The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (21)

After July 20th, 1944 plot failed miserably (and predictably – Wehrmacht generals were no putschists and neither were the civilian members of anti-Nazi resistance), it became painfully obvious to Heinrich Himmler that his chances of ever replacing Adolf Hitler as Der Führer (and thus of making peace with Western Allies) are exactly those of a snowball in Hell (if not lower).

Hence, he was left with but three options – die heroically in hopeless battle take his own life or have his life taken from him by a British, American or Soviet hangman (after a humiliating trial). If he makes it to the trial, of course – with his resume even this deadly outcome was obviously not guaranteed.

The obvious alternative to these unhealthy options was to escape from Nazi Germany… somewhere and start there a new life (i.e. on a chicken farm which he initially planned to have).

There were, however, several seemingly insurmountable obstacles. First, it was necessary to somehow prepare this escape – and to it clandestinely, because had Adolf Hitler got even a hint of such preparations, Himmler would have been immediately arrested, tried and hung as a traitor on a piano wire (the standards method of capital punishment for traitors in Nazi Germany).

And as he had a lot of powerful enemies in the Reich, the chances of Hitler being informed about these attempts, were significant. Especially given the fact that Himmler did not need enemies for this to happen.

Unlike Himmler (and Heydrich), just about all SS members (including those in Himmler’s inner circle), worshipped Hitler like a demi-God. And thus (at least in summer of 1944) were completely confident that he would (again) perform a miracle, save the Third Reich and win the war. Consequently, for them the very idea of planning an escape from Nazi Germany during the war was… well, treason.

Besides, Himmler had simply way too much on his plate to devote the necessary time and effort to engineer his escape. In addition to being the SS-Reichsfuhrer, he was now the Minister of the Interior, Reichsleiter, Reich Commissioner for the Consolidation of German Nationhood… and from July 21st, 1944 (i.e., the next day after the failed coup) the Commander of the Replacement Army.

Consequently, he had no time to plan and engineer his escape… and no one trustworthy and capable to task with this genuinely existential endeavor. So the situation seemed all but hopeless.

And then, sometime in very late July – or in a very early August – the agents of The Black Sun Society showed up on his doorsteps. Dressed, most likely, in the impeccable feldgrau of the SS.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (20)

Heinrich Himmler was one of the very few Nazi leaders who did no worship Adolf Hitler. For a very simple reason – he knew too much about Der Führer from the files he inherited from the political police of the Weimar Republic.

The second one – and for the same reason – was Himmler’s deputy and probably closest associate Reinhard Heydrich (Himmler’s brain is Heydrich there was a common saying in the SS), head of SD, the intelligence department of the SS (he actually delivered these files to Himmler).

Himmler’s attitude to Der Führer was pragmatic – the SS-Reichsfuhrer viewed his boss as but a stepping stone to his ultimate dream: acquiring the absolute power in Germany and building the Ordensstaat 2.0. The SS-Staat. His very own Reich (the Fourth Reich, if you will).

And there was only one way to achieve this objective – wait until the Wehrmacht generals (sooner or later) inevitably depose – and murder – Adolf Hitler and then snatch the power from the hands of hapless generals (who were no match politically to Heinrich Himmler).

Although the SS (SD, Gestapo, etc.) were prohibited from spying on Wehrmacht, its generals were so pathetic in trying to conceal their coup preparations that Himmler knew far in advance about everything they planned to do (it appears that he was also well-informed about the assassination attempts such as one by Georg Elser on November 8th, 1939).

Unfortunately for him, Himmler was not aware that he could defeat the generals only with the supernatural assistance (guidance and energies mostly) of The Black Sun Society (the Wehrmacht was simply way too powerful to be defeated with ordinary, “natural” tools).

Heinrich Himmler (for many reason) did not take supernatural powers seriously and consequently committed the same mistake as his boss in 1920. De-facto severed himself from The Black Sun Society. Hence it is no surprise at all that all his own “coup attempts” (of sorts) came to nothing. Nothing at all.

After the Western Allies successfully landed in Normandy on June 6th, 1944, it became painfully obvious that the war for Nazi Germany was over. The Third Reich lost it.

Himmler intended to use the July 20th, 1944 coup to get rid of his boss, take power in Germany (at the time there was no competition to speak of) and negotiate peace with Western Allies. Offering them an alliance against the “existential Bolshevist threat”.

Unfortunately for him, by that time it was already way too late. After they invaded France, the Allies would agree only on unconditional surrender as they were confident that rather sooner than later, they would defeat Nazi Germany anyway (their aggregate superiority was simply enormous – and thus decisive).

The “anti-Bolshevist alliance” (i.e. joining the Anti-Comintern Pact) made sense for the USA, Britain and their allies in 1941, but not in 1944. Because by the latter date Bolshevism no longer was an existential threat to the Western Civilization (thanks, actually, to German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS).

