The Inevitable (5)

It is also clear that this radical change will be caused by a two-stage Social Singularity Event (SSE). By definition, SSE is the event that causes irreversible and radical change (i.e. quantum leap) in the whole human civilization – political, economic, social, cultural, etc.

The first stage in SSE (SSE-I) has already happened – it was the COVID disaster. The second stage (SSE-II) will happen in a matter of weeks (most likely, by the end of 2020).

In a matter of a few weeks at most, the “critical mass” of the Western population will inevitably and suddenly (avalanche-style) discover and acknowledge that by (1) spreading a global COVID-panic unleashed by mass media, “Big Pharma”, health care industry and liberal elites; and (2) implementing devastating, catastrophic and ultimately suicidal “protective measures”, their governments committed horrific crimes against humanity.  

Crimes that will no less inevitably be uncovered, prosecuted and punished – to the fullest extent of the corresponding criminal law. In fact, these crimes are among the worst in human history, because with their “protective measures” the Western governments created a genuinely existential threat to the Western civilization – and thus to the whole human civilization.

The fundamental crime of “democratic” Western governments (which led to all other ones committed by these characters) was that instead of protecting the whole Western societies, nations and countries in question (and thus the overwhelming majority of their constituents) from a very real and even existential threat, they protected their own power (i.e. themselves) from a perceived threat which was not even real.

In other words, Western governments acted not in the interests of societies, nations and countries entrusted to their care (and definitely not in the interests of the overwhelming majority of their constituents), but in their selfish political interests. Which (predictably) led to genuinely devastating (and ultimately suicidal) consequences.

To understand the magnitude and gravity of crimes committed by Western governments with their “protective measures”, we must demonstrate (1) what they should have done; (2) what they actually did; and (3) why the latter constitute one of the worst crimes against humanity in modern history – if not in the whole history of mankind.

Obviously, their first step should have been to correctly define the nature (essence) of the “COVID-threat” and accurately assess its real danger to their country, state, society and the overwhelming majority of their constituents – as their primary responsibility is to care about “all of the above”.

In other words, to (a) understand what exactly there were dealing with; and (b) what would happen if they do nothing (a “do nothing” option MUST always be considered first – this is Management 101).

A “do nothing” option is critically important because every “medicine” has its costs – often enormous – and thus it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the “medicine” is not worse than the disease for the “patient” in question. In this case, for the society, state, country and nation in question – and the overwhelming majority of its population.

To correctly define the nature (essence) of the threat in question and to accurately assess its real danger to “all of the above”, it is absolutely necessary to listen to not only the “mainstream experts” but also to so-called “black sheep” – because it often happens that the “overwhelming majority of experts” is dead wrong and only the “black sheep” tell the truth and understand what really is going on (just ask Copernicus or Galileo).

Then (no less obviously) it is necessary to (1) conduct the “brainstorm” and generate the most comprehensive list of “alternative countermeasures” possible – again, obtaining the whole range of opinions, including the proverbial “black sheep”; (2) choose the best one – obviously, the “medicine” should be far better than the “disease”; and (3) implement these measures, making the necessary (and inevitable) corrections. Including recognizing mistakes and ruthlessly discarding measures that do not work.

Now let’s look at how this “what should have been done” applied to the “COVID-crisis”.

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