The Inevitable (26)

The Fourth Reich will do away with another shameful (and, alas, permanent) feature of liberal cities – homelessness. The latter will be declared illegal by the government decree (in other words, no one will have the right to live on the streets); homelessness will be picked up, detained in special centers, receive room, board and the necessary medical treatment (physical and mental) and will be either integrated into a human society or – if it is not possible – placed into an appropriate mental institution for life. At government expense, of course.

Unlike the Third Reich, the Fourth one will not infringe on personal rights or freedoms. True, it will preach that every human being has but one fundamental right – the right to genuine happiness (and will behave accordingly), but all other rights and freedoms – freedom of speech, media, association, travel, access to information, business enterprise, etc. – will be preserved (in an e-society most freedoms can not be taken away anyway).

Political parties will be abolished, of course, but only because in the system of Direct Electronic Democracy (far more efficient than the current parliamentary one) they are simply no longer needed.

Of course, everyone will be free to form any political association – offline or online. And there will be no media censorship, of course – except on those emergency occasions when it becomes necessary to stop the destructive and disastrous panic.

Judicial power (the power of the courts) will be significantly curtailed – but only to make sure that it becomes the solution, not the problem. In other words, that does not prevent the executive power from solving the problems of the society (under the “liberal regime” it, alas, happens all the time).

Contrary to what someone might expect, the assessment of the history of the Third Reich (and of the whole XX century) will be realistic and accurate (in other words, the anti-Nazi propaganda by “mainstream historians” will not be replaced by a neo-Nazi one).

No one in the new government will deny (or, God forbid, justify) the horrible Nazi crimes (in fact, the government of the Fourth Reich will issue an official apology on behalf of its predecessor to all the victims).

However, certain necessary corrections will still be made. It will be officially acknowledged that the true culprits responsible for the outbreak of World War I were Serbia and Russia (not Germany or Austria), because it is, well, true.

The infamous Treaty of Versailles will be recognized for what it was – a crime of the millennium (armed robbery of defeated Germany at gunpoint). However, no one will demand the return of the territories lost by Germany after the First and the Second World Wars (although the Eastern Prussia might want to return out of the free will of its population).

It will also be recognized that National Socialism was (mostly) the inevitable reaction of the Bolshevist existential threat not only to Germany, but to the whole Europe (actually, to the whole Western and human civilization).

It will also be recognized that, although they did commit horrible (and totally unnecessary) crimes, the Nazis did save “all of the above” from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes (and ultimately from the very real Hell on Earth). However, no monuments to the Nazis will be ever erected as their crimes were way too heinous.

The verdict of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg will hardly be annulled; however, there will be a far more realistic assessment of this “victors’ justice”.

To heal the Western population from PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and de-personalization (the horrible results of COVID-hysteria and disastrous and useless “preventive countermeasures”), the Government of National Salvation will need the most powerful emotional and spiritual tools they can get.

Consequently, it will have no other choice but to restore all the well-known attributes of the Third Reich – the infamous swastika (the most emotionally and spiritually powerful symbol in human history); the red-white-black Nazi flag, the Imperial Eagle (Reichsadler); the SS runes, uniforms (black and feldgrau), the ceremonial daggers and swords, awards (Iron Cross, Knight’s Cross and others)… the whole nine yards.

Most likely, the Fourth Reich will also use the ersatz-swastika (the Black Sun symbol currently used by far right organizations).

Unlike the Third Reich (the Führerstaat), the Fourth Reich will be the SS-Staat. Consequently, although it will also be based on the omnipresent Führerprinzip and will be led by Der Führer, there will be no “personality cult” of the latter (a key feature of the Third Reich). In other words, Der Führer will be “the first among the equals” – nothing more, nothing less.

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