Unlike prior to the start of Operation Barbarossa, the Red Army was completely dependent on Allied supplies (i.e. on lend-lease program) for its war effort; so it simply could not fight with the latter.

It lost fat too many men and far too much of its industrial and economic capacity was destroyed. Besides (unlike Nazi Germany), the Soviet Union was totally defenseless before the Allied Air Forces – it simply had neither radars nor fighter aircraft capable of protecting against B-17, B-24 and Lancaster aircraft (let alone the B-29 strategic bomber).

The frontline situation also would have been disastrous – the Red Army was vulnerable even to depleted Luftwaffe (especially the ground attack versions of FW-190 fighter). The Allied Mustangs, Thunderbolts and especially the Typhoons would have decimated everything that the Red Army could field.

And, of course, the Allies had immeasurably better logistics and their overall “troops management system” was far superior to the Soviet one. Oh, and Allied generals and officers were far more competent than their Soviet counterparts (and their soldiers far better trained and skilled fighters).

Hence, there was no reason, no reason at all for the Allies to form an alliance with Nazi Germany – especially under Heinrich Himmler (given the “track record” of both in war crimes and crimes against humanity). None whatsoever.

The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (19)

Did Adolf Hitler know that he was chosen, programmed, supported and, yes, used by the Thule Society? Of course he hid – as he was provided with the organization (DAP), money, training, mentoring, connections, key personnel… and even the newspaper – the (in)famous Völkisher Beobachter.

Not to mention the transfiguration performed on him by the magicians of the Thule Society (i.e. The Black Sun Society); transfiguration that made him (an outcast, a loser, a nobody) one of the most gifted political entrepreneurs in human history.

From the functional perspective this assistance (actually, his partnership with the Thule Society) made complete sense; however, emotionally it was unacceptable for him – he was much too independently-minded for that. No surprise here – this trait is quite common among entrepreneurs.

So he made the most gargantuan blunder in his life (and ultimately a suicidal one) – severed all ties between by that time practically his DAP and the Thule Society (and thus with The Org and with their ultimate handler – The Black Sun Society).

Obviously, he was not aware of the existence of the latter two, but, being a powerful mystic, definitely felt (or at least suspected something). Hence his ruthless persecution of esoteric, occult and neo-pagan groups after he acquired dictatorial powers in Germany (and his adamant opposition to activities and project of the esoteric/occult nature pursued by Heinrich Himmler).

Did Heinrich Himmler know that he was chosen, programmed, supported and, yes, used by The Black Sun Society? I do not think so – definitely not until August of 1944 when this society revealed itself to SS-Reichsfuhrer.

The Thule Society was a prominent member of the alliance that crushed Bavarian Soviet Republic in early May of 1919 and Heinrich Himmler at the time was a proud member of Freikorps Oberland, established by the president of the society – Rudolf von Sebottendorf.

So he obviously knew about the existence of the Thule Society and a thing or two about its objectives, ideas, principles and activities. However, at this time he was way too young (he was just eighteen) and still way too Catholic to apply for membership in the Thule Society. Or even to get seriously interested in its affairs.

It is also true that already at that time the Thule Society recognized the enormous political potential of Heinrich Himmler and made him… maybe even their “Plan B” – in case “Plan A” (built upon Adolf Hitler) fails.

However, the Thule Society did not reveal itself to Heinrich Himmler, opting instead to provide coaching, training, mentoring, and yes, manipulation, clandestinely – via its agents planted into Himmler’s “inner circle” – and later into his Personal Staff in the SS, Ahnenerbe and other SS agencies. And via Karl Maria Wiligut, of course.

What was the ultimate objective of The Thule Society in their “SS Project”? The answer is obvious – after Adolf Hitler severed all ties between his DAP and the Thule Society (the front for The Black Sun Society), it became painfully obvious for the latter that ultimately Der Führer will fail – and fail miserably.

For a very simple reason – despite all his immense powers, Adolf Hitler could achieve his objectives (and thus those of The Black Sun Society) only with the guidance and divine, supernatural, spiritual energies that he could have received from only one source. The Black Sun Society.

Without that support, Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich were doomed to fail (i.e. to die) in one of the two ways. Either by losing the inevitable war to a mighty opposition (which happened in reality) or by being eliminated by the Wehrmacht.

Although the latter and the Nazis had similar objectives (and Hitler bribed the top brass of his armed forces like you would not believe), it was evident to both that the still deeply Prussian and Imperial Army and Kriegsmarine did not fit into the Nazi civilization.

