The Inevitable (4)

In the global blockbuster “Hunt for Red October”, the National Security Advisor Jeffrey Pelt (played by late American actor Richard Jordan) coined a perfect definition of any politician in a “democratic” country:

I’m a politician which means I’m a cheat and a liar, and when I’m not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollipops”.

And that’s exactly what all politician are – all of them. Liberals and conservatives; Democrats and Republicans; Social Democrats and Christian Democrats; “progressive” and “reactionary”; Trump and Biden; Harris and Pence; Pelosi and McConnell; Merkel and Macron; Johnson and Trudeau; etc., etc.

In a “parliamentary democracy” (which in reality is hardly a democracy at all), politicians care only about two things – coming to power and staying in power by winning the corresponding elections (at local, state/provincial, national/federal or international level). Contrary to what they claim, they do not care a damn thing about anything else – common good, public health, human lives, etc., etc.

In a modern “democratic” society, media is “the most powerful power” as no politician can stay in power (coming to power is sometimes possible) without explicit support or at least a neutrality of the media.

Consequently, when the media unleashes the “global pandemic of psychosis”, the politicians and government officials have no other choice but to “get on board” – otherwise they will be annihilated by the media (and thus by the voters) in the next elections.

Two other lobbies – “Big Pharma” and especially the health care industry (whether government or private – it does not matter) are also extremely powerful (after all, they deal with matters of life and death, not to mention health). Consequently, when these powers unleash Hell (i.e. corona-psychosis), it would be very dangerous (if not suicidal) for any politician or government official not to go along.

In addition, very soon the “critical mass” of Western population will discover realize and acknowledge the existence of another extremely powerful lobby – the liberals. And that this lobby – and the liberal ideology – represent a genuinely existential threat to not only Western, but the whole human civilization.

By their very nature, politicians and government officials must care first and foremost about the common good and not individual good – it is in their job description. In other words, they have been entrusted with care for the whole society, the whole nation, the whole country – not the individual human beings.

Unfortunately, the Western Civilization is currently dominated by liberals and liberal ideology – and the foundation of this (ultimately suicidal) ideology is the primacy of individual good over the common good.

Which is genuinely insane because when the society, the country and the nation fall apart (the inevitable consequence of putting the interests of an individual above the interests of society), “all of the above” will in no time be transformed in a very real Hell on Earth. Millions would die – and those who will not will envy those who did.

In a matter of a few weeks (at most), the critical mass of Westerners will suddenly (avalanche-style) discover that their politicians did not do their job (instead, they committed disastrous and ultimately suicidal blunders).

Caring only about staying in power by winning the next elections, they betrayed their “democratic oath” and instead of doing what was in the best interests of the society, the nation, the country and ultimately all their constituents did what mass media, “Big Pharma”, health care industry and, yes, liberal lobby wanted them to do.

Mandated and enforced (to the best of their capabilities) totally useless and ultimately disastrous, catastrophic and even suicidal “protective measures”.

Western media, “Big Pharma” and health care industry got so powerful that even non-Western (and even not exactly democratic) regimes succumbed to the global “COVID-psychosis” (yes, it IS a psychosis in a medical and clinical sense). And resorted to practically the same useless and ultimately catastrophic measures.

With one notable exception: Belarus. I am no fan of Lukashenko (I am not even a citizen or resident of Belarus), but he was the only world leader who did not succumb to the global COVID panic and did basically the right thing: practically nothing, allowing the virus (the tool of Mother Nature) to do its job.

As the result, the overall quality of life (and the “COVID situation”, of course) in Belarus is currently much better than in every Western nation. And one of the best in the world.

For now, his achievements are all but ignored in the West. But not for long – very soon the “critical mass” of the Western population will wake up to the reality that the  right way was “the Belarus way” and that their liberal governments, liberal elites, mass media, “Big Pharma” and health care industry lead them straight into a very real Hell.

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