This blog contains sections of the book under the same title – “The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany“.  I will post each section right after I complete it. Currently, this book is my only project so I will publish new post at least once a day (and probably even more frequently).

This book is a genuinely comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany – to my knowledge, the only comprehensive guide to the Third Reich in existence. Hence, it covers both all key internal components of Nazi Germany and all key elements of its external environment.

To my knowledge, no other book on the Third Reich does that (not even close). Consequently, this is the only book in existence that presents a complete and thus realistic picture of Nazi Germany.

I managed to develop a unique comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany not because I am a professional historian (I am not). But because I have extensive training, experience and skills in key areas vital to the success of this project – knowledge management, systems analysis, economics, finance and political analysis. In addition, I acquired solid and extensive knowledge and experience in individual and social psychology – also indispensable requirements for making this project a success.

This book is completely unbiased – it is my deepest conviction that a genuine historian can not and must not pass moral judgements on decisions and actions of leaders, government officials, military officers, etc. (this is the difference between history and propaganda). I only state who did what and why, what were the intended and actual consequences of the decisions and actions and why.

I do, however, pass legal judgements (a genuine historian can and must do that). If certain decisions or actions constitute a crime (e.g war crime, crime against humanity, etc.), I openly and clearly state that. If a certain regime (political system) is criminal in nature (i.e. commits crimes on a regular basis), I openly and clearly state that, too