The Inevitable (3)

In a matter of a few weeks (if that) the critical mass of the Western population will inevitably wake up to a harsh reality: you CAN NOT trust the media. Neither “traditional” nor “social” one. It was true… well, always – but became painfully evident this year, after the outbreak of a pandemic of COVID-psychosis.

The reason why you absolutely CAN NOT trust media (of any kind) is that because every media enterprise is a commercial entity. A business, in other words. And, consequently, lives and dies not by the Truth – as all media claims, but by the numbers. Financial numbers.

Consequently, all media are interested not in mining and spreading knowledge (as they claim) – but in making money. Preferably, a lot of money. A whole lot of money, whenever, wherever and however possible.

And the truth is that in our highly imperfect and very much sinful world, media makes money mostly with “3S”: Sex, Scandal and Scare. And another truth is that the latter one sells far better than the other two combined.

Hence, from the very beginning of the COVID-crisis, mass media were interested not in discovering and disseminating the truth about coronavirus, but in creating the most powerful panic possible – as the more powerful is the panic, the higher are their sales (of subscriptions, access and advertising space), profits, cash flow… and salaries and bonuses of journalists, editors and other employees if media enterprises.

Media (especially in the “information society” that we currently live in) is, indeed, the “fourth power”. Consequently, the COVID-crisis (COVID-disaster even) is in reality a global pandemic of fear, COVID-psychosis (in a very literal medical, clinical sense) manufactured by mass media (both “traditional” and “social”).

Manufactured with but one objective in mind (and no, it is not the “common good”, regardless of what the media claims): making money off an artificial global scare. A lot of money. A whole lot of money.

Another reality that the critical mass of the Western population will very soon wake up to is that there were two other powerful contributors to the global pandemic of COVID-psychosis.

Two powerful lobbies – the pharmaceuticals industry and the “health care” industry (the latter one includes so-called “mainstream public health experts”). And thus two entities that no sane individual should ever trust – especially with one’s health (let alone life).

No, the proverbial “big pharma” did not create COVID-19 in some secret lab (in fact, no one did – it was the product of Mother Nature, not of some “mad scientist”). However, the pharmaceuticals industry – more precisely, its’ immensely powerful PR/propaganda machine (which would make Dr. Goebbels a minor public speaker by comparison) did contribute significantly to criminal (let’s call a spade a spade) activities of mass media aimed at creating an insane global COVID panic.

With exactly the same objective – making money. A lot of money. A whole lot of money. Hundreds of billions of dollars (or euros), in fact. Such amount of money can easily corrupt a saint – and “Big Pharma” executives are no saints (more like fallen angels, actually).

The math is simple, straightforward and fundamentally criminal – the more widespread the “COVID-panic” is and the more powerful it is, the easier it would be to get the regulatory approval, the higher would be the demand for the vaccine and the higher is the price that the vaccine manufacturer could charge.

Hence, the higher would be their sales, profits, cash flows, shareholder value… and salaries and bonuses of “Big Pharma” executives. And – of course – the net worth of shareholders in pharmaceutical companies. Not to mention the proud feeling of being the “saviors of the humanity” from “COVID menace”.

Ditto for health care industry. The more widespread the “COVID-panic” is and the more powerful it is, the more money the industry gets from the government (and from the patients). Oh, and the doctors and medical workers have long been known to have a “God complex” – in this case, the feeling of being the “saviors of a human race”.

Hence it is no surprise that the number of individuals who died from coronavirus is heavily inflated – in some cases by an order of magnitude. And so is the lethality of the virus – while it is claimed to be at least 1% and often estimated as high as 5%, in reality it is at most at par with common flue (0.3-0.4%), and most likely much lower (the number of infected far exceeds the official count and the number of COVID deaths is much lower).

The best proof is statistics compiled in Belarus – a perfect “control case” as its government does next to nothing to protect its population from coronavirus and employs the most stringent investigation procedures for possible COVID deaths.

Neither it is a surprise that health care industry (both government and private) utilizes its enormously powerful PR/propaganda machine to reinforce and spread COVID-panic, making the latter as powerful and widespread as possible. With genuinely disastrous consequences.

Still another harsh reality that the critical mass of Westerners will very soon wake up to, is the truth about the devastating contribution the “democratic” governments made to the whole COVID disaster. And that the government – like media, “Big Pharma” and the health care industry – CAN NOT and should not be trusted. At all.

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