Luftwaffe was a different story, but it was run (for all practical purposes) by Erhard Milch who was half-Jewish and thus had no love lost for the Nazis (he even did not want to work for their Air Force and had to be convinced by Hitler himself).

July 20th coup in 1944 proved beyond the reasonable doubt that Wehrmacht had far bigger guns (and much more of them) than all Nazi paramilitary and even military forces (i.e. Waffen-SS).

Consequently, had Adolf Hitler won the Second World War (a very real possibility in the fall of 1941), he would have been almost immediately deposed by the military. Hitler would have been eliminated (obviously) and his regime transformed into a Second Reich 2.0 (possibly even into a constitutional monarchy – like the original one).

Actually, it almost happened in October of 1938 when Adolf Hitler was literally hours away from losing his life and only the Munich Agreement saved him from a certain death and his Nazi regime – from a no less certain destruction by the Wehrmacht.

Obviously, the destruction of the Nazi regime was not an option for The Black Sun Society (I would not be surprised if it had a hand in arranging the Munich Agreement of 1938).

Consequently, they needed a force, an organization powerful enough to defeat the military coup. The coup that was inevitable in the case of Hitler’s victory in the Second World War.

They needed the SS.

Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (6)

We only know what had been done in the North Tower – but not the whole design for this actual Mittelpunkt der Welt (no records survived the war). Neither do we know the objectives of this redesign – or have any ideas about the ceremonies to be conducted there for that matter.

All we know that two rooms have been constructed inside the north tower – the Crypt, allegedly called Valhalla although it had another name – the Gruft (Vault) and the Obergruppenführersaal (SS Generals’ Hall) immediately above it.

Their ceilings were cast in concrete and faced with natural stone. On the upper floors a further hall was planned although no information about its design or purpose survived. The axis of this tower was to be the actual “Center of the World” (Mittelpunkt der Welt).

A preparation for an eternal flame in the vault, a swastika ornament in its zenith, and the so-called “Black Sun” symbol embedded in the floor of the “Obergruppenführersaal” lie on this axis. Whether any of these rooms were ever used (and for which purpose), we do not know.

In the center of the marbled whitish/grayish floor of an Obergruppenführersaal a dark green sun wheel (Sonnenrad) is embedded. The axis of the sun wheel consisted of a circular plate of pure gold, which was to symbolize the center of the castle and thus the entire “Germanic world empire”.

The real name of the symbol is not known; it got its current name (The Black Sun) only in the 1990s. Neither do we know the meaning attributed to this symbol by the SS (or by anyone else for that matter).

All circumstantial evidence points to but one conclusion – the ultimate objective of all work done in the North Tower (and in the whole Wewelsburg Castle) had but one objective – to build a pagan equivalent of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome… or of a Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris.

Spiritual equivalent, of course. Hence this building was supposed to amplify the energies of the “Earth Crown Chakra” to the level sufficient to empower the SS and the whole Third Reich. Empower sufficiently to achieve its objectives (and thus the objectives of The Black Sun Society).

Unfortunately for them (and for everyone involved), Heinrich Himmler did not believe much in the power of magical objects and ceremonies. And pursued the “Wewelsburg Project” for its symbolism. In other words, for its emotional, not spiritual (let alone religious or, God forbid, magical) value.

Hence, he did not invest enough effort (and money, of course) to make it what it was supposed to be – an extremely powerful portal of divine, spiritual, supernatural, magical energies.

And in 1943, all work in the castle was terminated (ostensibly because Hitler ordered to stop all construction projects not directly supporting the war effort). In reality, from the perspective of war effort, the Wewelsburg project was the most important one… but Himmler did not know that. Or did not want to know – in 1943 he had other priorities.

It was a gargantuan mistake which ultimately cost Adolf Hitler his war, his country, his civilization and his very life. And in late summer of 1944 forced Heinrich Himmler to explicitly ask The Black Sun Society for assistance. Assistance in saving his very own skin.

Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (5)

On November 6th, 1935, about a year after officially taking over the Wewelsburg Castle, Heinrich Himmler… closed the castle to visitors. For good. Four years later, in 1939, he imposed a strict ban on all publications about the Wewelsburg Castle.

It means – loud and clear – that something top secret was going on in the castle. So secret in fact that beyond the semi-official cover story propagated by the SS, we have no idea what was going on there – in other words, what were Himmler’s actual plans for the castle and what exactly was done there on his orders.

There is some evidence that in addition to “normal” scientific research, another kind of research was conducted in Wewelsburg Castle. Research on paranormal, supernatural, occult subjects – Germanic mysticism, ancestor cult, runic magic, racial doctrines (which was actually pseudo-science) and other subjects of an esoteric nature.

Heinrich Himmler was big on ancient, medieval and other symbolism hence it is only natural that redesign of the castle by the SS referred to certain characters in the legends of the Grail: for example, one of the arranged study rooms was named Gral (“Grail”).

