The Inevitable (25)

To regain and maintain the dominant position in the world, it is necessary to have not only political, economic, technological, cultural (i.e., works of art, literature, movies, etc.) and military superiority. You will need superior human capital as well.

Consequently, the DNSS will inevitably finish what its predecessor (i.e. the “original” SS) has barely started – transformation of the entire population into Übermenschen (of both sexes).  

Only this time the scope will be radically different (not just Greater Germany, but the whole Western Civilization) – and so will be the tools. The “original” SS tried to use eugenics, which at that time was regarded as the right tool for the job.

It wasn’t and thus DNSS will have to use radically different tools (“soft”, not “hard” ones). The tools that work “on the individual basis” – and have been working (and working well) for over three millennia.

Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga (first and foremost, Kundalini-yoga and mudra-yoga), Oriental martial arts (kung fu, karate, taekwondo, etc.), acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and other “soft practices”.

The key tool of the government will be (obviously) a powerful and omnipresent government-funded PR/propaganda campaign (key message – “Health and productivity is job #1”). No less obviously, this campaign will be supported by a comprehensive system of government assistance.

Thorough physical education and training will be made mandatory from pre-kindergarten to university. And so will be physical activities in the workplace – both public and private.

Health care system (also both public and private) will be completely re-focused from treating diseases to preventing the latter (and from individual illnesses to a comprehensive healing).

Obviously, there will be a ruthless crackdown on alcohol and drug abuse (the latter will be all but eliminated – with all means necessary). Manufacturing and sales of tobacco will be banned – and violators will be severely punished.

Treatment of the “incurably sick” (mentally and/or physically) individuals will be radically different from the one in the Third Reich. There will be no reincarnation of the infamous “Aktion T4” (the infamous involuntary euthanasia program in the Third Reich), of course; the government will focus on making every citizen – no matter how sick or disabled – as productive as possible.

And, of course, the government will make and encourage huge investments in treatments for the most widespread, deadly and debilitating diseases. All kinds of treatments – not just medications.

The Fourth Reich (officially most likely the “Western Reich”) will be a federation (not confederation, but a federation) of semi-independent states – with a much tighter integration than the current European Union (and run from Berlin, not Brussels).

Germany will (most likely) be the first one to undergo transition to the Fourth Reich (due to its heritage); the European Union will be next and, finally, the Western Reich will be joined by the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (not necessarily in that order).

Rape and domestic violence (against women and children) will be two other horrendous crimes that will be all but eliminated in the Western Reich. The first one by a mandatory training of all girls and women (from the age of ten at least) in physical and psychological self-defense; the second by the same – and by ruthless re-education (“reprogramming”) of “domestic sadists” in “Dachau-style” conditions.

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