The Inevitable (18)

The National Salvation Governments (NSG) will in no time turn off the “COVID panic generator”, terminate all “protective countermeasures” (an exercise in futility anyway) and establish sufficient and efficient health care facilities for all those who get genuinely sick with COVID-19.

However, they will still face a formidable (and genuinely existential) problem: how to restore the mental health of just about the whole Western population. Health which was severely damaged (to put it mildly) by panic-induced PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and de-personalization (the latter is the inevitable result of totally useless and grossly criminal “mask mandates”).

The only way to achieve this absolutely vital objective is (obviously) to fill hearts, minds and souls of Westerners with powerful and positive emotions (energies). And, of course, to create an emotionally and spiritually healthy and comfortable environment.

And that’s exactly what the NSG will do. First of all, it will openly declare, that its objective (and the objectives of all governments – from a tiny village to European Union) is genuine happiness of their constituents. Not “democracy”, not “equality”, not “social justice” (these are the means to an end, not the end itself).

Obviously, the NSG will provide the proper definition of genuine happiness. An individual is genuinely happy when his or her genuine needs are satisfied. Not wants/desires (which are unlimited and thus impossible to satisfy), but genuine aggregate needs.

Financial, functional, emotional and spiritual needs – according to Maslow’s hierarchy (the most accurate model of the system of genuine human needs). The six-level version with the top level being self-transcendence (serving something higher than oneself).

Hence, the NSG will state that they will achieve their fundamental objective by (1) helping their constituents identify their genuine needs – proliferation of self-help books, videos, blogs, seminars, etc. prove that by themselves individuals can’t do it; (2) helping the latter satisfy their needs – by creating and maintaining proper economic, political, social and cultural environment/infrastructure; and (3) providing the necessary government services (yes, the government can and must satisfy some of the needs of their constituents directly).

To satisfy some of the crucial (vital) needs of its constituents, the NSG will have to solve the problems of the society that the current system of “parliamentary democracy” failed to solve (and, due to its very nature, simply CAN NOT solve).

These key problems are organized and street crime (first and foremost, street gangs); drug and alcohol abuse; poverty and homelessness; the proverbial “inequality”; health care; unemployment; abortion; divorce and general collapse of the family; cultural decline and collapse; migration, etc.

To solve these problems, the NSG will restructure the government system on a “project basis”. More specifically, it will set up a Joint Task Force (JTF) for each crucial problem to be solved (a project management team, actually).

Each JTF will comprise the most competent government officials, business leaders, managers and professionals and community activists. Obviously, all JTF activities will be made completely transparent to the whole population (via Direct Democracy Portal – DDP).

DDP will allow every citizen make a contribution to the solution of every key problem of the society. And not only citizen – the DDP will be open to everyone (permanent and temporary residents, migrants and even to those who currently reside outside of the borders of the nation in question).

Those non-citizens who make a sizable contribution to the solution of these problems, will (obviously) granted citizenship of the nation in question (or at least a permanent residence status).

Hence, the NSG will make the whole government system (in fact, the whole society) focused not on some abstract issues – “human rights”, “freedoms”, “democracy”, “law”, “equality”,  “justice”, etc. but on a very tangible genuine happiness of their constituents.

And for a good reason – in reality, every human being has but one fundamental right – to be genuinely happy (i.e. to have his/her genuine needs satisfied). Everything else is but a means to this fundamental and all-important end.

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