The Inevitable (22)

The “original” National Socialism was a fundamentally criminal ideology – no doubt about that. Actually it was much worse than that – the original Nazi ideology created a highly distorted and highly inaccurate perception of reality.

Every competent psychologist will confirm that perception is, alas, the only reality. Consequently, it is no surprise that this inaccurate perception made the Nazis commit colossal blunders (yes, all their crimes against humanity were colossal blunders as well). Blunders that ultimately cost them their Reich, their unique civilization and many of them – their very lives.

Obviously, the New National Socialism (NNS) will have nothing to do with clownish neo-Nazism. In fact, modern neo-Nazis have a highly distorted and grossly incorrect perception not only of reality in general, but also of the “original” National Socialism (ONS), Adolf Hitler, the SS, the Third Reich… the whole nine yards.

Probably the most radical difference between the NNS and the ONS will be “the Jewish question”. In other words, their attitude towards the Jewish nation (i.e., Jews by blood – “genetic Jews” – Judaism as religion is a different matter entirely).

The NNS will recognize, acknowledge and accept (and state publicly, of course), that perception of the Jews (“Jewish race”) by the “original” National Socialism – first and foremost, their perception of the existential war that Germany was fighting – was highly distorted and grossly incorrect.

While it was undoubtedly true that Germany was fighting an existential war with Bolshevism, Jews as a nation had nothing to do with it (in fact, the overwhelming majority of Jews and the Jewish community were victims, not perpetrators of Bolshevist atrocities).

Therefore, the NNS will recognize and publicly state that Holocaust (and the persecution of Jews in general) was not only a horrific crime against humanity (possibly the worst such crime in human history), but also a colossal blunder.

Consequently, I would expect that after the Die Neue SS inevitably comes to power in the whole Western Civilization, the persecution of so-called “Holocaust deniers” will become much more ruthless than it is today. Obviously, DNSS will issue an official apology to the Jewish people on behalf of its predecessor – the “original” SS.

Furthermore, DNSS will acknowledge, accept and publicly state two fundamental truths. First, the Jewish nation made the largest contribution to the progress of the human civilization on a per capita basis and one of the largest in absolute terms (after all, the Western Civilization stands on three cornerstones – Athens, Rome and Jerusalem).

And second, the Western Civilization (and thus Die Neue SS) and the State of Israel (a separate – Jewish – civilization) are now not just in the same boat, but “in the same trench”. Because both face the same existential enemy – radical, violent, fanatical, political, imperialist Islam (there are many versions of Islam, obviously).

The enemy of my enemy is my ally (just ask Churchill or Roosevelt); consequently, I would expect a close (very close, actually) cooperation between DNSS-led Western Civilization and the Jewish Civilization (led by the State of Israel, of course).

The next issue where the NNS will be (obviously) the issue of racism. Biological science in general and genetics in particular made a giant leap forward since the 1930s and now it is crystal clear that humans of different races (White, Black, Yellow, etc.) are as biologically different from each other as cats of the different color but of the same breed.

The NNS will, obviously, recognize this irrefutable fact and, therefore, focus not on the biological differences between the races (of which there are essentially none), but on very real differences between cultures. While there are no “inferior” and “superior” races (a well-established biological fact), there are superior and inferior cultures (a well-established sociological fact).

Consequently, while the NNS will still call itself “National Socialism”, in reality it will be much closer to Benito Mussolini than to Adolf Hitler (and in this respect to Roman Empire than to the Third Reich); in other words, citizenship and culture will be the defining features, not the race or nationality.

Speaking about culture. The next important (albeit not as radical as the previous ones) differences between NNS and ONS will be in their attitude towards Christianity.

The “original” Nazis had a very complicated relationship to Christianity. Contrary to a very popular misconception, no one in the leadership of the Third Reich seriously wanted to do away with Christianity and replace it with some kind of neo-pagan religion. Not even Heinrich Himmler, although the latter was very interested in occult and pagan matters.

On the contrary, the Nazis wanted to “bridge the gap” (ideally, create harmony) between two major brands of Christianity in Germany – Catholicism and Protestantism (after the Anschluss of Austria and partition of Czechoslovakia – not to mention occupation of Poland – the ratio between Catholics and Protestants in the Greater Reich was roughly 50/50).

And hence attempted to develop a “common core” which they called Positive Christianity (this concept even found its way into the official program of NSDAP). However, nothing came out of that – the “religious harmonization project” of the Nazis failed – and failed miserably.

NNS will recognize, acknowledge, accept and publicly affirm that the Western Civilization (1) has decidedly Christian roots; and (2) would not survive without these roots.

Consequently, the NNS will (1) incorporate some Christian components – to the extent that it could be rightfully called the “Christian National Socialism”; and (2) ruthlessly restore these roots as it is a genuinely existential project for the Western Civilization.

Furthermore, the NNS will recognize, acknowledge, accept and publicly affirm that in practice “Christian roots” mean “Roman Catholic roots” as the first schism (Catholic/Orthodox) occurred over 600 years after de-facto Roman Catholicism became the official religion of civilized Europe (i.e. Roman Empire) and the second schism (Catholic/Protestant) 1100 years later or so.

Consequently, the NNS (more precisely, Die Neue SS) will radically reform, first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, returning it to its original Divine Mission – saving the human souls (currently the Church is little more than just a giant but banal charity).

It would not be the first time in the Church history when the secular power steps in and fixes it – in fact, it was exactly how the “official Christianity” was established.

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