The Inevitable (15)

Decisions and actions of the Western population (which will in a very short time radically change our world) will be driven primarily by four fundamental forces. The most fundamental force by far is, obviously, the (al)mighty survival instinct – of individuals, communities, societies, nations, states, countries, the Western Civilization and the whole human civilization.

This survival instinct will be triggered automatically by a genuinely existential threat to “all of the above” – the murderous synergy between global corona-panic (started by the Chinese leaders, spread by money-hungry mass media and amplified by “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and the “liberal elites”) and devastating “protective countermeasures” (lockdowns, “social distancing”, “mask mandates”, etc.) mandated .

Contrary to lies propagated by mass media, COVID is NOT an existential threat to “any of the above” – or 95% of the population. In reality, it is no threat at all.

The second fundamental driving force is the fundamental need for genuine freedom (Western governments replaced the “world BCE” with regime so restrictive that makes the Third Reich and the Stalinist Soviet Union look not just liberal, but libertarian).

Freedom from panic and panic-induced mental disorders (PTSD, paranoia, psychosis, de-personalization, etc.); freedom of relationships, social interaction, travel, work, education, etc., etc.

And, last but not the least, freedom to breathe – and freedom from the disastrous consequences of “mask mandates” (wearing face masks for a prolonged period of time ultimately destroys human respiratory system, heavily damages skin and causes hypoxia – which damages brain, human nervous system, tissue and just about all human organs because all of them need proper supply of oxygen).

The third fundamental driving force is genuine (existential even) need for a really radical change. In other words, for a radical reengineering of a whole system – political, government, social, economic, etc.

For a very simple reason – global COVID-panic has already infected sufficient number of individuals in the Western Civilization with a full-blown PTSD. Which makes it impossible to return to the “world BCE”. There will be no “going back to the old normal” – ever.

Hence, the “world BCE” is already dead – it now is in a “zombie-like” state. Which would not last long – a few months at most – and then it will inevitably collapse into total chaos. Which in practical terms means a very real Hell on Earth.

The only way to save the world (literally) is to create a radically new system – the “world after”. Which, obviously, much be far superior to the “world BCE” – and far happier, of course.

The final driving force is (obviously) a total loss of trust in mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment”, Western governments and liberal elites (because these characters got us all into a global COVID mess).

The loss of trust in the latter guarantees that “the world after” will be fundamentally illiberal. In fact, the process of radical transformation (transfiguration even) of the Western world will be very similar to collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe – only this time it will be the total collapse of the “liberal world” and liberal ideology.

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