Liberalism is the Existential Threat to Human Civilization

By now, sufficient statistical data has been accumulated to prove beyond the reasonable doubt that COVID-19 is many times LESS deadly than a “common flu”. Hence, the best course of action by far would have been to do nothing (over and above what is being normally done during the annual flu epidemic) and let the so-called “herd immunity” take care of the problem.

This global panic was created (semi-intentionally) by the Chinese leaders who wanted to use the (still mysterious) COVID-19 outbreak to create the nationwide “digital concentration camp” – something that they wanted to do for many years, but could not quite figure out how.

Hence, the China-wide COVID-19 panic/psychosis was intentional; the global one was not – it became the unintentional consequence of decisions and actions of Chinese leaders.

The global panic made just about all governments take totally useless, incredibly destructive and ultimately suicidal “anti-virus measures” (masks, gloves, “social distancing”, etc.) that in no time delivered enormously powerful blows to national economies and to the whole societies and countries.

The COVID-hysteria, fear-mongering and other emotional and psychological terror propagated by incompetent leaders, government officials and money-hungry media (it is well-known that fear sells far better than everything else combined) have already destroyed mental health of the critical mass (if not the overwhelming majority) of the population of Western Countries.

Mostly by literally infecting them with PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Which makes it impossible for the Western Civilization to “go back to the old world” as the latter is directly associated in their mind with the psychological trauma.

Not surprisingly, this PTSD makes (practically forces) the “critical mass” of the Westerners to begin destroying their societies, their countries, their countries and their nations. In short, the whole Western World as we know it.

Also not surprisingly, this suicidal project began in the USA as its population is the most psychologically unstable and emotionally vulnerable (as well as the most entrepreneurial and politically active) in the Western world. And Europe will inevitably follow suit.

For a very simple reason – the Westerners (albeit still subconsciously) know that the whole liberal ideology, the liberal system, in fact, the whole liberal world order failed them.

Not any specific politician (Trump, Merkel, Macron, etc.), but the whole system. More than that, they subconsciously know that this system presents an existential threat to their whole civilization; the threat that must be eliminated.

They do not know the specifics yet (how and why it failed them, why it is a genuinely existential threat, etc.) – and that’s why their protest is so ridiculous… and so dangerous. They only feel (correctly) that their governments chose not the lesser evil (as they should have), but the largest one. The catastrophic and ultimately suicidal evil.

Liberalism is by its very nature the existential threat to the human civilization. For a very simple reason (which the whole COVID disaster proved beyond the reasonable doubt): it focuses on the individual lives, not on the whole society or nation.

Consequently, during the times of crisis it focused (and will inevitably focus again) on saving individual lives… which will rather sooner than later inevitably destroy the whole society.

Killing far, far more individuals and making the lives of others so miserable that they would have preferred to have died. The cold hard fact is the society and the nation would easily survive the loss of even 1% of the population (in reality the COVID death toll is far, far lower).

Especially when just about all of the latter are “net consumers”, not “net providers”. But it will definitely NOT survive the destruction of the mental health of a critical mass of its population (and that’s exactly what is happening)

Consequently, the survival instinct of the society, nation, country and of the whole Western Civilization (as well of all other civilizations and the whole human civilization as well) demands the complete destruction of the liberal system. Which MUST be replaced by the one that will focus on the survival of the society and the nation, not on saving individual lives.

The indisputable fact is that you can not fool all the people all the time. Sooner or later (no later than by the end of the year) the cold, hard, merciless and murderous Truth will inevitably “get out of the bag”. The truth about the pandemic of COVID psychosis.

The Truth that the virus was never an existential threat to the human civilization (the anti-virus measures were) – or to 99% of the population. That in reality it is many times LESS deadly than the “common flu”.

That the destruction of mental health (with masks, “social distancing”, mass panic and hysteria, etc.) is a genuinely existential threat to the individuals, to the society, nation, country, and to the whole Western – and human – civilization.

That from the very beginning the governments should have focused on saving the economy, the nation, the society and the country – not individual lives. That (again from the very beginning) the whole project should have been managed by the military who have exactly the right mentality for this job.

The mentality that dictates that you focus on saving the infrastructure – not individual lives; that it is often necessary to sacrifice the platoon to save the battalion; the company to save the division and the battalion to save the army.

That the problem is not with individual Western leaders but with the liberal ideology and the political and government system built on that ideology. That even if the Western Civilization somehow miraculously survives this crisis (which is highly unlikely) the next one will inevitably kill it.

That liberal ideology and liberal system (“liberal world order”) present a genuinely existential threat to Western societies, countries, nations and people – and to the whole Western Civilization (consequently, to the whole human civilization). And thus they must be eradicated and replaced with the ones that will save, not destroy the Western Civilization.

And that’s where another existential threat lies. The existential threat to the Western civilization that is. Because the Western population (even its “alternative leaders”) has no idea how this “new civilization” must look like. Let alone how to build it.

