The Inevitable (13)

In a few weeks at most (most likely, by the end of 2020), a “critical mass” of the Western population will wake up to a “critical mass” of irrefutable facts (fundamental Truths).

This Grand Awakening will trigger the Lawine (the “avalanche of actions”, the Waldbrand (wildfire), the Vortex and ultimately the Social Singularity Event (SSE) that will radically change our world. All of it – not just the Western Civilization.

The “world BCE” (“before COVID epidemic” that is) will collapse and cease to exists. And on its ruins, the Western population (led by a “critical mass” of The Awakened Ones) will build a radically different – and much better and happier – world than we currently live in.

The “critical mass” of the Western population will suddenly (the Truth will find a way) wake up to the undeniable fact that COVID-19 is (like all other similar viruses) but a tool of Mother Nature.

That COVID is tasked by Her Majesty (Mother Nature that is) to (1) eliminate the weak, the old and the sick that Her Majesty deems unworthy of life – that’s exactly is the primary raison d’être of this category of viruses; and (2) teach the humankind a vitally important “humility lesson”: Mother Nature has the power over human civilization, not the other way around.

That COVID will go away (i.e., the pandemic will end) only when it accomplishes its objective – and no earlier. In other words, only after (a) the virus kills the exact number of human beings it is designed and tasked to kill; and (b) the humankind – first and foremost, the still-dominant Western Civilization “gets the message” from Mother Nature.

That (consequently) all “protective countermeasures” (lockdowns, “social distancing”, “mask mandates”, etc.) are totally and utterly useless – the number of victims will be exactly the same with or without them. That there is plenty of statistically significant evidence (i.e. the “Belarus control case”) that these countermeasures do not work – and will never work.

That the much-hyped “COVID vaccine” is the delusion created and propagated by “Big Pharma” which is interested only in making hundreds of billions of dollars from vaccine sales – and damn the consequences.

That even 95% vaccine success in the lab with a carefully select group of volunteers is meaningless as (1) COVID is not a threat to over 95% of the population even without vaccination; (2) no one has any clue how the vaccine would work on those 5% for whom COVID is a threat; and (3) whether vaccine will work in a “real world” is still a very big question.

That mandating the vaccination of just about all population without waiting for at least a year for the (inevitable) long-term side effects of the vaccine is a heinous crime against humanity as the death toll from the vaccine could easily become far higher than the one from virus itself (the Russian vaccine already killed more than a hundred). So far, almost half of Americans do not trust these vaccines – and for a very good reason.

That COVID-19 is not an existential threat to any Western (or non-Western) community, society, state, nation, country, European Union – let alone to the whole Western Civilization (or the whole human civilization for that matter).

Or to the overwhelming majority of the population – 80% experience no symptoms at all, 15% only mild symptoms and only 5% of the population are in danger of dying or of severe symptoms and consequences.

That the real lethality of COVID (number of death divided by the number of infected – the only reliable measure) is far below 1% and thus is about the same as the one from the “regular” flu.

That the real existential threat to the community, society, nation, state, country, the European Union, Western Civilization and the whole human civilization is not from COVID, but from global pandemic of hysteria and panic – and from panic-induced “preventive countermeasures” mandated by the governments (lockdowns, “social distancing”, “mask mandates”, etc.). In other words that we, indeed, “have nothing to fear but fear itself

That “COVID pandemic” is fundamentally no different from a number of flu-like pandemics in modern history and that the global “COVID disaster” would have never happened had it originated in any nation other than in Communist China.

That the (totally unjustified) COVID-panic was deliberately created by the criminally unscrupulous (to put it mildly) Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and his clique; that its sole ultimate objective was to transform mainland China in a “nationwide digital concentration camp” and thus to make their power over PRC genuinely absolute… and that this Hitler- (or Stalin-) type endeavor had totally unanticipated (by the perpetrators) and genuinely horrific global consequences.

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