The Inevitable (11)

Global corona-panic triggered by Chinese leaders, propagated by mass media and supported/inspired by “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and liberal elites created a highly toxic, psychologically traumatic and thus enormously unhealthy environment (for mental and subsequently physical health of the Western population).

This environment was made radically worse by totally useless “protective countermeasures” mandated and enforced by Western governments – lockdowns, social distancing, “mask mandates”, etc.

Consequently, Westerners (actually, just about the whole humankind) are constantly bombarded with highly negative, toxic, emotionally painful and psychologically traumatic messages (text and audio), images, videos and experiences. Which (among other highly negative consequences) place just about everyone under a tremendous stress.

This stress is made much heavier and painful by the “burden of responsibility” (“responsibility to protect oneself and others from COVID” that is) placed upon the shoulders of everyone by the Western governments.

This burden is totally illusory as in reality it is simply not possible to protect anyone from COVID – “life will find a way” around all “countermeasures” and the virus will go away only after it does its job for Mother Nature (i.e. kills the exact number of individuals it was tasked to kill).

Each of these negative messages, images, videos and experiences (just about every individual is exposed to dozens of these EVERY DAY) is essentially a “psychological micro-trauma”.

Additional psychological traumas are caused by the inability of individuals (due to lockdowns and social distancing) to “change the scenery” – by traveling to other places, visiting restaurants, concerts, sports and other events; other “positively emotionally charged places”, etc.

Sooner or later (in fact, rather sooner than later) the “critical mass” of these traumas accumulates in just about everyone’s “heart, mind and soul” and just about the whole population of our planet “snaps” and develops a full-blown PTSD – with all its attributes, symptoms and consequences.

The worst blunder (and the most heinous crime against humanity) committed by the Western (and not just Western) governments is that they are protecting the wrong targets (individuals and entities) from the entirely wrong threat.

Instead of protecting a relatively small social group (the sick, the elderly and the old) from COVID-19 (an exercise in futility), they should have been protecting their societies, their states, their nations, their countries and the mental (and ultimately the physical) health of the overwhelming majority of their population.

The latter from PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and other mental disorders induced by panic and other negative messages, images, videos and experiences; and all the others – from total and utter collapse into chaos.

Collapse that would transform our planet into a very real Hell on Earth, kill millions (dozens of times more than COVID ever could) and make those who survive wish they had not.

PTSD makes its victims far more aggressive (on the one hand) and causes severe depression, anxiety disorder and other mood disorders. Consequently, the nationwide (actually, civilization-wide) PTSD-pandemic (and that’s exactly what is going on) will inevitably and radically increase the number of murders, suicides, assaults, rapes and other crimes (thus claiming far more victims than COVID ever could).

PTSD-induced mental health damage makes it all but impossible to establish and maintain healthy, positive, emotionally and spiritually valuable relationships (and masks, lockdowns, “social distancing” and other disastrous and useless “countermeasures” make it even less possible).

Which inevitably and rapidly leads to social isolation of individuals from each other, “atomization” and the ultimate and inevitable collapse of the whole society (which was under severe stress even before the COVID disaster).

Actually, of the whole “world BCE” (before COVID-epidemic that is) as the “old world” is way too closely associated with COVID (and thus with psychological traumas) in hearts, minds and souls of the population (in other words, “return to old normal” would be just way too painful). Hence, there would be no “going back to normal” – ever.

To protect themselves from psychological pain, the Western (and not just Western) population will have no other choice but to literally raze the “old world” to the ground – and to build a new, radically different world on top of its ruins.

There is another reason for this inevitability – with just about the whole population suffering from PTSD, paranoia, psychosis and de-personalization (more on that later) no mental health care system (whether civilian or military) could hope to heal that many patients (i.e., return them to full or at least acceptable mental health).

The latter could be accomplished only by radically changing the psychological and emotional environment for the whole population. Which could be accomplished by replacing the “world BCE” with a radically new, far more emotionally and spiritually powerful and positive world – the “world after”.

Now let’s talk a bit about three other heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated by mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and liberal elite. Who in a very literal sense infected the Western (and not just Western) population with not only PTSD, but with three other mental disorders (diseases, actually) – paranoia, psychosis and de-personalization.

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