi regime, but to Germany.

This resulted in Adolf Hitler “spilling the first blood”: on June 30th 1934 and during the two following days several hundred of SA leaders and political opponents of Adolf Hitler (Catholics, conservatives, etc.) were murdered in cold blood by the fiercely loyal SS death squads.

The third excuse was the need to “pacify” the Lebensraum acquired in Eastern and Western Europe and “subdue” its population (i.e. turn them into obedient servants – if not slaves – of the victorious Germans).

Which, alas, predictably led to “preventive interment” and even mass murder of all “potential Resistance fighters”, horrible reprisals (brutal revenge against the Resistance activities) and other war crimes against humanity.

The fourth excuse was the outbreak of the war with the Soviet Union – which for Adolf Hitler was both the colonial endeavor and the pre-emptive strike (there is some pretty solid evidence that Stalin intended his own version of “Barbarossa” – dubbed “Operation Thunderstorm” on June 23rd 1941).

Adolf Hitler sincerely (but erroneously) believed that the war with the Soviet Union was the genuinely existential war for Germany and the Western Civilization (which was correct); that it was the war with the Judeo-Bolshevist ideology and regime (the Bolshevist part was correct and the “Judeo” one was wrong) and that it was the racial war between the “Aryan race” and the “Jewish race” (wrong on both counts).

He also (very much erroneously) believed that to win the existential racial war (which in reality had nothing to do with race – it was a war between ideologies) he had to… completely exterminate his enemy. The Jewish race (which at that time meant the Jewish people – i.e. all the Jews in German-controlled territories).

Which immediately cause a horrible “quantum leap” from persecution to mass murder of the Jews – by the Einsatzgruppen in occupied territories (the victims were either shot by firing squads or poisoned in mobile “gas vans”) and in the death camps of Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno, Auschwitz and Majdanek, where the victims were gassed by either exhaust fumes (of the soviet T-34 tank engine, of all devices) or by Zyklon-B (hydrogen cyanide).

The death toll is estimated between 4 and 6 million (my own calculations gave about the same number).

Being always a proponent of the most radical solution to every problem at hand, Adolf Hitler ordered to treat the Soviet POWs in the most brutal and harsh manner. Which predictably resulted in another mass murder (although formally in most case it was a manslaughter – the criminal neglect that resulted in deaths of thousands and thousands of victims).

The death toll is estimated at about 3.5 million, which makes it essentially “the Second Holocaust” – in the outcome, though not in methods, of course.

Adolf Hitler advocated equally harsh, brutal and even murderous treatment of the population of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other parts of the then-Soviet Union. Hostage taking, reprisals, etc., etc.

There is no reliable statistics on the number of victims of this horrendous crime but estimates are in single-digit millions. Which essentially makes it a very much “Third Holocaust”.

Hitler’s desire to transform the German people into the “nation of the Übermenschen” was by itself patriotic, commendable and highly noble. Unfortunately, he and the Nazis in general had a totally inaccurate perception of human nature (body, soul, mind, etc.).

Which made them choose a totally wrong approach and a completely inappropriate (and even un-scientific) tools for the job – first and foremost, the proverbial eugenics.

These tools not only did not produce the desired results, but also had horrendous (and genuinely homicidal) side effects – Aktion T4 and other heinous crimes against humanity that resulted in the murder of about 300,000 mentally and physically sick and/or disabled individuals in Germany and on the occupied territories.

All in the name of “keeping the German nation healthy and its blood pure”. As always, Adolf Hitler was consumed with murderous hatred for the “enemies of the German people” and always chose the most radical (i.e. usually murderous) solution to the real or perceived problem at hand.

The fifth – and probably final – excuse was the failure of the Blitzkrieg on the Eastern Front (a 100% Hitler’s fault) and the resulting transformation of the Second World War (on both fronts) into the war of attrition.

Where the quantity and quality of the labor force was one of the key success factors. Which gave the excuse to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in general to establish an enormous network of forced labor camps in Greater Germany and on the German-occupied territories. It is estimated that about 15 million Europeans were sent to these labor camps (although for the most part they had committed no crime against the German administration).

Death toll is estimated… actually about the same as the number of GULAG victims (although the former is most likely overestimated and the latter underestimated).

And, last but not the least, Adolf Hitler was an “artist at heart”. An unsuccessful artist (mustard gas poisoning on the battlefields of the First Great War closed this career path for him permanently), but still an artist.

