The Inevitable (8)

But let’s first examine what the Western governments should have done (BTW, they did not need to be “rocket scientists” to figure it out as it was just plain common sense).

First and foremost, the Western governments should have recognized the dual nature of COVID disaster. On the one hand, it was the tool of Mother Nature for controlling the size and the composition of the “human herd” (weeding out the weak, the sick and the old)

On the other hand, it was a bioattack on the Western Civilization (actually, on the whole human civilization). And it did not matter one bit that the perpetrator was neither the “rogue state” nor the terrorist cell, organization or a single “mad scientists” (“mad terrorist”) – but Her Majesty Mother Nature. It was still a biological attack – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Contrary to a (very) popular misconception, honesty is not always the best policy. But in this case it definitely was – lying through one’s teeth during the crisis of such magnitude is not only criminal and disastrous, but practically suicidal.

Consequently, the Western governments (actually, all governments) should have told their constituents the cold, hard and painful truth. That (1) there is and there can be no protection against COVID-19, no cure and no vaccine; (2) the number of its’ victims will be the same no matter what we do; (3) the virus will go away only after it does its job – i.e. kills all victims it was designed and destined to kill; (4) in practical terms, the pandemic will end only after the human population acquires the natural (i.e., not vaccine-generated) “herd immunity”; (5) the virus is dangerous to not more than 5% of the population – others either will not notice it at all or suffer only minor inconveniences – and thus is NOT an existential threat to the society, country, nation or the overwhelming majority of the population; (6) the faster the virus does its job and goes away, the better – for everyone; and (7) the only genuinely existential threat to “all of the above” is panic – “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” – and panic-induced “protective measures”.

Actually, it was exactly what a not a small number of (surprisingly honest and responsible) virologists and epidemiologists were openly stating… but the Western governments (with an exception of Sweden) decided to listen not to them, but to mass media, “Big Pharma” and “medical establishment”.

Completely ignoring the obvious and irrefutable fact that (unlike the former) the latter had very, very ulterior motives to lie through their teeth and spread the global “COVID panic”.

Then the Western governments should have publicly acknowledged that the nations in question were de-facto under a biological attack and that (consequently) the civilian government is simply not competent to deal with the crisis. And then (predictably) declare a (very limited) martial law, transferring all powers for handling the crisis to the corresponding military authorities (bioweapons professionals).

The latter would (obviously) do the only right thing under the circumstances – follow military protocols, rules and procedures for handling this bioattack (i.e., for handling the bio-crisis).

Every nation has these protocols – they have been developed in 1950s (and have been regularly updated since) as a standard security procedure. All the governments had to do was to activate these procedures (adapting, when necessary to the “COVID-specifics”).

There is a fundamental reason why these procedures/protocols are the only acceptable way to go – no civilian health care system (and this is obviously a health care issue) has ever been designed or equipped to handle a de-facto epidemic (WHO definitions notwithstanding). Only the military can.

These protocols are based on the very nature of a biological weapon – its’ being a perfect tool of terror.

Contrary to a popular misconception, the bioweapon is not suitable for the battlefield – it can far too easily backfire (literally) and hit the side that used it. There is some evidence that the Red Army learned it the hard way in 1942 when it tried to attach Wehrmacht troops with tularemia (“rabbit fever”).

Hence, bioweapons have been designed to attack the civilian population deep in the enemy territory (a definite crime against humanity but at that time no one really cared).

However, just about any “biological agent” that can be weaponized, is relatively easy to contain; therefore, it is used not to kill a large number of civilians (which would have a relatively insignificant effect on the course of war – the fact proved beyond the reasonable doubt by indiscriminate bombing of Germany and Japan by Allied Air Forces).

But to create terror. Fear.Panic. And the panic (especially nationwide) is an extremely powerful force. Capable of destroying the whole system of the enemy – political, government, economic, social – even military. Thus all but ensuring the victory of the adversary (who used the biological weapon).

The power of panic was proven beyond the reasonable doubt in mid-October of 1941 when the little-known “Moscow panic” all but handed to Adolf Hitler on a (not necessarily silver) plate the Soviet capital (and thus victory on the Eastern Front – and most likely in the whole Second World War).

Unfortunately for the Third Reich, by that time Der Führer was already way too inept to use this opportunity (like many others) to win the war. It is an irrefutable historical fact that the so-called “anti-Hitler coalition” did not win the war – the Nazi Germany lost it.

Consequently, the handling of the COVID-attack should be handed to the military from Day One and the latter had to focus first and foremost on preventing the murderous panic to protect the whole society (i.e. the whole system) from collapsing – not on saving individual lives.

And that’s exactly what the military are conditioned to do – to save the battalion, sometimes you must willingly and ruthlessly sacrifice a platoon; to save a brigade, you must sacrifice a company and to save a division, you must sacrifice a battalion. Practical military necessity – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

This practical necessity (obviously) requires the establishment of a Joint (military-civilian that is) Crisis Response Team (CRT). Led by the military, of course – as I have already noted, it had to be a military operation.

As neither cure nor vaccine is available (or will be ever available – the virus is far too mutable for any vaccine to work), the only way for an individual to defeat the virus is with his or her immune system.

Consequently, the JCRT (which would assume all authority in virus-related matters) had to mobilize all available resources (and create new ones from scratch when necessary) to produce and distribute immune system boosters in sufficient quantities for the whole population. And encourage – not ban – sports, health and fitness activities both in the open air and in the gyms, swimming pools and the like.

Obviously, all subsequent activities MUST be focused on helping the 5% (10% at most) of the population who need medical help. First, even if someone is destined by Mother Nature to die, he or she still can – and must – be helped.

Second, the JCRT must make sure that there is no excessive mortality – i.e. save those that can be saved (which means that it must try to help everyone who gets sick). It must not try to protect anyone (it is impossible), but it must try to save everyone (although in the end not everyone will be saved, of course).

Hence, the JCRT had to (1) requisition sufficient facilities for the necessary number of makeshift (ad-hoc) military hospitals; (2) mobilize sufficient resources for manufacturing and distributing the necessary drugs and equipment; (3) draft sufficient medical personnel into armed forces; and (4) train sufficient number of “ad-hoc nurses” (knowledge and skills required for caring COVID patients can be acquired in a matter of days – proven my innumerable volunteers).

Oh, and, of course, the CRT had to impose ruthless and brutal censorship on all media (including blogs and social networks, of course). No one will be permitted to publish anything COVID-related that could even remotely cause panic.

Violators would be arrested and confined to detention camp (and subsequently tried for violating the Law on State Emergency which permits such detentions). The rationale for this censorship is plain in simple – in this debacle we really have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Because even if the virus kills 5% of the population (in reality it will kill 10-20 times less), it will not destroy the society. But the panic (and panic-generated suicidal measures) will. Inevitably will.

And then just wait for the “herd immunity” to do its job (estimates are that it would take anywhere from one to three months). Which would have brought a fast and easy end to COVID-19 epidemic.

Unfortunately, the liberals did something radically different – with devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal results.

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