Other rooms were named König Artus (“King Arthur”), König Heinrich (“King Henry”), Heinrich der Löwe (“Henry the Lion”), Widukind, Christoph Kolumbus (“Christopher Columbus”), Arier (“Aryan”), Jahrlauf (“course of the seasons”), Runen (“runes”), Westfalen (“Westphalia”), Deutscher Orden (“Teutonic Order”), Reichsführerzimmer (“Room of the Empires Leader(s)”; “Reichsführer-SS”, or “the Reich’s Leader of the SS” was Himmler’s title).

There were also rooms named Fridericus (probably in reference to Frederick II of Prussia), Tolle Christian (probably referring to Christian the Younger of Brunswick, Bishop of Halberstadt), and Deutsche Sprache (“German language”).

Oak (the sacred tree of the Nazis) was used to panel and furnish these rooms, though (according to contemporary witnesses) only sparingly. All interior decoration of the castle was shaped by an SS sensibility in art and culture; the preferred elements of design were based on runes, swastikas (no surprise here), and Deutschen Sinnzeichen (traditional German symbols).

Tableware, decorated with runes and Germanic symbols of salvation, was manufactured specifically for Wewelsburg castle (by the SS-owned and operated Allach factory, no doubt), and Himmler’s private collection of weapons was housed in the castle as well.

From 1939, the castle was also furnished with miscellaneous objects of art, including prehistoric objects (discovered and delivered by Ahnenerbe), objects of past historical eras, and works of “politically correct” contemporary sculptors and painters (i.e. the ones in line with the aesthetics of National Socialism and the SS).

In 1938, Himmler ordered the return of all honorary “death’s head rings” (Totenkopfringe) of dead SS-men and officers. They were to be stored in a chest in the castle. This was to symbolize the ongoing membership of the deceased in the SS-Order. However, the whereabouts of the approximately 11,500 rings after the Second World War are unknown.

Although in 1938 Himmler declared his intention to conduct annual meetings (“spring conferences”) of SS generals of the highest ranks (Gruppenführer and Obergruppenfuhrer); only one such meeting (officially) took place.

It was held not in spring, but in summer – from 12 to 15 June 1941, in other words, it ended exactly one week before the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. It was attended by the highest ranking SS generals, who either took part in planning the SS operations in the Soviet Union (i.e. Einsatzgruppen activities) or who were to take part in these operations (ditto)

The official meeting’s purpose was the “ideological preparation of the attendant SS leaders for the campaign against Judeo-Bolshevism”, but no record of what was said or done during the meeting survived.

It is believed that various SS ceremonies (designed by no other than Karl Maria Wiligut) were conducted in the Wewelsburg Castle – baptism (of sorts), marriage, swearing in. etc. However, no specific records of these ceremonies have ever been found.

However, Himmler’s plans included making it the “center of the new world” (“Zentrum der neuen Welt”) following the “final victory” have been uncovered (although whether these were the final plans or only some kind of a “preliminary proposal” is not clear and the real purpose of the project is not known).

These plans called for (among other things), the installation of an 18-meter-high wall in the shape of a three-quarter circle, 860 m in diameter with 18 towers. It was supposed to include the actual castle area and to be centered on the North Tower of the castle was planned.

Inside of this castle area buildings were planned for the exclusive purposes of the Reichsführung-SS (Reich Leadership-SS). The main road of this “SS village” was to have a diameter of 1270 m and also to be centered on the North Tower of the castle with a diameter of 1270 m. This road was to be connected with three radial roads and gates with the castle area.

The residential area was to be placed in the northwest, the center of the village in the north, and the SS-barracks in the west of the castle area; between the barracks and village a villa colony for higher SS-leaders; in the southwest farmsteads.

In the architectural plans from 1941, the estate had the shape of a spear pointing towards the north (the castle itself had the form of a spearhead). The plans also included a “Hall of the High Court of the SS” (Saal des Hohen Gerichtes der SS), streets, parkways, magnificent buildings, a dam with a power plant, freeway accesses and even its own airport.

It was estimated that it would take over 20 years to complete this radical reconstruction of the Wewelsburg area. The estate was to be a center of the “species-appropriate religion” (artgemäße Religion) and a representative estate for the SS-Führerkorps (SS leader corps).

The entire village of Wewelsburg and adjacent villages were to disappear. The population was to be resettled. The valley was to be flooded. 250 million Reichsmark were budgeted for the estate (most likely, a severe understatement).

Whether these grandiose plans were to be implemented or not, we do not know. We only know that something top secret and very mysterious was planned and done in the actual Mittelpunkt der Welt.

In the North Tower of the Wewelsburg Castle.