The Inevitable (9)

The first crime committed by Western governments was technically not a crime at all in a legal sense – they lied. They lied (and, alas, continue to lie) through their teeth to their constituents… just about anything and everything related to COVID disaster.

They lied – and continue to lie that COVID-19 is an existential threat to the society, the nation, the state and the culture (it isn’t) and to all population (in reality to no more than 5%); that its lethality is way higher than the one of the “common flu” (in reality it is at most equal and most likely far lower); that lockdowns protect the population from virus (they don’t); that “social distancing” works (it doesn’t); that masks protect from virus (they do not); that vaccine is safe (there is no evidence that it is – long-term effects are still unknown); that it works (lab tests on volunteers and the “real life” are two very different things); that it is possible to protect oneself and others from COVID (it isn’t); that there are ways to stop the pandemic other than herd immunity (there aren’t) and that the civilian health care system can handle the crisis (it can’t – only the military can).

Obviously, they lied because they were lied to – by “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” (because both had enormous commercial ulterior motives to do so) – and because they succumbed by the panic triggered by the Chinese officials, propagated by mass media and supported by the abovementioned two culprits.

They did not listen to the “alternative opinion” (the one that was telling the truth about COVID disaster) – and pretended that the “Belarus control case” did not exist – because they were afraid to go against mass media, “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” – three very powerful forces.

Powerful enough to make the current government lose the next elections at the corresponding level (as I have already mentioned, politicians care only about getting power and staying in power – and nothing else). Hence, the Western governments betrayed their constituents – with devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal results.

Another crime (this time a very real one) was that the Western governments resorted to genuinely idiotic measures. Measures that do not work (it was proven beyond the reasonable doubt) but are very, very costly.

These measures (lockdowns and social distancing mostly) were idiotic according to a very accurate definition by no other than Albert Einstein. He once gave the following definition of idiocy: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Lockdowns, social distancing, masks, etc. obviously did not work – otherwise there would not have been the proverbial “second wave of COVID”. And still the Western governments mandated essentially the same measures, expecting that they would work this time. Guess what – they won’t. And again, they ignored the “Belarus control case” (no restrictions – and no “second wave”… or even the first to speak of).

This “doubling down” on measures that obviously do not work means only one thing – the governments completely lost control (some of them publicly admitted that) over the whole situation and now have only one objective: demonstrate that they are doing at least something.

Which is a really, really bad idea as it inevitably leads to disastrous, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal results. In this situation, it would have been much better to do what the government of Belarus is doing – essentially nothing.

Now let’s analyze in detail the “protective countermeasures” mandated by Western governments and demonstrate why these measures (1) do not work; and (2) are, indeed, heinous crimes against humanity.

Currently, there are five such measures: mass panic/hysteria/psychosis (yes, it is a “population manipulation tool”); lockdowns, social distancing, “mask mandates” and, of course, the (un)voluntary vaccination.

Let’s start with the last one. The declared 95% “success rate” for the vaccines has no practical meaning. First, COVID-19 presents no danger to… exactly 95% of the population – they will either experience no symptoms (80% or so) or only mild symptoms (15% or so).

COVID is dangerous to the remaining 5%… who were not included in the “lab tests”. For a very simple reason – vaccine is not a cure; consequently, it is prohibited by law to test vaccine on members of high-risk groups (the sick, the weak and the elderly).

And for a good reason – any vaccine is inherently unsafe (the only question is how exactly unsafe). Russia is one of the major biotech powers (during the Cold War the USSR had the most extensive bioweapons program in the world) so it is no surprise that it has also developed two anti-COVID vaccines.

These vaccines have already killed over one hundred individuals – after they were used in real life (outside the lab). Hence, approving the vaccine (any vaccine) before its long-term side effects become known (and it takes about a year at least) is a certifiable crime. Period.

The declared 95% success rate is highly suspect as vaccines against similar viruses typically are 50 to 60% successful. Which creates a suspicion that test groups were assembled specifically to produce this result… which would never ever be reproduced in real life.

And, finally, COVID-like viruses are notorious for their ability to mutate – which renders any vaccine useless in a few months (hence another reason for waiting at least a year before approving the vaccine).

Now let’s examine the other “protective countermeasures” (i.e. other heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated by Western governments).

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