new guide book coverThe Essential Guide to Nazi Germany is (to my knowledge) the first and only genuinely comprehensive and uniformly structured (the latter is no less important than the former) guide to Nazi Germany and its environment (its allies, adversaries, neutral nations and other stakeholders).

I conceived, structured and wrote this book to serve as both a comprehensive textbook and a reference book on Nazi Germany (the Third Reich). Consequently, it can (and MUST) be very profitably used and thus will be highly valuable to students and teachers of history – in secondary and high school, colleges, universities and other educational establishment.

As this book is genuinely comprehensive and uniformly structured guide to Nazi Germany, it is by far the best and the most solid foundation for any research on the Third Reich.

And, therefore, is vital to each and everyone who conducts research on this subject, including both professional researchers (who do it for money) and amateurs (who do it for fun). And, obviously, to both the ones who have a formal (‘official’) degree in history (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate) and those that do not.

No less obviously, this genuinely comprehensive and uniformly structured guide will be highly valuable (vitally valuable, I would say) to anyone and everyone interested in the Truth about the Nazi Germany and its environment and stakeholders.

However, this book is much, much more than just a comprehensive, objective, unbiased and uniformly structured guide to Nazi Germany (the Third Reich).

First, no sane individual can dispute the rock-solid fact that Nazis committed enormous crimes and crimes against humanity. Consequently, a comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany inevitably has to contain a thorough, objective and unbiased investigation of these crimes.

And of all other major war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the XX century (“the genocide age”). Because we can develop a proper understanding of Nazi criminals and their crimes only when we compare and contrast their crimes with crimes similar in nature and scope committed by other regimes (Communist, democratic, nationalist, etc.).

Consequently, this book is a detective story (of a true crime variety, of course). And because it investigates historic crimes that happened many decades ago, it belongs to the sub-genre of investigative history.

Second, I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that from the very day of its existence, NSDAP was forced to fight an existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union passionately led and ruthlessly governed by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin.

Therefore, this book is a historical, political and military thriller. And as Nazi Germany was a deeply mystical (not occult, but mystical) civilization, it is a mystical thriller as well.

Third, I will prove (also beyond the reasonable doubt) that the Nazis were genuine national-sociopaths. And thus were driven primarily by a very powerful, deep, sincere and passionate love for Germany and Germans.

Unfortunately, this love was poisoned and corrupted by their “sociopaths” part. More precisely, by very deadly (in a very literal sense) sins of wrath (hatred) and pride.

Hence, this book is a love story, more precisely, a story of powerful, deep, sincere and passionate love gone horribly wrong. And not just wrong, but murderous.