The Inevitable (10)

“Protective countermeasures” mandated by Western governments constitute heinous crimes against humanity because in their attempt to save a small percentage of the population (an exercise in futility), they severely damage the mental health of one hundred percent of the population (among other disastrous side effects).

And thus destroy individuals, relationships, communities, states, societies, nations, countries, the European Union and the whole Western Civilization. And ultimately the whole human civilization – avalanche-style. Which is, indeed, the worst crime against humanity in our history.

This murderous avalanche is triggered by fear – the eighth deadly sin (according to some Christian theologians). In their attempt to save a relatively small number of lives (an exercise in futility), Western governments (and, of course, mass media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” and liberal elites) infected 100% of the population with fear – a highly destructive emotion.

Ultimately, it is exactly this fear (at the level of global panic) that damages and inevitably destroys mental health of just about the whole Western population. Which no less inevitably destroys individuals, relationships, communities, states, societies, nations, countries, the European Union and the whole Western Civilization. And ultimately the whole human civilization.

In practical terms, this fear (panic actually) does “all of the above” by “infecting” (literally) the Western population with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), psychosis, depersonalization and paranoia.

There are essentially two types of PTSD – the “regular” one (triggered by a one-time traumatic event such as natural disaster, sexual assault, traffic accident) and an “avalanche-style” when the individual in question is exposed to periodic (i.e. daily or even more frequent) psychological traumas (this process is called the “chronic adversity”).

In the latter case, each trauma becomes a “layer of snow” of sorts and after the “critical mass” of this “snow” is accumulated inside the human mind, it “triggers the avalanche” with the results practically identical to the “regular” PTSD (i.e. the one caused by a one-time traumatic event).

The most devastating result of PTSD (especially of the “avalanche-style”) is that the individual in question develops a psychological need to avoid trauma-related cues. In practice, it means that when PTSD is associated with a certain environment, the victim of PTSD simply can no longer function in the environment where he or she developed PTSD.

For a very simple reason – in his or her mind the environment gets so associated with the psychological trauma that simply being in this environment causes unbearable psychological pain. Giving the victim only two choices – either leave the environment in question (move to the one not associated with psychological trauma) – or radically change it.

COVID-pandemic (and thus COVID-psychosis that inevitably leads to PTSD) is global; consequently, there is literally nowhere to escape to. Therefore, the Western population has no other choice but to radically change the world they live in (the Western world).

And change it so radically that in their minds (“hearts, minds and souls”), it is no longer associated with PTSD that they developed due to colossal blunders (yes, it was much more than a crime – it was a gargantuan blunder) committed by the Western “powers that be”.

This COVID-induced PTSD is probably the key factor that makes sure that our world will change radically – and inevitably (otherwise it would collapse into a total chaos – a very literal Hell on Earth).

It takes a certain “critical mass” of the population to trigger and complete this radical change and it is known that it usually takes several months (less than a year) for this “critical mass” to develop.

The whole global pandemic of COVID-psychosis began in early spring of 2020; consequently, it would be fair to expect this radical change (a “quantum leap”) to occur within the next few weeks – most likely, it will happen before the end of this year (2020).

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