The Inevitable (23)

The “Christian” add-on to the “original” National Socialism, its Third Reich roots, and, last but not the least, the dire need to save the Western Civilization from another existential threat (dying out from sub-replacement fertility rates) will pretty much determine the attitude of NNS, DNSS and their state (the Fourth Reich, although it will most likely receive a different name) towards homosexuality, transgenders, abortion and the whole “gender equality” thing.

No, homosexual relationships will not be criminalized de-jure (another significant difference from the ONS); however, homosexuality will be semi-officially declared a “personality disorder” – with predictable consequences.

Homosexual marriages (and the so-called “civil unions”) will be prohibited – and the existing ones dissolved; homosexual couples will lose the right to adopt and raise children; there will be unofficial (but omnipresent) job discrimination; and, of course, all homosexuals will be strongly encouraged to undergo “conversion therapy” (“reprogramming”).

Die Neue SS – controlled legislative bodies will pass the decree similar to the infamous Russian law which criminalized “homosexual propaganda”. This law will outlaw (and severely punish) homosexual bars, clubs and other organizations; parades, media, Web sites, workshops, seminars… in short, anything that will even remotely look like “propaganda of homosexual relationships”.

Ditto with transsexuals. Sex (gender) will be officially declared a biological, not psychological (let alone social) construct – in other words, “hardware”, not “software”.

“Sex change surgery” will be prohibited (and severely punished) and those whose “gender identity” differs from their “biological gender” will be ruthlessly forced to either shut up and behave according to the rules established by the society for their gender – or undergo “reprogramming” which will bring their “software” (their gender identity) in harmony with their “hardware” (biological gender).

I am not saying that these measures are “good”, “right” or “desirable” – I am only saying that it will happen, and happen inevitably. The cold, hard and sometimes painful truth is that the Western Civilization (actually, the whole human civilization) has only one choice – between the Fourth Reich (“Western Reich”) and complete chaos (i.e. genuine Hell on Earth).

And thus I have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the population (95% or so) will eagerly sacrifice the rights of the tiny majority (homosexuals, transgenders and the like) to be saved from a very real Hell.

Abortion will not be criminalized outright either (still another important difference from the Third Reich). However, it will be officially recognized (from biological and ethical perspective) for what it is – infanticide (human life begins at conception – it is a well-established biological fact, not a religious dogma).  

The government will conduct an almost omnipresent propaganda campaign and make it so powerful that it will make it almost impossible to any woman, in any circumstances, to even think about abortion.

Obviously, DNSS will establish a “neo-Lebensborn” program which will provide pregnant women (and mothers of the newborns) with such an extensive and all-encompassing support that the abortion will simply be out of the question.

Still another obvious and fundamental difference between the NNS and the ONS (i.e. between the Fourth Reich and the Third one) would be the issue of gender equality.

True, the NNS, DNSS and the Fourth Reich (the “New Führerstaat”) will view every woman as, first and foremost, a wife and a mother. And strongly encourage (to put it mildly) every woman to get married and have at least three children – to facilitate a healthy population growth.

However, the state will also provide every woman with ample opportunities to have a successful career or start a business if she so desires (in the current e-society it is not a problem whatsoever).

Hence, one of the key role models for a woman would most likely be Nancy Pelosi – Catholic, happily married, five kids and the third most powerful position in the United States government. And other similar individuals.

Obviously, there will no “glass ceiling” for a woman in the Fourth Reich as the latter would be a genuine meritocracy with no gender discrimination whatsoever. Unlike in the Third Reich, women will have the right to serve in the military (and reach even the highest rank and position), in the SS (ditto) and in government (likewise).

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