The Inevitable (19)

The fundamental problem of every government system at any level – from a tiny village to the European Union – is its horrible inefficiency. Inefficiency that includes both the inefficiency of each government subsystem (town/city, state/province, national/federal, etc.) and their integration – horizontal and vertical. This inefficiency is, obviously, no longer acceptable.

Consequently, one of the key projects of NSG will be (1) a radical reengineering of the whole government system – top to bottom; and (2) development and deployment of a radically new (and radically more efficient) computer system (Government Automation System – GAS).

Obviously, the GAS will be developed and deployed in a centralized fashion – ultimately at the level of the European Union (and ultimately of the whole Western Civilization). Otherwise one chaos will be only replaced by another chaos (which would make things worse, not better).

GAS will provide – for the first time in human history – every government official and worker with all knowledge (information that has value) and tools that he or she needs to maximize his/her performance in the corresponding responsibility areas.

And with a tight integration and synergy that will ultimately make it possible to govern (manage) the whole world from a single location: Weltkontrollraum (World Control Room).

The Western world (Western Civilization) that is. For the reasons which I will explain a bit later, the Weltkontrollraum will most likely be located in Berlin – the capital of Germany.

All organizations – businesses, government entities, non-profits, etc. – are (fortunately) sufficiently similar for the GAS (in more general terms, Corporate Objects Management System – COMS) to be easily and rapidly adapted for other categories of organizations. Whose efficiency also leaves much to be desired (to put it mildly).

Which would radically increase their efficiency (it currently stands at totally unacceptable 5-10% at most). Which, in turn, would inevitably lead to a double-digit economic growth for many years to come in the whole Western World.

As I have already stated, the “world after” (after the end of COVID-crisis that is) would be decidedly illiberal. For two primary reasons: (1) total loss of trust in the government and media – i.e. in all powers in the liberal political and government system; and (2) an irrefutable fact that liberalism simply does not work – it not only CAN NOT solve any of the fundamental problems of the Western Civilization, but creates new insurmountable ones. Insurmountable in the liberal system that is.

Worse than that – liberalism and the whole liberal system became a genuinely existential threat to the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization. For a number of reasons – but the most important is that liberalism places the interests of individuals (or minorities – small social groups) over the interests of the whole society, nation, state, country and the whole civilization.

Which means (and the whole COVID disaster proved it beyond the reasonable doubt) that sooner or later the liberal governments (by choosing individual interests over the public ones) will inevitably bring about the collapse of “all of the above”. And thus cause the transformation of our world into a very real Hell on Earth. Killing millions and making those who survive wish they did not.

All other “cornerstones of liberalism” – consumerism, (de-facto) atheism, secularism, multiculturism, relativism, etc., etc. also not only do not work, but amplify the genuinely existential threat to the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization.

Consequently, the National Salvation Government will have no other choice but to build the “world after” on a radically new – and decidedly illiberal – ideology. The one that would place the common good over and above the interests of any individual (and any small minority).

The one that already proved beyond the reasonable doubt that it can – in no time at all – perform a genuinely radical reengineering of the whole society, nation, country, state – civilization even; achieve a quantum leap in all its aspects – political, economic, government, social, cultural, etc.; successfully solve seemingly impossible problems; overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles; and (last but not the least) make just about all population radically happier.

This ideology is (not surprisingly), National Socialism. More precisely, neo-National-Socialism which in several crucial aspects will be radically different from the “original” one.

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