Consequently, if such vision (TO BE in corporate reengineering terms) and a detailed and realistic transformation plan do not appear very soon, the critical mass of the Westerners (awakened to the merciless and extremely painful Truth) will simply explode in a (righteous) and uncontrollable rage.

And start destroying the liberal system on a nationwide (and even the international) scale. Much like the Americans are already destroying it – albeit this time it will be much, much worse.

I estimate that if the vision for the “brave new world” and the detailed plan for the transformation of the Western Civilization do not appear by the end of this year (2020) at the latest, the whole Western civilization will begin to collapse – and fast.

In a year at most it will be gone for good, transforming the West into a dystopia so horrible that the horrors of Civil War in Russia (1917-22) – or in Yugoslavia in the 1990s – will look like a picnic.

Fortunately, the solution does exist.


How the Corona-Insanity Will End

The mighty (almost almighty, actually) survival instinct of the Western Civilization has been triggered. How and by whom – does not matter. The only thing that matters that it is now operational. And already operates at full power. Worldwide.

It works – first and foremost – as Weckruf. A wake-up call for the whole Western civilization. A wake-up call to the grave (literally) reality of the existential threat of insane and suicidal “social distancing” and all other “anti-pandemic” measures.

Threat to the very existence of the Western Civilization (and thus of the whole human civilization) as we know it. Contrary to blatant lies spread by the media, COVID-19 is NOT an existential threat to the human civilization (it is barely a threat at all). Social distancing is.

This survival instinct will trigger the Avalanche, the Wildfire, the Chain Reaction that will do away not only with all this insane “corona-panic” but with the whole “liberal system”. It will completely destroy, wipe out, burn down and bury the whole “liberal world order” (which went insane long before the COVID-19 “pandemic”).

In the physical world, it will all start with just one letter. Or with just one article in just one… whatever. Or with just one blog post. Or with just one post on Facebook. Or on LinkedIn. Or on some other social network. Or with some other piece of content. And, of course, with just one individual.

Target Zero.

The target receives the letter (let’s suppose, it will start with a letter from… it does not matter, really) and immediately recognizes that it is vitally important to him or her. And thus must be opened and read (studied, actually) immediately. Right away.

So the target immediately opens up and reads the letter. This letter – aided and abetted by the all but almighty survival instinct of the Western Civilization (and of the corresponding city/state/province/country) becomes a genuine Weckruf (a wake-up call) for the target.

He or she immediately recognizes that his city, his state, his country, Europe and the whole Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) face a genuinely existential threat. Corona-panic caused by very real (in medical and psychiatric terms) corona-psychosis.

To his horror, the target immediately understands (wakes up to the reality) that this threat is genuinely existential; in other words, if not eliminated immediately, it would in no time destroy the whole human civilization as we know it.

Worse, this corona-panic (and the activities caused by it) will transform our world in a very literal Hell on Earth. By making just about all population go genuinely insane. Lose their minds – completely and irreversibly.

The target gets sufficiently scared (this letter will literally scare the Hell out of him or her) to make fighting this very much existential threat his or her #1 priority. Which will make the target a loyal, dedicated and highly efficient soldier of the Western Civilization in no time.

The target will immediately forward this letter to all his/her online contacts, post it on his/her blogs social networks pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), in his or her blogs… in short, everywhere.

Which will start a global chain reaction. Wildfire. Avalanche. And rather sooner than later, the critical mass of the “awakened ones” will accumulate in the Western Civilization.

And then the “Tsar-Bomb” will go off – the general public will learn (and accept) the horrible truth about the magnitude of insanity, incompetence and crimes against economy, state, society, culture, population… in short, immense crimes against humanity committed by the “corona-idiots”.

These revelations will immediately result in the worldwide resignation of all legislative, executive and judicial powers (that could have prevented this nightmare from happening – but didn’t).

And in the no less immediate formation of the National Salvation governments – and in the declaration of a state of emergency – in just about all Western (and other) nations.  Salvation from a very real Hell that is.

Although the National Salvation governments will immediately cancel all “social distancing” measures (and severely punish those responsible for them, of course), the irreparable damage has already been done.

The “world BCE” (Before Coronavirus Epidemic that is) is dead. Gone for good. The corona-panic (and insane “social distancing” measures) killed it. Hence there is no going back (to ‘AS WAS’ before the psycho-pandemic struck). We can go only forward. Forward and up – to a brave new world.

Obviously, some has to provide (1) a detailed and realistic vision of this “brave new world”; and (2) a detailed plan how to get there. Fortunately for the whole human civilization, its survival instinct guarantees that when the civilization is ready, its savior (and the one who will provide this plan will, indeed, save our world from chaos – and thus from Hell on Earth) will show up.



The World BCE (Before Coronavirus Epidemic) Is Dead

The world BCE (Before Coronavirus Epidemic) is dead. And it really does not matter what killed it – COVID-19 (as is commonly believed) or the horrible overreaction of the authorities (as “coronaskeptics” claim). The “old world” is dead. There is no “going back” – there is simply nowhere to go. There is no “back”.

