The Inevitable (12)

One of the obvious (and the most destructive) consequences of global COVID-panic and (to a somewhat lesser extent) “protective countermeasures” was the nationwide (actually, worldwide) COVID-paranoia.

Which is – by definition – the irrational and even delusional fear of the threat that in reality does not exist. COVID-19 is exactly such an illusory (phantom) threat for 95% of the population (in other words, no threat at all). It is a threat of major inconveniences for about 5% of the population – and is deadly to less than 1%.

Consequently, over 95% of the population have nothing to worry about – and have literally NOTHING to fear but fear itself. And they should, indeed, “fear the fear”, because (unlike COVID-19) fear, panic and paranoia are a genuine existential threat to societies, nations, states, countries and the whole human civilization.

Unfortunately, panic-induced paranoia makes the “infected” (in a very literal sense) individuals fear something and someone they absolutely should not – other human beings (i.e., getting the virus from them), public places (restaurants, stores, gyms, etc.), themselves (i.e. their mistakes that could make them contract the virus)… and, obviously, the virus itself which is no threat at all for 95% of the population.

This paranoia is amplified by genuine concerns – of losing one’s job (“protective countermeasures” led to double-digit economic decline and threaten to wipe out entire industries); and, of course, of the future in general as the proverbial “gut feeling” tells just about of everyone that the collapse of the “world BCE” is all but assured and that there will be no “return to normal”. Ever.

Paranoia generates distrust in… just about everything and everyone in general. And, of course, hostility towards both (often highly aggressive hostility). Consequently, paranoia (induced by COVID panic) creates a highly potent destructive force which will finally contribute significantly to the collapse of interpersonal relationships, the society and the whole “world BCE” (i.e., the whole human civilization).

Psychological traumas caused by COVID-panic and “protective countermeasures” inevitably cause another serious mental disorder – psychosis (in fact, some psychiatrists consider this panic to be a form of psychosis because it is so fundamentally delusional and its victims has serious difficulties in differentiating between what is real and what is not).

It has been proven that psychosis is caused mostly by the “avalanche-type” PTSD (or at least occurs simultaneously with the latter) – in other words, it occurs when multiple traumatic life events accumulate, creating the “internal avalanche” inside the human mind.

Among other negative consequences, psychosis cause disorganization – which rather sooner than later creates chaos in one’s life, relationships, workplace, society, state and in the whole human civilization.

And ultimately (and inevitably) leads to the collapse of “all of the above” (i.e. of the whole “world BCE”). Especially when aided by delusions – a loss of touch with reality (another horrible feature of psychosis).

Still another crime against humanity committed by Western (and not just Western) governments is the infamous “mask mandate”. Contrary to claims by “medical experts”, there is no statistically significant evidence that wearing masks significantly (i.e. over and above statistical error margin) reduce the risk of COVID infection.

And there is a powerful evidence to the contrary: just about all of Europe had been wearing masks for months – and was hit hard by the “second COVID wave”. Belarus did not – and had no “second wave” (it even did not have the first one to speak of).

Enforcement of “mask mandates” in Russia is far more lax than in Europe or in some states in the USA (in some regions there is no enforcement at all – and practically no one complies with this mandate)… and still the “COVID situation” there is far better than in countries when the mandate is strictly enforced and complied with. Even if one believes the official COVID statistics in Russia (there is ample evidence that the death toll there is heavily inflated – up to an order of magnitude).

Mask mandate is a heinous crime against humanity because it transform the individual into a faceless robot, stripping him or her of all individuality – and the human community into a faceless “humanimal herd”.

Which heavily damages the mental health of individuals and all but destroys interpersonal relationships (there can be no meaningful relationship between faceless robots). And, therefore, the human communities, the society, the state, the nation, the country, the European Union and the whole Western (and human) civilization.

Life will always find a way – and so will the Truth. No matter what the mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment”, liberal elites and Western (and not just Western) governments do.

Consequently, in a few weeks at most (most likely, by the end of the year), the “critical mass” of the Western population will (finally) wake up to the cold, hard, unpleasant and utterly horrible truth about the whole COVID disaster.

And – by acting swiftly, ruthlessly and decisively – will inevitably and radically change our world. Beyond recognition.

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