The Inevitable (20)

The existential (literally) question obviously is: Who will build the Fourth Reich on the ruins of the “world BCE” (before corona-epidemic that is)? In other words, is there already an organization willing and able to do this job?

The answer is: Yes, there is. This organization is known under the name ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen – Organization of Former SS Members).

ODESSA is not the real name of this organization, of course – it was coined by the US Army intelligence officers in 1946 (in reality it probably calls itself Die Neue SS, SS-Phoenix or something like that).

The name, of course, is not important – only financial and organizational capabilities of DNSS (let’s use this acronym for the sake of brevity) are. And these are undoubtedly formidable.

DNSS was most likely founded (by no other than SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler) sometime in August of 1944 when it was already painfully clear that Nazi Germany lost the Second Great War.

It is not really important whether Himmler committed suicide or escaped (there is a strong evidence for the letter) – the only important fact is that DNSS acquired enormous financial resources (part of the proverbial “Nazi loot”) and highly skilled managers from the SS (the latter was by far the most efficient organization in the Third Reich).

These managers were mid-ranking SS officers (most likely below the rank of Brigadefuhrer – one-star general) so they could easily disappear without a trace after the war.

The amount of financial resources acquired by DNSS at the end of the war (and subsequently laundered by Swedish, Swiss and other banks – not to mention the Vatican bank) was at least in billions of US dollars (or euros) in current prices.

There is little doubt that this money was invested skillfully and professionally (rumors are that the post-war German “economic miracle” was financed in no small part by the “Nazi Gold”) so the current “net worth” of DNSS (i.e. the total value of its financial assets) might very well be around US$ 100 billion.

More than enough to finance development and deployment of Direct Democracy Portal, Government Automation System, Corporate Objects Management System, Weltkontrolle software (“World Management Cockpit”)… in fact, the whole Fourth Reich. Which was the ultimate objective of DNSS since its establishment in 1944.

Unlike Adolf Hitler, who was the Third Reich (and the Third Reich was Adolf Hitler), SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler was sufficiently independent from the Führerstaat (Hitler’s Reich) to treat its demise not as the end of his life but only as a temporary setback.

His belief (faith, actually) in the ultimate triumph of National Socialism was so strong that he set up DNSS with but one ultimate objective: wait until the arrival of the Singularity Day (Social Singularity Event – SSE) and then use this SSE to do away with whatever regime in existence at that time and build the Fourth Reich. Himmler’s Reich – the SS-Staat, which in many crucial aspects will be very different from its predecessor.

Hence DNSS was structured in such a way as to create the most powerful and efficient tool to execute exactly such a transformation (a transfiguration even). The Quantensprung – the quantum leap. The radical reengineering of the whole Western Civilization (and subsequently the whole human civilization).

Consequently, I would expect DNSS to be structured as a relatively loose group of nominally independent organization: an investment fund, a venture capital fund, a software development company, a PR/advertising/marketing firm, a think tank, a research institute, a security firm (a foundation for the future RSHA and a paramilitary organization), etc.

Unlike Hitler’s Reich (essentially limited to Germany and Austria), Himmler’s Reich was supposed to be a pan-Western one. Consequently, DNSS most likely has offices in all major European nations – as well as in the USA and Canada (possibly in Australia and New Zealand as well). Obviously, their operations are one hundred percent legal (as were those of the Nazi party prior to their coming to power).

The total number of DNSS members is most likely in the single-digit thousands at most – all other employees of the “DNSS network” have no clue about the project they work for.

DNSS will “take over the Western world” by providing (1) key personnel to the National Salvation Governments – at all levels; and (2) all components of the “virtual new world” (actually, of the “new world”): Government Automation System, Corporate Objects Management System, Weltkontrolle, etc.

As I have already mentioned, collapse of the “world BCE” is inevitable. And the only choice will be not between “liberal democracy” and the Fourth Reich but between the Fourth Reich and complete chaos (the latter is, obviously, a very real Hell on Earth).

Consequently, the Fourth Reich (the SS-Staat) is inevitable – whether we want it or not; whether we like it or not.

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