It is all but universally recognized by psychologists and psychiatrists worldwide that “social distancing” and other “anti-pandemic” measures (aided in no small part by the “carpet bombing” of the population with COVID-19 news and other media content) have already practically destroyed mental health of just about all population. Worldwide.

Everyone received a devastating emotional shock/trauma making just about everyone sick with PTSD. Which is a horrible thing as it kills. And kills big time. And when the “critical mass” of the population gets PTSD, the whole society collapses. Just ask the Germans in 1933 or Russians in 1917.

“Coronabelievers” insist that it was worth it; “coronaskeptics” consider it the crime of the century (at least) but in the end it does not matter. The mental health of the entire world population has been destroyed – and is being destroyed day after day, week after week, month after month. The situation is getting worse literally by the day – all competent mental health professionals worldwide admit that.

There is no way the society can prevent this destructive “critical mass” from accumulating – actually, it already has. So even if we do away with all “social distancing” measures tomorrow (which may or may not be a good idea), it is still only a matter of time before this “critical mass” explodes and destroys the world as we know it. In other words, the “world BCE” can not be saved. Period.

Given the (still recent) history of Europe, it is not difficult at all to predict with a practically 100% certainty which kind of world will replace the deceased one. It will be the totalitarian dictatorship led by the reincarnation of Mussolini, Franco, Salazar… or Adolf Hitler.

This dictatorship will in no time cure the PTSD of the nation by… immediately doing away with all “social distancing” and other anti-pandemic measures. And use the whole power of media (now under complete control of the government) to create in the minds of the population an “anti-PTSD” perception.

This perception will be based on the following statements – (1) the whole pandemic was a huge hoax – in reality COVID-19 was simply a slightly unusual flu with similar death rates ; (2) that all “coronabelievers” in the government, media and society are, essentially, terrorists – because they were spreading panic and terror and (3) that the whole ordeal was but a bad dream.

It does not matter whether these statements are true, because (a) perceptions are the only reality; and (b) this is exactly the kind of therapy that will be able to heal the whole nations from PTSD in a matter of a few months (if not weeks).

This totalitarian government will declare a state of emergency – and all “coronabelievers” will be sent to concentration camps… just like all opponents of the Nazis were in 1933. And some will be executed – with or without trial (which in reality does not matter at all).

We definitely do not want that to happen. Consequently, we have to offer the population of Europe – and to the whole Western Civilization (other civilizations are a different matter entirely) the alternative vision of the “brave new world” – and an alternative cure for the PTSD.

Actually, this alternative vision has been long in the making – but now is all but inevitable. If you do not want the Fuhrerstaat-2 instead, of course.

All human rights and freedoms essentially boil down to just one right and freedom – to be genuinely happy. And an individual is genuinely only when his or her genuine needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – are completely satisfied. Not wants or desires – but only genuine needs.

Hence, the fundamental objective of the Western Civilization – its economic, political, social, cultural and other systems – is to help its citizens to become and stay genuinely happy. Not to “make them happy”, of course (it is impossible), but to help them become and stay happy.

The governments at all levels – local/municipal, state/provincial, national/federal and even international (i.e. the EU) have an identical objective – help their constituents become genuinely happy and stay happy at all times. Again, not to “make them happy”, of course (it is impossible), but to help them become and stay happy.

Unfortunately, the existing system of “parliamentary democracy” does not do its job in the “happiness department” (to put it mildly). To call a spade a spade, it is not just dysfunctional, but – for all practical purposes – impotent.

Which is no surprise at all as it has been developed over 200 years ago (at least) and our world has radically changed since that time. Consequently, our whole government system must be radically reengineered.

In practical terms, it means that the parliamentary democracy must be transformed into the most efficient system of direct democracy at all levels – from local/municipal to international – that will connect the population directly to the corresponding executive power at all time.

The core of this system will be the Direct Democracy Portal (DDP). Which will allow every citizen (and not only citizen) to make a contribution to the well-being of the city, state/province, nation and the whole Western Civilization. Thus transforming the community in question into a “gigantic brain” and getting the most out of its intellectual capital.

DDP will focus the minds, will and energy of the whole population on creating the “brave new world” – the world where everyone will be genuinely happy. Which rather sooner than later will heal the hearts, minds and souls of the population from PTSD.

To make its citizens genuinely happy, the country must make sure that all its organizations operate at the maximum possible performance. Unfortunately, it is a well-established fact (known to all competent corporate analysts) that just about all organizations – businesses, government entities, non-profits, academic, military, etc. – operate at 5-10% of their maximum possible performance (if that). Hence, we must radically reengineer all these organizations. Thus increasing its actual performance to 50-80% of the maximum possible one (at least).

Unfortunately (or fortunately), to make it happen, it is not enough to reform individual organizations – businesses, government entities, non-profits, etc. We must radically reengineer the whole Western Civilization – its economic, political and social system.

Why? Because this whole system (and not just the individual organizations) is so unacceptably inefficient – and the coronavirus pandemic (whatever one makes of it) has just proven it well beyond the reasonable doubt.