The Inevitable (27)

The Fourth Reich will provide its citizens with the highest (and the only real) equality – “equality in happiness”. The only equality that really matters. In other words, its government will make sure that all its constituents will be genuinely happy (i.e. all their genuine needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – will be identified and satisfied).

In addition, the Fourth Reich will replicate one of the “crown achievements” of its predecessor – a genuinely classless (and caste-less) society. In this society, all its citizens (constituents) will be genuinely equal as servants of the community, the society, the nation, the state, the country and of the whole Western civilization.

In other words, they will be equal in not only consuming, but creating (generating) the maximum possible amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – for all their stakeholders (“all of the above” plus their immediate neighbors – family, friends, etc.). “I give, I receive; I receive, I give – in perfect balance”.

There can be no genuine equality without genuine justice; consequently, the Fourth Reich will be built on a fundamental an omnipresent principle of meritocracy.

In practice, it means that everyone will be judged, promoted and rewarded based on one’s achievements (not merely abilities or even effort applied, but tangible achievements) – regardless of origins or “social status”.

There will be no “elite schools for the rich” – certain quotes in all private schools will be allocated to the gifted students from much less affluent families. And the government will not only pay for their education, but make sure that they do not feel “underprivileged”.

Equality in service to the society will be enforced via compulsory military and public service (both will be mandatory for both genders). And further reinforced by the omnipresent message: “public need before private greed”.

Another powerful tool of “equality enforcement” will be compulsory membership in youth organizations (modern reincarnations of Hitler Youth for boys and BDM for girls).

In these organizations (as in all schools – public and private) everyone will wear the same military-style uniform and will be graded, promoted and rewarded strictly on the basis of individual achievement – not on social status or even effort applied.

The real Fourth Reich will be very different from the society shown in the highly successful TV series “The Man in the High Castle” (the former will be far better and far happier); however, the very success of this series proves beyond the reasonable doubt that a significant part (if not the majority) of the Western population positively views the idea of transforming the current “liberal regime” into the “Western Reich”. Which is another evidence that the latter is, indeed, inevitable.

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