The Inevitable (24)

Die Neue SS (i.e. the government of the Fourth Reich) will inevitably issue the reincarnation of the Reichstag Fire Decree (and no, it will not need the reincarnation of Marinus van der Lubbe to set fire to the Bundestag or any other government building).

This “new RFD” will be (obviously) different from the original one in both focus and scope. Unlike the “original” RFD, the new one will focus on (mostly organized) crime, not on “political enemies” (the only ones targeted will be violent radicals of all stripes – not just Islamic ones).

The “new RFD” will in no time wipe out all kinds of organized crime – extortion, production and distribution of illegal drugs, human trafficking, child prostitution and pornography, street and other gangs, etc.

For a very simple reason – it is simply not possible to conduct organized crime activities without “getting on the radar” of law enforcement agencies. In a “liberal democracy” this is not enough to eradicate organized crime – you need to prove it beyond the reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The “new RFD” will (1) eliminate this requirement; and (2) will make it legal to use any means necessary to annihilate organized crime – and not only the indefinite detention in Dachau-style concentration camps (KL) as was stipulated by the original one.

I will not be surprised at all if (actually, when), DNSS uses Die Neue Luftwaffe and Die Neue Kriegsmarine to destroy drug manufacturing factories, shoot down drug-carrying aircraft, sink drug-carrying ships and assassinate “drug kingpins” and their cronies. Worldwide. Or shoot on the spot all street gang members caught with weapons under their clothes.

Obviously, DNSS will use the full power of its “special cyber-forces” to shut down and destroy all Dark Web resources that cater to pedophiles, illegal drug users and similar criminals. It can be done – the technology is already there – only The Will is needed. And where’s the Will, there’s always The Way.

No less obviously, DNSS (i.e. the government of the Third Reich) will provide the “final solution to the migrant question” (and no, there will be no Holocaust 2.0). However, all borders will be tightly shut – illegal migrants will be ruthlessly shot on the spot without warning and their boats sunk, also without warning. Half a dozen of such… incidents (made public on YouTube, of course) will be more than sufficient to reduce the number of illegal migrants to essentially zero.

No nation – and no civilization – can survive without cultural roots and “cultural backbone”; consequently, the proverbial “multiculturalism” is suicidal. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Therefore, one of the first decrees of the Government of National Salvation (not even DNSS) will be the Cultural Security Act. Which – among other features – will restrict citizenship and permanent residence status only to those individuals who are… no, not of the “right blood”, but of the “right culture”. The Western and national culture that is.

In other words, only genuinely transcultural individuals (i.e. only those capable of discarding their original culture and adopting the Western one) will be given permanent residence (let alone citizenship) in Western nations.

All others will be ruthlessly deported to their “places of origin”. DNSS will officially announce that “refugees” (in most cases, economic migrants) are the responsibility of their native countries (i.e. their governments) and the Western nations will from now on accept only genuinely transcultural individuals – and no one else. Only via legal channels, of course. No asylum will be provided to anyone else – for any reason. Ever.

Although NNS will call itself “National Socialism”, its economic policies will be far less socialist and far more “free market” than the ones in the Third Reich. Most likely, they will resemble the current “Scandinavian model”.

No poverty will be permitted – everyone will have a certain acceptable standard of living (possibly via some sort of the Universal Basic Income – UBI). However, the government will create sufficient incentives (mostly psychological) for everyone to “be the best one can be”.

In other words, to create the maximum amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – for one’s stakeholders. First and foremost, for one’s community, society, state, country, nation and the whole Western Civilization. And yes, for one’s race – the genuinely noble idea of the “melting pot” failed miserably everywhere.

Speaking about race. Although the NNS will accept, acknowledge and publicly preach the reality of biological equality of all races (it is a well-established scientific fact, after all), it will recognize that “whiteness” is a key component of Western cultural identity.

There is nothing wrong with that – after all, “blackness” is the key component of the African culture, “being yellow” of the Chinese, Japanese and so on. This cultural fact does not imply that some races are in any way inferior to the others – only that there is a very close correlation between the race and culture.

Consequently, the Cultural Security Act will be written in such a way as to ensure the domination of the White Race in the Western Civilization.

Another fundamental difference between the NNS and ONS (new and “original” National Socialism that is) will be the absence of the concept of the “existential racial war”.

Instead, the NNS will subscribe to the idea (much more common these days than is generally believed) that there can be no “harmony of civilization” – only a permanent struggle between them for natural and other resources of Mother Earth.

Hence, DNSS will focus all its efforts on (1) becoming much more powerful than any other civilization – Chinese, Islamic, Russian, African, etc. – in political, economic, military, technological and other aspects; and (2) using this power to regain and maintain the dominant position in our world.

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