We Must Build a New Civilization

From the historical perspective, COVID-19 pandemic is but a Herald of the Global Apocalypse. In other words, it is a public announcement that the End of the World as we know it is coming. The Black Swan is already on its way.

If we do nothing and just “go with the flow”, our world will be destroyed and transformed into a very real Hell on Earth in a very near future. Not into even the Fourth Reich, but into a genuine brick-and-mortar Hell.

Fortunately, this Apocalypse is not inevitable. We can – and must – prevent it from happening. By making a quantum leap – transforming our world into the New Civilization. Into the New Civilization which will be much, much better than the current one.

The New Civilization will – for the first time in human history – be a happiness-focused civilization. It will focus on but one fundamental objective – making all of its citizens genuinely happy.

In other words, on helping its citizens identify and satisfy their genuine aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual. Not perceived wants and desires, but genuine aggregate needs.

The New Civilization will stop the demographic suicide of the West – by raising the fertility rates way above the replacement levels. And will thus achieve a stable and healthy population growth.

The New Civilization will do away with organized crime, sexual abuse of minors, abortion, homelessness, poverty, suicide, human trafficking and slavery. The New Civilization will drastically reduce street and other common crime, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, pornography, divorce and other social ills.

The New Civilization will make all its citizens radically healthier (in terms of physical and mental health) and radically more productive in generating aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual.

The New Civilization will completely clean up and protect the environment; do away with fossil fuels for good; convince all its citizens to switch to healthy food and regular physical exercise; restore and protect the unique culture of all its components.

By utilizing the most efficient information-, knowledge- and general management tools and technologies, The New Civilization will radically increase the efficiency and productivity of all its organizations: businesses, government entities, non-profits, etc.

The New Civilization will become radically more efficient than any other, because it will be based on Direct Electronic Democracy built around the global Direct Democracy Portal. Which will always utilize the most efficient technologies – AI, Big Data, sharing on social media and networks, etc.