The Inevitable (2)

First of all, the “critical mass” of the Western population will discover, acknowledge and accept that Mother Nature has the power over humankind – not the other way around (as most human, alas, believe).

And it really does not matter whether Mother Nature is an enormously powerful tool of the Almighty God or it has this power over human beings by itself – it only matters that it has this power – and recently began to exercise it via Weckruf (“wake-up calls”) to human civilization.

The first Weckruf was the proverbial “climate change”. Human civilization pretty much ignored it – and in a decade or so got the “second Weckruf”. The COVID-19 disaster.

And again, it (so far) continues to ignore it, desperately trying to “cancel the laws of Mother Nature” by attempting to prevent the virus from taking its toll – and doing its job for Mother Nature.

It is an exercise in futility, of course – but even if by some (highly unlikely) miracle, human civilization succeeds, it will be hit by a “Weckruf III”. Which would be far, far worse than the second one.

Possibly even by another virus – which would kill not at most 0.5% of infected as COVID does (its actual lethality is most likely far lower), but, let’s say, 5% or so. Which would lead to genuinely unimaginable catastrophe for the whole humanity.

However, I find this apocalyptic scenario not just highly unlikely, but practically impossible. Because (1) there would be no miracle – i.e. miraculous vaccine – that would “defeat the coronavirus”; and (2) a critical mass of the Western (and subsequently the whole human) population will “get the message from Mother Nature”. Which would make “Weckruf III” unnecessary.

In a few weeks at most, this critical mass will discover, acknowledge and accept that (1) it is simply impossible to protect the population from COVID-19 – no matter that we do; (2) the virus will disappear only when it does its job for Mother Nature – i.e. takes its predefined/pre-calculated toll; (3) the number of its victim will be the same – no matter what we do or do not do; and (4) the sooner it happens – and the sooner the virus goes away – the better it would be for every individual and for the whole humanity.

It is already undeniable (albeit not always explicitly acknowledged) that the “protective measures” – social distancing, lockdowns, masks, etc. – have devastating side effects (psychological, social, economic, etc. – even on public health).

And that the “COVID hysteria” propagated by governments and mass media produces a no less devastating impact on mental health of every human being on Earth. Of everyone – 100% of the population (COVID makes life inconvenient for at most 10% and is deadly to less than 1%).

However, pretty soon the critical mass of the Western population will suddenly (avalanche-style) become aware of an undeniable fact: these “protective measures” are much worse than “net negative” (i.e. the “medicine” is much worse than the disease).

In reality, these measures are 100% negative (“pure evil”, if you will) because they do not and will not prevent the virus from taking its deadly toll – the number of victims with and without these measures will be exactly the same (proven, by the way, by the comparison of the corresponding “death curves”).

Only with these measure it will take longer for the virus to complete the mission assigned to it by Mother Nature – which will make the side effects of “protective measures” genuinely devastating, catastrophic and possibly even suicidal.

Consequently, the sudden awakening of the critical mass of the Western population to the painful truth about the COVID disaster is but a manifestation of an immensely powerful survival instinct.

Survival instinct of individuals (COVID is not a threat to over 95% of the population while “protective measures” harm everyone) and of nations, countries, societies and of the whole Western and human civilization.

The truth is that with its far less than 1% lethality, COVID-19 is NOT an existential threat to “all of the above” while the “protective measures” are. And this fact will much sooner than later trigger the abovementioned survival instincts. With predictable consequences of those who designed, advocated and implemented these ultimately suicidal measures.

Very soon the critical mass of the Western population will realize that they have been duped by their governments, media and so-called “public health experts” about the danger posed by COVID-19. In other words, that both projected and (in many nations) actual death toll from COVID have been grossly exaggerated.

Examples are plenty – and Sweden is not the most striking one. The most revealing ones are Russia and (especially) Belarus. The government of the latter decided to… pretty much do nothing. No lockdowns, no social distancing, no “mask mandates” – no nothing.

According to models developed by so-called “public health experts”, by the end of May there should have been over 250,000 deaths in Belarus – in a nation of just 9 million such numbers would have been impossible to conceal.

In reality, it was less than 500 – and as of today (11/18/2020) the total number of confirmed COVID deaths (Belarus has one of the most stringent confirmation requirements worldwide) is just 1060. So much for trust in “public health experts”.

Please note that these numbers (which, by the way, are completely open to review by WHO experts) are for a nation which for over three months experiences political protests that draws tens of thousands of participants on at least a weekly basis.

Who stand right next to each other – no social distancing at all – and for the most part do not wear the proverbial masks. And still there is no “second wave” of coronavirus in Belarus (actually, there was no “first wave” to speak of). And the whole “COVID situation” there is far better than in European nations that implemented the disastrous “protective measures”.

In March of this year, a horrendous blunder committed by Moscow mayor, exposed over TWO MILLION Muscovites in the city subway to coronavirus in a matter of hours (so much for the official statistics of about 500,000 infected).

Even if we accept the moderate estimate of COVID lethality of 1% of the infected (some “public health experts” insist on 5% and even higher), this calamity alone should have resulted in 20,000 corona-deaths within a month or so.

In reality, there was barely a spike at all – and even now the official (highly inflated as I will prove shortly) death toll is around 8,000. Eight months after the incident. Oh, and Russian lockdowns were far less strict than in Europe – and barely enforced at all and the overwhelming majority of Muscovites only pretends to follow the “mask orders”.

And still the COVID situation there is far, far better than in nations with far more restrictive “protective measures”. Even without taking into consideration the irrefutable fact that the number of infected is grossly underestimated – and the number of deaths is no less grossly inflated.

Which brings us to another awakening – the awakening of the critical mass of the Western population to an irrefutable fact of a widespread “COVID-fraud”.

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