The Inevitable (6)

Contrary to a popular misconception, a lot have been known about coronaviruses way before the “COVID disaster”. And a lot of valuable information was received from the Chinese before COVID-19 hit the Western Civilization.

The absolutely crucial fact is that COVID-19 is NOT an existential threat to any nation, state or society – let alone the whole human civilization. Like all other “flu-class” viruses, it is but a tool that Mother Nature uses to control the size and composition of animal population (yes, to Her Majesty the humankind is but an enormous animal herd).

Consequently, it is a threat only to the weak, the sick and the old – and its lethality (number of dead as a % of a number of infected) is way below 1%. If you subtract the “fraudulent inflation”, of course (in many cases, the latter accounts for 90% of “official deaths from coronavirus”).

True, COVID is more aggressive than your “average” or “common” flu; however, it makes complete sense as (in the opinion of Mother Nature) there are currently way too many weak, sick and old individuals in the human population.

Which brings us to the second crucial fact: Life will always find the way. In this case, it means that COVID will go away (in other words, the corona-pandemic will end) only when it does its job for Mother Nature – kills the predetermined number of individuals viewed to be unworthy of life by Her Majesty.

And no lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccine, cure, etc. will make any difference as none of them offers a 100% protection or cure (not even close). Hence, all these “protective measures” will make things worse, not better (much worse, in fact); because (1) the total number of dead will be exactly the same with or without these measures; and (2) the “side effects” (i.e., consequences) of these measures for the society, nation, country and 100% of the Western population are disastrous, catastrophic – bordering on murderous.

The best illustration of the fact that these measures do not work is the “Belarus control case” (Sweden in reality is not that much different from the rest of Europe – only the restrictions are voluntary, not mandatory).

Europe had the “whole nine corona-yards”: lockdowns, social distancing, “mask mandates”, etc. – and got the “second corona-wave”. Belarus had none of that – and did not have even the “first wave” to speak of (let alone the second one).

It is also well-known that there is (and there can be) no cure for coronavirus infection – the virus is simply way too mutable (like all his “flu-class brethren”). For the same reason, there can be no workable vaccine – only the natural immunity acquired after contracting the virus prevents the human being from the “secondary infection”.

Actually (as I will demonstrate later), large-scale vaccination against COVID might very well be a genuinely existential threat for the Western Civilization. Consequently, COVID will go away only after the population of the country in question acquires the so-called “natural herd immunity” (i.e. not through vaccination, but by contracting and “surviving” the virus).

It was also well-known that 80% of those infected by COVID-19 are “asymptomatic” – in plain language, will not feel a thing. Another 15% or so will experience mild to medium-severity symptoms, which are practically the same as the “regular flu”.

Only 5% or so of the population (the sick, the weak and the old) are at risk of either dying or having their health severely damaged. Hence, the well-being of the whole population, state, country, society was never at stake – only health and lives of a very small amount (COVID kills less than 1% of the infected).

And the “preventive measures” hit and hurt the whole population, state, country, nation and society – with devastating consequences. Which makes all the difference.

However, it was also well-known (and have been known for millennia) that there was (and is) a genuinely existential threat to “all of the above” from the COVID-pandemic. It is panic.

Even if COVID kills 5% or even 10% of the population (its actual lethality is many times lower than that), the society, nation, state, country and the population as a whole will easily survive it.

But the panic can destroy “all of the above” – both the “inside” (i.e. mental and subsequently physical) and the “outside” (the infrastructure of “all of the above”) of every individual of the Western Civilization.

Consequently, the primary objective of every Western government was not to protect the population from being infected by COVID or even to save the individual lives (both are exercises in futility anyway), but to protect the society, the state, the nation, the country and the whole population by preventing panic – and its disastrous, catastrophic, suicidal consequences.

Which was a genuinely existential threat indeed as it is well-known to everyone with brains that mass media, the “Big Pharma” and the “medical establishment” (“health care industry”) are very commercially interested in generating and spreading the most powerful panic possible.

As was Xi Jinping – the de-facto dictator of China who actually triggered the whole COVID crisis.

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