The Inevitable (17)

This Revolution will be both quite similar to and very different from all previous revolutions (at least in modern history). Like all other revolutions, it will result in a radically new Constitution (approved in a nationwide referendum, of course) and a new comprehensive system of laws developed and passed by the revolutionary government (in this case, the National Salvation Government).

However, the Revolution will be fundamentally different from all its predecessors because it will be the first genuinely e-Revolution (electronic revolution that is) in human history.

More specifically, for the first time in human history, the provisional government (i.e. the National Salvation Government) will (1) develop a comprehensive “virtual new world” in “cyberspace”; and (2) incarnate/implement this “virtual world” in “brick and mortar” and “flesh and blood”.

Actually, the second step is not nearly as important as the first one because this new world will operate mostly online – and will be managed almost exclusively online. Again, for the first time in human history.

It is often claimed that in Chinese language, the word “crisis” is consists of two symbols (i.e. words): “danger” and “opportunity”. It may or may not be true, but the COVID crisis will, indeed, inevitably result in a genuine quantum leap for at least the Western Civilization.

The quantum leap that will (finally) breach the gap between the modern “information society” (“e-society”, to be more precise) and a totally outdated political and government system of “parliamentary democracy”.

The latter was developed about 300 years ago (give or take a few decades) and for centuries served the Western Civilization well (it was true that alternative systems were much less efficient).

However, in the modern world the “legislative power” (i.e. parliaments) are no longer an efficient “bridge” between the population (constituents) and the executive power as it makes the system way too slow, cumbersome and inefficient (the COVID disaster proved it way beyond the reasonable doubt – as did a number of other problems that the system of “parliamentary democracy” (PD) is totally impotent to solve)

Consequently, time has come to replace the “parliamentary democracy” (the system that no longer works) with a far more efficient system – the one that is a perfect match for the modern “information society” (e-society).

With Direct Electronic Democracy (DED). It could (and should) have replaced PD years ago (as the necessary technologies have been around for a very long time), but, alas, the Western Civilization was way too slow and risk-averse to embark on such an ambitious project of a radical reengineering of the “whole system”.

The COVID disaster became a “blessing in disguise” of sorts as it essentially destroyed (“razed to the ground”) the “world BCE”. And thus made it possible to create (in many aspects, from scratch) the “new world” – and the system that will work.

The “representative democracy” (parliaments and political parties) is not an end – it is a means to an end (the end is the genuine happiness of the population of the entity in question, – city, state, nation, etc.).

The only two functions of the parliaments and political parties are to provide (1) the “communication channel” between the population and the executive power to make the latter of the genuine needs of the former; and (2) the system of operational control over decisions and actions of the executive power.

In the “pre-information” society this system worked reasonably well (in relative terms, of course – the alternative systems were much less efficient) but it the information society it is not only not the best one, but it is simply unacceptably slow, cumbersome and inefficient.

A far better (i.e., more efficient) system is the Direct Democracy Portal (DDP) which would (1) provide the executive power with all necessary knowledge about genuine needs of its constituents; and (2) make the government activities (decisions and actions) sufficiently transparent for the population to give the latter (for the first time in human history) direct operational control over decisions and actions of its government.

Obviously, the DDP will be augmented with state-of-the-art data mining (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI) and other information and knowledge management technologies.

Initially, all government positions will be filled (in a completely transparent fashion) by the National Salvation Government (the constituents will have the veto power, of course).

After that, government officials will not have to worry about the next elections as they will answer only to their superiors and to their constituents (who will have the “power of recall”).

Now let’s examine in more detail how the “world after” (after the Revolution that is) will inevitably look like.

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