The Inevitable (14)

That this (initially local) panic was transformed into a global one – and into a genuinely existential threat to human civilization – by (mostly Western) mass media – “traditional” and “social”.

That this panic was amplified enormously by the “liberal elites” and enormously powerful PR/propaganda machines of “Big Pharma” and “medical establishment”. That mass media did it because it is not interested in uncovering or spreading the Truth, but only in making money and in acquiring the maximum possible power over the human society. And thus absolutely CAN NOT and should not be trusted ever – especially with genuinely existential issues.

That the media makes money mostly with “3S”: Sex, Scandal and Scare and that the latter one is a far more powerful money-making machine than the other two (and everything else) combined.

That “Big Pharma” cares a damn thing about health (and even lives) of human beings – only about making a lot of money via sales of vaccine and treatment (and damn the consequences). And thus absolutely CAN NOT and should not be trusted ever.

That the “medical establishment” does not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about health (and even lives) of human beings either – only about making a lot of money from government financing and private grants (and from sales of “medical services” to the population). And, of course, about acquiring an almost Godlike power over the nation, state, country, society and the whole human civilization.

That the Western “democratic” politicians and government officials also do not care a damn thing about health (and even lives) of human beings – only about getting the power and staying in power in the country in question.

Which is practically impossible without active support (or at least neutrality) of mass media (“traditional” and “social”), “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and especially the “liberal elites”.

Consequently, the Western governments willingly choose to serve not their constituents, but these powers – and behave accordingly (e.g. contribute) to a completely unjustified “COVID panic”. And hence these governments CAN NOT and should not be trusted – ever. Especially with such existential issues as the COVID crisis.

That for all practical purposes the “COVID pandemic” is essentially a biological attack on the whole population, the communities, the society, the nation, the country, the European Union, the Western Civilization and on the whole human civilization.

That its primary targets are the latter (not the individual human beings) and its primary weapon (and thus the existential threat to “all of the above”) is not the virus, but panic. Fear. Scare.

That (consequently), the civilian government and health care systems are simply not equipped to deal with this crisis. And that control over handling the pandemic should be immediately handed over to appropriate military authorities (bioweapons professionals).

That the Western governments completely lost control over the whole COVID crisis. That they are doing the same things (lockdowns, “mask mandates”, “social distancing”, etc.) all over again – despite their abject failure – and expect different results. Which – according to no other than Albert Einstein – is a perfect definition of idiocy.

That the “medicine” is no just far worse than the disease (i.e. COVID-19), but genuinely disastrous. Catastrophic. Suicidal. That all these measures (1) will not save even one human life – virus will go away only after it does the job for Mother Nature and kills the predetermined number of human beings; and (2) infect just about 100% of the population with PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and (the proverbial “mask mandate”) de-personalization.

That the abovementioned disorders (especially PTSD) destroy not only mental health (and thus individual lives), but also relationships, communities, societies, nations, states, countries, the Western Civilization and the whole human civilization (i.e. the “world BCE” – before corona-epidemic that is).

That “all of the above” will be inevitably destroyed (they already are being destroyed – and fast) because these disorders (especially PTSD) make it impossible to go back to the “world BCE” as the latter is too closely associated with psychological traumas received by the population. And thus “going back” would be simply way too painful – unacceptably painful, actually.

And that as the demise of the “world BCE” is inevitable, the only choice we have is between total chaos and a radically new world. Radically different from the one that we currently live in that is.

The choice is obvious – tear apart the old world ASAP (the controlled demolition is obviously far better than the runaway collapse) and immediately (actually, in parallel) build a new, far better and a far happier world.

And that’s exactly what the Western population will do – in a very near future and under guidance and management of the Awakened Ones.

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