Hence it is no surprise that he decided to make the Greater Germany the “art center of the world”… and ordered a large-scale looting of museums, galleries and other repositories of the objects of art all over the occupied territories.

Plus, obviously, other valuables as some strategic materials could only be obtained for hard currency and the trade in stolen art was always a major source of the latter. Another one was counterfeiting – the now-famous Operation Bernhard – but it was a different story entirely.

No one knows for sure how much art (and how many other valuables) were looted by the Nazis. And (which is far more important) how much is still missing and where the hell it now is.

There is some serious (albeit circumstantial) evidence that the total value of missing art and valuables is in tens of billions of dollars (or euros) in current prices. And that most (if not practically all of it) is in possession of the “real ODESSA” (more precisely, Die Neue SS) – a secret Nazi organization committed to overthrowing the “liberal world order” and establishing the “Fourth Reich”

Organization that waits for the next Singularity Event (the previous one was the Reichstag Fire on February 27th, 1933). However, it is a different story entirely – so I will cover in one of the subsequent chapters of the book.

Now let’s find out who Adolf Hitler really was – a hero, a villain… or both.

Three Personalities of Adolf Hitler (2)

20191011_104055000_iOSAlthough Adolf Hitler was born in Austria (technically, in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, practically right on the border between Austria and Germany), since his early teens at least he was a deep, sincere, committed and diehard patriot of Greater Germany.

Which in his opinion had to include all territories with predominantly German-speaking population. Including, obviously, Austria. Interestingly enough, Adolf Hitler never considered himself an Austrian – only German.

Millions of Germans and Austrians shared this conviction of his (i.e. about the necessity of integrating Austria into the Greater German Reich)… however, it was not necessarily such a good idea.

The first reason for it not being such a good idea was religious – Austria was overwhelmingly Roman Catholic while Germany was basically a Protestant (Lutheran) Prussia with some add-ons.

The second one was historical and cultural – for centuries Austria was a part of Austrian-Hungarian Empire which was not only culturally different from Prussia (the core of Germany), but also was mostly a rival (and frequently even an enemy) of the latter.

However, these considerations did not matter to Adolf Hitler. Who since his early teens was a firm proponent of the idea of “Ein Volk – Ein Reich”. And a diehard patriot of both. To which later he added “Ein Führer”.

Adolf Hitler was mostly an idealist and a mystic (which ultimately contributed heavily to his downfall). However, his deep, passionate, sincere and very powerful love for Germany and Germans (these two concepts are not the same) was in many cases very pragmatic. Especially after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which some historians (correctly) believed to be the worst blunder in human history.

By the time he joined then-still-DAP in September of 1919, Adolf Hitler already had a very clear idea of what he wanted to do for his beloved Greater Germany.

Unite all territories with predominantly German population into one German Reich (including Austria and territories taken away at gunpoint by the “Criminals of Versailles”). Remove all constraints imposed by that (very literally) crime of the century.

Radically improve the management systems in businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations. And, of course, of the whole financial, economic, government and social system.

Transform a defeated, economically and financially devastated, ransacked, depressed country into a global political, economic and military superpower – the most powerful nation on Earth. Make Germany self-sufficient in foodstuffs and basic raw materials to guarantee that the horrors of the Blockade of Germany and the Great Hunger of 1917-19 never happen again.

With the ultimate objective of making the German people the happiest nation on Earth – and in human history. And – last but not the least – the nation of genuine Übermenschen. Superhuman beings that utilize 100% of their productive and creative potential – not just 10% (at most) as the “regular Homo Sapiens”.

By the outbreak of the Second Great War (contrary to a popular misconception, started by Britain and France, albeit provoked by Germany – more precisely, by its invasion of Poland), Adolf Hitler pretty much achieved all the abovementioned objectives.

With the exception of self-sufficiency in foodstuffs and raw materials – that’s exactly he annexed the whole of Czechoslovakia invaded Poland. With the ultimate objective of invading, conquering and occupying the most lucrative parts of the latter’s giant neighbor – the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately for Adolf Hitler, Germany (and very possibly for the whole world), he failed miserably. He lost the Second Great War (unlike the First one, this was lost on both fronts), was forced to commit suicide and left Germany far, far worse off than it had been in August of 1939 – before his ultimately ill-fated invasion of Poland.

And committed probably the worst mass murders and other crime against humanity in human history in the process.