The Inevitable (16)

And that’s how this radical change (a “quantum leap to a much better world”) will happen. As usual, it will be done by a 5-10% of the population (in this case, the “critical mass” of the Awakened Ones).

It will be a “people’s revolt”, a “national liberation uprising” (actually, it will liberate not only the nation, but also the communities, the societies, the states, the countries and the whole Western Civilization), in fact, a genuine revolution.

This revolution will look and act pretty much like the one that toppled the Communist regimes in the Soviet Union. Only this time it will do away with the “liberal” regimes in Western countries.

This revolt (like the anti-Communist one 30 years earlier) will happen mostly in the key cities all over the Western civilization – and almost simultaneously. For the reasons that I will explain a bit later, I am confident that this “pan-Western uprising” will begin in Berlin – the capital of Germany.

Another key feature of this inevitable revolution will be inherited from the (in)famous “Occupy movement”. Which, incidentally, also sought a radical reengineering of the whole system – political, economic, government, social, etc.

Only this time this radical reengineering (quantum leap) will actually happen. Huge crowds (up to a million-strong in large cities) will, indeed, occupy government buildings, throw away the current governments (at all levels – from a village to the whole country)… and proclaim the formation of the Government of National Salvation (NSE).

Salvation in a very real sense, because the COVID-panic and “protective countermeasures” mandated and enforced by current governments do constitute a genuinely existential threat to communities, the society, state, nation, country, the whole population – and the whole Western (and human) civilization.

The police, the security and the military will support the revolution, because they are well aware that the alternative – inevitable collapse of the whole system into a total chaos (and thus into a genuine Hell on Earth) is, obviously, unacceptable.

The NSE will be stuffed by apolitical “squeaky clean” professionals who were in no way involved in either spreading COVID-panic or (God forbid) mandating or enforcing “protective countermeasures”. Fortunately, there is more than sufficient supply of these.

The first decree of the NSE (emergency decree, of course) will be the total, complete and immediate abolition of all “protective countermeasures”. All of them. And thus the total, complete and unrestricted “return to normal”.

The NSE will simply tell its constituents the truth: that the COVID-19 is the unstoppable “tool of Mother Nature”; that it will go away only after it kills the predetermined number of human beings (different for each country); and that, consequently, all “protective measures” are totally, completely and utterly useless – the total number of dead will be the same regardless.

Then the NSE will do what should have been done in the first place – even before the COVID-19 hit the Western Civilization big-time: declare the (limited) martial law. With but one objective in mind – provide ALL those who got seriously sick with COVID with sufficient care.

True, we CAN NOT protect anyone from COVID – life will find a way – but we can and must provide sufficient supply of medications, facilities, personnel and medical services to everyone who genuinely needs it.

Obviously, this whole operation will be run by the military in question who will get the right to (1) requisition facilities, vehicles and other equipment for makeshift hospitals and health care facilities; (2) draft the necessary medical personnel into the armed forces – and provide them with the necessary training; (3) impose on manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment “emergency orders” for manufacturing the necessary medication (i.e., immune system boosters) and equipment.

No less obviously, the third decree of the NSE will impose (in full compliance with the martial law) strict and ruthless – but limited – censorship on all media (both “traditional” and “social”). With but one objective – stop the COVID-panic. By any means necessary.

This panic – and the useless “preventive countermeasures” mandated and enforced by the Western governments are so destructive, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal that they not only represent the genuinely existential threat to communities, individuals, relationships, societies, nations, states, countries and the whole Western Civilization, but constitute a genuine (and heinous) crimes against humanity.

Quite comparable in scope and severity to Nazi crimes – for which the Nazi leaders have been tried by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1945-46. Most of the defendants that have been found guilty, have been sentenced to either death, life in prison without parole or very long prison sentences.

Consequently, the next decree of the NSE would most likely be the establishment of an SMT – the Special Military Tribunal (it will be set up under the martial law, after all) which would try Western politicians and government officials; journalists, editors and publishers of mass media; owners and managers of “Big Pharma” entities; members of “medical establishment” and all other “influencers” who made a material contribution to the development of the disastrous, devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal synergy between the COVID-panic and the “protective countermeasures”.

Any martial law (even of a limited and highly focused scope) creates a radically different “judicial environment”. In other words, introduces a radically different legal and judicial system (from the civilian one that is). In addition, the crime committed are so heinous that they could be compared only with the ones committed by the Nazis.

Therefore, I will not be surprised if the SMT reintroduces capital punishment and sentences a large number of perpetrators to death (by hanging, firing squad, guillotine or whatever was the preferred method of capital punishment before it was abolished).

Neither would I be surprised if the SMT sends an even larger number of perpetrators for a very long time to concentration camps. Or even if these camps will be set up according to specifications, rules and procedures of Dachau, Buchenwald or Ravensbrück.

This revolution will (inevitably) be the “modern one”. In other words, it will be pretty much leaderless (polycentric) – which will make it impossible to stop. It will begin with the sudden awakening of a few (possibly a dozen or so) key individuals.

These individuals will compose manifestos which will be somewhat different, of course, but will contain essentially the same key facts (truths) and the same “call for the uprising” (i.e., for the revolution).

Each of these manifestos will then be placed on social networks – and in other places on the Internet. Their readers will experience immediate awakening (each manifesto will become a grimoire of sorts) – and will share it on their social network pages and other resources.

It is a well-established fact that the “Share” button is sometimes far more powerful than a thermonuclear bomb. In this case, it will be as the introduction of all these manifestos into the social networks (and into the Web in general) will inevitably create an avalanche, a wildfire, a vortex that in no time will lead to accumulation of the “critical mass” sufficient for the Revolution.

And to the Revolution itself.

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