The Inevitable (7)

If you examine the COVID pandemic not as an isolated case, but as the latest in a (very long) series of flu-like epidemics, it will immediately become obvious that it is fundamentally not that much different from its’ “brethren”.

Had it originated not in China but in any other nation, the rest of the world would have barely noticed (if noticed at all) – despite of the mighty (dis)information power of Facebook and other social networks.

But it originated in People’s Republic of China – and it made all the difference. The crucial difference. Disastrous. Devastating. Catastrophic. Murderous. There is a number of conspiracy theories that claim that COVID-19 was artificially created by the Chinese government and unleashed on the civilian population of PRC for some sinister political and other purposes… however, there is not a shred of evidence that it was the case (in fact, there is no solid evidence that COVID was created by humans).

However, it is painfully (literally) obvious that Xi Jinping used the corona-outbreak in their country for a (predictable) political purpose – making their (already enormous) political power in the nation genuinely dictatorial.

Even if all these quarantines and lockdowns did prevent COVID-19 from doing its job for Mother Nature (they did not and do not), the reaction of the Chinese authorities was a genuine “overkill” from the medical perspective.

However, from the political perspective, it was all but perfect as it has been known for millennia that paranoid fear is the most powerful and efficient tool for controlling the population of any nation.

Hence it is no surprise at all that Xi Jinping and his henchmen unleashed a full-blown nationwide COVID-psychosis and used it to radically strengthen their already formidable political, economic and other power in China.

Including the “digital power”, of course as Xi Jinping quite openly stated his desire and determination (commitment even) to transform PRC into a “nationwide digital concentration camp”.

And then the whole global Hell broke loose, ultimately hitting China economically (and not only economically) big time. I seriously doubt that “comrade Xi” anticipated the magnitude of the economic disaster suffered by the Chinese economy buy hey, herding all Chinese into a “digital Dachau” was probably worth even such a horrendous price.

These days, thanks to Deng Xiaoping and globalization (in that order), the Chinese (i.e. citizens of mainland China) are literally everywhere. Hence, from the very beginning it was abundantly clear that COVID-19 would hit the Western nations big time – and rather sooner than later.

The obvious (and ultimately existential) question was: What to do about it? Different “actors” of the COVID disaster – Western media, “Big Pharma”, “medical establishment” (i.e. “health care industry”), the general public and, of course, the Western governments answered this question in (predictably) very different ways. And behaved accordingly.

Contrary to what some conspiracy theories claim, it is highly unlikely that mass media conscientiously generated and spread global COVID-panic (corona-psychosis in a very medical, clinical sense) to make “big bucks”.

They did not need to – journalists, editors, publishers and other media executives have long ago been conditioned (“programmed”) to do exactly that without thinking.

In other words, although some “media personalities” (e.g. some bloggers, social media characters, and officers of small media outlets – TV and radio stations, Web sites, newspapers, magazines, etc.) could have “pressed the panic button” conscientiously, the overwhelming majority of “all the above” did it automatically. Which, obviously, made no difference at all – the consequences were devastating and catastrophic all the same.

Quite predictably, the “Big Pharma” instantly smelled big bucks. Very big bucks. Enormous, gargantuan, immense, colossal bucks. Billions of dollars in government grants – and hundreds of billions of dollars in sales of vaccine and treatments (regardless of whether any of the latter would actually work at all).

The “Big Pharma” (also quite predictably) smelled fame as well. A messianic fame, no less. The fame of saviors of the whole mankind from a “biblical plague” of genuinely global magnitude.

In other words, contrary to their incessant claims, the “Big Pharma” executives were driven by two very much deadly sins – greed and pride (the latter is rightfully considered the worst of the eight deadly sins – if you add fear to seven “classic” ones). So were, by the way, two other culprits – the “medical establishment” (the “health care industry”) and, of course, the mass media (both “traditional” and “social”).

Consequently, it is no surprise at all, the “Big Pharma” used the immense power of its PR/propaganda machine (which would put to shame its Soviet and Nazi brethren) to generate and spread the global COVID panic. Making the former probably the “primary villain” that bears the lion’s share of responsibility for the whole COVID disaster.

As I have just mentioned, the “medical establishment” was motivated by the same deadly sins – greed and pride. It also smelled big bucks – government financing for treatment of COVID patients and was also carried away with the “messianic complex” (saving the whole mankind from a “biblical plague” of genuinely global magnitude).

But there was another irresistible smell – the smell of power. A genuinely dictatorial power in officially “democratic” societies. The power to dictate to governments, organizations and individuals what they can and (especially) can not do.

It is a well-established fact that the power corrupts and the absolute power corrupts absolutely. Actually, even a smell of such power can very well corrupt a saint – and “medical professionals” are no saints. None at all – they are sinful human beings. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Hence it is no surprise that investigation after investigation discovers a highly uncomfortable (to put it mildly) fact for “medical professionals” everywhere: the number of COVID deaths is grossly inflated everywhere.

In other words, the actual number of COVID victims is far, far smaller than “officially reported”. In addition, the “medical officials” grossly underestimate the number of infected individuals which makes the lethality of the virus look many times higher than it actually is. Nothing personal – just money. And power.

Contrary to a very popular misconception, during the past decades there were several pandemics which were far deadlier than the current one. However, there was no panic (and no disastrous “protective measures”)… because there were no social networks.

It is a well-established fact that the “Share” button on a Facebook app has a far more destructive power than a thermonuclear warhead. And the global pandemic of COVID-psychosis (in a very real, clinical sense) proved this statement well beyond the reasonable doubt.

This button ensured that the global panic triggered by the Chinese leaders, amplified by “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” (yes, the latter also has – and uses – a powerful PR/propaganda machine) and spread by mass media (both “traditional” and “social”) was transformed into a genuine avalanche, a wildfire by the panic-consumed general public. Via mostly the proverbial Facebook, of course.

Obviously, the Western governments could (and should) have stopped this panic – in fact, they could have prevented it from getting started in the first place. Unfortunately, they didn’t – in fact, they did exactly the wrong things.

And thus committed horrendous crimes against humanity – probably the worst in modern history (if not in the whole human history).

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